The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1221

Chapter 1221 Release

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"Hmm? My file got sent back?"

Han Xiao looked at the virtual screen in front of him that was showing the request file he sent to the dynasty.

A red stamp was added to the bottom right corner of the file that wrote Unapproved in the dynastys language. This meant that his request was rejected.

"The dynasty isnt letting me visit EsGod. What does that mean?"

Han Xiao frowned. He took out his communicator, thought for a while, and did not call Urranrells private number but her office.

The communicator rang for a while and was picked up very soon. Seeing that it was Black Star calling, the liaison officer directed the call to the head secretary of the office.

"Your Excellency Black Star, what can I do for you?" The head secretary had a good relationship with Han Xiao.

"I have just sent a request to visit EsGod, but it was not approved. Is this Urranrells decision?"

"Ah, Her Excellency has been attending a meeting, so it shouldnt be her. I didnt know about this. Your request was not reported to us."

"Can you check which department processed the request for me?"

"Sure, please wait for a moment"

The head secretary searched through the internal system for a while and brought up the files before sighing.

"This is the collective decision of the dynastys main artificial intelligence, Heroic Soul, and the prison department. I looked at their internal remarks. The location of EsGod is top secret, and no one is allowed to visit under normal circumstances. Your Excellency Black Star, you are a special case. Youre surprisingly on their visiting blacklist"

"Why am I on the blacklist? What did I do?" Han Xiao was confused.

The head secretary sighed and said, "You didnt do anything, but youre currently the only person in the world who can release EsGod. Therefore, before the five-hundred-year sentence ends, youre not allowed to visit"

Han Xiao was speechless.

I caught EsGod for the dynasty, and now I cant even visit him?

Alright, from the dynastys perspective, this is logical. Im the only person in the universe who can open the Spacetime Amber seal, so Im the only one who has the ability to release him. This way, the reason for the dynasty rejecting my visit seems normal. Its simply to avoid risk.

Although it was not wrong for the dynasty to do this, Han Xiao was still disheartened emotionally.

He thought the request would be smoothly approved. He did not expect it to get rejected.

"Cant something be done?" Han Xiao frowned.

"The authorization level for EsGods prison is very high. If you must visit him, youll have to ask the Ruler to help. She can approve your request, but itll need a sensible reason, otherwise"

Hearing that, Han Xiao nodded.

He had quite a good relationship with Urranrell, but there was no way she could just approve it without a valid reason.

Han Xiao hung up the communication. Urranrell was in a quite important meeting, so he had to wait a while before he could contact her. Since there was time, he used it to think about what to say.

"I was going to see EsGod by visiting him, but sadly, that wont work. Without a valid reason, the dynasty wont allow me to get close to EsGods cell in any form. Even the coordinates of the prison are a secret, and I dont have the authority to check it"

Han Xiao tutted with dissatisfaction.

Simply saying he wanted to check on EsGod would not be able to convince the dynasty. Plus, he had to open the amber seal if he wanted to check on EsGod. The best method was still to come up with a special reason so that the dynasty would allow him to open the amber. The risk of this method was the lowest.

If he could not convince the dynasty, he would probably have to imitate Old Manison and try to hack into the dynastys database to search for related information. Although he would offend the dynasty by doing so, stealing information was not too serious an offence but this could only be the backup plan.

After a while, the secretary sent a message to him saying that the Rulers meeting ended. Han Xiao then called Urranrells private number, and it was picked up very quickly.

Urranrell appeared on the screen with a calm face and cut to the chase.

"Black Star, I heard you just tried to contact me and want to visit EsGod, why?"

Although she hid it very well, Han Xiao was very observant and saw that Urranrell was a little mentally tired. He thought about it and said, "EsGod has already been locked up for decades. I want to open the seal and check on the status of his soul. "

"Is that necessary?" Urranrell frowned. "You were the one who suggested the five-hundred-year sentence, and its only been a few decades. With EsGods strength, his soul wont have dissipated this quickly. Opening the seal now will only cause trouble."

"Ahem, I was not strong enough back then and had a limited understanding of the level of strength EsGod has. Thats why I suggested that the sentence should be as long as possible. Five hundred years was just a rough estimate. Now that Ive reached this level and have a deeper understanding of the Spacetime Amber, Ive discovered that wiping out the soul of a Beyond Grade A probably wont take that long."

Han Xiao said the reason he had prepared. He did not have proof to explain his suspicion of Gaud, so saying that would only make the dynasty suspicious. Thus, he did not mention Gaud.

Urranrell did not doubt him but still shook her head and said, "I dont think thats needed. EsGod is too dangerous. I still think imprisoning him is the safest. The dynasty can afford to wait that long."

Han Xiao expected Urranrell to say this; he was not surprised. "Experimenting on him is just one of the goals. I actually have other worries. Ive only come to understand how strong someone at this level is, and thinking back now, I realized that capturing EsGod was too easy. Somethings not right. From what I know about EsGod, he very likely escaped using some kind of soul-related ability. Im worried that weve been tricked, so I want to open the seal and check."

Urranrells eyes flickered, but she was still not very convinced.


Han Xiao deliberately spoke in a solemn tone. "This is just speculation, which is why I want to verify it. But if you need evidence, you can ask Lotus Swordsman. Back when we caught EsGod, she sensed a strange soul ripple from EsGod. I suspect that was where the problem lay."

Gaud was a star the dynasty had high hopes for, so mentioning him was not a wise choice. Han Xiaos words were mainly targeted at EsGod.

Hearing this, Urranrell finally became serious about the issue and immediately told the head secretary to contact Lotus Swordsman.

Lotus Swordsman came online very quickly and agreed that it did happen. Only about thirty years had passed since it happened, so she remembered it vividly.

Seeing this, Han Xiao heaved a sigh of relief in his mind. This evidence actually could not prove anything. Everyone thought that it was just EsGods final meaningless struggle. However, now that he made use of it to make his excuse sound more convincing If this did not happen, convincing Urranrell would probably have been much more difficult.

Having received a response, Urranrell went silent, seemingly analyzing the pros and cons. After a while, she looked up right at Han Xiaos eyes and said seriously, "Black Star, if EsGod gets free, can you guarantee you can capture him again?"

Han Xiao smiled. "I could do it then; I can do it now."

He no longer had the Esper Silence Character Summon Card, but after decades, he was much stronger than before. Even if his guess was wrong, he would just have to seal EsGod up once more.

Furthermore, the others did not know that the Character Summon Card was a one-time ability. They would only think that he could still use the ability.

Urranrell pondered for quite a while and nodded in the end.

"Okay, Ill approve it! Since your suspicion makes sense, open the seal and check EsGods status. Make sure that we did not capture an empty shell!"

Over ten days later

A huge cube shaped mechanical building hovered in space. It was a galactic fortress covered with armor and shields that were more than enough to endure bombardments from hostile fleets. This was the space prison EsGod was locked up in.

At this point of time, dense dynasty fleets surrounded the prison. Cannons extended from every battleship, all ready to fire.

A black silhouette hovered near the prison. It was Han Xiao. He had opened the secondary dimensional army box and was summoning his army, forming a second encirclement.

Gaud was still on his way in the Flickering World. Han Xiao wasted no time and directly used the King to teleport into the dynastys subdivision in their territory, boarded the dynasty fleet that was there to pick him up, spent about ten days traveling, and finally arrived at this restricted area.

After summoning countless mechanical soldiers, Han Xiao finally closed the secondary dimensional army box gate and said in the communication channel, "Im ready. Activate all spacetime stabilization devices and open the prison core."

"Roger." The fleet commanders serious voice sounded in the channel.

The next moment, an invisible ripple extended from the fleets center. The spacetime of this area instantly tightened. The spacetime coefficients of this area became extremely stable. Almost all abilities related to spacetime became useless.

Then, the space prison opened layers by layers like a blossoming flower showing its stamen. The core of the prison was an egg-shaped cabin that stored the Spacetime Amber of EsGod, tightly locked in place by the mechanical structure of the prison.

As the prison opened, the egg-shaped cabin was unlocked as well. Its independent power system started operating. The thrusters shot out flames and slowly pushed the cabin out.

As Han Xiao extended his arm, his Mechanical Force pulled the ten-meter-long egg-shaped cabin toward him. He then opened the cabin door.

A familiar face entered his sights. It was EsGod, who had been trapped in the Spacetime Amber for decades. He still had the same expression and posture as his last moment of freedom before he was locked up.

"All units ready! Prepare to fire!"

The fleet commanders grave toned voice sounded in the communication channel.

Even after decades, the fear EsGod had left in peoples hearts had yet to fade away.

"Now, its time to verify my speculation"

Han Xiao looked into EsGods eyes, took a deep breath, took out the core of the Spacetime Amber, and poked at the Spacetime Amber seal.


It was as if the crisp sound of the Spacetime Amber shattering could be heard.

The prison that locked EsGod up was opened, but his body did not move. It only floated in the vacuum right before Han Xiaos eyes.

"Is it already an empty shell"

Han Xiao took out a suction plate shaped device and placed it on EsGod. This was a device used to detect the state of ones soul.

Although Mechanics were not experts in the soul territory, at his level, building a device to only detect if the target had a soul was not a problem.

As the suction plate was just about to touch EsGods body, the next moment, Han Xiao suddenly felt a resistance force at his wrist as if someone suddenly grabbed his wrist tightly. His hand stopped moving abruptly.

Han Xiao immediately looked up at EsGods eyes that had color once again.

At the same time, a deep mind message entered Han Xiaos mind.

"Like I said, wed meet again sooner or later"

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