The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 1248

Chapter 1248 Galaxy Calendar Year 780

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"I knew youd come. Sit, the wine is ready."

Han Xiao walked up and sat beside Ames. He sighed and said, "Ive been busy lately and didnt come for quite some time. Ive neglected you."

"When are you ever not busy?" Ames replied.

Han Xiao shook his head, picked up a glass, and drank the wine. He tutted and said, "Why does it taste different from the last time?"

"Aesop improved the recipe the last time he returned."

Ames controlled her force field and filled Han Xiaos glass up.

Han Xiao smiled and said, "Speaking of which, after Aesop was kidnapped, I was surprised you didnt reject Aesops request to travel. I thought youd ground him for a very long time."

"I wouldnt have agreed if not for the Soul Swapper." Ames snorted softly.

After Feidin acquired the Soul Swapper, Han Xiao had come up with a plan for Aesop. After long consideration, Aesop had taken his suggestion and asked Feidin to temporarily swap his soul into someone else so that he could go out. It was secretive and safe. In the end, Ames agreed with his request.

"The Soul Swapper is indeed nice. Sadly, Feidin is only at the Calamity Grade for now. The functions he can use are limited." Han Xiao shook his head. He suddenly thought of something and said, "I have a gift for you."

"A gift?" Ames raised her brows.

Han Xiao took out a pure white small sphere from his pocket. He passed to Ames, smiled, and said, "This is a Universal Treasure I happened to obtain. It can help Espers develop their ability. Its for you."

Ames accepted the small sphere, toyed with it using her force field, and said curiously, "Whats this things name? How do I use it?"

"Just call it Esper Ability Enhancement Orb. Its easy to use. Just apply energy to it every day. Basically, play with it."

Han Xiao briefly explained its effects.

This was one of the Universal Treasures that Sorokin secretly collected and was seized by him. According to the item details on the interface, this thing could randomly enhance the various ability parameters of Espers. The effects would only be triggered if it was worn for a long time. The chance was unknown, and the magnitude of the enhancement each time was not high.

At its maximum, it could at most increase the Esper Abilitys potential by one grade. After that, it would lose effects on the same user.

However, the enhancement effects would not certainly occur. It might be completely useless too. According to the introduction, the chance of triggering the enhancement relied on Luck to a certain extent Basically, it despised unlucky people.

Han Xiao recalled that Ames Luck was quite high, so she should be able to trigger this treasure. After she was done using it, given her relationship with Hila and Aurora, why would she not lend it to them? It was perfect.

"Ill take it then, thanks." Ames toyed with it for a while and put it away.

In the past years, Han Xiao had given her gifts frequently. A few years ago, he had even secretly given her the entire set of Esper class knowledge. She almost thought Han Xiao hacked into the dynastys database.

The two of them chatted while eating snacks.

Most of the time, Han Xiao was speaking, and Ames was listening with a smile, staring at Han Xiao and holding her chin with her hands.

After chatting for some time, Ames suddenly interrupted Han Xiao and said, "Ive realized youve had a lot on your mind in the past few years."

Han Xiao was stunned for a moment. "How did you notice?"

"I know you too well." Ames smiled. "Do you want to talk to me about it?"

Han Xiao sighed.

Indeed, after he found out about the Sanctums, he had been feeling more stressed mentally. He had been spending all his time studying machines and becoming stronger in the past few years, keeping himself busy and not slacking off.

Han Xiao thought about it and said with a deep voice, "In the past few years, Ive been thinking about one question. What if our world is just an illusion that exists only in the past and the things we see are only mirages in a cell?"

"Why did you suddenly have this thought?" Ames was curious.

" I just happened to discover some information and made some connections."

Han Xiaos answer was ambiguous. Of course, he was not going to easily share the information about the Celestial Star Alliance, the iterations of the universe, and the Sanctums.

Actually, he had been suspicious of this since long ago. He had only buried it because he knew it was very difficult to find the answer for it. He only had more speculations after finding out about the Sanctums.

Although Ames did not understand what Han Xiao was talking about, he could sense the pressure from Han Xiaos tone. It sounded somewhat distant, and she felt something she rarely ever felt from Han Xiao. He sounded a tiny bit lost.

Most of the time, Han Xiao was very confident. She rarely ever saw Han Xiao like this. Although she did not know what caused Han Xiao to be so stressed, to her, it did not matter. What mattered was that she knew this man needed her comforting.

Having thought of that, Ames smiled.

"It doesnt matter. I know that our breath is real, the warmth I feel is real, and your touch is real"

While saying, Ames held Han Xiaos hand in her hands and whispered, "And Im real too."

The two of them looked into each others eyes for almost twenty seconds.

" Ahem, were not in the secondary dimensions."

Han Xiao suddenly coughed and pulled his hand away.

"Hehe." Ames laughed softly with unknown meaning.

The two of them both skipped this topic without saying anything and chatted for a few more hours before Han Xiao bade farewell and teleported away.

Looking at the empty seat, Ames suddenly sighed.

After spending so much time with Black Star, she had long found out that although Black Star looked like he had many friends, for some reason, he always kept his heart locked up and would not let anyone walk into it.

In the place where Gaud was raised, a spaceship stopped at the port, and the hatch opened. Two rows of people appeared, one boarding it and another alighting. Most of the people in the former were dejected, while the people in the latter looked full of confidence.

This was a transport ship that carried a new batch of students in. It was also in charge of taking away the students who were disqualified from the training base.

Karlot was in the row of people boarding the ship. He could not help but glance back at the training base.

For all the time, Karlot had been on the edge of the disqualified list every term. If not because of what Gaud said back then, he would have been kicked out by the manager of the base long ago. Now, however, Gaud was nowhere to be found, so what he said, of course, became meaningless. The manager of the base no longer gave Karlot special treatment and placed him on the disqualified list in this term, no longer giving him advanced training.

"Ive studied for almost a decade here. Its a shame I couldnt remain here"

Karlot sighed softly.

He was not really down, just felt it was a pity.

He had worked hard for so long and only just discovered the right training method of the Super system, but before he could change the way he trained, he was kicked out

"Never mind. At least the studies I did in these ten years had not gone to waste. As long as Ive learned something, its good enough."

Karlot shook his head, turned back to look at his front, and walked up the spaceship in big steps. The vibe he gave off was completely different from the dejected crowd around him.

After the dust settled on Gaud and Sorokins cases, the galactic society finally entered a period of stable development.

The Super Star Cluster civilizations defeated in the Flickering War quietly licked their wounds, while the other organizations who took part in the war continued to rest and digest the profits of the exploration. A time of stability was needed after the leader of the Crimson Dynasty and the Federation of Light changed. On the other hand, the Beyond Grade A Association was continuing to build the profit network.

While all sides peacefully developed in this calm atmosphere, the fifth, sixth, and the rest of the exploration phases of the Flickering World were smoothly completed. The Flickering World was finally added to the map of the explored universe, making the galactic society even more prosperous than before, bringing in countless business opportunities.

Even a pig could fly with a strong enough wind. The development of the Flickering World bred many new organizations. New consortiums appeared in the Flickering World every once a while.

After the Black Star Army consumed part of the Limitless Financial Groups businesses, it grew even quicker and expanded rapidly in the various Star Fields. Its force became larger and larger, and Han Xiaos position increased along with it.

The two hidden threats, Gaud and Sorokin, had been dealt with, and Manison was accumulating strength with a low profile, so no one in the universe dared to mess with Han Xiao in this period. He finally entered the longest peaceful development period he had ever experienced.

Other than the daily activities, Han Xiao spent the rest of his time studying Jayzs technology while occasionally trying to break down the life energy. Every day was spent meaningfully.

As someone who had always been at the center of the attention and always slapped himself in the face in the end every time he said he wanted to keep a low profile for some time, Han Xiao finally faded out of the sights of the outside world.

Although the universe still remembered him, the stage was cleared for newbies to shine.

This situation lasted all the way to Galaxy Calendar Year 780. On this day, the Beyond Grade A Association welcomed its fiftieth anniversary.

This meant that the president position that lasted for fifty years every term was going to change. It was finally time for the election.

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