The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Backup

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The battle was raging on the Tedramira River.

Hesla was responsible for securing the waters. A naval formation was stationed at the estuary, and a huge portion of them were battleships loaded with large-caliber artillery. The Germinal Navy was bombarded from a distance of over ten kilometers away. The cannons firepower could reach ten over miles, piercing through the air at high speed, forming a parabola in the night sky. This brought significant damage to the Germinal fleet.

The destroyers in the formation launched several homing missiles at the beginning of the battle, but they were intercepted by Germinal Fleet's cannon in the air. They were now useless. All they could do was maintain the defense line.

The command ship, Scyther, positioned itself in the center of the formation.

"The enemy is roughly twelve kilometers away from the water mines near the exit of the sea. Don't give the enemy any time to break out of the trap." Scyther's Admiral assigned the tasks in a swift and decisive manner. "Deer, Carp and Shark units have been preloaded with torpedoes. Await Germinal's entry and then fire away! Feed them full with a round of firepower.

"As for the offense formation, maintain the intensity of firepower; no change. Sonar scanners take note of the surrounding waters; there could be a chance for Germinal reinforcements to appear. Inform the Stardragon's men to release some infantry units whenever necessary. Delay the Germinal Navy's time

"Transfer this message to Stardragon's Commander: We need their assault troops to be on standby!"

On the other side, the troops that were deployed to fight the battle surrounded and harassed the Germinal fleet. Using bombs as their main form of attack, this caused quite some trouble for the Germinal fleet. There were bound to be some lucky cannon balls that escaped their intercepting fire, and when this happened, three of their ships sank. As the fleet's main purpose was to evacuate, their weaponry was not sufficient to wage a war. They were not even able to lock on to the high-speed battleships, let alone trying to deal any damage.

However, Germinal still had a plan of their own!

A fighter jet poured another wave of ammunition, and while the pilot was preparing to make another round, a shroud of dark fog exploded around him all of a sudden. A figure appeared out of thin air. It was a demon with dark eyeshadow and ear studs, with a sharp blade in his hand. He quickly sliced through the pilot's throat, splashing blood upon the window.

The fighter jet crashed down in the water with the pilot's corpse. The demon smiled coldly and disappeared, leaving only a dash of black fog.

Teleportation ability! Germinal Organization executive officer, Renette.

Hila stepped onto the bow of the ship. The wind was blowing through that red hair of hers. She took in a deep breath, raising both her hands as though worshipping the sun. Gray air slowly flowed through from the fresh dead bodies in the battlefield. It gathered from all directions and tingled Hila's five senses.

Her face flushed as if she had breathed in God's medicine. She closed her eyes and then opened them even wider than before. An invisible sound wave rose from her lungs out to her throat, and she screamed.


It was like a ghost's piercing scream.

The eyes of the pilots in the sky burst, their ears bleeding. Their brains were shaken into a state of confusion. The pilots fell one after another like broken kites, crashing onto the ground and water. They were fried into balls of fire.

A no-fly zone had formed in the sky, and the fighter jet formation had single-handedly been taken down by Hila! The remaining fighter jets received orders and hurriedly retreated!

This was the horrible threat of military operations. They required people to operate the machines. If the operator was too weak, Hila's killing threat could disrupt their mind. Aquamarine's technological advancements did not hold much against Hila's mental disruption skills.

Only a few reconnaissance drones continued to track and observe the sky.

Renette teleported to Hila's side, with one hand painfully rubbing his head. His nose was bleeding, and he had a dark, gloomy expression. "Were you trying to kill me as well"

Hila gave him a cold shoulder, refusing to answer. Renette could only swallow this breath, not daring to provoke her.

In the command room, Lin Yu did not really pay much attention to the battle. He looked at his watch and whispered to himself, "It's almost time."

The Germinal Organization's infantry had broken through the defense line and was now rapidly approaching their intended destination. Stardragon's army executed according to plan; they opened the gates to allow water to gush in. They wanted it to be a naval battle. Hila would take over the confrontation after the infantry units had boarded their ships. These infantry units would just be useless in a naval battle; they would also become a burden. They were reducing their death toll but weakening themselves too.

There was a new type of missile up on the destroyer ship that could cruise and split and avoid attempts to intercept it. The very moment Germinal's fleet and their infantry linked up, they would fire, and one round of it would cause major deaths to Germinal's fleet. The Germinal troops would then begin to flee. Division 13's ambush units would then board the ship and slaughter everyone aboard.

That was the next step of the plan.

However, in reality, things never went according to plan. Accidents were bound to happen.


The piercing sirens upon Hesla's command ship sounded. The radar detected dozens of targets approaching at high speed underwater.

Ghostly torpedo!

Where did it come from!

It was too late to intercept it. A warship near the seaport exploded, fire spurting everywhere.

Hesla's high-ranking officers had been paying close attention to the battle. The naval formations made them extremely furious.

"Anti-sonar submarines How did the signal not sound anything at all? How far is the enemy's range"

These could only be Germinal's submarines. Where did they come from? Could it be that Germinal had planned this all along, to withdraw some troops from Andrea? Or was there a secret base on an island nearby

No matter the reason, the enemy had reinforcements, and they now needed to deal with the unexpected situation!

"Where are our submarines" Hesla's officers roared. They had planned for several submarines in the vicinity as backup and immediately activated them to search for the enemy's submarines.

The navy suffered heavy losses and were busy tending to emergency repairs. They could not proceed with the missile strikes. This caused strategic disruptions, and the situation was getting out of hand.

Germinal's fleet took this chance. They changed their formation. The ship sailed to the shore, opened up, and lowered the slats, providing a bridge for the ground troops to cross. The edge of the stern dragged along the shore of the beach. This method came with a huge risk of beaching the ship. Other ships would throw a hook to link the ship. That way, even if the ship became stuck, it could be pulled back to sea anytime.

The root of Lin Yu's confidence came from their submarine team. They were reinforcements that Germinal's forces had called for early on. They relied on this ambush, breaking Hesla's blockade and strategic formation!

In order to break through Stardragon's ambush, Ugar had lost more than half of the troops, and when this opportunity arose, he immediately ordered the team to speed up and rush toward the barge ship.

Stardragon's assault troops, which were on standby, became anxious. They followed Hesla's plan to launch a round of missiles first before rushing up. If there was no such link, rushing up would simply be equivalent to commiting suicide!

"What shall we do?"

If they waited any longer and the Germinal Organization's forces manage to link up successfully, there would be no more chances.

The assault troops were all from Stardragon's Division 13. They were all specialists and elites. They could hear their superior's command. It was only one word.


There was no hesitation. The assault teams rushed forward. Germinal's Navy fired a round of missiles at once, and the ambush troops forced their way through the gunfire. Fireworks lit up beside. Their comrades fell and exploded, but they remained unfazed. They were fearless.

As a soldier, they always followed orders. Even if it was a magma in front of them, they would still have to jump. It was with this steel-like will that Stardragon stood out from hundreds of countries since the beginning, becoming one of the last six winners.

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