The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Duel

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Wearing his power suit, Zhang Wei stood at the front of the battleship as the barrier. Lambert dealt damage by sniping.

This assault boat did not only have Zhang Wei's team of fouras Lin Yao was not taking part in battlethere were still ten elite fighters.

The battleship surged forward through the waves, surfing through the onslaught of bullets and missiles before it collided into the Germinal ship with a loud bang. The infiltration team jumped aboard and began exchanging blows intensely with the Germinal soldiers.

The infiltration team's attack strategy only had two goals. The first was to massacre the barge's attack forces and destroy the land vehicles that were on the boat. The second was to take control of the boat. As Hesla's backup troop did not arrive as planned, the infiltration team was not in a good position. They were falling into a difficult battle.

The Germinal Organization's plans were affected, causing their progress to slow down. The Germinal executive officers set out to counter Stardragon's infiltration team.

Zhang Wei's team was struggling to get the upper hand on the barge. Suddenly, a strong gale came rushing over without warning, like a ghost. The team's internal alarms rang on high alert as they hurried to dodge it. However, they still could not dodge the shockwaves of the wind. A strong wave of dizziness overcame them.

Clenching their teeth, they looked toward the direction where the enemy was standing. There, they saw Hila whom they had once crossed swords before.

Hila had a cold expression. She still remembered she had once fought the Stardragon soldiers. Last time, she had taken a small loss because of them. Remembering that, her killing intent was more murderous than before. Both of her hands emitted a dim, gray light, as if they were balls of mysterious, sinister energy that could suck them in. Furthermore, it was continuously growing in size. It would be hard to imagine how frightening the next blow could be.

Hou Yue had a pained expression on his face as he held up both his guns with the intent to aim. But with a light sneer from Hila, her voice carried forth an overwhelming psychological suppression from the Necromastery ability. As if he had taken a hard blow, Hou Yue staggered backward as his nose spurted blood.

Hila did not even spare him a look as she turned her gaze to Li Yalin. Her killing intent was clear. This was the special female assassin that had used the Lightweight Mechanical Arm; she definitely knew Zero's whereabouts!

Li Yalin had a look of steely determination. She pulled out her Foldable Machete as she lunged toward Hila fearlessly. As the pugilist in the team, she had to initiate battles.

Hopefully I can last the first bout. Li Yalin quietly clenched her jaw. As long as she could hold out till Hila's next attack, she had confidence that she could close in to restrict Hila's movements such that she would not have time to release another one of those psychological attacks. Even though Hila's abilities were strong, she was only using the attack on a superficial level, and every release required build-up to release the skill.

"Naive." Hila remained expressionless. Flipping both her palms, she was about to use the highly-concentrated Necromancer's abilities to shock Lin Yalin into an idiot.

However, the next second, a sudden large wave of power surged toward the side of her ribs, causing her to fly off sideways as she collided into the side of an SUV, and her ribs throbbed with pain.

Hila was in so much pain that her face turned ashen. With a deep heave, the Necromancer's power on her hand suddenly dissipated. In her shock, she turned to look at the source of the attack.

There was a van driving along the shore, staying alongside the boat. From the driver's window seat, a sniper was hinged on the window as a black-gloved palm held onto this deadly weapon with its muzzle releasing thick smoke.

Han Xiao cocked the gun, and another smoking bullet was released from the muzzle. He sat in the main driver's seat, and the smart-chip system in the van began driving on autopilot. Driving at a constant speed, it drove alongside Germinal's boat. When they reached the valley, he had spotted traces that Stardragon might let Germinal troops off the hook. So, Han Xiao drove to the lake beforehand; his target to capture the Germinal executive officers.

He spotted Hila in an instant, then he saw Zhang Wei and the others. Slightly taken aback, he did not expect this coincidence. Seeing his former teammate fall into danger, Han Xiao did not say anything else before pulling out Red Falcon and firing. Hila's defensive air barrier was weakened to a large extent, and its penetration abilities dissipated, turning into momentum that pushed her away.

The interface displayed Hila's abilities. After one year, Hila had leveled up from LV 30 to LV 40, and Han Xiao was at the same level as her. He could see her stats, and her two strongest stats were Mystery and Intelligence. Her abilities were described as well.


[Necromancer's Power]: Dictating death and capturing souls.

Potential Rating: S


Outsiders could only see the description of the ability. Only the master of the ability could see the specific effects and the extent that it was developed.

Through her basic knowledge, where she used her genes to develop her ability, more applications for her techniques could be obtained.

Even though Hila's ability potential was high, she was only at LV 40 now. Her strength had yet to be completely used to its fullest potential, but Han Xiao did not have any interest in Hila's battling methods. Hila's special abilities seemed to lean toward attacking, but actually, it was actually a versatile ability. From Hila's abilities, he saw several textbook specialties as well.


[High-speed Fusion]: Grim Reaper's power is able to heal flesh woundsUnder regular circumstances, +500% health regeneration speed. While using energy, +1000%2000% health regeneration speed

[Vitals Immunity]: Scent of death supports your lifeVitals are immune to critical attacks

[Soul Disregard]: Dictators of Death fear nothing+20% resistance to negative effects, +30% psychological resistance

[Ignore Sudden Death]: Death is like the wind, always by your sideWill not receive any fatal attacks. When health points are lower than 1%, a special status effect will be obtained


Han Xiao was helpless; these abilities made Hila practically impenetrable. No, it should not be described as impenetrable, but rather like a cockroach that would not die no matter how much one hit it, unless one used an extremely strong attack ability to finish Hila off.

Oh, I forgot, she was even immune to instant death. Forget it, I'm probably better off just taking a nap

Han Xiao shook his head.

As expected of the future big boss, the number of her abilities is almost as high as Bennett's. The only difference between the main roles is just luck.

Hila, the hardest person to take on, was the first person he had met, but Zhang Wei's team had fallen into a difficult situation. Since he had the means to help out, he naturally would not stand aside and not lend a helping hand. After all, they had fought together side by side before.

Taking advantage of Hila's distraction, Li Yalin closed in and slashed at her. Hila, as she staggered back in pain, was infuriated by Han Xiao's sneak attack. Meanwhile, her wounds' recovery could be seen by the naked eye. However, her being on the boat meant that she could not take out the sniper on the shore. After all, she did not specialize in speed and could only use a vehicle as a barricade against the sniper.

Yet, once Li Yalin, Zhang Wei, and the others found an opening, they instantly engaged in battle with her, forcing Hila to move out of position, exposing her to Han Xiao's sniping view.

Even though they did not know who the sniper on the shore was, they knew that he was evidently there to help. So, Zhang Wei's team took the initiative to launch a cooperative attack.

This strategy was very effective. Hila's movements were instantly restricted, and with the sniper's uncanny ability to find openings, he managed to stop her from counter-attacking at the right moment every time. This synchronized perfectly with Li Yalin, Zhang Wei, and the others' movements. Hila realized that she had actually fallen into a situation where she could not retaliate at all. Thus, she could only stay on the defensive, dodging every attack.

But from Zhang Wei and the others' perspective, it was a ray of light for them. Originally, the team of four had created a battle strategy. But after Hou Yue received heavy injuries, it rendered him unable to fight and left a hole in their teamwork. But that sniper was able to patch up that gap. At every critical moment, he managed to fire a timely shot to assist them.

It was as if he was someone who had a solid grasp of their fighting style.

Who was he?

Li Yalin and Zhang Wei began to have such thoughts.

Hou Yue, who was still suffering from dizzy spells, could only fend off regular soldiers. Watching Zhang Wei and the others coordinate with the sniper, he suddenly felt as if that sniper was actually a real team member of theirs, and it was he who was only an outsider.

"Hila is held up?" Lin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. Looking toward the van at the shore, he squinted. "Black Phantom? What is he doing here?"

They were almost at the end of the estuary. Just slightly ahead of them was the sea. Lin Yu was in dire need for Hila's abilities to deal AOE damage. She definitely had to get out of that situation. He ordered, "Ugar, get rid of Black Phantom."

Ugar had already boarded the ship. Overwhelming with his dark purple aura and without any further orders, he was about to lunge toward Han Xiao, who was in the van. But suddenly, he sensed a wave of energy from someone with pugilist powers that were equal to his. When he turned to look, a middle-aged Stardragon special agent had just stepped onto another ship. His fists, wrapped with a flaming-red aura, slammed into the side of an SUV that was parked on the deck with a force comparable to a steam hammer.

That car instantly deflated as it flew out like a bullet shell. Along the way, it collided with a few of Germinal's soldiers and another two cars as they simultaneously flew off the ship.

That fist was as strong as a missile!

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