The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Beast King

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On the other side of the forbidden zone, Han Xiao had arrived at his destination. The air was filled with a rotten smell and a hint of poison. The plants on the ground were mutated as well.

The spawn area is a little too huge. I don't know where the Beast King is.

Han Xiao put down the metal suitcase, opened it, and donned the Viper mechanical suit. The hologram display had zooming functions and compiled data collected from many scanning modules, which provided more detailed information on the surroundings. There was also a radar at the top left side of the screen that could detect any signs of life within a radius of 500 meters. By increasing the power output, this radius could be improved to 1,500 meters.

The scanning module had plenty of useful functions. It could analyze the collected data from tiny signs and traces on the ground to determine the source of said traces, and it could also record previously unknown data into the database for future analysis.

The filtration device got rid of the rotten smell in the air. Han Xiao could hear himself breathing inside the suit, and the thermostat made him feel very comfortable in it instead of feeling stuffy.

He brought along some firearms and grenades that were all fixed into respective slots and firing tracks in the suit.

Han Xiao moved around to familiarize himself with the mechanical suit controls, then jumped into the zone with each step covering close to ten meters.

The suit was in standby mode, which used less energy than the Mini Bonfire Reaction Furnace generated, so the energy was always full.

The radar was active at all times. If it detected any being with strong vital signs, it could be the Beast King, and since the species of Beast King was random, even Han Xiao was uncertain of what species would it be.

After running for five minutes, a dozen or so vital signs appeared on the radar. The view from the hologram screen zoomed in like a sniper scope as Han Xiao gave the suit a voice command. The current controlling mode did not have nerve connection, only voice control for its various functions. The smart chip had voice identification and could analyze simple commands from Han Xiao; no one else could be able to use it.

At a few hundred meters away were a group of more than ten giraffe-like creatures with fearsome bone spurs, which clearly indicated they were not a tamed species. A few of the larger ones raised their necked and looked over to Han Xiao's position; they seemed to have noticed him.

Stealth Mode.

Optical Camouflage was turned on, and the exterior of the mechanical suit turned into the same color as the surroundings like a chameleon. The gaps in the suit was also closed up, not letting out any scent.

The giraffe-like creatures shook their heads around but could not find him, so they lay back down.

If the level of the enemy was high enough, they would have been able to see through the camouflage, but these beasts were clearly far from that level. Han Xiao continued to move forward, searching for the target.

Two hours had gone by, and Han Xiao had already scanned dozens of mutated flora and fauna, which were all stored into the database. He had also fought a few beasts with various levels and vital signs to determine the approximate strength certain vital sign levels presented.

The highest leveled beasts that he had met was a pack of wolf-like beasts at LV 42, which was not his target.

The sun had set, and the night became more dangerous as howling filled the forbidden zone.

If Han Xiao did not have his mechanical suit, the night would have been dangerous to him as well, but Viper's stealth ability was strengthened by the night. It sealed all of his sound and scent and made him as inconspicuous as a rock.

I've yet to find the target, Han Xiao thought. He sat by a large rock and inserted bullets into the clip as he changed the visor mode to night vision. The chance of the Beast King spawning at the heart of the zone, The Ruins of La Potter, was higher, as the closer toward the center, the more beasts there were.

With a voice command, the armor around Han Xiao's calves split open. Inside was a small space that stored the Spider Detectors. He activated them and made them spread out toward the center of the zone. The images captured by them were displayed on his goggles.

Spider Detectors worked in a shaky but rather quick way. After a while, Han Xiao could see the situation of the center zone, which was filled with ferocious looking beasts.

Suddenly, the image from Spider Detector No.1 experienced a slight shake, and loud crashing sounds could be heard from afar. The beasts were then seen all going in the same direction.

Spider Detector No.1 climbed up a long-haired boar and headed toward the same direction. Two Superhumans running for their lives from the beasts appeared in sight. One of them was an Esper who could release white shockwaves from the hands, which was quite powerful and knocked closing beasts back again and again. However, the sound it produced attracted more and more beasts. It was a vicious cycle that only made the situation worse.

There are others who have entered this forbidden zone? Han Xiao raises his eyebrows in surprise.

Right the next moment, a white lion that was five meters tall and more than ten meters long appeared. All the other beasts got out of his way with fear, and those who did not were all dead.

Han Xiao's eyes twinkled. That was most likely the Beast King.

Yang Dian and Ned ran with all their might to the extent that their lungs felt like it was burning. Behind them were more than a hundred mutated beasts and an enormous white lion.

"All of this is because of your power. Its sound attracted so many beasts!" Yang Dian said while clenching his teeth in anger.

"Shut up! If not for your carelessness, we could've avoided that pack of wolves! Stop complaining and making useless comments, what should we do now?" Ned said as he released another shockwave, knocking back a few beasts that came too close.

Yang Dian took out his laptop while running to look at the map and said, "We're getting closer to the center of the zone. It's extremely dangerous there, so we have to change direction now!"

They turned hastily. The beasts were chasing closely with the enormous white lion leading ahead. Ned's shockwaves could only stop its movement for a mere second and could not even push it back even the slightest distance. Ned was sweating heavily; he was running out of energy.

This time, a cliff appeared in front. There was a gap on the ground that could only fit a human, and he had to enter sideways.

"Quick! Hide inside!" They were overjoyed.

Suddenly, Ned noticed a huge shadow below him expanding at a fast pace. Turning around with surprise, Ned saw the white lion jump toward him and slam its claws straight down. The wind from the raw power of the beast was so strong that Ned could barely open his eyes or breathe.

"You go first!" Yang Dian shouted as he pushed Ned away. He then punched toward the claw with blue flames wrapping around his arm.

He was a Pugilist that had a stronger physique and could endure more damage than Ned, so he was confident it would not be a problem to block just this one attack.

Fists and claws clashed with each other.

The sound of bones breaking could be heard clearly; Yan Dian's arm was fractured, and a few of his ribs were also broken just from the impact alone. He threw up a mouthful of blood and flew up like a pebble.

Ned quickly pulled him along into the gap between the ground, and the claws followed them the next moment and broke stones into pebbles. Almost they almost did not make it.

"Such strong raw strength!' Yan Dian's face was twitching from the pain. A strong Pugilist like him had been critically injured by just one hit; the power of this lion was unheard of.

Ned was even more aghast. He knew the power of Yan Dian, but even he could not handle a single hit from the white lion.

They probably would not survive this time.

The beasts surrounded the outside, so they had no other choice but to depend on this gap to live.

Fortunately, the beasts could not enter for now. They kept scratching the entrance, trying to create a bigger gap. Every time they heard the sound of claws against the rocks, their heartbeat became faster.

Yang Dian took out bandages and ointment to treat the wounds. What they would face next could very well be a death battle. Thus, he had to recover as quickly as possible. Ned was also trying to recover as much energy as possible even it meant he would suffer more injury in the future. All they wished was to get through this.

All of a sudden, the beasts outside gathered tightly and started running toward each other. The white lion let out a loud growl and started killing other beasts. The beasts also started to turn against each other. Blood spilled everywhere, and growling rumbled on continuously.

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