The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Robbery

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Kate came to Han Xiao’s room on the next day, carrying a metal suitcase. He placed the suitcase on the table, patted it, and said, “The drug has been completed.”

When Han Xiao opened the suitcase, thick white gas escaped from within, and inside was a dark red, viscous drug. He reached out his hands to touch it, and information showed up in the interface.


Death Virus Enhancement Agent (Low Concentration 3.5%): A drug made from some kind of gene mutation virus. Its essence can be used on human beings with high stability. Consumption affects: STR +1, DEX +1, chance to awaken [Extraordinary Physique].

Remarks: Although its color looks like the product of menstruation, worry not, its taste is also like


Only low concentration, they gave me the one with the lowest quality,Han Xiao thought as he closed the suitcase.

“I’m satisfied with this,” he said with a smile.

“We look forward to our next partnership,” Kate replied politely.

“No need to look forward. I want to buy more drugs; what do you have in stock?”

“We only provide long term bulk supplies to large organizations and customers with abilities. If it’s a single customer especially one with an unknown origin, I’m afraid it will be quite difficult. We hope you can understand. However, we can sell it in bulk to you if you can prove your ability to afford them in the long term.”

Kate expressed his difficulties just the right amount and made it look like he really wanted to agree but could not because of the rules and regulations. However, in the eyes of an experienced person like Han Xiao, it was very obviously done on purpose, most likely to raise the price.

Han Xiao smiled mysteriously. He adjusted his collar and said, “Allow me to introduce myself officially, I’m an Executive Officer of Germinal Organization, Heisenberg.”

Kate was very surprised.

Germinal Organization? Didn’t they leave the Western Continent? Is this so-called Heisenberg guy a secretly active executive officer, or is he lying?

“Forgive me for being so straightforward, but your identity is very suspicious.” Kate took two steps back and placed his right hand in his pocket holding the alarm. If Han Xiao made any suspicious movements, he would trigger the alarm.

“Don’t have to be so nervous, give me a moment.” Han Xiao walked into the toilet with his backpack.

Why is he going to the toilet?Just as when Kate was confused, Han Xiao walked out wearing Viper. The mechanical suit that looked highly advanced gave Kate a shock.

“Wha-what are you”

Han Xiao swung his arms around and said through the suit’s speaker, “This is the latest single unit mechanical suit invented by the Germinal Organization. If your eyes still work, you should be able to see the amount of advanced technology used in this. Even the official experimental lab of the Six Nations doesn’t have this technology. You don’t have to worry about me lying; this is a secret project of our organization, and it should suffice to prove my identity.”

Kate opened his mouth slightlyhe felt something was off. “But”

“I am aware of your concerns. If you want to find a stamp of Germinal Organization on the mechanical suit, I suggest you save the effort. Times are very tough for us, and it is very dangerous to have a high profile. I’ve been given full responsibility for this matter, so if you want to contact a higher ranked official Forgive me for being so straightforward, but your position doesn’t warrant that,” Han Xiao said in a serious tone. He almost believed it himself.

Kate hesitated and said, “I need to discuss with the other high ranked officials.”

He walked to the side and opened his laptop to contact the other high ranked officials. They were all experiment lab supervisors, and they were surprised by Han Xiao’s origins.

“He can’t prove it, not trustworthy.”

“Do you want him to shout ‘I’m part of the Germinal Organization’ everywhere he goes? I think there’s no need for him to lie. We will know if he’s the real deal when we make the trade.”

“Makes sense to me.”

“But cooperating with the Germinal Organization seems somewhat dangerous”

Han Xiao cut in their conversation and said, “Any trade we make will be kept confidential. As long as you and I don’t tell anyone, no one will know. We can even give you some financial support to build new divisions in Andrea.”

The eyes of all the high ranked officials in the research lab turned bright. Andrea was filled with radiation, and many genes mutated flora and fauna avoided by others were treasures to them. They had heard about the generosity of Germinal Organization. In Maple, the government was corrupt, and they had just about had enough of it. It seemed like a rather good plan to change the environment.

Even if they did not move their headquarters, opening a research division in Andrea was a pretty good idea, too.

“Shall we try to make a deal?”

“Bring him to the exhibition room.”

With the discussion coming to an end, Kate smiled and said, “We accept the trade, Heisenberg. Please follow me. I will show you our research results.”

Han Xiao nodded. Without taking off the mechanical suit, he followed Kate into the lift, and they descended two floors.

The drugs exhibition room looked like cold storage from outside the door. Kate entered the password, and the doors slid open. Inside was a dark compounded room separated into two levels connected by a metal staircase. Showcases were laid out at the side of the walls, and inside them were drug tubes of various colors with tags describing their names and test results. All the drugs had finished products with different levels of concentration.

“These are the products of our research institution. Which ones does your organization want?” Kate said with a smile.

Han Xiao acted like he was looking around and said, “Every one of them. Money is not a problem as long as you have enough in stock.”

Joy filled the faces for the high ranked officials who were watching through the camerathis was a big order.

Han Xiao raised his eyebrows. “But I will have to verify their effects first.”

Kate opened the showcase’s password lock, took out a drug, and passed it to Han Xiao. Han Xiao read the information on the interface. It was a temporary enhancement drug; consuming it would grant a +3 Endurance buff for three minutes.

After making sure all the drugs in these showcases were real, Han Xiao calmly said, “I will need a large quantity.”

Kate received commands through the headphones. He took out a laptop, opened the price page, and said with a smile, “We have enough inventory. After you have made the payment, these cute little things will be yours.”

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes. “I will only make payment when I see the products with my own eyes.”

“Don’t have to worry, we are just a small organization, and we don’t have the guts to go against a large organization like yours. We won’t go back on our word, and we hope you understand our concerns. Anyway, I believe this is an insignificant amount of money for your organization,” Kate said with a smile on his face.

Seems like this is as far as I can get by lying.Han Xiao’s eyes flashed. He had no intention of paying. He placed the gun against Kate’s forehead before he could react and said, “This is my payment.”


The laptop fell onto the ground with a bang.

The threatening feel from the gun muzzle made Kate tremble all over. “You are a fake!”

Han Xiao did not reply. He fired at the showcase, but the glass was bulletproof; it only cracked but did not shatter.

Far away in the surveillance room, the high ranked officials were shocked.

“He wants to rob our finished products.”

“Luckily, we brought him to the exhibition room where there are security systems!”

The metal door of the exhibition room shut tight, and the showcases moved back into the walls, leaving no traces behind. The room became empty, and the ceiling moved aside, revealing three rows of guns who range covered the entire room. Han Xiao and Kate were both under the guns,

The proud voice of a high ranked official sounded from the speaker.

“Didn’t expect that, did you? We were suspicious of your origins from the start. Now that your life is under our control, you have no escape. We just have to press a button, and you will be dead. Unless you want to know how many seconds it will take for these guns to turn you into a puddle of blood, put down the guns, take off the mechanical suit, and get down to your knees. Then tell us your true identity, origin, and who sent you. ”

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