The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 181

Chapter 181: The Wicked Will Be Dealt With By The Wicked

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The superiors of the research institution were very angry. They felt like the man had thought them foolish monkeys, but the liar had walked into their trap.

How dare he come to mess with us without knowing who owns this territory.

In the exhibition room, Kate calmly backed off, adjusted his clothes, and looked at Han Xiao haughtily. "If you move, such as wanting to capture me as a hostage, you will be turned into a pool of blood, so don't have any ideas of taking the risk. Just put down the gun and surrender; you can still live."

Han Xiao looked up at the dark black guns. The cameras were in the corners of the room, and the high ranked officials were looking at him through those. He even knew that the vents could release poisonous gas.

With a cold expression, he issued a voice command.

"Launch program."

The smart chip in the mechanical suit immediately recognized the command and connected to the standby computer. It then entered the research institution's intranet and activated the hacking program planted by Han Xiao the previous night.

The research institution's system fell like dominoes in the face of the hacking program. Without much effort, the entire authority system was overridden, and Han Xiao gained control in a few seconds.

This was not a last-minute simple hacking program that Han Xiao had created; he had created many smart chips, and to prevent losing their control to someone else, he had also made some anti-attack programs as well as some invasive programs, but he had not had the chance to use them before.

The tactical hologram screen showed the terrain map of the research institution. Han Xiao issued another voice command. The walls of the exhibition room reopened, and the showcases appeared again. The guns on the ceilings slid back, and the doors opened.

When he invaded the research institution system yesterday, he had already seen the structure of it, and he knew the security measures clearly. There are some tightly guarded warehouses in the research institution with a high amount of drug inventories, but it was much more than he could carrythe amount in the exhibition room was just right.

The sudden turning of tables left the high ranked officials of the research institution horrified.

"What happened? The system has lost control!"

"Quick, take back the control!"

The technician at the side was sweating all over. He smashed the keyboard rapidly, and lines of code kept appearing. Suddenly, his screen turned green, and the computer froze. The technician exclaimed, "I can't. The invasion speed of his program is too fast; it's impossible to solve it in a short time!"

"He was ready yesterday!" The high ranked officials were filled with hatred.

In the exhibition room, Kate was stunned. He looked into the Han Xiao's black goggles, and fear gnawed at his heart. His legs softened, and he fell to the ground. 'I-I"


Smoke rose from the ground between his legs where the bullet had hit.

Kate was extremely afraid, not even daring to move.

"Stay there and don't move. You can still live," Han Xiao said in a mocking tone.

"O-Okay, calm down," Kate replied hastily as cold sweat wet his entire back. He could only sit there and tremble.

Han Xiao broke open all the showcase cabinets. The enhancement from the mechanical suit made his punches stronger than bullets. He took out his backpack and put all the vials inside. Soon, his backpack was full.

He patted his bag with satisfaction. It was a huge amount of rewards.

At the start, he had no intention of robbing the research institution. However, that changed when he accidentally overheard Kate and the high ranked official talking about Yang Dian and Ned. Since the research institution was not one with morals, Han Xiao did not bother to do things the nice way. They neither were good people anyways, so they might as well follow the rules of the wickedwhoever was stronger had the right to take from the weaker side.

If the opposite party had reliable morals and beliefs, Han Xiao would not mind interacting with them normally, but if they made Han Xiao unhappy and were not strong enough, Han Xiao would go back to his old habits when he was a player, robbing whatever he saw. Furthermore, he was very interested in the Research Institution's drugs. He actually liked to convince people with his virtues but if that did not work out, he would then fight them instead.

Although Han Xiao did not like the idea of sacrificing oneself for the sake of others and wasn't like those superheroes who had a great love for the entire world, he still liked people who were kind. Befriending a kind person was definitely better than befriending an evil person. Even those who were evil would rather befriend those who were kind; it was safe and worry-free.

Unfortunately, the number of kind people in the world was dwindling. No one could tell if a smile had ulterior motives behind it or which 'brother' seemed to be loyal on the surface but talked bad about them behind their back. Betrayal was common, even between old friends.

Kind people were such rare animals that they could even be placed in the zoo as an exhibit. Zoo might not be the best term'News Feed' would be a better description. The research institution toyed with the 'heroes', and it was because of these snobbery hypocrites that kind people became fewer, society became harder to survive in, and spiritual traditions collapsed entirely.

Very often, one's perseverance in others' eyes was just the minimum of what one should do. One's hard work was just a way of gaining more profit. Just like how the Louis Research Institution used the passion of Yang Dian and Ned, Han Xiao robbed the research institution's hard work.

An old saying appeared in Han Xiao's mind. "Karma will find its way. Wickedness will be dealt with by the wicked."

"Looks like I've become wicked." Han Xiao laughed. An opportunity to do bad things without feeling guilty did not come by often.

Why would he spend money on someone he could rob from? He could just change his face and become a new customer anyway.

It was not the time to check through his rewards. He picked up his backpack and walked toward the lift.

Kate's body was still soft. He let out a sigh of relief as he saw Han Xiao leaving, but the fear was still lingering in his mind.

The high ranked officials in the surveillance room were bleeding in their hearts when they saw all the drugs being taken. One of them yelled in anger, "Quickly think about what can we do!"

"I got it. Ask the switchboard room to cut off all electricity in the basement and trap him in there!"

"Immediately seek help from Maple! We still have some guards. Gather them all at the main gate. We just have to stall him for fifteen minutes until the military force arrives, and I want him to be demolished then!"

As Han Xiao arrived at the lift, the entire floor's lights turned off. He raised his eyebrows and switched to night vision. Cutting off the power, as expected.

Han Xiao's legs bent as the power from nanotechnology muscle fiber gathered in his legs and burst in an instant. The floor cracked open, and he shot through the ceiling like a rocket.

After two jumps, Han Xiao bumped straight into the hall. A group of guards who were gathering came into his sights. There were only some twenty of them, not even one-fifth of the research institution's guards. Han Xiao's way of going up the floors was way too swift and violent. It didn't give much time for the research institution to react.

The high ranked officials were shocked by the power of the mechanical suit. They hurriedly ordered the guards to attack.

"Stall the enemy. The rest of the guards will be here in less than twenty seconds f*ck!"

Before he could even finish giving the order, Han Xiao bumped through the guards like a bowling ball hitting a strike and sent them flying. The guards could not even slow him down as he broke through the glass door and disappeared in the streets. The people there could only catch a tint of black shadow.

The high ranked officials of the research institution were raging with anger, they were hopeful that the guards could at least stall him for fifteen minutes, but they barely could for three seconds.

Seeing the drugs would not able to be retrieved, the superiors' hearts were bleeding, and they were furious.

"When will the Maple Military arrive?"

"At least ten minutes."

"That's too long. That asshole would've been long gone. Is there any other way?"

Kate had returned to normal and immediately said, "The superhero duo is still in the city. I will contact them now!"

"Hurry up!"

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