The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 184

Chapter 184: It's More Torturous to Think of a Title Than to Write a Chapter

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It was a tank biased talent, not up to the standard of being a Molding ability, but it did make Han Xiao tankier.

He recalled that Hila had a recovery passive too. Extraordinary Physique had similar effects and also gave him another 300 HP from the health boost.

As a Mechanic, is it really a good thing to be this tanky? Han Xiao did not know whether to laugh or to cry. This was forcing him to fight people head-on. He felt like if he continued like this, his style would totally shatter.

I just want to be a technical Mechanic. Close combat is for savages!

I need to find an offensive talent or manufacturing talent, but those kinds of Molding ability are way too rare. The most common ones are still defensive and enhancement ones.

As a Mechanic, talents that could match with his firearms were what he needed the most. He had been hoping to trigger the [Lethal Shot] talent. Although it was not a Molding ability, it had rather good effects. The requirement was to deal extremely high damage with his firearm to targets that were at least the same level as him fifty times. He had already done that almost forty times, but enemies at his level were getting harder to find, he had to spend some time to do it.

As for the temporary enhancement drugs, he planned to put some of them in the mechanical suit's rapid injection module and then find an opportunity to sell the rest, preferably to players, which would be another sum of money.

Among the drugs, surprisingly, there was one that was incomplete and only had one syringe.


Unknown Drug: a semi-finished product of some drug, unknown effects.


Its color was clear like water. Usually, unknown things would have surprising effects. Han Xiao had an inkling that this thing was not simple, but he would not use it when its effects were unclear.

Louis Research Institution might complete their research in the future. I will just have to go there again at some point, and I will know its effects when it's completed. Han Xiao raised his eyebrows.

In order to make drugs or learn about magic potions, one had to gain the class [Pharmacist]. Han Xiao was not interested in making potions and wasting class slots, and he felt making potions and drugs were very different from making machines. As making potions demanded strict material ratios and manufacturing processes, a tiny mistake could cause failure, whereas making machines was just a channeling process.

Han Xiao snuck out of Kaylos in the afternoon. He had another threatening mission in Maple. Bennett wanted him to scare some government officials who lived in the capital of Maple. The two people who had gone there first to check on the situation was already at standby in the city of Maple Leaf.

The capital of Maple was called Karimochi, meaning the City of Maple Leaf.


The financial organizations behind Louis Research Institution issued a bounty on the Dark Net very quickly. The target was none other than 'Heisenberg', and it had the face that Han Xiao had used in the research institution, as well as a recording of him dashing out of the research institution wearing a mechanical suit.

The Germinal Organization saw this information very soon.

"There is no such person in our organization."

The leader was startled. The organization only had a few deep-cover intelligence personnel and spies in other lands, and he absolutely did not order anyone to rob a civilian research institution. There was only one possibility. This 'Heisenberg' was a fake who used the Germinal Organization as cover.

He did not even think this was a framing act because framing Germinal Organization was totally unnecessary. The whole world was against them, so they would not care for just one more enemy.

Since the Germinal Organization was beaten, everyone took them lightly, like a tiger without its fangs, and added insult to their injury. What kind of nobody was this Heisenberg?

What the leader focused on was the performance of the mechanical suit. To his surprise, he realized that this mechanical suit was using technology that was even more advanced than what the organization was currently working on. Even the Super Soldier project that kept having breakthroughs did not have this level of practicality.

If we can get hold of this mechanical suit, our single unit combat power will skyrocket. Which organization invented this mechanical suit? If it's our enemy

The leader's hands grabbed harder onto the table edge, leaving a clear mark on the metal table. With a serious tone, he ordered, "Tell our intelligence network to pay attention secretly to the user of this mechanical suitI want to know everything he's doing."

However, this was sadly the only time Han Xiao was observed using the mechanical suit. The intelligence agents of the Germinal Organization were unable to gather any more information. It was all very mysterious.

An organization that can invent such a mechanical suit definitely has very strong backing.

The leader felt like he had discovered the tip of the iceberg of some hidden organization, but they did not have any other leads, so there was nothing they could do at the moment.

He calmed his mind and asked, "How is the capturing of Inhumans going?"

The assistant took out the archives. "We have captured 2,103 Inhumans. At the start, they were gathered at a few fixed points, but afterward, they started to actively escape from the capture and spread to other areas. More and more people resisted to the capture, and our mission has been meeting some obstacles."

"Cyberlos has come up with a new theory through observing the experiments. Even if these Inhumans are not brainwashed, they will still accept all kinds of requests, and they act with a very clear objective. They do not have much common sense, they talk weirdly, and they seem to have some kind of special way of communication between each othersome Inhumans knew each other. We are still investigating the causes of all that, but we have yet to gain any results. As Cyberlos put it, these Inhumans are like time travelers who came from the past."

"What is the stance of the Six Nations toward the Inhumans?" the leader asked.

"Our intelligence network shows that the Six Nations have sent their own teams of people to contact the Inhumans. They had different attitudes anywhere from friendly to forceful."

The leader nodded. After pondering a moment, he said, "They have stopped their war preparation, but it won't be stopped forever. Agents from every country have already infiltrated Andrea, find them. I want their every move to be under our surveillance. I have a feeling that Inhumans will be the key for us in this war."


Reflections on the sunglasses showed the exterior appearance of a luxurious villa. There were secret service agents in normal clothes patrolling around the area continuously. A white old man who looked like a beggar pushed his sunglasses up, touched the cap that covered his bald head, and then fidgeted with the mini earphone that was hidden under the cap in his ear.

"Duplex four-floor villa. The manor door needs the interior system to be opened. Two standard secret service teams patrolling outside the manor, one team inside, a total of eighteen secret service agents. Leaves house 8 am sharp every morning, travels in a bulletproof car. Two teams follow for protection, has lunch at the interior restaurant of the government building, the same team follows along for protection.

Hannes spoke softly into the headset as he pushed his sunglasses. "The target lives in Maple's political area. Patrolling police and sentries are packed along the roads. If you're doing it on the streets, you'd better be quick about it."

The calmed voice of a woman, Vernina, was heard through the headset. "Then let's do it on the streets. This reminds me of the old days."

"I must be mad," Hannes said with discontent. "Still doing things with you guys after I have retired, and it's to kidnap a high ranked officer of Maple. Damn it Garian, why did you have to find me for this? Why didn't you ask Bennett? He's still fighting on the front lines. You had to look for this retired old man. Couldn't you let me enjoy a few years of leisure!"

"Humph, you owe me a favor, and I don't like Bennett. He gave me three bullet holes 33 years ago." Another voice appeared in the headset. Garian was a rough man; his voice was like a cannon, "Anyway, stop complaining like some woman. Have the days of doing nothing and planting vegetation softened your toughness?"

"Gentlemen, don't forget there's a woman here," Vernina said calmly.

"I am already sixty, and you are one year older than me. It's not normal for you to think about fighting and killing all day." Hannes was speechless.

"Humph, I'm yet to hit seventy. Is that old?" Garian whined for a while and turned back to being serious. "In nine seconds, patrolling officers will appear from the corner. Be careful to stay hidden."

Hannes leaned forward, and his aura immediately turned unnoticeable. After nine seconds, a patrolling police officer walked around the corner of the street and saw Hannes.

He walked forward and yelled, "Identification check!"

Hannes took out the fake ID that looked exactly like a real one. The officer glanced through and returned it, "No lingering here. Move along."

Hannes moved his feet slowly like an old man, turned into the corner, then sped up. He said softly, "There are too many patrolling police officers and sentries here. To kidnap the target quietly without anyone noticing, it'll be best to do it at night."

"Come back here first. We will discuss the plan," Garian said with a heavy voice.

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