The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 200

Chapter 200: More Than 100,000,000!

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"How do you feel?"

No. 1 opened his eyes. His eyes had been modified, too. They flashed red light, and his field of sight could zoom in and out like a camera lens. He looked down at his palms covered in metallic skin, and as he moved his fingers around, a hideous smile appeared on his face.

"Never been better."

With a buzz from the exoskeleton, he punched at the metal wall and created a pit. His hideous smile expanded and turned into a maniacal laugh.

Finally, after enduring endless pain, he had gained transcendent power.

He enjoyed the surge of confidence.

No. 1 realized that with this power, the Zero that had once killed him was nothing more than a weakling.

They were not on the same level anymore.

"Zero, don't get killed by anyone else before I find you." No. 1's eyes were vicious as he talked to himself. "You're mine."

Cyberlos walked out of the experiment lab to report to the leader.

"As the schedule has been brought forward, the experiment has yet to reach a mature stage. No. 1 was the only one that could endure and finish all the modifications. I did not think that he could endure all that torture," Cyberlos said.

"He was killed by Zero. Hatred turned his will indestructible," the leader said indifferently.

"About Zero" Cyberlos narrowed his eyes. "If he really has the power to predict the future, we have to get rid of him before the war. Otherwise, all of our strategic deployments and planning will be exposed."

"He's like a rat in the sewers, hiding too deep." The leader fiddled with his fingers before coming to a decision. "Activate Destiny's Child, find his position."

Cyberlos smiled. He had always been very interested in the Destiny's Child.

The duo walked in the twisted corridor and past locked gates that each required higher authority than the last. Elite teams of guards patrolled the corridor in synchronized footsteps. The secret room was deeply hidden.

The leader walked to the gate and entered the password. Next was the fingerprint scanner. He removed the glove that he had always been wearing. His hand looked horribleit was full of scars like it had once been bitten and chewed by a beast.

There were scars on his fingertips, too. The leader put the glove back on after the authorization was completed. The metal gate slid open to the side. Only the leader could open this gate.

Inside was a hibernation pod with a man wearing a metal muzzle in it, and the nutritional liquid injections were all that was keeping his body alive.

The leader controlled the hibernation pod to inject a drug that would wake the person inside. The door opened up, and the man slowly opened his eyes. He was extremely calm. His eyes had no signs of life, and he did not seem to care if he was asleep or awake.

The Germinal Organization called this man 'Destiny's Child'. He had some ability to affect the future with his words, but the Germinal Organization did not know many of the details.

The leader waved behind his back, and his subordinate handed the documents on Zero over. He then flipped the pages. Destiny's Child looked at the pages without even changing the focus of his pupils.

The leader flipped through the pages twice and said, "Make him appear."

Destiny's Child finally blinked.

The leader took out a specially made key and opened the metal mouth mask of Destiny's Child.

Destiny's Child closed his eye for five minutes. When he opened them again, he said slowly with a hoarse voice, "He will come here himself."

The leader's breath paused for a second and demanded, "When?"

"Not too long."

"Hope it's successful this time." Cyberlos shook his head. Destiny's Child's ability did not work every time. The smaller the request, the more likely it was to succeed.

The leader put the metal mask back on Destiny's Child and pushed him back into the hibernation pod.

The guards outside careful extended their heads and looked at each other with confusion.

Why were the leader and Cyberlos talking into the air with themselves?

After staying in the last novice village in the Western Continent for three days, Han Xiao left hurriedly in a plane. His next stop was the Northern Continent, which would be a long trip.

The average level of players was getting close to 20, so Han Xiao had to speed up on his schedule.

Stars filled the night sky outside the window. The plane flew stably in the clouds with its preset route.

The stars glowed in the clear eyes of Han Xiao.

Every time Han Xiao looked at the night sky and the bright stars in it, he thought of the countless civilizations and opportunities that existed in the universe.

Han Xiao was very aware of this, and every time he thought of it, he was filled with ambition.

A man's journey belongs to the sea of stars.

He had already built his base on Planet Aquamarinethis was the starting point. The more he accumulated here, the more confident he would be.

Han Xiao opened the interface and counted his earnings.

In the more than ten days that he had stayed in the Western Continent, he had robbed a large number of drugs, one of which had an unknown effect but could potentially be a very valuable semi-finished drug. He had also built many relationships, with Dion, two superheroes that he had no idea of what use they would provide, Hannes, and others. Furthermore, he had managed to trigger the hidden main storyline.

He also built the mechanical suit, Viper.

Viper could increase both his Strength and Dexterity drastically, which made up for the Mechanics' weaknesses in these two attributes in the early stages. In Han Xiao's mind, Viper was his second battle plan, and it was only a prototype. He needed to continuously add more modules to it so as to enhance his combat abilities.

Sniping was for assassination, kiting, and stealth; Viper was for head-on combat, and he actually already had a few modification ideas for it.

His largest earnings were the experience and money from the four novice villages. [Energy Training Technique] sold very well just as he expected, and it had brought him an outrageous and unbelievable amount of rewards.

120,000,000 EXP!

Those who could afford [Energy Training Technique] were the players who were rather aheadnot everyone could afford it.

The class-change knowledge and basic skills were selling at a low profit margin, but the number of people who bought it was the highest.

He already had 20,000,000 EXP saved up. Thus, the accumulated experience on the interface totaled to 140,000,000!

Han Xiao felt content as he looked at the long string of zeros. Even for the players at his level, this amount of experience was beyond their imagination. Some players could not even get as much experience during the whole version 1.0.

Nice. Han Xiao was overjoyed. He would not have to worry about experience points for a long time.

As long as he settled the two biggest obstacleschanging class and upgrading tierhis level would increase tremendously, and he could even splurge on upgrading his skills. It would be easy for him to max the levels of all his abilities except for blueprints, and most importantly, he could infuse blueprints in bulk and build up his inventory.

Experience points were not the only thing. He had also earned 3,600,000 Aquarium dollars by selling [Energy Training Technique], and he had sold five referral letters, which totaled to 4,850,000 dollars. His wallet was packed.

Worth it!

Han Xiao rubbed his palms. He could not wait to open the interface.

Excluding blueprints, the abilities he had yet to reach max level were: [Accurate Shooting Lv.3], [Special Combat Lv.1], [Stealth Lv.1], [Steady Aim Lv.1], [Night Attack Lv.1], [Medium Enhancement Lv.4], [EnergyMagnetic Enhancement Lv.1], [Meticulous Repairs Lv.1], and the amazing [Pickpocketing Lv.1]

Without even looking at the experience points they needed, he maxed the level of each of those abilities!

That's the feeling of being rich!


Your Accurate Shooting and Sniping are both at Lv.5.

You learned [Field Controlling Vision].


Your Grappling and Special Combat are both at Lv.5.

You learned [Lethal Critical Hits].


You have received talent [Proficient Combat].

You have received talent [Proficient Shooting].

You have received talent [Bat Habit].

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