The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Didn't Know You Are This Kind of Black Phantom

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Wild Boy, a member of Sky Territory Guild, was a loyal fan of Bun-hit-dog.

There were many types of Galaxy video hosts on the forum, but Bun-hit-dog was the only one that had first-hand information about Black Phantom, which meant that he was always ahead of other video hosts. Wild Boy liked videos about Black Phantom very much; he was really attracted to the dark and mysterious feeling that Black Phantom gave.

As soon as Bun-hit-dog updated, Wild Boy saw it. He clicked into it immediately and commented before the video even started. "International rule, ask for new updates before watching!"

The video started playing, and Bun-hit-dog's bitchy voice appeared.

"Pure white legs and cherry red lips, rip your skin and harden your bones, take off these clothes and these pants, drunk by choice but not by booze, cup of Viagra is all I needI will last through the night! Hello everyone, welcome to the Galaxy Exploration Journal. Audience, this is me as always, the different kind of Bun-hit-dog!"

Wild Boy spat out a mouthful of water. It was a standard procedure to always start with a poem every episode. The words used became more and more shameless. Even Wild Boy, who had a strong ID, could not take it anymore.

The comments would always explode when the poems came. It was so much that even the screen was obstructed.

"I once had both knowledge and fighting skills, but now I can only yell 666."

"Clear theme, good poem."

"I'm calling the police!"

"I sang along although I'm a girl"

"Extraordinary level of dirtiness!"

"I can't stop singing it!"

"Please be considerate toward the feelings of lady fans!"

"Reported, you're welcome!"

The last episode had been about Bun-hit-dog and Frenzied Sword making a mess in Black Pine. This episode was a continuation, and the audience enjoyed it very much. When the mission was completed and the show entered the second half, the scene suddenly changed to a city that was being built. The large 'Bennett Sanctuary One' came into audiences' sights.

In the scene, Han Xiao wore a black coat and stood with his hands behind his back.

The comments stopped for a moment before suddenly exploding.

"Wow, I get to see my Uncle Black again!"

"Great video host, have a recommendation ticket."

After so many days, Black Phantom could finally be seen in Bun-hit-dog's video, and Bun-hit-dog was the only person who could do this. The audience felt a sense of grace; it was like seeing someone they knew.

Since the public launch, Han Xiao had been in the sights of the players, and he had already made an impact and occupied a special position in the hearts of the players.

Wild Boy opened his eyes wide; he did not want to miss even one second.

"Black Phantom brought us into a special scene going during construction. During this time, I discovered main storyline missions from Black Phantom"

The audience discussed among each other within the comments. The players knew that Han Xiao gave out main storyline missions, and the requirements for receiving the hidden storyline were very high. Could this main storyline mission be a different one?

Bun-hit-dog showcased his mission list, and a new mission appeared within, [Black Phantom Sanctuary Three]!

"What's this?"

"There's Black Phantom in the mission name"

"What's a sanctuary?"

"It is very similar to the name of this place."

Bun-hit-dog explained the inside information with excitement. Dark Net was building shelters, and Black Phantom had brought a group of thousand people to Graymetal Ruins to build a city. This information had been gained from Han Xiao himself.

There were not any prior requirements this time; the mission could be triggered easily.

After the mission introduction ended, the comments section was filled with shock once more.

"It's the construction of a city. My god, that's such a large main storyline! Almost as huge as the expedition war."

"This should be part of the Planet Aquamarine main storyline, too!"

Wild Boy paused the video. He read the mission requirements carefully again and again then swallowed his saliva before playing the video.

Without even having time to think about what the sanctuary actually was, he saw in the video that Han Xiao was yelling at the people below him.

"The overcast of war obscured the blue skies like the wings of death, and the scars of the previous war have been torn apart before they could even heal. Only a few decades have passed, but no one has forgotten the pain that the war cast upon the land. Up till today, it is still affecting the ground under us and the skies above us. Radiation, specks of dust, wasteland, and dead nations!

"How ridiculous! After the old era, our civilian technology regressed, but the military technology that is used against our own kind has been advancing continuously. They fight for their ideals and the nations' benefits; they used iron and fire to spread death!

"For these empty and false reasons, they slaughtered those of their own kind who had no power to defend themselves! Countless people have been killed in the fires of war! The world became wounded and broken because of them, and it is on its way to the end. The ending of the world might quietly be upon us one day. The construction of the shelters is for preserving our civilization. Even if the world ends tomorrow, I still want to save the last bit of tinder for the civilization!

"I don't possess greatness, but too many are small.

"If no one wants to pay the price, okay, I will be the first!

"But I know, I won't be the last!"

Han Xiao's tone was filled with cadence. Wild Boy felt short of breath. Although he was watching a video, he could feel his blood turning hot in his heartthat raw emotion was extremely infectious!

Wild Boy was not the only one who was shocked by this. The comment 'I don't possess greatness, but too many are small' passed by the screen with three exclamation marks behind. It looked very impactful.

"Didn't Know You Are This Kind of Black Phantom!" Many comments similar to this also flew on the screen. In the players' mind, Black Phantom was quiet and did not speak much, but this speech that he had given had turned this impression completely upside down. Many players felt more familiar with Han Xiaothey had not expected Black Phantom's ideals to be this great.

Wild Boy was very excited after he finished watching.

This time, he saw Jade Green Sky announcing a message in the guild channel.

"Attention everyone, the guild will be collecting Graymetal Ruins' location and information. The intelligence provider will be rewarded."

One day earlier

Han Xiao gathered the group of a thousand people who followed him to build the city and gave out the speech in the video. Bennett just wanted him to say something casually at the time, but he did not expect him to say this much. Bennett was as shocked as the players.

The workers around stopped what they were doing and gathered. The number of people became more and more. They all looked up at Han Xiao, who was standing on the tall platform.

Seeing the crowd turning excited, Han Xiao knew that it was extremely effective. This paragraph had been copied from Bennett's speech in the future, and its intention was exactly to shock everyone. Back then, Bennett's position in the hearts of the players had been decided because of his noble ideals. Now that Han Xiao had said it first, no matter what happened in the future, the players would be reminded of him when they brought up Bennett, which would make stronger impacts in the impression the players had of him, making himself more valuable.

He knew that players liked to see such things. A character with noble ideals was usually very popular, and Bennett did not need to care about the players' impression of him, so Han Xiao grabbed the opportunity.

At the same time, Bennett would be touched as well. Doing this had many benefits.

Players all love the story that a character has as it shows unique sparkling points of their personality. Han Xiao nodded discreetly. He wanted the players to seek him out after the impression that he had created, and whether or not those were his real thoughts, no one would know if he did not say.

Han Xiao turned around and saw Bennett's expression. It was filled impassioned; these words had really expressed his mind.

Of course they would since they originated from him.

Bennett was very touched. Han Xiao had voiced the deepest thoughts in his mind. He realized that he was beginning to like Han Xiao more and more.

It was like rain and poured on the desert in his heart, Bennett realized that he was not alone anymore; he had found someone that was walking down the same path as him.

It's all for the continuation of the civilizationhe understands me. Bennett gave Han Xiao a pleased look.

Speech is a very scary ability; it can encourage the hearts of the people.

Originally, many workers there went for the money, but now, they felt like their hearts were filled with something more, and they became much more motivated.

The directors were shocked as well. They did not think that the Black Phantom, who had killed countless people, had such ideals. Despite their own motives, they were immediately impressed.

The next day, the construction team of Sanctuary Three gathered. The enormous convoy crossed the desolate wilderness and disappeared over the horizon, leaving only dust behind.

The convey was equipped with a scouting helicopter that was flying at a low height. It was the ride for important personnel so that they could escape in the face of danger. However, Han Xiao decided to take the car. Huang Yu, on the other hand, took the helicopter without hesitation. He was not going to be sucking up to Han Xiao.

Han Xiao sat in the back seat. He felt the vibration of the off-road truck and browsed the information of the team.

A notification popped up on the interface at this time.


Current Target: Protect the convoy until it arrives at Graymetal Ruins.

Current Population: 1,034

Upon arrival at the destination, 250,000 experience will be rewarded if the damage is below 20%. Mission grading will also be increased.

Current grading: E


A sudden notification of the mission goal. This is a characteristic of long-term missions. Han Xiao raised his eyebrows. Suddenly, he realized that he has been moving his eyebrows too much recently. That was not good; he needed to be more serious.

[Sanctuary Three]'s mission grading changed in real time, and the grading could be seen to increase when a requirement was met. The mission had just started, and nothing had been done yet. Thus, it was at the lowest grade, E.

700 people in the team were workers and technicians. The rest of the 300 were soldiers and guards. Divided into teams of 20, the guards stationed around the exterior of the convoy.

Military power is not enough. I have to strengthen the team.

The power of one person was limited. However, he was a Mechanic with a lot of assets.

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