The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 241

Chapter 241: Accident?

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"Something's wrong."

As they were heading toward the gate of the underground tunnel, Han Xiao frowned, looked around, and said, "The atmosphere doesn't feel right. There are fewer people along the way. I have a sense for danger. Did you trigger the alarm?"

As he finished speaking, Han Xiao looked at Cyberlos with a piercing look in his eyes.

Cyberlos was shocked and denied it immediately. "No, I definitely didn't do it. Maybe the leader noticed something abnormal. I don't have as much authorization as the leader, so him noticing my browsing history really has nothing to do with me."

Han Xiao tightened his grip on the equipment bag and said in a low voice, "Let's go quickly."

At this time, five levels higher, the leader was heading to this direction with a laptop in his hand. The surveillance camera feedback was displayed on the screen. He laughed coldly and said, "So, you have started to suspect it. By the time you reach the underground tunnel, the ambush that I set up will be completed as well. This time, don't even think about escaping."

The leader did not think that Han Xiao would dare to infiltrate alone. He even felt that the number of ambushes that he had prepared was overkill. In his mind, Han Xiao's strength was the same as back in the Dark Crow Valley, similar to the level of Pan Kuang, and there were more than fifty Executive Officers that were stronger than Pan Kuang in the headquarters right now.

There was nowhere to escape.

The last resort of the siege was the leader himself. He hardly met anyone that could match up to his strength. Even the legendary hero Bennett was at most at the same level as he was. The leader had fought Bennett a few decades agothey were on par.

The leader was also someone who stood at the top of the Planet Aquamarineonly then could he build and support such a big organization.

Seeing that Han Xiao was like an insect that had sunk deeper and deeper into the spider web, the leader seemed to have seen the light of success. However, the next moment, he saw from the surveillance camera a flash of dark red light shooting straight toward Han Xiao.

Hila had almost gone haywire; her red eyes were staring straight at Han Xiao with rage. It was not because she recognized Han Xiaoit was because she felt the Life Mark on Aurora. Her younger sister was hidden and cowered in the equipment bag that this person was carrying.

Seeing this, there was no way Hila could hold back anymore. Her abilities activated in an instant. Her maroon long hair was like snakes, entangled in gray and red smoke that formed an arrow-like shape. Her murderous intent was almost tangible.

"Put her down!"

Her seeing a stranger taking her younger sister away in a bag was like a parent seeing the child being carried away by a stranger; there was no way to stay calm in such a situation. Rage consumed her senses, and she could not think rationally anymore. Furthermore, her younger sister was very special to her; Aurora was almost like her spiritual sustenance, and that made things even worse.

This woman got stronger again. Han Xiao was shocked. He hastily slid to the side and dodged this cone-shaped dark red air arrow by a few centimeters. The air arrow shot through the metal wall. Han Xiao was surprised. Hila's superhuman abilities could inflict both physical and psychological damage, and this was already so strong despite only being the physical damage. This meant that the main psychological damage would only be stronger. It was probably because she was attacking in a rage statethe damage enhancement could almost match up to his [Flaming Will]

Despite being rather tanky, Han Xiao was not interested in getting hit. He moved to the side and dodged again. With a thought in his mind, Han Xiao destroyed two surveillance cameras with two shots and yelled, "Hila, I'm here to save your younger sister. You're attacking the wrong person, you stupid woman"

Before he finished, Hila already crashed toward him and reached out to grab the bag without listening to anything he said. Being speechless, Han Xiao let go of the bag, carried his other equipment bag, activated Electromagnetic Hover-boots and Mini Maneuvering Equipment, then jumped up to the rooftop.

Hila hurriedly placed the bag on the floor, opened the zip, and looked Aurora in her eyes.

"Sister!" Aurora's voice was filled with surprise.

"Are you ok?" Hila immediately checked over Aurora's body. Seeing that she was not hurt, Hila was relieved. Then she remembered there was still an enemy present, he stood up in a flash and stood in front of Aurora, her face alert and looking like she was ready to fight any time.

"Sis, you misunderstood." Aurora struggled to get her head out of the bag and yelled, "That uncle is here to save me."

"I don't know him at all." Hila was still cautious.

"He said he's uncle Zero."

Hila was stunned. She could not believe it.


"It's me." Han Xiao did not hide anymore. The alarms all across the bases were ringing. He knew that he was exposed. When Hila suddenly appeared, he already knew that things were not pleasant. With how much Hila cared for Aurora, she would definitely go all out straight away.

"How can it be you?" Hila could not believe it. The dark red smoke moved with her emotions.

Why did Zero come to save Aurora? There should be no connection between them. She could not figure out Han Xiao's motive at all. Furthermore, they should be enemies. Why was the target Aurora? Does he want to threaten me like the Germinal Organization?

With all the guesses in her mind, Hila could not trust Han Xiao subconsciously. No matter what, Hila could not let go of Han Xiao stealing Aurora away secretly.

"I will explain in the future. Your sister is already saved. The truth is right in front of you, and regardless of whether you believe it or not, I'm here to help."

"You're now an enemy that the organization is going after." Hila's expression was indifferent. Her power gathered in her hands, but she did not engage.

"Do you want your younger sister to continue being controlled by the organization? Right now is the best chance to escape," Han Xiao said in a low voice. His motive of saving Aurora was for Hila, and Hila was right in front of him now. Naturally, he would not let the chance slip by.

The alarm was ringing loudly. Hila was hesitating despite the fact that she hardly ever hesitated at all. She really wanted to just take Aurora and escape like this, but the alarm in the base was already triggered. She knew the power gathered in the headquarter more than Han Xiao did; there was too little chance to escape, and she did not want Aurora to take the risk.

If only I didn't attack just now This thought of regret appeared and disappeared within an instant, but if she had to choose again, she would still attack without hesitation.

At this moment, Aurora pulled on Hila's shirt.

"Sis, bring me away."

Hila's expression tightened. She looked down and saw Aurora's hopeful face. The words of rejection were stuck in her throat.

How can she put her younger sister back in a situation worse than death?

Thinking of the things that Aurora went through all this time, Hila felt like her heart was being squeezed and rubbed.

At least the most difficult part was already completed. Her younger sister had already left that prison cell, and this was what she had been dreaming of.

At this moment, Hila's became firm. She touched Aurora's head gently and thought to herself, If it fails, I will die with you.

Hila raised her head, looked at Han Xiao with mixed feelings, and said, "Follow me."

She had never expected to fight side by side with Han Xiao.

With more help, there was a bigger chance to escape. Zero had snuck in without anyone noticing, so he could not be too weak.

After she said that, Hila put Aurora into the bag and walked toward another direction with big steps. Han Xiao dragged Cyberlos and followed behind.

Since they had already been exposed, they could not go to the underground tunnel anymore. Hila knew the base, so she must have some other way.

Han Xiao was quite sure that a bloody fight was unavoidable. Luckily, he was prepared in the case that the infiltration failed although he did not intend to allow that to happen.

What he did not know was, although it seemed like Hila had exposed him, she had actually made him dodge the trap indirectly.

"Moron! Who told her to engage!" The leader was furious. Han Xiao changed his route, so his plan was disrupted. Han Xiao was now more cautious, and the leader's siege had not yet fully formed.

As the cameras were destroyed, the leader did not see the conversation between Han Xiao and Hila. He merely thought that they had already started fighting.

"All Executive Officers and soldiers, full engagement. I want Zero to die here," the leader yelled through the walkie talkie.

At the same time, the players in the headquarters received an urgent mission.


[Intercept Zero]: Intercept Zero before he escapes the headquarters.

Mission reward: 200,000 experience, Lv.20 Dungeon Crystal - [The Germinal Organization Base Escape Warfare]


200,000 experience and a Dungeon Crystal

The players were extremely motivated.

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