The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 279

Chapter 279: Luck Is the Ultimate Path

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One hundred boxes were stacked neatly like a hill. It was a rare scene, and the players paused from buying and watched curiously.

So Poor I Only Have Money Left took a deep breath and opened the boxes quickly. The surrounding spectators extended their necks, and their expression changed from anticipation to shock and finally to mockery.

All one hundred boxes had been opened, but the best was only a blue assault rifle. The waste parts stacked like a hill. So Poor I Only Have Money Left’s face turned green.

“One hundred boxes and got blue equipment, nice.”

“You have my admiration, chief.”

“Money can’t change your fate, bro.”

“New documentary: Galaxy—Fall of a Rich Man”.

“Why do I feel so… good?”

So Poor I Only Have Money Left grabbed his hair in frustration. As his ID suggested, he was rich indeed, and he was used to spending a lot of money, which brought him profit most of the time. He was rich, so he could do anything he wanted.

Lucky draw events were his favorite. He did not care about whether he profited or lost money—he just liked the moment of pleasure when he won something. However, he did not win with Han Xiao.

[Black Phantom’s Machinery Box] did not guarantee anything no matter how many one bought at once. Like the lottery, it was completely about luck and probability. So Poor I Only Have Money Left bought one hundred boxes because he thought there was a higher chance of winning something, but he had been very unlucky this time.

Although it was good to have a rich customer, Han Xiao did not give him any special treatment. No guarantee meant no guarantee, and he did not want to break the rules because of rich people. His target customers were all the players. He wanted to turn this into a main city specialty and have more people take part in the event, not turn it into an event just for the rich. The number of boxes was limited after all, and not having any guarantee for consecutive purchases was to avoid a single person buying too many boxes.

If there was a guarantee for consecutive purchases, the other rich people would also do the same. Every batch of limited boxes would be snatched away by a few rich people, and the chances for the other players to take part would be much lower. It would make the event less attractive—long term growth was more important.

Anyone would be somewhat affected by the majority, and as soon as this evolved into a mass hobby, demand, and habit, its influence on the entire player base would be different.

So Poor I Only Have Money Left wanted to buy again, but the other players were now unhappy about it. They took the previous one hundred boxes opening as a form of entertainment, but the number of boxes was limited; it would have crossed the line if he bought even more.

Seeing that the crowd was unhappy, So Poor I Only Have Money Left could only scratch his head awkwardly and step aside.

On the side, King Of Single Draw was full of disdain. He told the people around him, “See? Throwing money has no technicality at all. The best method is to calculate the rarity chance through a lot of observation and research.”

As he was speaking, he smiled confidentially, and light reflected off from both his teeth and glasses. “Now, watch my performance!”

Bringing a group of people, King Of Single Draw walked toward Han Xiao, he paid close attention and calculated in his heart, after a few players finished buying, he suddenly yelled very loudly and shocked the crowd, then squeezed into the front line of the queue and bought the next box.

“Hehehe, according to my experience, there’s definitely something good in this box.”

King Of Single Draw was full of confidence. He opened the box with looks of anticipation from the crowd.


Congratulations, you have received [Waste Part] * 18


The crowd suddenly turned silent and looked at him weirdly.

The atmosphere was very awkward. King Of Single Draw’s mouth twitched. He coughed and said, “You guys should know that this is a matter of probability. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. There’ll definitely be something good!”

However, his next single purchases were all trash. His followers looked at him with more and more doubts.

“Can you even do it?”

“Bullsh*t! Next time, purple will definitely appear next time!” King Of Single Draw’s eyes were red. Like a gambling addict, he bought one more box. He closed his eyes and mumbled, “God, please give me luck this time.”

After he repeated that more than a dozen times, he felt his palms heating up, like an unknown force had just descended into him.

Famous words of many people flashed through his mind.

“This time, surely!” King Of Single Draw opened his eyes suddenly. With a gush of confidence, he yelled and flipped open the box!

A pile of trash.

King Of Single Draw froze in place, lost.

“Why… why is this happening? Are all the trends I’ve been researching fake? The loot boxes are fake; the world is fake; everything is fake!”

In the crowd, Half A Cigarette When Lonely touched his wallet. It was finally his turn. He hesitated and said, “I’ll have one.”

This was his first time buying [Black Phantom’s Machinery Box]. He had been spectating hesitantly until then. Although 3,000 Aquamarine Dollars was not really a lot, he was just a normal player, and his money had all been made through hard work of doing missions here and there, so he treasured his money a lot. However, seeing that many players had won good equipment in this event, he was a bit tempted.

Then, he finally decided to just buy one box.

Half A Cigarette When Lonely had very low expectations. He would be satisfied with just green equipment, and he did not even dare to think about blue or purple equipment.

After running to the side, Half A Cigarette When Lonely held his breath and opened the box.

Purple light surged into his eyes!

“P—Pur—Purple equipment‽”

Half A Cigarette When Lonely was stunned, trembling in excitement.

The players beside looked over with jealous.

“Another lucky one.”

“Tsk, I want purple equipment, too.”

There was someone who won a purple equipment every time. Although it was rare, the players had seen it happen a few times and were used to it. They stopped paying attention after being jealous for a while.

Half A Cigarette When Lonely took out the purple high caliber Berserk Eagle, played with it in his hands, and suddenly felt an impulse.

How about… buy another one to try my luck?

Half A Cigarette When Lonely clenched his teeth, bought another box, and opened it casually.

Purple light again!

Half A Cigarette When Lonely mouth fell open, and his heart was hit with immeasurable surprise.

The surround players looked over again, very surprised.

“He got another purple piece of equipment? That’s really lucky.”

“Quick, breath in the air of luck.”

“Two draws, two wins—might as well go buy a lottery ticket.”

“So what if he’s lucky? I will be as well one day.”

“Brother, you are allowed to show off, but don’t cross the line.”

Some were jealous; some were amazed; some were sour.

So Poor I Only Have Money Left was speechless. He had bought one hundred boxes at once and could not even compare with someone else casually buying two boxes.

What kind of world is this? What happened to the rich’s privileges‽

King Of Single Draw clenched and ground his teeth. He was on the edge of losing it, screaming in his heart, The purple equipment should’ve been mine!

“How about… another one?” Half A Cigarette When Lonely touched his wallet. He had just a bit more than 3,000 left. On impulse, he decided and bought one more, like a gambler tasting the sweetness of winning, falling into the abyss of cashing in.

“Will I win this time?” Half A Cigarette When Lonely suddenly regretted it a little. To win two times in a row was already extremely lucky; three in a role had way too low a probability. Furthermore, there were, at most, only three pieces of purple equipment in every batch of [Black Phantom’s Machinery Box]. If he won again, did that not mean he had won every purple equipment of this batch?

He anxiously opened the third box, and the familiar purple light surged again!

Half A Cigarette When Lonely was completely stunned.

All the surrounding players were completely stunned.

Three single draw wins in a row! What kind of luck is this!

No, this can’t be called luck anymore, this is a damn blessing!

The people looked at Half A Cigarette When Lonely with shock.

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