The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 286

Chapter 286: Dungeon Creation

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Han Xiao's eyes sparkled. In the past, the highest mission grading that he had received was [Excellent], and [Unbelievable] was better than [Excellent].

For normal players, the normal mission process should be like this—Infiltrate one sub base after another to uncover the location of the other bases through the stolen information. As the Germinal Organization became more cautious, the player would face stronger enemies, and the mission would become increasingly cumbersome. Every time the player got the intelligence about the next base, they would face the choice of destroying the base themself or borrowing power from the Six Nations. The former would reward higher process.

Han Xiao had skipped the most cumbersome part of collecting intelligence and instantly given out all the Germinal Organization bases' locations. The difference in efficiency was like the difference between using a sickle and a tractor.

[Fall of the Germinal] was a grade A main storyline mission, and even Han Xiao had spent more than one year to complete it with his prior knowledge. Han Xiao was satisfied with the result that he had almost completed the final target of the entire large main storyline by himself. He was anticipating the reward.


[Planet Legendary Points (Planet Aquamarine): Germinal Organization Slayer]

The Germinal Organization, planet-sized large organization, the enemy of the Six Nations for many years, its power is like a majestic mountain. You are just a tiny traitor, but you gradually uprooted the Germinal Organization and buried it. The Germinal Organization became your stepping stone, and your actions will be passed on and admired by countless people. Your name will be written in the books of history on this planet.


New legendary points. This was a reward that he had expected. His single mission EXP reward quota increased by another five percent, and his daily quota increased by a hundred percent.

Very soon, the other reward showed on the interface.


[Fall of the Germinal]

Personal Destruction Percentage: 48.72%

Grade: [Unbelievable]

You have received:

4,870,000 EXP

+2 Potential Points

+4 Free Attribute Points

+800 Relationship Points with all Six Nations


His personal destruction percentage was close to half, which meant that in the operation of destroying the Germinal Organization, Han Xiao almost did as much as the entire military forces of the Six Nations. After all, Six Nations' many operations had been carried out with the support of the intelligence he provided. One could say that his intelligence had controlled the entire war.

Using the hostility of the Six Nations toward Germinal Organization, he just had to give the Six Nations a knife, and they would attack. Even if the Six Nations knew that Han Xiao intended to use them, they were willing to be used. The end result was that both Han Xiao and the Six Nations achieved their own goal.


You have received reward for [Unbelievable] grade:

Bonus 120% EXP (5,830,000)

Random Reward * 1

Special Item * 5


In accordance with my mission evaluation, the hidden percentage for receiving something good as the random reward should be quite high.

The random reward could be an item, ability, or something else; it only had a chance of appearing when the mission grade evaluation was very high.

Leaving the random reward aside, he first looked at what were the five special items.


You have received [Character Summon Card: Germinal Organization Leader]!

You have received [Character Summon Card: Destiny's Child]!

You have received [Character Summon Card: Aurora]!

You have received [Character Summon Card: Hila]!

You have received [Medal of Honor—Germinal Organization Slayer (A)]!


Han Xiao was stunned. This was the first time that he had received this many character summon cards at once. The use of the character summon card was to give the user the ability of the character summoned temporarily. It was a consumption item, and if used well, it could change the situation in an instant. He had only received two before.

The leader, Destiny's Child, Aurora, and Hila—all of the abilities of these four people are quite good, and all of them can be used more than four times, very durable.


[Character Summon Card: Germinal Organization Leader—Armor Penetrating Consecutive Attacks]

For 8 seconds, all attack will be considered armor penetrating critical hits, reducing the defense of targets hit by 24%.

Duration: 5 minutes

Usages: 0/12

[Character Summon Card: Destiny's Child—Foresight]

Predict an 'opportunity' in the future. Can indicate to be a mission, an item, action of a certain person… etc.

Usages: 0/5

[Character Summon Card: Aurora—Life Return]

Restore back to full status instantly.

Usages: 0/6

[Character Summon Card: Hila—Whisper of the Dead]

Deals psychic damage three times to the enemy. The damage is based on the user's INT or MYS (can be indicated). Decrease all statuses of the target by 15%.

Duration: 3 hours

Usages: 0/8


Only the effect of Destiny's Child was not very clear. The rest were all simple, straight forward, and practical.

Predict an 'opportunity'… this is quite ambiguous. Could it be predicting opportunities of completing a mission or getting a certain item?

Han Xiao had a flash of insight, he was thinking of leaving Planet Aquamarine, but all the methods that he could think of were not very reliable. He could just nice try the effect of the Destiny's Child card.

Without any further hesitation, Han Xiao used it, with thoughts of going into the galaxy in his mind.

His vision suddenly blurred, and like fog, it was all white. Unaware of how much time had passed, a tint of black appeared in the middle of his vision, then it became an eerie image. The background seemed to be a wasteland, and a flame fell from the sky, creating a circular crater, giving out black smoke and electrical sparkle.

Some unknown information flashed in his mind.

"The location is… The time is…"

The image suddenly stopped, as if everything was just an illusion.

Han Xiao regained his focus. The information was in his mind, and his expression changed a little. It really did predict an opportunity to head out into the galaxy. This opportunity was originally already one method I had thought of bud didn't know when it would happen. This card broke through the fog of fate and predicted a location and time estimate.

The effect of this card was very surprising, and he now had more confidence in leaving Planet Aquamarine.

He looked at the last item, [Medal of Honor—Germinal Organization Slayer (A)]. When completing a high difficulty main storyline mission with a high evaluation grade, one would receive this type of medal. Its effect provided a three-percent boost to all attributes, and after collecting three, it could be exchanged into a special achievement medal, providing a twelve-percent boost to all attributes. He had farmed it in his previous life before. Knowing its effect was very good, he equipped it on the spot.

After he arranged the special items, he started to select random the reward.



Your reward time this time is… an Item.

Please select one from the three items below:

Race Change Card: Change into a random race

Mission Completion Card * 3: Consider one mission to be completed and receive the reward based on the lowest grade

Esper Ability Potential Enhancing Fluid: Increase the potential of Esper ability.


This is good! Han Xiao's eyes glimmered. [Esper Ability Potential Enhancing Fluid] was extremely rare. Espers were willing to use everything they had to buy this thing because there were only two ways to increase one's Esper ability potential. One was through rare experiments and drugs in game, and the other was Esper Ability Potential Enhancing Fluid. The other two items were not suitable for Han Xiao, so he chose the Esper Ability Potential Enhancing Fluid and left in on the interface without collecting it.

Esper Ability Potential Enhancing Fluid, it has a very huge potential value regardless of whether I sell it to players or others. I need to keep stock up on the good items like this; it will definitely be of great use in the future.

The reward this time was colossal. He had earned 10,000,000 EXP in one shot, and although it did not look a lot, that was because Han Xiao's standard was too high. If a player received 10,000,000 EXP in one shot, it would be an outrageous amount in Version 1.0.

There were also Potential Points, Free Attribute Points, and rather useful items—Han Xiao was quite satisfied. The most valuable ones were those items.

However, Han Xiao kept feeling like there should be more rewards. Thus, thinking that, he opened the NPC panel. Suddenly, he noticed a new option under the quota.


Dungeon Creation: [Six Nations and Germinal Organization]


"What's this?" Han Xiao was confused. This new function did not even have any notification. He tried to use this function, and the notification showed up.


Please select a part of the main storyline to create a Dungeon Crystal.


Create a Dungeon Crystal! Han Xiao's expression changed into surprise.

After some testing, he became familiar with the use of this function. To put it simply, it could turn parts of his experience in the Germinal Organization main storyline into a dungeon. Then he could create the dungeon crystal and use that as a reward for the missions that he gave out. It increased the variety of rewards for his missions.

Han Xiao guessed that the reason this new function appeared should be because he had completed a high difficulty large main storyline with a very high grade, which meant that he had done something legendary. Due to that, he could turn the things that he had done into dungeons.

Some missions from some NPCs might reward Dungeon Crystals, such as Dion, whom he had met before. Now he could do so as well, and because of the interface, he could control the creation of Dungeon Crystals! He realized that the Dungeon Crystals could only be rewarded as part of a mission reward. It could not be turned into an item and sold in his shop, which fitted the method of players acquiring Dungeon Crystals.

Compared to other rewards, this function was the biggest reward, strengthening his functions as an 'NPC' and becoming more attractive to the players!

Han Xiao was astonished.

Dungeons can only be created from legendary experiences, such as largely changing the main storyline of a planet or even larger areas. There might be many more functions to the NPC panel—I just have to acquire them.

With the NPC panel, it meant that there were more benefits to taking part in the main storyline.

If he could possess the Dungeon Creation Right to many huge events, the players would be unbelievably interested in him.

This was the biggest pleasant surprise!

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