The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 319

Chapter 319: The Short Horn Star

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As Han Xiao left without a sound, Raylen were left in confusion. They could not even lay their finger on the world above, yet Han Xiao had simply achieved this without breaking a sweat. For the Six Nations, there were still a lot of unknowns about the nature of the galaxy, and they only had the downgraded version of the Galactic Communicator, so they could only contact the Godoran Civilization and were unable to use other functions.

It was complete suppression of difference in civilization, so the Six Nations had to comply.

Therefore, they did not know about the function of the Galactic Travel agency and had no idea how Han Xiao had achieved what he had done. In their eyes, they felt that the ship was the unknown space organization that backed Han Xiao up. The man had always been mysterious, and they were always clueless.

As the major political power, having one individual that had allies more powerful than the entire planet, their fear and anxiety was off the charts.

Raylen was the party who had started the aggression against Han Xiao, but the pressure was meaningless. On top of that, they had also revealed the secret that they had the spaceship. They had suffered a double loss, and it pained their heart.

The difference between reality and expectation was huge, as if a student was trying to beat Han Xiao in exam, but then they realized that he was already confirmed to go to a top university in a big city. Raylen was left only with disappointment.

Through the box-shaped cabin, the earth became smaller and smaller as Short Horn Star flew in the sky. The blue sky slowly turned dark while the anti-gravitation engine operated quietly. They headed into the dark universe. Suddenly, the cabin shook violently as it tried to escape the atmosphere. Before they knew it, they were in space.

Planet Aquamarine was filled with the deep blue color of the ocean with bountiful fertile land and specks of yellow dots. From above, one could see the entire land in detail, and Han Xiao saw that Andrea was covered in black, showing that the war and nuclear explosion had the most damaging effect at this area.

His experience on Planet Aquamarine flashed by in his eyes. He had started with nothing, then he had finished accumulating enough resources to start rising in this planet. And now, he was taking the next step to the higher stage. He felt sad leaving his friends behind, so he still had some feelings for the Planet Aquamarine. As he left the planet, part of his heart was still in his home.

Even though he was not extremely close with people such as Bennett, Hila, and Aurora, they had great potential in their ability. Just from the perspective of benefits, Han Xiao hoped to see Hila and her sister grow stronger and provide assistance.

Staring at the planet that was slowly drifting away, he quietly murmured, “I will be back.”

The next moment, Han Xiao looked away from the planet and headed toward the hallways in the spaceship.


The metal door that connected box-shaped cabin to the main spaceship split into four diamonds and retracted into the walls. Right through the door was a straight metal hallway that extended forward. The light on the side of the door turned from red to green, indicating that the passengers should follow the path.

“Come on, I need to get a drink,” Kerlodd urged.

“Why are you rushing? Your money is with me.”

Han Xiao waved his hand, and the professional players stopped their chit chat and pushed the payload forward.

Halfway through the tunnel was a mechanical arch door with a monitor on the side. It was used to detect the body condition and identify the species of the passengers to have a suitable arrangement. The group walked through the door, and the monitor showed that everything was normal. The floor suddenly opened up, and a transparent container popped up. Inside the container was a translator for passenger to use.

Han Xiao and others all put the translators on, and the monitor spoke with a digital woman’s voice.

“Welcome to the Short Horn Star Travel Agency. You originally reserved fifty seats, but we have detected more, please pay the additional fee of…”

With a few more people than originally planned, Han Xiao followed the instruction. The account still had a bit more than 700 Enas. The voice then said, “Payment confirmed. Class: Economy. Personal luggage storage function activated. Please store your luggage and move forward.”

The wall on side opened up, and inside was a moving conveyor belt that transported luggage to the warehouse. After putting in the supply boxes, the group kept on moving forward.

Finally, they reached the end of the hallway. It was a large elevator. After they stepped in, the elevator moved up and down, but it also moved sideways. The galactic commercial spaceship did not force the passenger to stay in one place—it was more like a cruise that had a lot of entertainment and resting spaces. Different sections of the ship had different environments to accommodate different life forms. For example, species similar to humans that needed oxygen and low gravity to live shared one large lobby. Species that needed special environmental conditions also had their own section, such as Aquatic Creatures and Anaerobic Organisms.

The elevator stopped abruptly. The door opened, and the bustling atmosphere crashed into the group.

In front of their eyes was a large empty space—the lobby for economy class. It was wide and open with all sorts of entertainment such as a place that was a mixture of a bar, a ballroom, and a party room as well as resting areas and personal rooms. One side of the lobby was a large window that could directly see the beautiful universe decorated with the stars.

All sorts of living creatures walked past them. They saw a bird talking to a lion that was wearing a suit. There was also a dwarf with a great big, bushy beard drinking beer with a beast with sharp teeth. Every one of them had different scents and voices, and they were mixing together in a small space, which gave the players a weird feeling, as it was their first contact with aliens.

“What kind of species is that? Their heads look like a hammer,” Second Prince said in surprise.

“You look like them.” Sun Eggplant laughed.

“Don’t bullying him so much,” King Admiral said. “Only I have the right to do so.”

Second Prince gave both of them a middle finger.

Rainy Kim stood by the window like a quiet, beautiful lady, enjoying the view of the night sky. Twinkle Fried Rice slowly moved up to her, and just as he wanted to flirt, Hao Tian pulled him back.

Hao Tian dragged Sleepy Winter and Twinkle Fried Rice and said in a serious tone, “Later, we will go find a chance to see if we can activate some missions… Fried Rice, why do you look so bitter?”

All the players opened their eyes and chatted about the new world. However, Han Xiao was not surprised.

He had already seen too many species after a lot of reading. A female member of staff wearing a uniform with a human shape walked up to the group. She had light-red skin and smiled at the group.

The staff member scanned through the group, then she directly walked up to Kerlodd and said with enthusiasm, “Respectable Godoran, your room is ready.”

In the Colton Star Cluster, Godoran was a well-known species with high standing. Commercial traveling groups were equivalent to public transport in space because it was the cheapest way to travel. So, it was rare to see a Godoran.

The staff member assumed that Kerlodd was the leader, and he ignored Han Xiao and the others.

Kerlodd was a bit surprised and looked at Han Xiao. He then replied, “Okay, I understand.”

The staff gave the room number and authorization to Kerlodd, then she gave him wink before leaving. It was obvious that she was interested in him. Godorans were the best species in the star cluster, and the woman, who was an Aqwax Species, would not mind if anything happened between Kerlodd and her. Some species could have a hybrid offspring, while others could use IVF. The relationships between different species in the universe were very open.

However, Kerlodd was insistent about being a pure blood, so he had no interest in females from other species. He handed everything to Han Xiao.

Han Xiao took the things. He found it funny that the Godoran was mistaken as a leader.

“We are on the ship and have finished the transaction,” Kerlodd said. “When can I contact the headquarters?”

“No worries, the final stop is Juberly Hub. You can head back by yourself from there. I won’t stop you.”

“That’s good.” Kerlodd rubbed his hand and added awkwardly, “I want to get a drink, so…”

“I only have that much. Don’t waste it all.” Han Xiao gave him ten Enas. Han Xiao thought to himself that he was such a kind person for giving pocket money to a person whom he had scammed.

After receiving the money, Kerlodd skipped toward the bar. He believed in hedonism, so most of his money was spent on drinks.

Han Xiao brought everyone to their room, and the players’ faces were filled with surprise. Bun-hit-dog excitedly recorded everything. Occasionally, other species looked at the group, but they withdrew their gazes rather quickly as Space Humans were really common. There were a lot of human species in the economy class lobby.

After reaching the door of the room, Han Xiao thought for a while and turned to the group. “You are free to do whatever you want. Also, try to get some information from other passengers.”

The players could not hold back their curiosity any longer. After hearing this, everyone scattered to the lobby. Players were useful intel gatherers, so there was no need for him to do that by himself. Also, players could earn some quests from other passengers and earn some Enas, and he could use some method to exchange goods with players. In the end, the players were essentially making money for Han Xiao.

Han Xiao smiled. I guess it will be the first time that the passengers have met such passionate people.

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