The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 326

Chapter 326 Enemy Slain

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Han Xiao did not want to stay either. Then, the operator in the main control room shouted with surprised, “We are in The Magic Eye energy radar’s effective range. The data shows that there is a Godoran police station nearby. It’s going to take twenty minutes at most for them to show up.”

The captain let out a sigh and announced the good news on public announcement to calm the passengers.

Seeing what was happening, Han Xiao gave Kerlodd a message and left alone to help.

Cesoly panicked as he ran to the spaceship by himself as all of his men were captured by Hao Tian and others. He was the only one that saw the situation was bad and ran as soon as he could, and that was why he had not been caught, or else no one would have survived from the attack.

Reaching the section where the scavengers had docked, he heard sounds of battle in front. Cesoly stopped abruptly and cautiously looked forward. He saw a group Supers fighting intensely with the scavengers. He recognized these Supers, who was the partners of the Godoran, some very powerful natives.

The fight was intense and could not break apart. The Gazers’ chieftain stayed back at the spaceship with his troops to fight against players from Dynasty and Temple of God.

The chieftain of the Gazers was a birdman sorcerer with wings and an eagle’s head. He was an expert in mental attacks, and he was the most troublesome enemy that the players had to deal with. The players had low resistance against mental attacks, so they constantly got stunned in the fight. He could single handedly deal with all the players by himself.

Cesoly ran over and shouted, “Let me help!”

The scavengers moved to open up a path. The chieftain turned around, grabbed Cesoly by his collar, and demanded, “Where’s the hostage?”

“I don’t have him. I got tricked!”

The chieftain roared in anger. The operation had failed if they did not capture the Godoran, and they did not even get the hostage. On top of that, they had wasted so many resources and manpower—even Serpent Braid, the boss of Boneless Bird, was captured.

“Serpent Braid, that b*stard, calling us back when we still haven’t finish investigating this spaceship. This is not a good business. After Beast Hoof and his men come back, we’ll retreat. Get inside!” The chieftain kicked Cesoly in the spaceship.

After a while, another group of scavengers returned, and players from Dynasty and Temple of God were in a tougher situation. The chieftain of The Gazers then commanded his troops to slowly retreat into the spaceship and leave the Short Horn Star. The players had no power to stop them.

Then, from far away, a series of laser beams flew by and killed a number of scavengers. Lerden finally arrived at the scene. His face was cold and calm. Even though his left mechanical arm had been shot off, he still had a secret barrel near his crotch firing laser beams.

The scavengers quickly ran up to the bridge and tried to get back on the ship. Lerden’s eyes flickered a green light, and he released a deep roar. He swiped his arm and created a green light barrier in front of the entrance, stopping the scavengers from getting in.

“Don’t just stare at them! Attack! I can’t hold this for long,” Lerden shouted at the players as sweat dripped down his face. After the fight against Serpent Braid, he had used up a considerable amount of energy, and to maintain a green light barrier required focus of energy by the user. If there was not another group to help, he would not have used this skill.

If they could delay them just a bit longer, they would not be able to run away once the police force came.

“Green Knight!” the chieftain of The Gazers roared, and his psychic power exploded as if there was a tornado spinning around his body. A dense wave of mental power rushed toward Lerden.

Lerden coughed as blood started dripping from his nose. However, he did not collapse, and the barrier stayed up.

The scavengers then tried to attack the green barrier, but the barrier only vibrated. Some of the scavengers charged toward Lerden. The only way to bring down the barrier was to get rid of the Green Knight. The players quickly reacted and intercept the scavengers.

Light beams shot all over the place, and the sound of destruction continued. The battlefield was in chaos.

Cesoly, who was in the spaceship, was extremely worried. As time passed, he just wanted to leave everyone and fly off by himself.

Soon, Han Xiao arrived at the scene. After looking around, he understood the situation and came up with one simple and brutal solution—the enemy was done for one the chieftain was out of the way.

“Sorcerer? His level should be lower than Serpent Braid, a classic glass cannon.”

Han Xiao had a high intelligence status, so his mental resistance was adequate. The cool down for Flaming Will had already finished, and without any word, he pulled out the Wrath of Garrett and shot the first bullet.


The gun barrel fired out a light beam. The Chieftain noticed the attack and quickly built a psychic shield. However, it was shattered in an instant. The light beam consumed a small part on the side, and it was burnt black like coal. The white psychic power in his eyes faded, and he collapsed on the floor and screamed in pain.

This attack triggered the special effect of [Lethal Shot]. The first shot against the enemy had a twelve to twenty-five percent chance of dealing true damage.

In the vision of Han Xiao, the health of the chieftain went from eighty percent down to twenty percent.

With such a heavy attack, the chieftain gained the exhausted and crippled statuses. Han Xiao took the chance and charged forward, knocking down the scavengers in the way. In the middle of the enemy, Han Xiao controlled the chieftain who had no way to fight back. This series of actions happened in an instant and took down the enemy that the players had troubled with.

Even though it was a sneak attack, the efficiency of the method was shocking. Lerden squinted and stared at Han Xiao.

What a powerful man. He also seems to be a mercenary…

The chieftain was as powerful as Serpent Braid, but they had different statuses. Han Xiao’s explosive power was suitable for enemies who are glass cannons. In comparison, it would take more work to take down fighters like Serpent Braid. Moreover, Han Xiao triggered true damage this time, so he looked overly powerful.

Without the chieftain, the group of scavengers turned into chaos. Cesoly did not care about the rest of the scavengers and instantly turned to the pilot’s seat to start the engine.

Cesoly shut the door down, but he suddenly heard the sound of metal being torn apart. Han Xiao walked in and threw Cesoly out of the spaceship.

“Hello again.” Han Xiao opened up his mask and smiled at Cesoly, but all Cesoly could see was a face scarier than a tiger, and a sense of danger creeped into this heart.

“It’s you! Don’t… don’t you dare kill me! I still have a lot of things, and I know a lot of intel…” Cesoly lost his cool, and his face was filled with fear. He only wanted to live.


An electromagnetic needle pierced through Cesoly’s skull and exploded the back of his head, covering the floor with his blood.

Han Xiao put back his Ghost sniper rifle and did not even spare a glance at Cesoly’s corpse. He turned to the players and said, “I’ll leave the rest to you.”

The rest of the scavengers did not stand a chance against the players, and none of them escaped. Suddenly, the spaceship’s shaking stopped. Han Xiao looked out the window and saw that the scavengers’ spaceships had been shot down, and some of them had run away.

It was only then that the battle ended.

It’s finally over. Luckily everything is fine.

Han Xiao let out a sigh.

Encountering an enemy in space meant death for everyone on the spaceship. This episode did make Han Xiao sweat a little, but this reminded him of the tension that he felt during space combat. After staying on Planet Aquamarine for so long, the familiarity of space combat was slowly coming back to him.

After the battle, Han Xiao concluded that he did utilize the advantages of players and controlled the situation well. The sudden group of players that went online was also a lucky incident. Overall, he graded himself eighty-two points out of one hundred.

At this time, Han Xiao then noticed Lerden on the side. Seeing the broken mechanical body, his eyes flickered.

“Mechanical implant body… Um, this should be a class advancement improvement, and there’s also transformation function…” With his mechanical background, Han Xiao quickly analyzed the technology.

Even though Lerden was also interested in Han Xiao, he was rather cold and quiet as he stood by without showing any intention of befriending Han Xiao.

Seems like he’s a lone warrior, Han Xiao thought to himself. He looked at Lerden’s crotch and laughed in his heart. Never mind, he is a shameless warrior.

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