The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 339

Chapter 339 The Rush Strat

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[Ordnance Engineer] Lv.1

+1 END, +3 INT, +1.5% Machinery Affinity, +2 Free Attribute points, +1 Potential point.

You acquired the skill [War-machinery Mastery].

You acquired the skill [Quick War-machinery Repairs].


There was a chain of effect between Ordnance Engineer and Mechanic class. The skills and attributes perfectly fit with the Mechanic class, and this subclass was equivalent to half of the main class. The levels used for this type of subclass were used at their maximum potential value.

Engineer-type classes focused on intelligence, and they did not provide any combat abilities. However, being an Engineer was more valuable compared to having some additional combat skills. Ordnance meant war machinery such as turrets, armor, shields, and so on. This subclass would provide additional buffs when creating and using war machinery.

Han Xiao pulled out the stack of experience that he had accumulated and spent it all on those two skills.


[War-machinery Mastery] Lv.10: When using war machinery, get an additional 18% attack and defense bonus.

[Quick War-machinery Repairs] Lv.10: When repairing war machinery, the efficiency increases by 24%. During the repairing process, randomly restore 3% – 6% durability. The chances depend on INT. No maximum occurrence.


The effects on these two skills were simple yet brutal, and they were extremely useful for the current Han Xiao. However, the main reason that he wanted to obtain the subclass was the ability unlocked after maxing it out.

He directly used 90 million experience points to max out the subclass.


[Ordnance Engineer] has reached Lv.10 (Max.).

+1 END, +3 INT, +1.5% Machinery Affinity, + 2 Free Attribute points, +1 Potential point.


In total, this class gave him 10 Endurance points, 30 Intelligence points, 15% Machinery Affinity, 20 Free Attribute points, and 10 Potential points. There would also be additional Potential points, including the reward, after maxing out the levels of the skills.

Currently, Han Xiao’s intelligence attributes reached 391. If he used all his Free Attribute points, it would surpass the requirement of his class change—400.

Ordnance Engineer was maxed out, and just like the Night Stalker, he also got a new ability.


You acquire the skill [Military Modification].

You acquire the ability [Military Machinery Enlightenment].

[Military Modification] Lv.10: When creating or modifying war machinery, the status of equipment increases by 8% – 14%. (Note: The buff is based on the original status and does not include statuses from other buffs.)


This is the same as having another power boost for the machinery. Han Xiao nodded and looked at the other ability, which he valued the most.


[Military Machinery Enlightenment]: You have been enlightened. When building new war machinery, +30% success rate when building a new production line, +10% Quality of Production Line, -18% resource costs, and +20% speed of production.


Productivity was the essence of this subclass.

A mechanic had multiple stages in their development, and each of them was indicated by certain benchmarks. One of them was fast building while fighting, which was one of the reasons the mechanic became powerful in Version 3.0. As for the assembly line, it was the mark of the later stages. Mass production was a vital step to develop the most explosive, most brutal, and most costly tactic, which was known as the Rush Strat.

For normal mechanics, they would use the best weapons made out of the best materials. For mass production, the equipment created had low quality. Although the difference in quality would increase between normal Mechanics and Mechanics that used mass production, the latter could stack up an uncountable amount of machinery and suppress the enemy with numbers.

Mechanics and Mages were two powerful classes in the later stage. The Rush Strat from the Mechanic and the Summon Rush Strat could turn a one-on-one battle to survival against a zombie horde. These two battle styles ruined the game experience as exceedingly few players could win against them.

However, even though these two strategies were strong, the cost was obscene. The cost of building one single army was detrimental to the players. Moreover, at the later stages of the game, all players had the ability to fight against an army. So, although the Rush Strat could overpower the opponent, there would also be an unneglectable cost in their own army. If they joined the competitive scene, with matches after matches, the combat ability of the army would also decrease, and after ten or twenty matches, the player would use up everything they had.

And if two used the Rust Strat, then everything became simple. With one team-fight between two armies, both sides would lose all their forces in one match.

Therefore, in the previous world, the Rush Strat was seen as a myth. One hardly found these players. So, if anyone was such a player, they would treasure that moment, since the meta could change at any time.

Han Xiao had analyzed the situation. Because the players were in a weaker stage, he could deal with them with ease. However, the players would be deadlier in the later stage, and different sorts of powers would arise. So, Han Xiao did not want to take risk, and the Rush Strat was the obvious choice.

What, the Rush Strat was costly‽

In the eyes of the Great Mechanic Han, money was not a problem.

Especially since he had obtained the ability to reduce cost, Han Xiao had no worries about costs and money in the future.

Han Xiao had a long-term plan for his development. Even though he had not learned the knowledge to create assembly lines, he had gotten all the important abilities.

Level 80 would mark another class change, and the class advancement mission required 60 million experience. Han Xiao let out a sigh—it was a piece of cake for him.

In Version 2.0, the maximum level was 90, but that of the current version was level 60. Players in Version 1.0 did not know anything about class advancement missions. Because they could not break the barrier, the players had to experience two class advancement missions at level 60 and level 80. The class advancement at level 60 would make a huge, but not so much for the one at level 80.

The ‘piece of cake’ was just in the standards of the Great Mechanic Han. The players would have to spend an enormous amount of time to accumulated 60 million experience points. Han Xiao spent 90 million experience to go from level 70 to level 80, while the players had nothing in their pocket, so they could only grind level by level.

On top of that, the class advancement did not give back anything after paying the experience, so the players all wanted to quit.

Han Xiao was in a good mood, and he thought to himself, I only need two more class advancement knowledges. If I can get enough money from this mission, then I should just head back home, settle down, find a nice wife, and have kids… Yikes. That sure sounds boring. Well, I can change class and get a new main class.

After leaving the bar, Han Xiao and Lerden wandered in the Forest City.

The sky was filled with stars, and the gentle light from the stars rested on their shoulders. Even though this planet was a dangerous place, it had magnificent views.

The green mountains and forests loomed far away, the rustling sound of leaves echoed as the wind passed by, and the galaxy that was hanging on the night sky glowed. Han Xiao could see why the Sunils might choose this planet for their new environment.

With a shake of his head, Han Xiao recalled a quote. The most dangerous things often has the most beautiful appearance.

“Where are you going?” Lerden asked.

“Just walking around.”

“Then let’s get out of here and head to the base.”

“Is there nothing for you to do here?” Han Xiao asked. “Like going back home?”

Lerden shook his head. “I don’t have a family.”

Han Xiao stroke his shin and said, “What mission do you have?”

“Frontline combat.”

“That’s the most dangerous job. You Supers had already given your money earned from your blood, sweat, and tears to the race, and you still have to go on such a dangerous mission. No wonder you are viewed as heroes.”

Lerden’s eyes leaked his confused emotion. He was about to open his mouth, but he stopped himself and shook his head.

Han Xiao saw everything in his eyes. He was glad that he had gotten the information that he wanted.

I didn’t guess it wrong. The storyline for Sunil already exists…

The mercenary job was not the main goal for this trip; Han Xiao had another goal.

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