The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 350

Chapter 350 Settlement

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Splitting up was certain; the Independence Faction had made up their mind for leaving. Understandably, the Guardian Faction was shocked and angry. They could have defended the race together, but now, there were people who had betrayed them and were leaving. Furthermore, they had heavily smashed what they had once protected. The Guardian Faction was emotional, and they questioned the deserters loudly.

“You’re a Sunil, too. In the brink of danger, how can you abandon your race?”

Fernas was expressionless. “My race, my looks, my life form, these factors that were decided from the moment I was born cannot decide my mindset and standpoint. I have made my contributions, and now I want a new life.”

The Guardian Faction still wanted to question them, but they saw that the faces of the Independence Faction had absolutely no signs of regret or shame. Speechless, the words of accusation became stuck in their throats. The people they were facing were all brothers who had once fought alongside them. They had all shed sweat and blood; they were not enemies, just comrades that were taking a different path. They were not in a position to accuse the Independence Faction—everyone had their own desires.

Fernas pushed aside the people in his way as the Independence Faction strolled away. The Sunil soldiers and the Guardian Faction silently stared at their shrinking backs.

This time, every Sunil seemed to see the dark and gray future. The sound of sobbing started faintly, and even the soldiers who did not fear even death were tearing up. This was the collapse of the spiritual pillar in their hearts. In all these years, the Supers guarding the race had become spiritual totems and motivation for the Sunils.

Sometimes, the collapse of the spiritual pillar can have a blow even heavier than an exterior disaster on a group.

Han Xiao shook his head. The Sunil after disaster was like a tough disabled man, and the parts lost on his body did not defeat him. He still had the determination and motivation to continue, his mind was healthy, but when even the belief collapsed, he became disabled in his mind too, losing the strength to move forward.

Therefore, the impact of the split in the race was not just the decrease in the number of Supers—it had made a deep impact on the spirits of the people and the tough quality of the race.

The way that Herlous became the ‘main character’ was when the position of Fernas and the other Supers who were once heroes faded away, and the Superiors made him the new role model and spiritual motivation, signifying that there were still people who held on.

In his previous life, Herlous’ future position had even exceeded Fernas’ old position. If Fernas was the representative of changing from kindness and passion into tiredness and coldness, and Lerden was the representative of redeeming his sins, Herlous would be the representative of someone who had previously avoided the reality then awoken his sense responsibility. After the Sunils went through the disaster, the mindset of the race changed continuously, from hot-blooded to indifference, then from the indifference they found the belief of determination. The belief collapsed during the split up, and Herlous’ appearance was building a new belief in the ruins, giving this race a new quality. His experience and actions gave his lost race a reason to regain their determination, staggering in pain and hardship, but still marching forward. The conflict in his heart was a scaled-down reflection of the entire race.

Unlike Bennett, who was building sanctuaries far away on Planet Aquamarine and had developed a firm belief long ago, Herlous was a main character who was still growing.

Thinking of the path that this whole thing took in his previous life, the Great Mechanic Han sighed. Sadly, water can carry a boat but could also sink one… When Herlous died in battle, the Sunils gave up struggling and jumped into Godora’s arms.

The Independence Faction left the defense ring and entered the forest. They were planning to find a place and contact a Galactic Travel agency, never to return. Suddenly, a person appeared before them—it was that mysterious armored warrior.

Fernas and the others stopped their footsteps.

Herlous took off his helmet and said with a complicated expression, “Why? You found me before leaving because you wanted me to replace you to protect the race, but what you’re doing now is destroying the race’s belief…”

Fernas looked at him coldly, shook his head, and said, “If I don’t leave… how are you going to replace me?”

Anger appeared in Herlous’ eyes. “Because of such a boring reason?”

“I actually really despise you. You have such strong powers, but you’re fine with staying at the back lines. You are in no position to talk down to me.” Fernas’ expression was indifferent. “Now, you have displayed your strength and exposed your armor. The race will definitely search for you with all of their might—you cannot go back anymore.”

Herlous suddenly realized. “You used me for your plan…”

“Don’t think too highly of yourself!” Fernas’ eyes were firm as he said coldly, “Everyone has experienced a lot of things. Why would we change our mind because of a minor character like you? Leaving is for our own sake, just like the brothers who decided to stay. Even if us splitting up has made a negative impact, their foolish resolve to protect the race will not be shaken.

“I will say the same thing—only staying alive is important. I want the entire race to not have that extravagant wish of holding on. This meaningless struggle has to end—accept help from Godora willingly, and no one will have to bleed and fight anymore. All Sunils will gain a peaceful and stable life… This path is the true way to protect the race.”

Herlous opened his mouth, and Han Xiao’s face appeared in his mind again. He had once told Fernas about the future of accepting help, but Fernas held onto his opinion and was not shaken at all. He felt it was the wrong foresight.

With nothing else to say, the Independence Faction left.

Herlous hesitated for quite some time, then gradually made up his mind. He left the forest and took large steps toward the defense ring.

The army was still reeling in shock from the split up. When they noticed that this mysterious armored warrior had appeared, they only remembered the order from above after being stunned for quite a while. They arranged their emotions, suppressed the loss in their heart, and prioritized the order to surround him.

In front of countless soldiers, Herlous took off his helmet slowly, glanced around exhausted both physically and spiritually, and took a deep breath. “My name is Herlous…”

To the entire Sunil race, this Catastrophe was full of twists and turns. The guardians split up after the battle, but the legendary Commander Class armor appeared again when the hidden grade B Super called Herlous stood up to protect the race. After a few days in his new role, the media spread Herlous’ experience all over, building him up as a hero that stood out in the time of need. It was also reported that the research lab would receive more funding after receiving the Commander Class armor, hoping that the race would one day get back the technology of the Commander Class armor. Thus, they managed to use Herlous and their future plans to wash away the impact from the mass desertion.

With the army and the leaders working together to spread the word, Herlous’ name was known everywhere, gradually becoming a new role model for the race.

The Sunils settled the hiring reward, and the mercenaries left one after another. During the times of fighting alongside each other, Han Xiao had come to know quite many peers. They had quite pleasant conversations, and the other mercenaries had a very good impression on the Black Star Mercenary Group, which had suffered zero loss, showing their friendliness.

Mercenaries liked to know people in the same industry. After all, they might one day fight alongside each other one day.

The players returned, and the Sunil military expressed their thanks to the Black Star Mercenary Group before giving out the reward. Every player receiver 12,000 Enas, largely increasing their purchasing power. As the leader, Han Xiao received the same amount as well, and along with the job of Battlefield Repairs, the Great Mechanic Han made 16,000 Enas this time, about enough to buy more class advancement knowledge.

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