The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 364

Chapter 364 Floating Dragon Island

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The fortune teller held onto the magical crystal ball and mumbled, while the Silvers and the mercenaries watched and exchanged looks.

“Will fortune-telling even work?” Herlous asked. A target that all kinds of detection devices could not find, and a fortune teller could just lock onto it like that? Sunil was a technological civilization, so they had very limited knowledge of sorcery. They had only heard about it and never understood how it worked, so it was normal to be doubtful.

Han Xiao touched his chin. “That depends, there are many strange things in the universe. Something that technology devices can’t do, sorcery can, and vice versa. Of course, as they both improve, the different systems will gradually have more similarities, and it all leads to the same place. The fortune telling of the Mage class is quite useful.”

“Can’t you use your foreseeing ability?” Herlous suddenly remembered that there was a foreseer standing right beside him.

“Mine is passive, passive…” Han Xiao dry coughed and gave a logical explanation.

About ten minutes into the mumbling, a blurred image appeared on the magical crystal ball, and the fortune teller stopped chanting. The fortune teller stared at the crystal for a while, then rubbed his eyes and said unsurely, “I saw a Void Dragon race…”

The crowd was stunned.

Void Dragon race?

What are you talking about‽

The clarity of the fortune telling results depended on the number of traces. Most of the time it would be ambiguous, but it would definitely be related to the truth. The fortune teller said, “I can only see this result, do you have any leads?”

The mercenaries surrounded the crystal ball and discussed, while Goa frowned and said suddenly, “Could it be… Floating Dragon Island?”

The crowd stopped their discussion instantly when they heard this. It was like someone pressed the mute button, and the mercenaries quietened down and exchanged looks. A tint of horror even appeared on their faces.

“Very possible… if there’s any organization in the Shattered Star Ring unafraid of revenge, Floating Dragon Island is one of them.”

Maple Moon noticed how stiff the people were. She tugged on Han Xiao’s sleeve and asked curiously, “What kind of place is that?”

Han Xiao squinted his eyes and said, “Wanted criminals can’t get supplies from lawful civilization’s planets, but some neutral territories dare to take in galactic pirates, scavengers, and other criminals. Floating Dragon Island is one such neutral territory.”

“Then isn’t that a gathering ground of criminals? Why don’t these civilizations just get rid of all of them at once?” Bun-Hit-Dog cut in.

“Not to pursue one’s past sins in neutral territories, this is the unspoken rules between the civilizations in Shattered Star Ring because of one and only one reason—these long-lasting neutral territories all have a strong ruler.” Han Xiao seemed to have remembered something interesting. The edges of his lips rose up as he said, “The ruler of Floating Dragon Island… is someone beyond Calamity Grade!”

Beyond Calamity Grade… which means higher than grade A‽

The players’ faces changed. They finally understood why these mercenaries all had such grave expressions.

They knew absolutely nothing of the strong people of this grade, but Han Xiao knew very clearly.

If grade A was a calamity at a planet-scale, above grade A was a whole new level, more than enough to become the king of an area through the galaxy. Not many civilizations wanted to mess with someone of this level. For example, at her peak, Hila could reap the souls of every life on an entire planet in seconds, making an entire planet deadly silent!

When the strength of a single being reached such a level, there were not many rules that could restrict them anymore. Some galactic civilizations could not do anything to them even if they used the power of their entire race. It was horrifying indeed…

Luckily, there were few monsters at this level even throughout the entire universe. In the Shattered Star Ring, there were only four known beings beyond grade A, fearsomely famous and lonely.

The ruler of Floating Dragon Island was one of them, and Han Xiao happened to be very familiar with that guy. In his previous life, the Great Mechanic Han had once come into contact with that guy due to a mission.

Void Dragons were galactic beings, and their bodies were tens of thousands of meters long. They lived in the universe, and the dark energy everywhere to them was like air to humans and water to fish. The bodies of Void Dragons contained special powers, and when they died, their flesh would turn into ice shards and ash, leaving an enormous skeleton floating in the universe, turning into a comet.

When they reached close to the end of their life expectancy, the Void Dragon race would wait for its death beside the corpse of one of its race, hence forming a graveyard in the form of comets. Floating Dragon Island was a large graveyard. It was rumored to have twenty-four sets of Void Dragon skeletons, captured by its current ruler then embedded into the surface of an empty planet, the ruler then used their great strength to tear away a part of the land, equipping it with all kinds of anti-gravitational, ecological maintenance devices, maintaining its galactic voyage, turning into the Floating Dragon Island it was now.

Back then, when Han Xiao knew about this, other than being shocked his biggest conclusion was… that dragon was damn rich!

The people contemplated. According to the fortune telling results, the scavengers were most likely going to fence their goods on Floating Dragon Island, so many mercenaries wanted to back away.

“Sorry, I’m quitting this mission.” The captain of one of the middle size mercenary groups made the decision after long consideration. With him as the first, more mercenaries followed and left. Spaceships took off one after another and disappeared.

Floating Dragon Island was a gathering ground for criminals, an extremely dangerous place that place did not really welcome formal mercenaries. They might just bump into their enemy there. Furthermore, saving someone in that kind of place… if they broke the rules accidentally and enraged the ruler, it would be a problem to even make it out alive. Most of the mercenaries wimped out.

The Silver was angry and shocked. The action of these mercenaries going back on their word made them furious.

Only Sky Ring, Blades, and Purple Gold were left. These three groups had a strong background—at least the criminals in Floating Dragon Island would not dare to touch them. It was certainly different to have the confidence since they had relationship and background.

Here comes the chance! Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled. The Silver would definitely be in shortage of manpower, so he stood out of the crowd and said with a smile, “Do you still need mercenaries?”

The three large mercenary groups looked over. The Silver spaceship captain nodded immediately—it was really a timely offer. These renowned mercenaries were just full of promises to save the captives moments ago, yet they all wimped when they heard the location. What good did their accumulated good name do? They did not even match up to this uninvited mercenary group!

Goa frowned and said, “Floating Dragon Island is filled with brutes, pirates, and scavengers everywhere. It’s very dangerous, and even though you’re our partner, Sky Ring’s name cannot protect you. If you get killed, it will be for nothing. That place is too dangerous for you guys, so it’s best you reconsider.”

From what they saw, eighty percent of this small mercenary group’s confidence to do this mission was because they were Sky Ring’s partner, but she felt that she had to make things clear.

If a direct member was killed, Sky Ring would take revenge, so the brutes would consider before they did anything. However, although partners could act alongside them, if they were killed, Sky Ring would not stand up for them. That was the difference.

“No worries, my people are not afraid of danger.” Han Xiao smiled, and his impression of this female mage became better. They clearly could just hire them as combat power, yet she actively explained the dangers involved—although she seemed cold, she was actually quite kind.

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