The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 379

Chapter 379 Slaves? I Dont See It

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Ember’s expression changed. He glanced at the expressions of all the Silvers, and the horror in their eyes did not look like they were faking it. They really did not know the code word.

His composure almost collapsed. Luckily, he thought of another possibility in time.

“Do you have any other friends?”

The Silvers did not dare to not answer. One of them said while trembling, “The—there were originally seventeen of us, but two people were thrown into the universe during the trip here. They are already dead.”

The carrier died and was thrown into the universe?

The DarkStar people were stunned, not knowing what to do. The carrier’s dried corpse could have floated anywhere by then. There was no way they could find it.

Ember was stunned as well, but suddenly, he thought of something. The slave traders definitely would have searched through the carrier’s clothes. If the carrier did not hide the Secret Message Bead properly, the slave traders might have taken it. There was still a chance!

However, this would mean that they had rescued the Silvers for nothing, and they were targeted by Floating Dragon Island… Ember’s face froze. He felt miserable.

If they had known earlier, they would have gone to find the slave trader first, but before this, he did not know what happened to the carrier. Rescuing the Silvers first was a logical assumption for their next act. The carrier belonged to a partner organization, and after they retrieved the Secret Message Bead, they would rescue him if they could. If they could not, they would just kill him, but now this step was skipped. That damn slave trader had completed their job, but the bead was lost. Furthermore, Ember initially only wanted to steal the people secretly. All this commotion was an accident.

In conclusion, he was extremely unlucky!

Truly frustrated, Ember waved his hand, and countless dust shot out from the ground, turning into a silk-like curtain, shrouding the aircraft chasing them, blocking its vision. This layer of dense black dust was made of graphite, so the image from the detection device immediately became twisted and blurry. The aircraft was blinded, and it hurriedly slowed down.

“I’ll chase, Herlous, but don’t follow me. He can kill you easily.” Han Xiao stopped Herlous from jumping out of the ship. He did not want this cadre that he had spent so much effort obtaining to be killed, so he flew out alone.

Breaking through the graphite barrier, Han Xiao focused and looked over. Then suddenly, he was a little stunned.

Ember and his people had fled with their powers and vanished without a trace, only leaving the Silvers behind, who were hugging each other while shivering. They were meaningless to Ember now, so they had been abandoned. Not only did that make it easier for them to escape, it would also calm the Dragon Guards down.

At this time, the graphite barrier was dismissed and fell onto the ground. This meant that Ember was already far away, and the aircraft had left the area of his power.

“He ran so fast.” Herlous was surprised. As he was about to make the order of continuing the chase, Han Xiao suddenly raised his hand, stopped him, and said, “Don’t chase anymore. No point.”

“Why? Is it okay to let them escape?”

“Just say we can’t catch them.” Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled. “Didn’t you guys notice? These brutes have really helped us!”

They were stunned before looking over at where Han Xiao was pointing at to see the Silvers on the ground. Then, they realized, and surprise appeared on their faces.

That’s right! Our hiring mission is to rescue the Silvers!

After so many things, the Silvers had finally been rescued in a strange way. Furthermore, they were in Han Xiao’s hands. Han Xiao was not going to let go of this opportunity. The difficult part of rescuing the Silvers was Horlaide, and this part had been solved just like that. He almost wanted to thank DarkStar.

Han Xiao’s words were even more useful than the Guard Captain Wilsander. They all listened to him and stopped the chase. Very soon, the other players came in aircrafts, protecting the Silvers again.

Wilsander requested for communication. “The other brutes are all captured. The people you’re chasing are the only ones left. How’s it going?”

Han Xiao shook his head. “They escaped. There was a very strong Super.”

“Why are you guys the only ones with a problem? If this gets out, these outsiders will doubt the authority of us Dragon Guards. More and more people will challenge us, threatening the security of Floating Dragon Island, destroying the peace of the residents. The long balance will be broken, and the world will turn into chaos. I don’t even dare imagine it. When Lord Ames returns, my position in her heart will collapse.” Wilsander complained nonstop.

Han Xiao’s mouth twitched. Don’t you have any idea? Your impression in Ames’ heart was collapsed from the start…

He did not have the heart to break Wilsander’s fantasy; they would not be playmates if he did. Actually, creatures at their grade were the same as parameciums in Ames’ eyes, and her subordinates were just domestic parameciums…

Han Xiao cut off Wilsander’s complaints and said, “Don’t worry, I know who they are.”

At this time, a new idea surfaced in his mind. The reason that Ember did not have fears was because they kept things confidential. However, he did not know that his identity had been revealed by Han Xiao, and when his identity was exposed, he would definitely be very confused. Not knowing where he exposed any information, he would never be able to guess what was unique about Han Xiao.

Since he was the only one that knew about this intel, he could take advantage of it, revealing DarkStar’s identity to Floating Dragon Island. Coincidentally, Ames had not been in a good mood recently. If someone beyond grade A targeted DarkStar, even Han Xiao would pity them.

DarkStar doesn’t want to cause trouble? No problem, I will help them cause tons of trouble. I’m a man who wore the red scarf before after all. Helping people is something I should do.

Because of Mutation Disaster, DarkStar would definitely be his enemy, so he was very happy about this plan.

Furthermore, Han Xiao made a new discovery. Even Ember was sent out. These Silvers definitely have a big secret, and DarkStar is trying to do something huge!

He asked the still horrified Silvers, and after that, he caught a few key points. Firstly, DarkStar did not want to rescue all the Silvers but a certain one. Secondly, this person had definitely been in contact with DarkStar before, or they would not have exchanged code word. This person was likely a secret employee, and even his friends did not know his identity. Thirdly, one of the two Silver that died was DarkStar’s target, so Ember had just retreated temporarily. It definitely did not mean that he had given up. Fourthly, this was probably not the first time that a similar operation had been carried out.

By connecting these points, Han Xiao smelled a conspiracy. It was so confidential and cautious—this thing was definitely very important to DarkStar. He was suddenly very motivated. If he could break DarkStar’s plan secretly, not only would he anger them, he might even profit from it.

Furthermore, he was in the shadows, and the enemy was under the light. This was his biggest advantage.

The only problem was… he did not know what DarkStar wanted to do. There was a serious lack of intel.

The guards cleaned up the ruins of the slave market. Unconscious people were carried aside, and Horlaide’s eyes opened slowly. He had finally awoken.

Horlaide looked up. He was still lost and confused. Then, he stared directly at the ruins before him, slowly coming to recognize this familiar outline. His mouth gradually opened wide, and his expression turned horrified.

Then, an almost deafening scream soared into the sky!


The guards beside hastily covered their eyes and felt shocked. “Tsk, this high note is comparable to a Psychic Blast.”

After he finished screaming, Horlaide fell flat on the ground. His heart was twitching, and he almost suffocated.

He still remembered the last thing that he had seen before turning unconscious. He had been sitting in his luxurious chair, sipping on a drink, and feeling excited about the huge sum of money that he was going to receive. Alas, now, his home was gone, and he had suddenly become broke. He had fallen from Heaven to Hell in an instant.

His composure collapsed! Horlaide’s luxurious shirt was covered in dust. He was in a mess. He hastily grabbed one guards from the side and asked with a trembling voice, “What has happened? Why did my home turn into this!”

The guard described what had happened. Knowing the enemies had been captured, Horlaide’s eyes sparkled, and he hastily asked, “Then what about my slaves? Where are they? Give them back to me now!”

At this time, a voice full of justice appeared from the side.

“Horlaide, don’t worry. I will definitely catch back all the slaves for you, minimizing your damages!”

Horlaide turned and looked over immediately. He was very surprised.

The owner of the voice was Han Xiao, he walked over with wide strides, and behind them followed all the slaves, including the Silvers.

This group of slaves had all been rescued by the guards. Han Xiao had just discussed with Wilsander and received the authority over the slaves, so he had gathered all of them.

“These are all my slaves.” Horlaide was overjoyed.

Han Xiao’s face was filled with justice, he patted his own chest and said, “Don’t worry, if the slaves are found, I will return them to you immediately. We are colleagues after all.”

“Found? You have already brought the slaves, quickly return them to me.” Horlaide was confused.

Han Xiao widened his eyes, looked around, and said, “Where are the slaves? Tell me, I will definitely catch them for you.”

“Stop playing dumb, right behind you!” Horlaide was agitated.

“Behind me?” Han Xiao looked back with confused, then shook his head, and said, “Only those wearing cuffs and collars are slaves. I only see a group of free people. Where are the slaves you’re talking about?”

Now Horlaide understood Han Xiao’s intention. His expression changed instantly, and his lungs almost exploded out of rage.

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