The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 383

Chapter 383 Excellent As Always But Dont Touch The Trophy

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After Hesitating for a while, Peggy felt that he would rather believe than not. He explained earnestly, “There was a Silver who claimed to be the emissary of DarkStar. I found a black bead on him. I don’t know what it was, but I thought it was valuable, so I kept it with me. But a few days ago during the scrimmage at the dock, the bead was lost. It might have been picked up by someone…”

Since the bead was no longer in his possession, telling the truth would cost him nothing. The other party was likely DarkStar, not to mention his idol—just based on DarkStar’s style of doing things, if he refused to disclose information, the end could be imagined. According to the risk estimation, compromising was the safest.

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes.

Bead? What is that? I’ve never heard of this event before in my previous life.

Could it be a hidden storyline?

Han Xiao thought it was seemingly possible. The fact that DarkStar had sent Ember meant that it was a very important matter. Perhaps it was a large-scale secret mission that no one had triggered in his previous life.

“You are very cooperative; I will pay a reward for the information.”

( Boxno vel. co m )  “I don’t need to be paid.” Peggy rubbed his hands and said, “I just want to be able to join the DarkStar.”

Then it occurred to Han Xiao suddenly. No wonder Peggy did not bargain before revealing the information—he turned out to be a hidden supporter of the DarkStar. At first, when Han Xiao saw Peggy’s information as a hybrid Godoran, he had already guessed as much. The reason that he had chosen to act as DarkStar was not only just to cause trouble—he also wanted to try his luck. As it turned out, he had hit the target.

In fact, the reasoning was not difficult. Peggy was a hybrid Godoran and a wanted criminal, so he was likely to be supporting DarkStar.

Han Xiao had dared to use the name of DarkStar because he considered that Ember would use another identity and keep his identity a secret even if he came to ask about it first. If they used the identity of mercenaries, Peggy would definitely hate them. They might not necessarily get the information, and they also might expose themselves.

With a cough, Han Xiao said seriously, “I’ve seen your convictions. You’re a Godoran with resolve. Our great cause is in need of hot-blooded men like you…”

Before Peggy was happy about it, Han Xiao’s words took a turn.

“However, we have strict screening procedures for new people. To prevent spies from getting in, there is one thing that needs your help. There’s another force on this floating island. Before me, did anyone ask the same questions?”

“Uh, no.”

“Great, we’re one step ahead. This is your chance to do something for the organization. Just like me, they might very likely find you in a while, asking the same questions, and you should tell them that the bead has been thrown into space.”

Han Xiao held back his laughter and said, “After you complete this, DarkStar will accept you at the right time, taking you to the secret base for formal training.”

“Got it.” Peggy was convinced, his face solemn.

He did not think that the Silvers would be involved in so much and could not help but be curious about what secret that bead had, attracting these large organizations to secretly compete for it!

At the same time, Peggy was also annoyed. If he had detected how special the bead was back then, he might have benefitted even more from it… However, it was too late to regret.

The communication ended. Han Xiao turned away from the pier and changed to his original clothes when there was no one around.

“So, what DarkStar wants is a black bead, but its whereabouts are unknown.”

Although he did get something, the intel was still not enough. If he used normal methods, the trail would end here…

However, Han Xiao did not use normal methods.

Since the goal is known, I can try to use Destiny’s Child’s card. Hopefully it will give me some valuable information.

Since he at least needed to know what the target was, Han Xiao decided to use the foreseeing card. Although the intel from Peggy was very little, it happened to just meet the requirements.


You used [Character Summon Card—Destiny’s Child]

Usages: 3/5


The familiar hazy fog appeared, like a dream scene. Han Xiao’s line of sight passed through the fog, and a black bead appeared in front of his eyes, caught by a palm. Looking up along the arm, a handsome face fixed in the eyes of Han Xiao.

After a full two seconds, the image shattered. Han Xiao was back to the original environment, as if he had experienced an illusion.

Li Ge‽ Han Xiao’s eyes opened wide.

He really did not think that a bead would have been picked up by the players and picked up by this naughty kid at that. No wonder it had not been given to him.

Just twenty minutes after Han Xiao left, Ember rushed to the pier and looked for Peggy.

Peggy remembered Han Xiao’s advice, and his expression slightly changed. These DarkStar competitors did indeed come very quickly.

“Who are you? What do you want?”

“I am a mercenary—my employer is one of the Silvers. The prisoners have been rescued, so you are no longer our enemy. Now I want to ask you something, did you kill two Silvers? We want to know the details; I can pay a certain intel fee for it.”

Ember chose to impersonate a mercenary. Only mercenaries knew about the two dead Silvers, so the motive of asking about it was reasonable. Otherwise, it would have caused a lot of suspicion, and they might have gotten reported as the people who attacked the slave market. In his mind, he had not been exposed, so no one would know their DarkStar identity.

But his choices happened cause a coincidental phenomenon; Han Xiao and Ember’s identities switched!

Peggy was convinced. He thought that Han Xiao was ‘DarkStar’, and Ember, who really belonged to DarkStar, became regarded as DarkStar’s enemy!

More coincidentally, because everyone only had a part of the intel, both Peggy and Ember were kept in the dark. Only Han Xiao could barely see the truth, and the actions that he took led the two of them to deviate further from the truth!

“Are you a mercenary‽” Hatred appeared in Peggy’s eyes. It was the mercenaries who had made him make such a huge loss, yet they wanted intel‽ If not for that DarkStar agent’s advice, I wouldn’t even talk to you!

“As long as you are willing to answer,” Ember said, “I can pay 50,000 to make up for your loss. This is a large sum of money.”

DarkStar had deep pockets. Ember directly transferred 10,000 deposit, and he had confidence that he could make Peggy talk.

Even though Peggy was not a money slave, he was also shocked by this generosity—it did not look like mercenaries at all.

His eyes turned around, pretending to be moved by the money, and started talking about the process of capturing the Silvers, only hiding the Secret Message Bead.

As expected, Ember listened to the very end and found the information that they wanted was missing. He had no choice but to make his goal clear. “Did you get a black bead from these two people?”

“What bead? Never seen before, I threw them out of the ship and was too lazy to waste time frisking. The thing you’re talking about is probably drifting in the universe.

Peggy sneered in his heart and lied, following Han Xiao’s advice.

A flash of disappointment flickered in Ember’s eyes.

This was the worst result!

If the carrier’s corpse had accidentally been caught by a star’s gravity, the Secret Message Bead would have turned to dust as well. If absorbed by a black hole, it would also not ever be found.

“By the way, has anyone ever asked you the same question?” Ember suddenly asked.

“No.” Peggy denied it immediately.

Ember frowned and transferred the rest of the reward to Peggy before leaving with a heavy heart.

Now, the trail had been broken. Their task force had no use, so they could only report it to the headquarters.

In the spaceship, Peggy looked at the black communication screen before smiling, full of anticipation.

Joining DarkStar had always been his goal, but because DarkStar was too mysterious, he had not had an opportunity to contact them. That had always been a great regret for him.

And now, the opportunity that he had been dreaming of had fallen from the sky!

I have made a contribution for DarkStar! After waiting for so long, I’ve finally caught the opportunity. I finally, finally, can join DarkStar…

Near the ruins of the slave market, the players did not have to return to the guards. They were temporarily settling the Volga brothers and Aroshia down.

They surrounded Aroshia like butterflies. Aroshia’s beauty was over the top, so it was very pleasant to the eyes. Furthermore, she was a beauty suffering from amnesia. With Bun-Hit-Dog as the representative, the hormones of most of the males were flooding, and they chatted with Aroshia excitedly.

Aroshia was very calm. She did not have any interest in the surroundings, so she was only replying from time to time.

On the side, the god players of the various clubs kept their distance, maintained their reserve, and chatted with each other.

At this moment, all the Black Star Mercenary Group players triggered a new mission simultaneously.


[Find the Bead]

Mission Introduction: Some time ago, Black Star lost a black bead. Anyone who finds it and gives it to him will get his reward.

Mission Requirements: Turn in the black bead. [Attached—appearance]

Reward: 180,000 Experience, +200 Black Star Mercenary Group Favorability, Sunil Officer Class armor x 1

Remarks: This mission is a competitive mission; only one person can receive the reward.

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