The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 389

Chapter 389 What Monster Are You

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Broken parts were all over the floor, including the Sonic Spheres and the Hovering Shield Shuttle. The scythe was a melee weapon, so it was very hard. Its blade was quite wide and could be used as a shield. This was the only weapon that Han Xiao was left with.


The hovering carbon dust in the cell transformed into sharp cones pointing at the ground, which then fell down like rain. The area covered was very large, so every dodge direction was locked down.

If the target had a mechanical suit, this kind of large area attack would not be so much of a threat. However, Black Star’s mechanical suit had already been destroyed by him. A Mechanic without protection was fragile.

Ember did not want to kill Han Xiao—they had to capture him alive after all—but he was very willing to make Han Xiao suffer. He was only aiming at non-lethal spots.


The scythe deflected the approaching sharp cones, but they were endless with Ember’s control. Han Xiao deflected and shielded himself from whatever he could, and he was left with no choice but to let the rest hit him.

Electric shaped energy covered his body and formed a layer of protection. The sharp cones shattered upon hitting his body, only causing scratches.

Ember controlled his power casually and said with a cold voice, “As a Mechanic, you never learned close range tactics. You don’t have as much energy as a Pugilist, and your attributes are totally different from a Pugilist’s. Yet, you want to fight like a Pugilist. If you were a Mechanical Pugilist maybe you’d stand a chance, but you’re just a Mechanic. How long do you think you can last? Your resistance is futile. Are you still not giving up?”

Attacks were coming from every angle in the battlefield. The other DarkStar warriors left the area and stopped fighting. They stood aside and waited for their captain to defeat Black Star. After all, Ember could easily defeat an enemy without his fangs, so there was no need to help.

The result was certain.


Suddenly, with a stomp that cracked the ground, Han Xiao dashed toward the DarkStar Mechanic like a flash of lightning. He was not deflecting the attacks anymore, and he let the countless sharp cones hit his body. With a flick of the wrist, the blade of the scythe split open and turned into around eight pieces of electromagnetic blades covered in electrical sparks, spinning and forming a drill shape!

“Take my Electric Dragon Drill!” Han Xiao yelled. The drill penetrated the shield that the DarkStar Mechanic urgently generated and sent him flying. The DarkStar Mechanic’s combat suit turned burnt black from the electric, and the broken parts were flashing with electrical sparks. His suit was malfunctioning due to the damages.

“You maniac, you’re looking for death!” The face of the other DarkStar warriors changed in an instant. They were shocked that despite facing such concentrated attacks from Ember, Han Xiao still dared to give up on his defenses and chose to attack instead. Although Han Xiao was able to succeed due to them having their guard down, this attack did not cause much of a problem. They were all Supers of the same grade, so they would not be killed this easily. On the other hand, this act caused Han Xiao to get hit by a lot more attacks.

“Looks like you’re not going to compromise, quite the spirit you have,” Ember complimented sincerely, then shook his head expressionlessly. “But resistance is futile, and it shows you have nothing up your sleeves anymore. Yet, you’re dreaming of fighting a way out… My patience is limited. Since you can’t comprehend your situation, we’ll have to beat you to near death for you to figure it out.”

This time, Ember decided to not use his large area attacks anymore. The DarkStar warriors received Ember’s order and joined the fight, surrounding Han Xiao.

Without the aid of his suit, Han Xiao was instantly placed in a precarious position. Facing the storm like attacks, he could only passively defend himself. Any movement or dodge was stopped by the enemies’ tacit cooperation. He was forced to remain in one place and unable to fight back.


Attacks blasted onto Han Xiao like a tsunami, the continuous explosions stirred up the dust and blocked their vision.

Aroshia, who was standing at the side, could only see the lightning, bombs, spears, and energy enter the thick dust countless times, but she could not see Han Xiao. Endless explosions and clanking sounds filled her ears, but there was no growl or scream of agony. Other than the sound of the battle, she could not hear Han Xiao making any sound at all.

Seeing this, Aroshia suddenly had the urge to stop everything. An unknown impulse drove her to take action. However, at this time, Ember suddenly raised his hand, and they stopped attacking.

“That’s enough, he should be heavily injured by now. Cuff him and let’s get out of here immediately…”


Before Ember finished his sentence, the sound of the ground cracking came out of the dust!

Han Xiao shot out like a cannon, covered in wounds and dragging a tail of dust behind him. Even after taking so many attacks, his wounds were all light wounds, and none of them penetrated deeply.

With energy flickering around his body, his scythe slashed down in a flash!


Ember’s diamond arm and Han Xiao’s scythe clashed, and the sparks lit up Ember’s stunned expression.

“How can you be okay‽”

They were shocked.

After receiving so much damage, even if he was a Pugilist of the same level instead of a Mechanic, he would have been heavily injured. Yet, Han Xiao was still so alive!

How are you more tanky than a Pugilist‽

“Hehe…” Han Xiao looked up. Half of his face was covered with blood, but his face was full of mockery. He laughed with a husky voice and said, “Is this all you have? Are you scratching an itch for me?”

Ember’s face was filled with rage. He activated his power, and carbon atoms turned into a snake, hitting Han Xiao’s chest heavily, pushing him back in the midst of dust, and pressing him on the floor.

“Continue!” Ember yelled furiously.

So what if you’re tanky? You’re nothing but a living target. We’re the ones that have the upper hand!

The DarkStar warriors took a deep breath and raised their focus level once again. Attacks submerged Han Xiao for the second time.

This time, the attacks were more violent. Dangerous attacks came from Ember continuously, and his eyes were vicious. He had no intention of holding back.

Seeing this, ripples formed in Aroshia’s eyes. She took a few steps forward, picked up an electromagnetic handgun that Han Xiao had dropped earlier, raised her hands, and fired at Ember.

Ding ding ding!

The needle bullets were deflected by Ember’s diamond skin.

Ember turned around and snorted. With a casual swing of his hand, he controlled the carbon element in Aroshia ‘s body and slapped her into the floor, immobilizing her.

When the ambush was launched, Ember had already felt Aroshia ‘s presence—she was just an ordinary person. So, Ember did not care about her and left her on the side. Now that she had fired at him, Ember was not bothered at all. He kept her under control casually and continued to focus on dealing with Han Xiao.

After a rather long period of continuous attacks, even the terrain had changed. The ground where Han Xiao was standing became a near-one-meter-deep hole, covered in a thick dust that blocked the vision.


Ember’s breath was a little rapid, his power caused him a lot of energy. The DarkStar warriors backed off with a few beads of sweat rolling down their forehead, tired as well. It became quiet as they stopped.

“Is he still alive?” The DarkStar warriors looked at the hole.

“Not dead yet. I can feel his presence. It’s very weak—he’s really almost dead this time,” Ember said with confidence.

However, the next moment, Ember’s face suddenly changed dramatically. The weak presence that he felt became stronger in a very strange way and was recovering at an unbelievable speed.

In the midst of the dust, the outline of a person slowly stood up. Like there was an unknown magical force, everyone’s eyes were staring at that outline.

Ta, ta, ta!

Every sound of footsteps felt like they were stepping right on Ember’s heart.

A black scythe extended out of the mist first, filled with cracks. Just as it appeared in everyone’s sight, it shattered into pieces and turned into a pile of waste.

Right after, Han Xiao walked out, everyone’s eyes turned to look at him. The next moment, disbelief filled their eyes.

Han Xiao was covered in dust, but all his wounds were nowhere to be found. He cracked his neck, looking livelier than ever.

“Are you done?” His tone was laid back, sounding like he had just woken up.

Ember was dumbfounded.

How could Han Xiao’s wounds heal themselves? Did he have a regeneration power?

Even the alloy scythe shattered, yet the person was unharmed. Han Xiao was very much alive—he was harder than the alloy scythe!

The people doing the beating were tired, whereas the one taking the beating was still very alive. How the hell were they going to continue‽

Han Xiao stared at the people of DarkStar and stretched his body.

“If you’re not done, I will continue playing with you.”

He had given out the mission to the players long ago, so he was not panicking at all. Furthermore, he had Aurora’s Character Summon Card, with only one effect—Full recovery, simple and powerful, six usages. Just now, when his health was lower than fifteen percent, he used it.

Han Xiao was very tanky to start with, and with this ability, these DarkStar warriors would not be able to kill him even by exhausting themselves.

Ember’s expression changed from surprised to shocked, horrified, then stopped at fear!

His posture became lower and not casual anymore. It became very serious.

This was the sign of him facing a dangerous enemy!

When facing Han Xiao, Ember had taken it very lightly and casually in the beginning. Only when he realized that Han Xiao was immune to his power did he take him more seriously. He had thought that he was serious enough, but he realized that he had still underestimated Han Xiao.

In the short time since the start of the battle, Han Xiao had surprised him continuously. His impression of Han Xiao was completely overthrown!

Ember stared at Han Xiao and said word by word, “What monster are you‽”

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