The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 405

Chapter 405 Throwing The Blame 1

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[Godora’s Ally]

Mission Introduction: You caused DarkStar’s failure. Godora will reward any actions against DarkStar.

Reminder: This is a faction series mission; you can complete below-mentioned requirements during this mission.

Capture I: Transfer 100 DarkStar captives to Godora (Regardless of strength). Reward: 500,000 experience, +100 Godora Favorability

Capture II: Transfer 10 DarkStar elite warriors to Godora (grade C and above). Reward: 700,000 experience, +150 Godora Favorability

24 targets in total… [Expand/Collapse]

When the mission ends, the rating will be given based on the number of targets completed. Bonus reward will be given.


This A ranked mission had more than twenty targets, the easiest one being [Capture I], which required him to capture some DarkStar members. Even the cleaners would count. The more difficult targets were destroying a certain number of battleships or even a DarkStar mothership. The most difficult ones were capturing or killing a certain high-ranking individual.

These mission targets depended on Godora’s actual reward for capturing DarkStar members. If there was a new threat, the mission list would refresh as well, adding new targets.

Han Xiao did a count, and the mission rewards were very rich. Not mentioning the easier missions, the experience reward for those high difficulty targets was at least six million, together with money and faction favorability. Completing some very difficult targets would also give the reward of a random reward, which might give something good.

Those single target missions had the richest reward, such as the target’s unique ability or item.

“This is the subsequent events after the Mutation Disaster main storyline. The players’ choices will cause them to enter different sides. Godora and DarkStar are considered guides into the galaxy. The players entering the galaxy will be divided into two sides and unlock faction battles. I captured DarkStar’s men, so I’m a member of the Godora faction by default, thus triggering the Godora series missions. The opposite mission will be [DarkStar’s Ally]. One is a lawful faction, and the other is an evil faction.”

The Mutation Disaster main storyline was not that easy. DarkStar was not just going to plant the virus and do nothing else. Triggering the disasters was just their way of completing their plan—it was not their final target.

The players were a double-edged sword; some were willing to unite, and some preferred chaos. Where there was unity, there would be division.

As he was familiar with this mission, Han Xiao was not surprised. Instead, the other S ranked mission [Bloodline] was the more interesting mission even though he had only heard of it before in his previous life.

[Bloodline] was not a hidden mission, but it was very difficult to trigger. The normal method of triggering required a prerequisite of faction relationship with DarkStar or Godora reaching [Reverence], which was 6,000 Favorability. He had obviously triggered it through a different method.

Although the prerequisite was quite high, many players triggered the mission nonetheless… However, no one had ever completed it!

The difficulty of S ranked missions was something on another level. They all had the same obvious characteristic—the mission introduction was extremely brief.

[Bloodline]’s mission requirement was just one very vague target—[Solve the Godorans’ bloodline conflict].

Other than that, there was nothing else—not even the reward was written. The players could not get intel from the mission introduction, so they had no idea on the steps and methods required to complete the mission. They could only use their brains and collect information from countless NPCs, but it was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

The universe was so huge. The high freedom of choice became an obstacle for the mission, and the players were like headless chickens. In his previous life, the players who accepted the mission worked together, walked down countless wrong paths, and were finally able to find the seemingly right path. This mission actually had hidden stages, and the completion of a certain stage was signified by causing a subversive change in the bloodline problem and receiving a rich stage reward. With this as the lead, only then were the players able to move forward slowly while stumbling…

Still, even though the clues online could fill a hundred pages, no one could find a way to complete the final target.

This mission was also listed in articles with titles like ‘Those Missions That Made You Vomit Blood!’ Posts like these that recorded the history of the older versions of Galaxy were ways for newer players to know about the events that happened before. They were nicknamed ‘Galaxy Chronicles’.

The progress of every novice planet had its own chapter. Countless players added on to it and created an enormous chapter. The Great Mechanic Han had been addicted to this before. He had read it like a novel, and it was a very good way to kill time while he set up stores, farmed gold, and boosted accounts.

“At least I know how to complete the earlier stages, so at least I will get something. And about the final result, I’ll let fate decide…”

[Bloodline] could not be completed by any player back then, so Han Xiao could not guarantee that he could complete it as well. However, he was not concerned about it.

These three missions all had very rich rewards. Han Xiao preferred this kind of developing missions that could last him a long time, and most of them were against DarkStar, which made him very motivated.

“Looks like I have quite a few things to do. Hehehe, DarkStar…” Han Xiao smiled.

Other than these three missions, the Super-Gene Extractor did not trigger the related event. Han Xiao guessed that it was probably because he had only gotten the test version, or DarkStar had yet to start this plan.

Without the additional mission, he paid attention to the effect of the extractor itself. Its effect was to extract the power genes of Supers, which could then be stored or given to others. However, it was not permanent—it had a time limit. As the gene compatibility could not reach one percent, the genes would continuously die out after being planted into someone else, which meant that the power would gradually become weaker until it disappeared.

The Supers whose powers were taken away would also not lose their power forever. Their Super genes were taken, but they could recover slowly, generating new genes, and their power would come back. The extraction strength could be adjusted as well. If it was only a little, the target’s power would only be weakened temporarily.

The good thing was that the extraction process could be repeated. Therefore, even without searching through his memories, Han Xiao could guess what DarkStar would do with this.

“The extractor’s effect is quite good, but what’s its use to me? I’m not evil, and I can’t capture people and use them as supplies. Also, I can’t use it on my people… Wait, this thing is a test version, so its effect is definitely not as strong as the final version. Plus, it’s unstable… I should find a chance to test it.”

These thoughts raced through Han Xiao’s head as he put the Secret Message Bead away. Suddenly, he had a thought and asked, “Master Angleton, can the magic seal be recovered?”

Angleton nodded and said with a smile, “This Secret Message Bead used an Almev Six Layer Lock Structure and had three mixed magic arrays embedded into it. Normal Mages wouldn’t be able to crack it. Luckily, you found me. I am specialized in analytics and identifying, so it’s not difficult for me. I did not crack it the rough way—I left a ‘Lock Clasp’, so even an identification apprentice can recover the seal.”

Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled, and he said, “Then can you write the recover spell into a one-time use scroll?”

“No problem, but there’s an extra charge. Just 100 Enas.”

Han Xiao’s face twitched. This reminded him of the tragic experience of him going bankrupt. Angleton’s kind smile suddenly became fraudulent in his eyes—Mages were indeed all profiteers!

Angleton pulled out a magic scroll made from some kind of rare beast skin, then completed the scroll within one minute.

After getting the scroll, Han Xiao paid the money and left without wasting any time.

On the way toward the dock, Han Xiao found a hidden corner, took out the mutation source and extractor, then opened the magic scroll toward the Secret Message Bead.


With a flash of light, the Secret Message Bead could not be twisted open anymore. It returned to its original state. The only difference was that Han Xiao had taken what was inside.

Then, Han Xiao took out his communicator and contacted Wilsander.

“What’s the matter Black Star?”

“Is Floating Dragon Island still in Fawn Galaxy?”

“Currently making a stop at a planet to collect gaseous fuel.”

“Not far from Holy Stone right.”

“Nearby the battlefield of that time, why ask?”

“Hehehe, I want to ask you for a favor…”

After he finished the call, Han Xiao returned to the dock but did not continue to take the ship. He brought all his members along and exited the ship, expressing his intention of going somewhere else.

The mercenaries were going to Godora’s mother planet to transfer the captives, so there was no need for him to follow. He was not the one that captured the captives, so it would not be calculated into his mission progress. Furthermore, after getting the mutation source, he was not in a hurry to come into contact with Godora.

The three large armies did not have any objections. Goa, Porter, Cerleni, and the others said their sincere goodbyes and told Han Xiao that they would work together again if there were opportunities in the future.


The alliance fleet took off. The Black Star Mercenary Group stayed at the dock of Golden Palace, watching as the spaceships disappeared out of their sights, one after another.

Herlous turned around and asked, “Captain, what are we going to do now?”

“Old Herlous, you take everyone back to Juberly Hub. It was a tiring journey, so you guys should have a good rest. I have to make a trip back to Floating Dragon Island.”

With such a dependable Officer, he did not have to bring the players alongside him all the time.

The Golden Palace was very prosperous, and it had many docks. Han Xiao easily found a Galactic Travel agency and told Herlous to take the players, Aroshia, and the Volga brothers and return to Juberly Hub.

He found another travel agency and headed toward Floating Dragon Island.

A few days later, the alliance fleet arrived at the Godora mothership and received a warm welcome from the officials.

Godoran senior officials personally came to welcome the mercenary fleets at the dock. The entire process was videoed and played on the galactical channel, announcing to all the Star Clusters that as long as someone damaged DarkStar, they would definitely reward them handsomely.

After the routine welcome ceremony, Sarota and the other captives were transferred to Godora’s military then sent to the Rainbow Prison.

The officials realized that Han Xiao was not in the team and were uncertain.

“Why is Black Star not here?”

“They left in advance to settle some stuff.”

Hearing that, this Godoran official was a little sad. The higher-ups paid a lot of attention to this person that had made the Dragon Emperor create such a huge scene. He was thinking of using this opportunity to make some connection with Black Star, but Black Star was not here.

The official told his men to send the reward to the mercenaries and emphasized, “A part of this belongs to Black Star Mercenary Group. Please help to transfer.”

The three large armies would not take Han Xiao’s part of the reward, so they naturally agreed. Also, they told Godora that DarkStar attacked them to find a black bead.

Cerleni and the mercenaries that had been captured were all asked this question during their interrogation, so DarkStar’s target was obvious. Hence, the three large armies told Godora about this.

As these two parties were in contact, Han Xiao returned to Floating Dragon.

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