The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 428

Chapter 428 Trump Cards Out

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Frenzied Sword was covered in lightning snakes, and the lighting effect was gorgeous.

“So, he got my Machinery Affinity.” Han Xiao was watching Frenzied Sword’s match. He smiled and said, “This kid really is lucky.”

Through the status bar, the audience was surprised to see that the buff had Han Xiao’s name on it.

To appear in the league in such a manner, Han Xiao found it quite interesting. He had only had a flash of inspiration when making the Ability Potion, and now it seemed to not only have brought him a profit but also fame.

The players were very familiar with the name Black Star, but they did not expect to see Han Xiao’s Character Summon Card in a competition. When they thought about it, Frenzied Sword… no, all the Chinese players were following Han Xiao through space, so it was quite normal for him to have Han Xiao’s Character Summon Card.

The problem was, this Character Summon Card’s effect was way too strong. Who could face the close to 250% Machinery Affinity boost at this stage‽

Han Xiao’s personal attributes were shown as all question marks when detected by the players, so they never knew his real level. Now there was finally a lead. With close to 2.5 times affinity, no wonder he was so strong. He was probably above level 100!

Han Xiao had always been a blessing in the eyes of the Mechanic class players. Now, he had showcased the tip of the iceberg of how strong he was, making the spectating Mechanic players extremely excited. They felt like they saw the bright future of their class.

Boom boom boom!

Frenzied Sword did not dare waste time. He charged forward with large strides, jabbing his spear again and again, causing chain explosions. Even though Key of Solomon tried his best to dodge the attacks, the impact of these attacks still caused his health to go down to around forty percent very quickly. The magic shield that he summoned could not even block even one hit.

Just more than ten seconds ago, Frenzied Sword had been the one being overwhelmed. Now, the situation had completely reversed, and Key of Solomon had become the one that could not fight back at all. He did not dare to divert his attention onto fighting back; he would die if he failed to dodge just one attack.

This buff has a stupidly strong enhancement to the Mechanic class. If this goes on, I won’t have a chance of winning at all.

After calming himself from the shock, Key of Solomon quickly adjusted his mindset. He had thought that this was a definite victory, but he had never expected his opponent to have hidden such a strong trump card.

Key of Solomon had his trump card, too. He had originally planned to win this match, deliberately lose the matches afterward, and barely qualify, saving his trump card for the finals. However, he was forced by Frenzied Sword to change his plan. If he still did not use his trump card, he would definitely lose. If he lost this match, he would not be able to hold back in the later matches, and those opponents were all very strong. He would surely end up using his trump card to secure the victory. Since that was the case, he might as well use it now. As long as he could win this one, he would not have to worry about the matches afterward.

Frenzied Sword’s sudden explosiveness did indeed shock him, but he found a way to deal with it very quickly. He admitted that Frenzied Sword was near-invincible in the duration of [Black Star’s Advent], but the buff would only last for three minutes. As long as he survived past that, he would still stand a chance!

It just so happened that his trump card [Howling Gate] was able to do that!


Key of Solomon used his last mobility ability [Flame Jump] and disappeared, then reappearing in a sea of fire more than twenty meters away. He quickly pulled down his necklace and pressed it on the floor. His mana decreased by forty percent instantly, and blue magic flowed into the necklace, releasing a blinding light. At the same time, Key of Solomon started to chant.

“Frost that spreads death, fire that extinguishes life. With the blood of the Demon Race, I build a bridge. Please answer my call, the most elite invaders. Let our enemies witness the winter that froze the world…”


A divine sound appeared like it came from the void. An ice blue gate of light rose from the ground before Key of Solomon, covered in dancing blue flames. It was four meters tall, and inside it was a vortex of magic. Demon warriors that were three meters tall walked out from the light gate one after another. They wore black metal armor covered in spikes. Two of them held a two-handed axe, another two had a magic crossbow flickering with blue light, and at the front was a ranger who had a chain hammer and rode on a demon wolf. There was a total of five demons.

This was the phantom of an Extinguish Army scouting team.

“He’s… a Summoner!” The commentator yelled so loudly he almost broke his voice.

The spectators’ expressions shifted.

One word could conclude the image of Summoners in the hearts of the players—b*stard!

In Han Xiao’s previous life, the Mage Summoning Style and Mechanic Army Style were known to be the two most disgusting styles.

Balance? Technicality? Sorry, never heard of that. I am just strong!

The Human Wave Tactic could drown enemies. If there were enough summoned creatures, even a player could fight many others at once. In the current stage, the Army Style had yet to appear, but the Summoning Style was already beginning.

Of course, strong styles had their limitations. There was a chance to fail summoning spells, and a spell medium was needed, some of which were specific summoning items. Some required the user to have certain abilities, and some required the user to make contracts with the summoned creatures. There were many ways the summoned creatures could exist, such as in its real and physical form, which would be gone once it died. Key of Solomon, however, summoned phantoms, similar to the duplicate monsters in dungeons, which meant that he could summon them again after they died as much as he wanted. His [Howling Gate] was a pink quality rare level 60 summoning item that could summon the phantom of a demon scout team.

Demon scouts were the specialty of the Extinguish Army. [Howling Gate] was a solo challenge mission. It was very difficult and meant to be completed by players above level 60, but Club Key had used their team’s power to help Key of Solomon get this pink item!

The attributes of these five demon scouts appeared on the status bar—2,500 health, 134 – 197 attack, 40 defense. In this stage, the Summoning Style was far from being complete. Usual Summoners could only summon Forest Wolves, Venomous Snakes, and other small creatures, which did not even possess one-third of the attributes of the demon scouts. Yet, he could summon five demon scouts together!

What did that mean? A level 60 Pugilist player had about 3,000 to 4,000 health. These five demon scouts had the total health of about three Pugilists, and their damage was high as well. The theoretical damage that they could deal at most in one round of focus fire was close to 1,000!

This was Key of Solomon’s confidence of being close to invincible in duels. Not only because he was a Frostfire Style Demon Mage, but also because he could change to Summoning Style any time.

The audience was still in awe of how strong [Black Star’s Advent] was, and the situation had already made another turn, astonishing everyone.

“Holy, he summoned a group of elite monsters. That’s almost the same as a boss!”


Key of Solomon made the ranger and two axe demons surround Frenzied Sword, while the two archers stood beside him and attacked from range.

He did not have much health left, and he feared Frenzied Sword’s damage, so he hid behind the archers.

Frenzied Sword’s face turned grim. He raised his shield and held his sword, charging forward in large steps. The metal armor strongly clashed into the three demons, making a loud clank. The impact created a shockwave in the air, and the players could feel the image shaking.

Boom! Pa!

Then, the thick smoke and electrical sparks of the explosion were released from the tip of the spear. Frenzied Sword slashed horizontally, hitting those three demons at the same time. The audience could see that the health of the three demon scouts decreased by a quarter instantly.

With the enhancement from [Black Star’s Advent], Frenzied Sword’s damage was extremely terrifying. Not only that, the defense power of his armor enhanced too, so he was not afraid of being surrounded.

Just three minutes… Key of Solomon was frustrated. In his eyes, the first appearance of the [Howling Gate] had to result in an overwhelming victory. Yet, his first use of it was to stall the enemy and cover his retreat.


As they fought, the number of people watching increased continuously. This match was filled with many twists and turns and had many exciting parts, so it attracted more and more viewers.

The appearance of the summoning spell made the audience think that the situation would turn around once again, or at least they would be on par. However, the following scene was still Frenzied Sword’s solo performance. He destroyed a group of demon scouts alone, and the Summoner who was supposed to demolish the opponent was still being beaten by Frenzied Sword.

“The Summoner class is a very strong class. Although Key of Solomon is currently at a complete disadvantage, it does not affect how strong Summoners are…” The caster was analyzing the reason for Summoners being so strong, but when he saw what was happening, he felt that he did not sound convincing at all. However, he could only continue speaking.

You’re not making sense!

Many contestants were watching this game with a grave attitude. “Key of Solomon has very strong summoning items. Unlike Frenzied Sword’s one-use Character Summon Card, his summoning spells can be used continuously. This guy is a very strong opponent, so specific plans have to be designed in advance.”

Although contestant from the various countries feared Key of Solomon, they could not help but feel lucky. “Luckily, the [Black Star’s Advent] buff is a one-time card, or there would be no point in taking part in the competition.”

Key of Solomon felt like that was the longest three minutes that he had experienced. The demon scouts that he had high hopes on were all slashed into pieces by Frenzied Sword. He looked at the time. Less than two minutes had passed, and Frenzied Sword’s status could last for at least thirty more seconds. Key of Solomon, on the other hand, had nothing up his sleeve.

The audiences were happy to see this.

“Three-minute real man, damn!”

“What Black Star’s Advent? This is called Demons Demolishing Spell!”

“Summoners can be beaten? You should be ashamed!”

“Key of Solomon: What Can I do? I’m desperate too!”

“This is like a high-level account crushing a low-level one. Speaking of which, Frenzied Sword can indeed be considered a high-level account after gaining so much extra Machinery Affinity.”

“Hahahaha, this is so funny. This Summoner looks like he was team wiped while fighting the dungeon boss. Just look at his confused eyes.”


The gunlance stabbed into Key of Solomon’s chest without any obstruction. Key of Solomon held onto the spear with rage and regret on his face. He still lost even after he used his trump card. Now, others would be cautious of his trump card, but he did not get anything from it. This battle was not worth it at all!


An explosion occurred inside his body and took away his last bit of health. Key of Solomon turned into a white light and died.

The commentator waved his fists in excitement.

“Such a wonderful and exciting fight. Congratulations to Frenzied Sword on finally emerging victorious!”

This match received a very high broadcast rating and popularity. Players from all around the world discussed the match passionately. They were especially happy to see the Summon Style getting overwhelmed.

As Frenzied Sword used the [Black Star’s Advent] buff to crush the opponent, Han Xiao’s fame increased indirectly.

A mysterious NPC that had been active since the start of the server launch finally revealed a little of his strength. The Great Mechanic Han was always a hot topic, and his past actions were made into memes by the players. As long as there was a related post, it was very easy for it to attract many people on the forums to meme it. This event sparked the players to guess his abilities and what Mechanic class style he used.

Frenzied Sword defeated a strong opponent, so his chance of qualifying increased. Key of Solomon’s final trump card was forced out, but he still lost in the end. The Summoner that should have been like a boss became the party that fought against a boss. After the match, many reporters deliberately asked how it felt to be crushed as a Summoner. These questions were like rubbing salt in Key of Solomon’s wounds. He left the scene furiously.

Actually, his [Howling Gate] was truly strong. In the matches afterward, he had no choice but to go all out in order to qualify. He used [Howling Gate] and defeated strong opponents one after another, showcasing how strong a Summoner was. However, the better he performed, the more it backed up how overpowered Frenzied Sword was, or more accurately, how overpowered the Han Xiao Character Summon Card was.

Frenzied Sword got rid of the post-match interview, hastily returned to the hub stronghold, and looked for Han Xiao. He tasted the sweetness of the Ability Potion; it could turn the tables completely. For things like this, the more the merrier.

He went to Han Xiao’s room, and Dynasty, Temple of God, and Long Sky’s people had been surrounding Han Xiao since long ago. They had all watched the match and could not wait to buy Black Star’s Ability Potion.

However, there was no new stock in the store panel.

They looked up at Han Xiao. This scene made Han Xiao feel like these players were pigs waiting to be fed, and he became the mother pig.

“What you looking at? Do you want the Ability Potion? There’s no more!” Han Xiao chased them out.

You people, the potion came from my blood; trying it once was enough. I would have to drain myself completely to satisfy you guys.

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