The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 451

Chapter 451 Superstitions Cannot Save The World

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Is he going to kill me‽

The Lord of Runes looked behind him. Not even one guard stepped forward, and the officials were hiding far away, not daring to show their faces.

The Lord of Runes panicked. As resolving himself, he clenched his teeth. Suddenly, he grabbed the statue, took a few steps back, and held it before him. He then took a rune sword from the guard, pointed its tip at the statue, and fiercely yelled, “Don’t do anything, or I will destroy what you have been looking for!”

Han Xiao stood still and expressed that the Lord of Runes could do as he wished.

“Destroy it then. If you are actually able to, I will spare your life,” Han Xiao said in a mocking tone.

This statue looked like it was made of wood, but it did not even break after falling from space. How could it possibly be destroyed by a sword? The Lord of Runes had lost his mind.


A bloody hole appeared on Lord of Runes’ forehead. This old man’s eyes opened wide in hatred, then they turned lifeless as he collapsed.

The people of the City of Runes trembled. They felt a mixed feeling watching their ruler being killed right before their eyes, but they were not very angry. The sense of national belonging was not very strong in Planet Secret Blue as the residents often migrated. Besides, the Lord of Runes was not very liked by his people.

Han Xiao holstered his gun and picked up the statue. After some blood spilled on it, the already strangely shaped statue felt creepy.

“Let’s go.” Han Xiao looked up at the sky.

Just as the people were confused as to what he was doing, the buzzing sound of an engine came from the sky. A spaceship quickly passed through the atmosphere and came to the sky hundreds of meters above Han Xiao. It shot out a blue beam and shrouded Han Xiao.

Han Xiao’s body rose as he was sucked into the spaceship before countless pairs of eyes.

On the ground, the people in the City of Runes were dazed.

“Is that the tool that the space people use to travel?”

“It looks like a piece of machinery. Could the Iron Fire Castle’s technology be the most correct one?”


While they were discussing, the spaceship turned around. Blue fire shot out from its tail thrusters, and it broke through the sound barrier in an instant, disappearing.

The alien left just like that, but the City of Runes and other organizations on Planet Secret Blue had yet to recover from its impact.

Knowing what had happened to the Lord of Runes, the other organizations were glad that the alien had landed near the City of Runes instead of near them, or they would have ended up the same way.

When receiving the information on the previous night, these people had still been holding urgent meetings on how to deal with the alien. Many of them wanted to snatch the alien away from City of Runes. In their eyes, the City of Runes would most likely capture the alien successfully. At this time, the ones that made the most aggressive suggestions and yelled the loudest last night were all covered in cold sweat.

Since Han Xiao arrived, only around ten hours had passed, but the huge impact that he had brought to Planet Secret Blue deeply changed this planet’s perspective on the world. Their first contact with an alien was not peaceful, and there was no deep communication, but the influence that Han Xiao had on them was incalculable.

After all the organizations were shocked by Han Xiao’s strength, they looked forward to having that power. The warriors that explored ways to train themselves saw Han Xiao as a goal. They researched his actions when he fought the army, hoping to find a method to become stronger.

As they saw how strong a galactic mercenary was, the various organizations on Planet Secret Blue woke up to a certain extent. They felt that their internal battle was useless. Maybe in the eyes of those people in space, they were like ants fighting each other. This fueled their will to maintain peace and stop the battles.

Because of this, this incident was recorded in the history of Planet Secret Blue. The philosophers analyzed the impact that the alien had on society from different perspectives.

At the same time, because they saw that the interstellar spaceship was a piece of machinery, the technology in Planet Secret Blue finally showed signs of uniting. Iron Fire Castle’s machinery technology became the ‘truth’ that was agreed upon by all the organizations. They felt that this was the future direction that a civilization should take. Hence, they stopped research on other systems and focused on technology. Under the pressure from all the other organizations, Iron Fire Castle had no choice but to share all their knowledge.

Since then, most of the people on Planet Secret Blue became materialists. Their social structure changed without them noticing.

Although Han Xiao had been there for trouble, the influence that he had was very positive. Planet Secret Blue learned a lesson from their ignorance and wrong decisions, and they had a new understanding of how strong the people in space were, so they became more cautious. When they finally came into contact with a galactic civilization, the organizations on Planet Secret Blue were extremely glad that the first alien on their planet was a mercenary who gave them a chance. If they messed with a higher-level civilization when they were so arrogant, later… no, they would not even have had a ‘later’.

Those were all changes that happened after the Great Mechanic Han left, which he was not concerned about.

After gathering all the statues, Han Xiao did not notify Chen Xing immediately but went to the nearest Star System civilization colonized planet.

His goal was to buy some special consumables, something that could be used on the statue.

A few days later, the spaceship returned to the Rain Star System. After the Union Day Celebration, Chen Xing stayed in the New Phylen Alliance for his tour. When he received the message from Han Xiao, he was shocked and surprised.

It’s only been a few days, but the other two statues have already been found?

My god, what level of efficiency is this!

The item that he had spent years looking for had been found by this group of mercenaries in a few days. They were indeed the professionals!

The spaceship docked on a colonized planet of the New Phylen Alliance. Chen Xing was performing in a city there. With the passionate welcome of the assistant, Han Xiao and the others met with Chen Xing in the most expensive suite of a high-class hotel.

“Hahaha, Black Star, you’ve really surprised me. I never thought you would be able to find all the statues so quickly.” Chen Xing was overjoyed, and his face was slightly red from his excitement.

This time, Han Xiao had brought everyone along. This was the first time that Herlous had met Chen Xing. “Being this pretty, is he a man or a woman?”

“I’m a man. It’s natural beauty.” Chen Xing heard Herlous’ murmur and replied with a smile.

Han Xiao coughed and said, “I’ve brought the stuff. There will be more than enough time later for chitchat. I think it’s better to carry out the holy deal first.”

Chen Xing gave him a seductive look, chuckled, and said, “So impatient. Alright, I’m very satisfied with your efficiency. I’ll pay double the reward to repay the surprise you’ve given me.”

“Double? Wouldn’t that be…” Sylvia counted with her fingers, and her mouth fell open. “Two—two hundred thousand!”

“Calm down, don’t act like you’ve never seen money before.” Han Xiao knocked her head. Celebrities were, of course, wealthy; it was nothing to be surprised about.

The four statues were placed on the table. Chen Xing checked them, made sure they were the right statues, and paid the money instantly.


[Statue Search] Completed

Grading mission…

Grading complete.

Mission Rating: Unbelievable

You have received [Unbelievable] level bonus reward: Bonus 120% experience (1,320,000), bonus 100,000 Enas, random reward x 1, special item x 1.

You have received [Character Summon Card – Chen Xing]

Character Summon Card—Chen Xing: [Flirtatious Smile]: +688 CHA. Duration: 15 seconds. Usages: 0/3


Seeing the effect of the Character Summon Card, Han Xiao was silent.

Other than the word ‘ridiculous’, he could not think of another word to describe it.

688 points of attribute boost, but in charm‽ Is this supposed to make the enemies lose too much blood from nosebleeds‽ If this boost was for Intelligence, I’d go beat up a Grade A right now!

Han Xiao’s mouth twitched. He was speechless.

A flirtatious smile? Are you serious‽

The Charm attribute had always been a side attribute. It was mainly used to get discounts in deals or enhance illusion abilities, affinity with creatures, taming beasts, farm favorability, and so on. Almost no player would focus on increasing their character’s Charm… other than some female players. Technically, no player would spend this many points on Charm. Han Xiao felt that this value would give him natural seductiveness, and anyone that looked at him had to be above a certain level of resistance to not be affected.

Why did it have to be charm! I already have enough of it!

Other than the extra reward, he received 2,430,000 experience and 200,000 Enas. The monetary reward was really high—celebrities were generous indeed. His savings finally exceeded one million and reached more than 1.1 million.

He had gotten a very high completion rating for the mission but did not receive any legendary points nor a Medal of Honor since the difficulty of the mission itself was only C. He already had one Medal of Honor, [Germinal Organization Slayer], which he had received after destroying the Germinal Organization. Its effect was a three percent boost in all attributes. Gathering three Medals of Honor would turn them into a special Medal of Achievement which gave a twelve percent boost in all attributes.

However, the random reward from the [Unbelievable] mission rating was the key.

Han Xiao’s eyes became firm. He pulled Herlous aside and touched him here and there.

“What are you doing?” Herlous felt a disgusting shiver and jumped away hastily.

“Getting some of your luck.” Han Xiao rubbed his hands. He knew how good his luck was. Old Herlous was at least a main character and had the lucky aura, so he was willing to believe in superstitions in such times.

The Great Mechanic Han took a deep breath. With a solemn and serious expression, he slowly clicked on the ‘confirm’ button.



Randomizing complete.

You received the Random Reward Type: [Talent]


“Damn it!”

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