The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 454

Chapter 454 Helping Hand

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Schizophrenia? Paranoia? Faking? The people were perplexed. What is wrong with this guy?

“Mind Possession,” Han Xiao said with a low voice.

A tint of surprise flashed through Feidin’s eyes as he heard this. He did not expect Han Xiao to know the truth.

“I didn’t expect you to realize.” Then it occurred to Feidin—it turned out that Han Xiao had suddenly attacked him because he had discovered Chen Xing’s secret.

As he understood why Han Xiao attacked him, he became skeptical. Why did this mercenary called Black Star help him? Mercenaries were not ones who would kindly help others without asking for anything in return—he definitely had a motive.

“So, it’s Mind Possession…” The youngest Volga understood and immediately started explaining it to the others. He was a Psychic, too, so he knew what Mind Possession was.

Just like how a Pugilist trained their body, a Psychic trained their mind and soul. The strong ones could detach their soul and consciousness from their body and possess the mind of another, giving them a second life.

Usually, they would only use this spell when their body was heavily damaged and they had no choice, as the detaching process would cause irrecoverable damage to their soul. Furthermore, the success rate was only 0.3%, and failure would cause their soul to shatter, killing them on the spot.

Most people were not willing to abandon their original body and change into someone else’s body unless they were left with no choice. Chen Xing was a perfect example for this. She was a woman, so why would she ever want to change her body into a man? They did not even have mutual hardware!

It was impossible for Psychics to possess someone whose mind was stronger than their own. As soon as a Psychic successfully possesses someone’s mind, they would gain control of that body, and the original owner’s body would be trapped in a cell. The original owner could feel what the body was feeling but would not be able to control the body, like a spectator.

Chen Xing was heavily injured, and her mind was very weak, so she had to rest. Hence, Feidin took over his body, and Chen Xing became a spectator.

Han Xiao had attacked because he wanted to meet Feidin, and injuring Chen Xing’s mind was the most direct method to do that. It just so happened that he had Hila’s Character Summon Card, which could attack one’s mind, so there was no need to beat Feidin’s body up to the brink of death… although his injury was still not light.

The youngest Volga briefly explained the principle of Mind Possession, and the others finally understood what it was.

No wonder Chen Xing was so feminine—it turns out she was a woman from the start.

“When did you get possessed?” Herlous said curiously.

“You mean, when was the last time I controlled this body?” Feidin shrugged. “4 years, 9 months, 14 days, 8 hours, and 23 minutes, oh, now it’s 24 minutes.”

“About five years ago…” Sylvia had woken up. She had heard their conversation and was puzzled. “Isn’t that when Chen Xing made his debut?”

“Yes… my home is in a remote Star System in the Shattered Star Ring. I didn’t like the completely modified main planet, so I migrated to a remote half-colonized planet. That planet is a gathering ground for the poor, also an abandoned planet in the others’ eyes. However, I felt that place was more full of life than the city surrounded by iron and steel. I lived in the wild, making a living through farming land and hunting. Everything was peaceful. One day, a spaceship fell onto the land of my house, and inside was a heavily injured, unconscious woman. She was Chen Xing. I saved her and treated her wounds, but her injuries were too heavy. Before she died, she took away my body and continued living with it, then she became a celebrity. That’s the gist of what happened.”

Feidin spoke very calmly as if he did not have much hatred or anger on how his body had been taken away. He had long adapted throughout the five years, so there was no more resent and anger like when it first happened.

Han Xiao nodded. Despite the fact that Chen Xing had been crushed by him without being able to fight back, it was because her power had been heavily damaged when she extracted her soul from her body. Her strength had once been extremely close to Grade A. Because she changed a body, she became tremendously weaker and almost dropped to Grade C. That was why she was collecting things like these statues—it was to recover her powers.

Chen Xing was not a main character, but Feidin was!

Furthermore, his luck was stronger than Herlous, who was just a local main character. His Luck Glow was high-class!

Having someone so strong staying in one’s mind was a standard main character storyline. However, for others, it was an old man, whereas for Feidin, it was a young woman.

If not for Chen Xing, Feidin would never have maximized his potential with his old man personality and would have been an ordinary person forever. Although Chen Xing took away his body, she also brought him on an unknown path. If that did not happen, Chen Xing would never have discovered how much potential he had. Furthermore, he would only face this difficult situation temporarily. Although Han Xiao did not know the exact time, he knew that Feidin would become stronger than Chen Xing in the future and retake his body.

Feidin’s personal growth storyline was [The Legend of a Singer]!

How strong was a main character with High-Class Luck Glow? When Feidin was at his peak, he was as strong as Hila. His voice could reach one’s soul directly without air to spread it.

He could use his holy voice to cleanse those souls filled with anger and hatred, making everything peaceful and filled with joy.

His one song solved a galactic war that had been about to break out!

That was what Feidin was known for!

Furthermore, Feidin did not keep all his secrets to himself. He publicly passed his Psychic knowledge on to others. The Psychic class players could learn the way to use Psychic powers through songs from him, which was one of the combat styles for Psychics. Feidin was like a high-class Psychic mentor.

When Han Xiao thought of this mission, he had already made a complete plan. If he could get the Mission Completion Card, he would not mess with Chen Xing for the time being and go for Promotion first. However, if he did not get the Mission Completion Card, he would then trigger this storyline. The players who did the [Statue Search] mission, of course, did not know Chen Xing’s secrets. Many players only regretfully found out that this character had a storyline later.

Although Han Xiao did not know what the result would be if he triggered this storyline at this time, he decided to give it a try as he was not completely ignorant. He somewhat knew about Feidin’s personality and could guess how things went. He could not say that he was a hundred percent certain, but there were definitely some benefits that he could get from it.

“I can help you to control your body and evict the guest in your mind, or your body will be hers again when she recovers,” Han Xiao said.

Feidin was not moved. “What do you want? I believe this help does not come free.”

“Chen Xing is very wealthy, you and her share your body, so you definitely know her account and password. I want her savings,” Han Xiao said.

Chen Xing was indeed wealthy, but this was not the Great Mechanic Han’s main goal. However, he could not directly say that he was interested in Feidin’s potential, or he would not be able to gain his trust. Targeting his money was more convincing and would make Feidin lower his guard to a certain extent.

After all, the body belonged to Feidin—he would rather have Chen Xing control it than risk it entirely.

Feidin was instantly convinced; mercenaries wanting money was more normal than anything. Furthermore, this could not be considered a kidnapping but helping someone who was possessed, so they did not break the mercenary contract.

Feidin thought that it was a good idea. Although Chen Xing was the one who had made this money, she was using his body, so he did not feel any guilt about spending it.

“Sounds good… but if you want the money right away, I’m afraid I won’t be able to do that.” Feidin pointed at his head and smiled bitterly. “She just threatened me, saying that if I touch her savings, she will die together with me. Therefore, before her problem is dealt with, I won’t be able to afford the reward.”

Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled. When he made this request, he had already guessed how Chen Xing would react to it, and this result was exactly what he wanted. He was secretly delighted. He nodded and said, “Then you have to be following me all the time—only then will I be able to suppress Chen Xing for you. Until we find a way to completely deal with her.”

Feidin paused and said, “I hope that her life is not harmed. She possessed my body because she did not have a choice, and she did not use my body recklessly. In these five years, although she blocked my voice because she felt I was too annoying, I looked through all her memories, and she really is a pitiful person.”

Usually, when someone’s body was taken away, the owner of the body would most likely want the one who took that body to turn into ash. However, as a main character, Feidin’s personality was obviously unique. He still thought of Chen Xing even in this situation, which surprised everyone else.


Han Xiao nodded. He looked very confident on the outside, but actually, even he did not know how to deal with Mind Possession. No player had triggered this storyline before, so he could only figure it out himself. However, this did not stop him from agreeing first.

“Since we have come to an agreement, we will need you to deal with the current situation. As long as you help to speak, our wanted status will be canceled.”

“No problem.” Feidin smiled gently. He looked at his full of bruises face in the mirror and said, “But the wounds on my face need to be treated first, or it will not be convincing at all.”

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