The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 458

Chapter 458 Attention From A Distant Star Field

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After panicking for a while, Han Xiao finally calmed down. He clenched his teeth and smiled.

It’s not a big deal. I didn’t get it this time, but I will try it the next time and even the next time after that!

It was just like card games, where normal people had to rack their brains to win but lucky ones just had to use whatever card they got in order to win.

I’m not panicking at all!

Han Xiao drank a cup of water to calm down and looked at the interface again. The three items were still there waiting for him to choose.

None of the three items were rare, so Han Xiao could only choose the best out of them.

Although Potential Points were important, the Small Potential Potion only gave one point, which was negligible. Han Xiao would only have considered it if it was a medium or large one. One random Mechanic blueprint looked good, but it was actually complete garbage. There were way too many Mechanic blueprints, so the chance of getting a good blueprint was way too low. Even if he did get a very rare blueprint, it would most likely be a piece of equipment that could only be built at very high levels. If his level was not high enough, it would be completely useless. Furthermore, Han Xiao did not need any random blueprints. He remembered the knowledge combination for most blueprints, so he could make them himself.

After contemplating, he felt that only the Blank Character Summon Card was worthwhile. If he chose to generate Ames’ Character Summon Card, who knew what effect it would have?

Although he had the Super-Gene Extractor, it was obviously impossible for him to use it on Ames; he did not want to die yet.

Its lower limit was not too low, and its upper limit was over the top, so it was quite a good choice.


You have received [Blank Character Summon Card] x 1


Han Xiao nodded. The next time I see the Dragon Emperor, I shall use this. If I can generate some overpowered effect, I might be able to use it to fight a Grade A Super directly, so that will be an option.

No matter how strong a Character Summon Card was, it was considered the user’s ability, which met the requirement of the Promotion mission. He did not get the Mission Completion Card this time, but he got another possible method to complete it. Han Xiao took it as a backup choice, but of course, it was based on the fact that he would generate one of the extremely strong abilities from Ames. Something that would demolish a Grade A Super would be best.

For the time being, Han Xiao still preferred to continue trying the random rewards. Although the results at the moment were not satisfactory, he did not think that the plan was a bad idea. He would not give up because of the obstacles so far.

He set the next destination, and the spaceship started its autopilot and headed in that direction. This rented spaceship was focused on speed, so it was suitable to travel to many places.

His choice this time was a simple and straightforward BOSS mission. It did not have rich rewards, but this kind of time-saving mission was exactly what Han Xiao needed.

Furthermore, Aroshia was now Grade B, so fighting a BOSS around the same level would definitely be much easier.

At the same time, in a Star Field extremely distant from Shattered Star Ring, a black spaceship in stealth mode was quietly hovering in space. The exterior of this spaceship was very smooth, reflecting the scenery of the space like a black mirror. It looked like a fan from above and a diamond shape from the front.

It was a Stealth Level Scout Ship, usually known as the Black Light Prowler. As a product of the Federation of Light, it was extremely expensive—top-notch in stealth, detection, speed, and many specifications. Its technology far exceeded most civilizations. On the spaceship black market in various Star Fields, the spaceships from the three Universal Civilizations were the most popular. A second-hand Black Light Prowler could be sold for tens of millions of Enas. It was among the top scout ships.

In other words, this was like an extremely luxurious, high-class sports car.

One nanosecond earlier, a special wave had traveled through countless light-years in the quantum realm and arrived there in an instant. In the cockpit of the spaceship, a finger-sized, oval-shaped accessory was hanging at the top of the cockpit. This transparent accessory received this special wave and emitted a golden glow.


A sound appeared in the empty cockpit.

Countless streams of light appeared out of nowhere and gathered into a human-shaped cluster of light. It reached out its hand and touched the accessory that was flickering with weak light.

“Your energy level finally recovered to the level that’s locatable by the detector… So, you were thrown to the Shattered Star Ring by the wormhole… I will look for you very soon. Wait for me.”

In the blink of an eye, this Black Light Prowler turned into a stream of light and disappeared. It only needed microseconds to warm up before jumping. It was so swift that it was almost impossible to catch.

After Feidin left with the Black Star Mercenary Group, the impact that it made on the entertainment industry stirred up quite a controversy.

The news that ‘Chen Xing’ had given up his singing career when it was soaring shocked many. Although the reporters and the media did not get any information from Feidin, they started making guesses. Stories with headlines like ‘The Real Reason…’ spread very quickly, stunning the Chen Xing fans and sparking heated discussions.

However, the entertainment news and the mercenary industry were two different worlds, so Han Xiao did not care. He only paid a little attention when this actually made him more famous.

After completing Chen Xing’s mission, he did not waste time and went on to the next location to trigger one of the missions.

In a remote Star System in Colton Star Cluster, the Godoran Civilization had set up research space stations to scout unpopulated planets, researching different planets, life forms, and environments. There were many Observers like Kerlodd in such space stations.

In 075 Godora Research Space Station, upon receiving permit, the spaceship entered the railroad of the space station and parked at the internal dock.

Alighting from the spaceship, Han Xiao and the others looked around. This space station was built to have a very typical Godoran theme.

A few Godora Observers waited at the dock, and one of them asked, “Black Star Mercenary Group, may I know why you are here?”

“Just happened to pass by, and my spaceship needs to refuel, so I’m here to rest for some time. We will pay the corresponding fees, or we can do some missions,” Han Xiao said. “Do you have anything here that needs to be dealt with?”

The leader hesitated and shook his head. “There is no extra work here. Since your spaceship needs to be repaired, you can use our shipyard.”

Mercenaries were semi-neutral and slightly leaned toward the lawful side. They had an access permit by default and could park in many strongholds of Galactic Civilizations. They have reported their arrival before entering the space station, and as the Black Star Mercenary Group had a good name and had fought against DarkStar some time ago, the space station allowed Han Xiao and his friends to park.

If their negative reputation was too high or even were wanted, not only would they not be able to enter many places, they would also be chased by the police once their location was exposed.

After talking for a while, the Godoran Observer led the way and guided them out of the dock into the space station lounge. According to the management regulations, as soon as their spaceship was refueled, they would have to leave.

Of course, Han Xiao did not go there just to refuel. This Research Space Station had a mission that he wanted to trigger. It was easy to get a high rating and simple to do.

The mission’s setting was that a research ship had gone missing and lost contact in a nearby desolate planet. The space station sent another team to look for them, but that team lost contact as well. Hence, the space station reported the situation to the Godoran Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation and waited for them to send more Observers to investigate the situation. As this was an internal job, the Godoran Observer did not talk about it earlier. They did not want to request help from mercenaries.

However, the players could trigger this mission through the internal personnel in the space station. This was not a hidden mission, so the players just had to pay close attention to the clues, and they would be able to find that person.

That person was Han Xiao’s target.

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