The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 462

Chapter 462 Pet 1

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The enormous body obstructed all of Han Xiao’s vision. Compared to its size, Han Xiao was tiny. It was like the difference between a sparrow and an elephant.

The invisible Psychic power surrounding Han Xiao’s body did not express any intention to attack. It seemed like the Interstellar Beast just wanted to pull Han Xiao to him and observe him out of curiosity. The attack earlier was no different from a scratch to the Interstellar Beast.

As Han Xiao levitated in midair, two rows of thrust pipes emerged on the back of his mechanical suit. A strong air stream gushed out, and the force allowed him to escape from the Psychic power. His electromagnetic scythe expanded in the blink of an eye as he slashed the Interstellar Beast’s tentacle.


The blade of the scythe struck the crystal violently, and blinding electric sparks exploded. The Interstellar Beast’s tentacle quickly retracted, and its body tensed as its vital spot was hit.

This slash dealt close to a thousand points of damage. Compared to its tough body, its tentacle had close to no resistance.

Suddenly, the light on the Interstellar Beast’s tentacle became dozens of times brighter like a flashbang exploding out of nowhere. The almost blinding light filled the entire underground cave. Han Xiao and Herlous’ vision was covered in white. Before they could adjust, a tremendous force hit onto their body, pushed them away and into the cave wall.


The impact wave caused by its Psychic power echoed in the cave. The lake and the cave started to tremble, and countless rocks splashed into the underground hot spring.

“Look, it’s angry.” Han Xiao stretched his neck and chuckled.

A pipe flickering with blue light appeared on his wrist armor plate, which then shot out compressed orbs one after another that quickly turned into artilleries.

Boom boom boom!

A violent, wild storm of metal erupted in the cave!

Countless bullets hit the Interstellar Beast’s body. Its tentacle emitted Psychic energy that formed a shield, changing the direction of the bullets continuously.

Herlous jumped up and landed on the Interstellar Beast’s body. Close range battles were his specialty. He swung the Battleship Slicing Blade and slashed down on the Interstellar Beast’s back. Although it was no different from a massage to the Interstellar Beast, at least he was spirited. He slashed toward the tentacle on the Interstellar Beast’s head.

The Interstellar Beast’s movements were very swift as it turned and rotated in the air rapidly. Herlous wanted to hold on, but the skin of the Interstellar Beast was exceptionally smooth, so there was no leverage, not even a single hair.

In comparison, Aroshia made a bigger impact. After she turned into energy form, the Psychic powers could not control her body but only disrupt her energy frequency, which was almost useless. She flew to the Interstellar Beast’s head with ease and gently held onto its tentacle.

The next moment, highly concentrated energy exploded in her palms.


The explosions were continuous, the Interstellar Beast twitching in pain all the while. With its vital spot being used like a boxer used a sandbag, the agony would be indescribable. Han Xiao could almost feel the pain just by looking at it. If the Interstellar Beast had an organ to generate a voice, he was certain that it would be screaming with all its might.

After Aroshia entered Grade B, the strength of her Esper power skyrocketed. She took on the role as the main damage dealer and made a tremendous impact.

The three of them surrounded the Interstellar Beast. Psychic energy was exploding, bullets were raining down, and slashes were landing continuously. It was intense and heated.


Although this was just an underground lake, the impact of the battle was like a hurricane that stirred up the lake.

Lenny and a few other naked Godorans hastily climbed out of the hot spring, leaned against the cave wall, and nervously watched the battle. They could not interfere with a battle involving Grade B Supers.

The Interstellar Beast’s health went down slowly but surely. Even though it protected its vital spot as much as it could, there were times when Han Xiao and the others’ attacks penetrated its defenses. The Interstellar Beast’s Psychic powers were only limited to pushing and controlling objects—it dealt very limited damage to Han Xiao. All in all, it was a worry-free fight.

Not long after, the Interstellar Beast’s health dropped by 50,000. Its resistance decreased by a large portion, and the damage dealt by the three of them increased.

Although Space Creatures had very thick skin, the Interstellar Beasts were not adept at battle. It could only be ranked as Grade B, and even that was because of his outrageously high health that ranked among the top even in the countless Bosses. If the players did not have sufficient damage, they would be defeated due to exhaustion. After all, their energy and stamina were limited.

The three of them could deal more than enough damage, but after fighting intensively for so long, their energy and stamina was reducing as time passed by.


The battle lasted a long, long time. When the Interstellar Beast only had five percent of its health left, it could not continue levitating and fell into the hot spring, making a huge wave.

Han Xiao gave Herlous a signal, and the two of them dived into the lake. After looking for quite some time, they finally found the near-death Interstellar Beast at the bottom of the lake. Han Xiao grabbed this monster, turned his mechanical suit to maximum power output, and slowly dragged it onto the shore.

Its gigantic body was covered in wounds with violet slime flowing out of them. Its tentacle crystal was filled with cracks and emitting very dim light. The Interstellar Beast was squirming weakly. Han Xiao made sure that the thing did not have any more energy to battle before exhaling deeply and swinging his arms to loosen his sore muscles.

Although he was protected by the mechanical suit, it was still painful being smashed and thrown around by the Interstellar Beast.

Herlous took off his helmet, his hair damp from his sweat. He held his knees and panted. “This guy is way too resistant. I’m exhausted…”

Aroshia’s body was much dimmer; she had spent more than eighty percent of her energy.

Han Xiao looked at the interface. He still had a lot of health, but his energy and stamina were almost empty. He collected all the artilleries and counted—twenty-something artilleries had been squashed by the Interstellar Beast’s Psychic power.

“You guys defeated it!”

Lenny and the others walked over with stunned expressions.

Han Xiao turned around and looked at them. He frowned and said, “Where are your clothes? Also, you guys should not be the only missing Observers. Where are the others?”

“This monster took off our clothes—it probably thinks they’re our weapon. We were usually suppressed under the lake by this monster. Maybe he took us as trophies,” Lenny said.

“Take your clothes, let’s talk when you have them on.”

Han Xiao glanced at her indifferently.

Compared to women, Han Xiao was more interested in robots. He was a real man!

He turned around and saw that Herlous could not take his eyes off Lenny. He patted him and said with a displeased tone, “Don’t stare at her—that’s the employer’s wife. I don’t want to be refused the reward in the end.”

Herlous scratched his head. Before he could speak in his defense, Lenny laughed alluringly.

She was in a very good mood after being rescued. She blinked and said with a smile, “It’s okay, us Godorans are very open-minded. You guys saved my life, so maybe…”

“Stop, I’m not interested in golden skins.”

Han Xiao shivered in his mind.

Damn, this wild‽

Brother Nereja, you are so green 1 !

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