The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 467

Chapter 467 Go Create Miracles Young Teen

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Clank clank clank!

With some simple, straightforward punches, Herlous beat up these galactic pirates easily. He tied them together and made a wailing human mountain.

It was a piece of cake for Herlous to defeat such weak galactic pirates; the main difficulty of rescuing the hostage had been locating the stealthy galactic pirate spaceship. Hence, Han Xiao had gotten Sylvia to disguise as a hostage to get captured while wearing a locator so that they could track this spaceship’s location and board it. Han Xiao had borrowed one of the employer’s battleships, which had breached the tail of the galactic pirate spaceship.

Also, this was the first time Sylvia took part in a mission. It was a test for her. The lessons that Han Xiao had planned for her filled up her schedule. After she awakened Super-Genes, other than learning knowledge, she had also gone through all sorts of battle technique training. Although Sylvia had only trained for two months, she had a lot of potential and had progressed very quickly. Furthermore, she was very talented in battle. She did not get nervous in battle but became calmer instead, which surprised even Sylvia herself. She did not know that she could stay so calm in the face of danger.

Of course, if Sylvia did not have potential, Han Xiao would not have spent his energy to train her.

“You guys let the hostages out,” Han Xiao ordered the others. “I will go to set the course and make this ship head back toward where it came from. We can complete the mission there.”

This time, Sylvia trotted toward Han Xiao and asked with an eager expression, “How did I do?”

Han Xiao rubbed his chin and said, “Acceptable, barely a pass. What, do you think there’s anything worth complimenting?”

Sylvia curled her lips in disappointment. “Oh.”

“Black Star, be more lenient to the youngsters,” Herlous said and smiled at Sylvia. “You did quite well. When I was your age, I was not… wait, I was much stronger than you.”

Sylvia ground her teeth. “You’re really good at comforting people.”

“Don’t listen to them.” Feidin smiled gently. “You progressed very quickly, and we all saw it.”

“Shut up!” Sylvia became furious as soon as she heard Feidin speak. She stared at Feidin angrily. Every time she saw this guy, she felt that life was unfair. She had awakened earlier than him, but Feidin’s growth speed was like a rocket that soared to Grade C smoothly with ease as he sang and meditated, unlike Sylvia, who lived in the abyss of studies.

Comparison was the thief of joy!

Feidin did not get mad; he gave a gentle smile and did not say any more.

He had followed Han Xiao on his missions for two months. In this period, Chen Xing had tried many times to take back control of his body, but she had been stopped by Feidin time after time. As Feidin’s Psychic power rapidly became stronger, Chen Xing’s threat gradually became smaller. Feidin’s plan was to borrow Chen Xing’s memory and make himself stronger; the time when he could completely suppress Chen Xing was probably the time that he would leave.

However, Feidin’s personality was very tender; he did not like fighting and almost never got angry. He did not want what happened to him to happen to Chen Xing as he knew how terrible it felt. Therefore, Feidin communicated with Chen Xing many times in his mind, hoping that he could make her give up the meaningless resistance. Unfortunately, Chen Xing was very firm and absolutely unwilling to compromise. Feidin did not give up and still kept up the habit of communicating with Chen Xing every day.

The Godoran boy stared at Han Xiao and the others. When he thought that he had no way out, those mercenaries had come out of nowhere and defeated the galactic pirates. He only came to after a very long time. He looked at Sylvia’s back, mustered the courage, and walked to her. “M—my name is Naru. Thank you for saving me. Are you the mercenaries hired by my father?”

The people paused the casual chat and looked at him. Naru panicked from Sylvia’s glance. He did not even know where to put his hands.

“I—I want to know your names…”

Naru stuttered.

Han Xiao patted Sylvia’s head, chucked, and said, “This kid likes you.”

With the truth being exposed, Naru completely panicked. “I don’t!”

Han Xiao raised his eyebrows and said, “Oh, looks like he dislikes you.”

“N—no, I don’t dislike…” Naru could not form a complete sentence.

Sylvia rolled her eyes at Han Xiao and extended her hand. “My name is Sylvia.”

Naru hesitated, then cautiously grabbed Sylvia’s fingertip. The moment their fingers touched, Naru’s face became orange—this was Godoran’s face color when they blushed, very scientific and logical.

Herlous sighed and said, “Being young is so great.”

Han Xiao took out a cigarette-shaped candy from the snack bag in Aroshia’s hands and put it into his mouth. He had been trying to quit smoking, so he could only eat snacks to kill the boredom. He tutted and pondered. “If I complain to the employer that his son flirted with my lovely apprentice, I should be able to blackmail him for some money.”

“… You don’t have to say it out loud the next time you’re thinking of a plan like this.” Sylvia turned around angrily.

All the hostages were rescued, and Han Xiao had set the course. Not long after, they returned to the planet where the employer was at. The guards and the families of the hostages were waiting at the dock. The rescued hostages quickly got off the spaceship and reunited with their families.

A police officer approached Han Xiao and expressed his gratitude to Han Xiao for dealing with the kidnappers. As the people involved were mostly people in financial groups, this was an important matter to them.

Han Xiao passed the captured galactic pirates and the spaceship to the police department as agreed; this way, the mission completion rate would be increased. After the officers walked away, Naru and a middle-aged man came to Han Xiao. The middle-aged man had an air of someone in a high place, but he was very friendly when facing Han Xiao. After he expressed his appreciation, he paid the reward.

This middle-aged man was Naru’s father, the head of a Godoran financial group, so the promised reward were, of course, not little. At the same time, he was also the one that had issued the mission. After Han Xiao got the 85,000 Enas, the interface notified him that the mission had been completed.

All hostages were rescued, the galactic pirates were captured alive, and the spaceship was handed over. A perfect completion rate, so a Random Reward will certainly be given, Han Xiao thought. He looked at the interface and saw the notification of him getting a new chance to receive a [Random Reward]. He did not use it straight away and saved it in the interface. He had already saved four Random Reward chances.

In those two months, he had done more than ten missions. He had gotten a Random Reward chance from more than eighty percent of those missions. At the start, he had used them up as soon as he got them. He had gotten Attribute Points, experience, Potential Points, and others. Not only did he not get what he wanted, he also got a bunch of trash. Han Xiao had grown quite frustrated, so he had started saving them.

The single draw was not dependable; miracles would only occur in consecutive draws.

Han Xiao did not stay for long after submitting the mission. He took the others back to the ship. The thruster shot out fire, and the spaceship disappeared into the sky.

Naru looked up and stared in the direction that the spaceship had left. He shook his father’s arm and said, “Dad, I want to ask something from you.”


“I… I want to hire this mercenary group as the private guard of our house,” Naru said bravely. He could not forget about Sylvia.

“It’s impossible.”

Naru became nervous. “Then give them more money. Being our guard is at least safer than being mercenaries. As long as the pay is enough, they definitely will agree.”

The middle-aged man shook his head with a bitter smile. “It’s not about money. Although Black Star is a mercenary, our family is too tiny compared to his background. We have no chance of snatching him from Ames.”

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