The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 475

Chapter 475 Strange Godoran

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Chapter 475: Strange Godoran
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Of course, Han Xiao did not know DarkStar’s people were on Noriosse chasing a traitor and that they had bought intel from the intel organization.

He passed by Ember, and neither of them discovered the other’s identity.

This time, the dealer took them to a room to sit.

“What intel would you like to purchase? Our organization has a very strong intel network, be it current matters or secret information, we have it all,” the dealer bragged.

“I want to look for someone. Give me a pen and paper. I will draw what he looks like.”

The higher one’s Intelligence attribute was, the clearer their memory would be. Han Xiao quickly drew out a portrait of a human on the paper. According to the lifespan of a normal human, this person looked to be about fifty years old. He had an extended goatee, an angular face, and many wrinkles. The person looked like an ordinary middle-aged man.

“This person should have come to Noriosse before. I hope to know the time and place that he appeared here,” Han Xiao said.

The dealer nodded. He took out a device and searched for a while before saying, “We have fitting intel—this is an ordinary man. We records all the travelers who enter Noriosse. We have been running a ‘Person Searching’ promotion recently, so this piece of intel only costs 100 Enas.”

Sylvia tutted. Intel was indeed expensive. It cost 100 Enas just for the intel of a target marked as an ordinary person. 100 Enas was more than enough to travel across several Star Systems with galactic travelling agencies. Back when she bought intel on Han Xiao’s whereabouts, she had spent quite a sum as well.

If she was a coward that did not seek revenge but hid, she would never have known about her father’s true face and forever lived in false hatred. How pathetic would her life have been? She would also not have become her teacher’s student because of that and never touched the territory of Supers. Thinking back, she could not help but feel gratitude toward Han Xiao for not killing her, or she would never have ended up where she was.

The dealer transferred the information as soon as Han Xiao paid the fee, and the others looked at it together.

“This person came to Noriosse thirty-eight days ago in a cross Star Field voyage that took off at [Ancient Star Desert] Star Field. He did not do anything irregular on Noriosse, and it looked like he’s just travelling. Last seen sixteen days ago, south of City 8.”

The detailed address was written in the intel—this was where the target had last appeared.

“Sixteen days ago? Is he still in Noriosse?” Han Xiao asked.

The dealer nodded. “We have people in the port, and there are records for every registered ID. He did not leave Noriosse, so he should still be in that place.”

“That might not be the case,” Han Xiao said.

Intel organizations were not almighty. If someone changed their appearance and used a pre-prepared fake ID, it would be very easy to fool them. Han Xiao could easily do it himself.

Furthermore, the Dragon Emperor’s teacher was an Oracle!

After experiencing the effect of the Destiny’s Child Character Summon Card, Han Xiao was familiar with the foresight ability. Prophecies were not all knowing. Plus, the future shown in the foresight would not be too far away in advance. If the target did not use his foresight ability, he would be no different from an ordinary person, so maybe he did not know that Han Xiao and the others were looking for him. However, that was delusional—the target should have known about it long ago!

Oracles were all difficult to deal with. If they did not want to get caught, it would be way too easy for them to hide with their powers.

Just like how the Germinal Organization could not find Han Xiao back then no matter what.

Han Xiao could not figure out what that person was thinking. If he wanted to see Ames, he would not have hidden. Although he still had the Destiny’s Child Character Summon Card, he did not intend to use it here as the results would not impact him much.

What was important was to carry out the ‘search’; the result was not crucial. After all, as long as he gave Ames some clues, he would have done his job.

Whether Ames could see her teacher or not, Han Xiao was not bothered.

Upon getting the clues that they wanted, he and the others left the intel organization. They headed straight to the train station and took the high-speed maglev train to City 8.

The train had many cabins, and the cabin that they were sitting in was for groups. Their seats were around a table.

The scenery outside the window dashed by. Herlous was playing cards with the three brothers again, and Feidin was observing how normal people played cards from the side. Aroshia was eating snacks, and Sylvia was playing with Phillip.

As they had gone to Noriosse just to find someone, their mood was relaxed as they chatted and joked around. Anyway, Black Star was the best at finding things—they had nothing to worry about.

Han Xiao crossed his arms and rested with his eyes closed.

This time, a voice from a strange man appeared beside them.

“Can I sit here?”

Han Xiao opened his eyes—a golden skinned man was standing beside him. He was carrying a backpack and smiling; it was a Godoran. However, his skin color was very light, meaning that he was not a pureblood Godoran.

Han Xiao’s heart tightened, instantly alarmed. He had become naturally alert around all hybrid Godorans.

“Who are you?”

“Haha, it seems like I was too direct, allow me to introduce myself.” This Godoran bowed elegantly and said with a well-mannered tone, “My name is Alvin. As you can see, I’m a Godoran. However, do not worry, I’m not an arrogant pureblood, just a normal Godoran and Galaxy Human Race mix. I apologize for disturbing, I just hoped to find some company on this short trip.”

Han Xiao and the others were puzzled.

A stranger came out of nowhere and wanted to be friends with them. No matter how they looked at it, it was really strange!

Could it be that someone’s charm had attracted this guy?

They instantly looked at Feidin then at Han Xiao.

Han Xiao pointed to the side and said, “There are empty seats over there. If you’re just looking for a place to rest, please do not disturb us.”

“No, no, no, please don’t misunderstand me…” Alvin suddenly sat down and pushed Herlous in, as if he was going to sit there no matter what. He smiled sincerely and said, “I’m a traveler in Noriosse too; my friends stayed at the port, and I’m the only one who came to the surface. It’s too lonely to travel alone, and I love to make friends. There’s a saying in my home that goes ‘Making friends with strangers is a man’s way’.”

“Hey, don’t push me. We haven’t agreed to let you sit down!” Herlous was displeased.

“Hmm? You’re playing Wayne Card?” Alvin saw the cards on the table, and his eyes sparkled. He took out a deck of cards, slammed it on the table, and said, “Well, I happen to be a master in Wayne Card. I use the Light Territory card set and have yet to lose to anyone. Come on, dare to play a round?”

“How are you so quick to become friendly! Who wants to play cards with you‽” Herlous was speechless.

Alvin laughed loudly with confidence and said, “Indeed, just playing is not fun at all. Let’s add some stakes to it. 50 Enas for a round, do you dare play with me?”

“Haha, are you challenging me?” Herlous was provoked. He felt that his position and pride as the ‘Black Star God of Gambling’ had been insulted… although there were few people in the Black Star Mercenary Group.

At the same time, Herlous discreetly turned to look at Han Xiao.

Han Xiao gave him a hand sign, signaling that it was okay.

He had checked Alvin just now. This Godoran was very weak, and his energy sign barely reached Grade C’s standard. He could crush him in a second, so it was not much of a threat.

He wanted to see what this Godoran was trying to do and what his motives were, so he allowed him to stay and observed him closely.

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