The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 489

Chapter 489 Anur

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As the mercenaries who had stayed behind saw the returning Nagakin and the others, they hurriedly landed, and both parties met up. The hundred or so mercenaries who had gone out to rescue Alvin then heard those few mercenaries excitedly describing what had happened.

Apart from Herlous and those from the Black Star Mercenary Group, looks of disbelief could be seen on the others. Black Star was actually able to fight a Calamity Grade Super evenly and had even severely injured his opponent. This was completely different from what they had expected!

Everyone was shocked into silence.

Even Herlous was in a slight daze. “Is he so powerful?”

Nagakin was immediately overjoyed. He had not felt confident, and never had he imagined that Black Star would be such a reliable ally.

At that moment, Nagakin received a message. Han Xiao asked them to dig out all the machines buried under the rubble before meeting up with them at another place. He also reminded them not to attract too much attention.

Nagakin turned around and realized that more and more people were gathering over to watch the show. The Public Security Squad and construction team were also rushing over. Too many regions of Noriosse had been damaged by battles recently, and the Noriosse Financial Group was probably extremely frustrated. Nagakin did not wish to be tied down by them and hurriedly instructed everybody to quickly dig up all the machines before they escaped.

After waiting for a while, Han Xiao arrived.

The hired mercenaries looked at Han Xiao with more respect in their eyes and made way to let him in.

Walking over to the middle of the crowd, Han Xiao slapped Herlous on the shoulders and said with a smile, “Ember was injured by me, and he is definitely suffering a headache right now.”

Herlous was stunned for a while, and he stroked his mechanical arm. Every time that he thought about Ember, the nerve connection to his mechanical arm would begin to ache dully. Hearing that, Herlous broke out in a wide smile and felt his anger vented.

“Good brother, fantastic!”

After chatting casually for a while, Han Xiao collected all the recovered machines back into their compressed orbs. After counting all of his machinery carefully, Han Xiao concluded that he lost about thirty machines, and many of his machines had dropped in quality. Apart from injuring Ember, he did not receive any material gains. The biggest gain would be completing their mission objective and saving Alvin’s final doppelganger.

“We meet again, friends.” Alvin greeted everyone. His complexion was pale, and his lips white. It was obvious that he was not very healthy.

“Seeing a mixed blood Godoran again, nothing good will happen for sure.” Han Xiao shook his head. “Where is the Grade A Super who helped?”

“He left.”

“Leaving without leaving his name behind, he is probably a Superhero.”

Han Xiao did not find the matter strange. The more powerful someone was, the greater their responsibilities. At the very least, there were some who still adhered to such principles. Superheroes were a common occurrence, and there were many powerhouses who did not mind playing the role of a hero occasionally.

After saving their target, Han Xiao and the others began discussing their next move.

“If DarkStar want to have any progress, they only have two choices. First, search for Alvin’s main body, which will be like finding a needle in a haystack. Second, snatch his final doppelganger from us. Thus, we have the initiative, and DarkStar is on the passive side. They will be anxious. Nagakin, how much longer will it take for your reinforcements to arrive?”

“The War Bureau sent the fleet nearest to us, but even if they make use of the stargate, they will take twelve days at least.”

“DarkStar won’t ignore the incoming reinforcements and will definitely send their fleet to hide near Noriosse. I have a few ideas, but we should first find a new base before discussing them in detail.”

On the other side of the city, the injured DarkStar troops found a concealed location to rest and recuperate. While the battle had been short, it had also been extremely intense. The number of Grade B Supers on both sides added up to about fifteen, and with the mercenaries being well trained, the battle had been intense.

Herlous’ Battleship Slicing Blade and Sherman’s cannon had clashed with each other ferociously. Wilsander had also joined the battle and found the most powerful enemy, Forsyth. Sylvia’s strength was far too weak, so she had not entered the battle. Since Feidin was only a customer, he was not willing to be dragged into the battle.

Anur’s expression was extremely ugly, and his mood was very bad. The battle had initially been in their favor, but another Grade A Super had jumped in from nowhere and resulted in all of his efforts going down the drain. How was he to know that a Grade A Super would suddenly pass by that region? He had already tried his best to reduce the collateral damage.

For the majority of Calamity Grade Supers, as long as they went all out, they would definitely have the ability to change the very geography of a planet. For their strength to grow to such a level, they could be considered a walking weapon capable of wiping out a civilization. However, they had to restrain themselves when fighting someone of the same level. The more restrained they were, the more concentrated their attacks would be, and the more easily they would be able to break through the enemy’s defenses. If they only tried to spread out the range of their destructive abilities, it would not threaten an opponent of their level.

Furthermore, Anur did not wish to create too much damage on this planet and provoke the Noriosse Financial Group.

If Ember had rushed over in time, they might have had a chance in a two-on-two battle. However, who knew what Ember was doing? He had not arrived even after a long time. It was truly difficult for Anur to understand. With the majority of the enemies in battle with him, there should not have been too many men left behind in the base. Just what had taken Ember so long‽

With Anur being surrounded, he had been able to escape injury only because of his speed. Finally, seeing Alvin escape and being unable to wait for Ember’s arrival, he could only retreat.

One could only imagine how frustrated Anur was at Ember.

Not too long later, Ember returned to the base. The blood had clotted and formed scabs. The injuries all over his neck were extremely frightening, and everyone was shocked.

Seeing that, Anur began to frown. “How did you get injured? What did you meet? Could it be that Nagakin found yet another Calamity Grade Super?”

Ember waved his hands and said with his teeth clenched, “It was Black Star. He stayed behind to deal with me.”

Anur’s eyes widened in disbelief. “You mean to say that you were delayed by a Grade B Super and were beaten by the other party to this state‽”

Ember nodded.

Anur took a few seconds to regain his cool. “Since you dragged the battle on for so long, you must have gotten rid of him, right?”

“The situation was urgent, and I retreated.”

Anur immediately let out a curse.

He had placed a great amount of hope in Ember, but at that moment, he could not help but wonder if he groomed the wrong person.

Ember could feel the change in Anur’s gaze and knew that his respected teacher was extremely disappointed in him. His face contorted, and he wanted to explain himself. However, he felt that he would only embarrass himself even further and thus chose to remain silent.

Anur had decided that he must lock Ember up for another year after their return. He did not wish to see the face of this fellow and said to Forsyth, “The situation isn’t in our favor. Do you have any suggestions?”

Forsyth thought for a moment before saying, “We have three choices. We can either use the three doppelgangers in our hands to find Alvin’s main body, snatch the doppelganger from them and kill Nagakin while we’re at it, or… do nothing at all.”

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