The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 498

Chapter 498 Battle Of Noriosse 4

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“Huu, huu…”

Sylvia panted heavily as she ran while avoiding all the enemies that she could. A battle of this level was still too much for her, and she was not able to do anything at all. Feidin was still delaying the enemy, and she did not dare to waste the opportunity that Feidin had created for her.

After running for a long time, Sylvia felt her lungs burning, and she could no longer run. Bending over, she panted heavily with her hands on her knees.


All of a sudden, a violent gust of wind blew over, and the wind pressure being sent out by Anur was becoming more and more powerful. A look of fear could be seen on Sylvia’s face. With such a large radius, it was impossible for her to escape. She stood on the spot in a daze and raised her head to see the storm getting nearer and nearer to her.

Right at that moment, a mechanical Amphiptere charged out from nowhere, and with its chest and helmet region splitting open, it swallowed Sylvia up. The next moment, the cyclone swept over, and the mechanical Amphiptere was swept away.

Sylvia was hidden within the mechanical suit, and apart from being dizzy from the impact, she was safe. After escaping death, she cried out in surprise, “Phillip‽”

“Master asked me to protect you, hum… He said that the cyclone is expanding, hum…”

She then looked up at the sky, and through the field vision of the mechanical suit, she realized that the sky within the protective shield had formed a large cyclone with numerous items being swept up into it. The cyclone was still expanding, and Anur was currently flying in a clockwise direction like a ray of light stirring up the atmosphere.

The protective shield was only so big, and Anur was prepared to go all out and create a cyclone that could fill up the entire protective shield. In a sealed area, his cyclone would be able to very quickly achieve a destructive power capable of flattening the entire place.

In the sky, Anur’s speed was too fast, and neither Han Xiao nor Nagakin could even touch him. Anur could only be bothered with flying in circles, and the other two were completely helpless.

“If we allow him to continue, when the cyclone is completely formed, everything within the protective shield will be destroyed, and even his subordinates will not be spared. Is he treating his subordinates as chess pieces to abandon?”

Nagakin’s tone was heavy. With his experience, he could already foresee the ending. Since they could not catch up to the other party, there was no way for them to stop Anur. If the Noriosse Protector who was watching on the side could help them, they might be able to stop Anur. However, the Protector did not not seem to have any intention of helping.

The battle on the ground quickly shifted away from the center, but there were still many who ended up being swept up and turned into a bloody mess by the violent wind pressure. Many of Han Xiao’s machineries had not been spared. His mechanical beasts struggled helplessly in the storm, and the cannon towers whose foundations were underground had been uprooted in the wind.

Looking in from the outside, it looked as though a grayish cyclone formed of many random objects was expanding rapidly, and the protective shield would occasionally be scratched by the objects in the cyclone, creating sparks in the collision. It was like a spinning washing machine.

The sky was spinning, and the earth was shaking!

In the storm, Han Xiao’s attack armor had long been destroyed, and his Void Dragon mechanical suit was also riddled with holes. All of his energy was diverted toward the mechanical wings and thrusters, and he was only able to barely stabilize himself in the storm. Seeing the situation getting from bad to worse, he knew that if he did not stop Anur, everyone would die for sure.

A Grade A who went all out was far too powerful. Han Xiao had even used [Life Return] once in the battle. However, the mission progress bar had thankfully begun to move. If not, Han Xiao would definitely have been driven mad.

Han Xiao truly looked forward to having such powerful strength. Han Xiao was currently level 116, and he had more than 200,000,000 EXP on the interface. If not for the fact that he had an advancement, he would have to probably use [Life Return] another one or two more times. Currently, the majority of his abilities were useless. After all, DarkStar’s attack was far too sudden, so he did not have much time to prepare. Furthermore, Han Xiao had not had many opportunities or much time to build new machines since his advancement.

Thankfully, I have Ames’ Character Summon Card. Without it, my only option would be to escape. At least I still have a trump card up my sleeves.

Han Xiao made a decision in his heart before shouting out to Nagakin in the communication channel, “What is your most powerful attack?”

“What do you mean?” Nagakin asked with doubt.

“I have a way to make Anur stop. I should be able to restrict him for ten seconds or so. He will not be able to move or use any of his abilities during that time. This is the only chance that we have to severely wound him,” Han Xiao said with a deep voice.

The situation of the battle was ever-changing, and despite them being disadvantaged, Han Xiao remained calm. Even though he had a trump card up his sleeve, the resistance of a Grade A Super was extremely high, and even if Anur did not specialize in defence, it would be impossible for him to destroy his opponent’s combat capability with his damage alone. He had already tried this once on Ember.

Only Nagakin, who was also a Grade A Super, would be able to deal a fatal blow and not waste this precious Dragon Emperor Character Summon Card!

“Ten seconds or so? Are you really able to restrict Anur‽” Nagakin asked with disbelief and thought that he heard incorrectly.

Ten seconds to someone of their level was no longer a ‘chance’ but the difference between life and death!

However, how would the Grade B Black Star be able to restrict a Calamity Grade Super for ten seconds‽

“Just believe me,” Han Xiao replied. Anur was an Esper who specialized in speed. No matter what, it should be impossible for his Strength to exceed 1,800 points, right?

“… Fine.”

Nagakin took a deep breath. Black Star had been able to make Ember retreat and had never disappointed him before. Perhaps Black Star was truly capable of doing so. Nagakin decided to trust Black Star once and immediately began to circulate his energy. His entire body was instantly covered in pugilist flames, and Nagakin seemed to have turned into an inextinguishable ball of golden fire. The storm was unable to extinguish this ball of flames but instead made it grow even more powerful as the wind blew.

He did not need ten seconds. Stopping Anur for a single second was enough. A storm of combo attacks was his most powerful technique, and he was only afraid that it would not hit the enemy.

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes and fixed his gaze on the Wind Demon, which was moving at a high speed. Raising his hand up to target the Wind Demon, Han Xiao concentrated fully.

Victory and defeat would be determined in an instant!

“What is he trying to do?”

Anur also noticed Han Xiao’s actions, and he could still clearly see every detail in the storm.

He did not understand Han Xiao’s actions but was truly surprised at the fact that Han Xiao had been able to survive in the most violent region of the storm until now. For a Grade B Super, Han Xiao’s life force was truly too stubborn.

However, he should be at his limits. Anur then directed his gaze at the periphery of the battlefield. The Protector had also made his move and was currently moving toward Black Star. He seemed to have felt that Black Star was in danger and wanted to take Black Star away. The next instant, Anur understood the intentions of the Noriosse Financial Group.

“Trying to save Black Star because you don’t want to provoke Ames? Humph, fat chance!” Anur sneered coldly and controlled a gust of wind to attack the incoming Protector. After delaying the Protector slightly, Anur’s body charged forward toward Han Xiao, carrying with him a frightening wind pressure capable of destroying a mountain!

Anur wanted to get rid of him right there and then!

“Sh*t!” the Protector gasped. The upper echelons had asked him to intervene in emergencies and prevent the high-grade battle strength of both parties from being killed. He had originally wanted to move Black Star away from the battlefield, but never had he expected Anur to attack Black Star instead. Even with the risk of angering the Protector, Anur wanted to kill Black Star! He was truly fearless!

Right at that moment, a frightening energy signature burst forth from Han Xiao’s body.

The entire atmosphere seemed to have been frozen in place.


A woman’s hand appeared behind Han Xiao and stretched out her palms toward the incoming Anur.

“That’s… Dragon Emperor Ames!”

Nagakin, Anur, and the Protector were dumbfounded!

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