The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 501

Chapter 501 I Have Lost The Ability To Be Fooled

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With Nagakin being freed up, the remaining warriors of DarkStar were quickly taken care of. The protective shield formed a large battle ring where death was the only way out. The surviving mercenaries dragged their injury-riddled bodies and gathered at the center of the battlefield.

Han Xiao took a headcount, and the original hundred or so hired mercenaries had been reduced to less than thirty survivors. With his gaze sweeping past Herlous, Sylvia, the Volgas, and Feidin, he heaved a sigh of relief. At least all of his forces were intact.

The Machinery Army was scattered all over the place, and when he instructed the mercenaries to retrieve the machines, many of them immediately started grumbling.

With the strong winds previously, who knows where your machinery flew to? We just finished a battle, and you cannot go too far and command us!

Despite their complaints, all the mercenaries still followed his orders obediently.

While not everyone witnessed Han Xiao using Ames’ Character Summon Card, respect could clearly be seen in the eyes of the mercenaries who saw it.

Han Xiao picked his ears and looked a little irritated.

These darn mercenaries, complaining when I only asked them to pick some stuff up. Players are still the most professional. As long as I reward them, they enjoy whatever suffering I throw at them. They are so much better than these mercenaries; I truly miss them.

Herlous took a step forward and handed Sherman’s cannon over. “Spoils of war. For you.”

Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled as he held onto the firearm in his hands. After taking a glance at the firearm, he stripped it down and nodded as he observed the internals of the firearm. “This cannon isn’t too bad.”

According to the introduction on the interface, the name of the cannon was the [Triple Core Photon Loop Cannon]. This was a weapon that enjoyed a Cannon Master’s Specialty, and any Cannon Master who equipped the weapon would gain a bonus effect. The blueprint was rare, and having the weapon on hand saved Han Xiao the trouble of gambling for blueprints. Han Xiao would be able to derive the blueprint of the [Triple Core Photon Loop Cannon] from the weapon itself. This cannon came just at the right time as Han Xiao needed a light energy firearm at the moment. While he was not a Cannon Master, he would be able to equip the weapon with his Mechanical Force. It is just that the bonus stats granted would not be comparable to a Cannon Master.

A Cannon Master was a long-ranged damage dealer, and players welcomed Cannon Masters in all dungeons. Cannon Masters were an important part of the traditional triangular formation, which included a main tank, ranged DPS, and crowd control.

Han Xiao had also played the Cannon Master before, and apart from firing cannons, the Cannon Master would fire more cannons. While the DPS of a Cannon Master was acceptable, it was far too singular and lacked variation. Although it was pretty fun to fire cannons all day, one would get bored easily after playing it for a long time. Of the three Mechanic classes, Han Xiao preferred the Machinery Master, which was far more agile.

Stowing the cannon away, Han Xiao looked at Sylvia and saw that she did not have many injuries. However, when he turned around to look at Feidin, he realized that Feidin was covered in blood all over as though he had been through a miserable battle.

“Are you alright?” Han Xiao asked.

Chen Xing immediately became anxious. Recalling Feidin’s usual demeanor, she hurriedly forced out a warm smile. “I… I am alright. It’s just that I met an enemy…”

Sylvia immediately interjected. “That’s right, I personally saw you being defeated, and that enemy was truly much stronger than you. I was worried for your safety, and it is truly great that you are fine. How did you defeat the enemy?”

Chen Xing’s smile froze up immediately. She hated the fact that she could not stuff Sylvia’s mouth up before zipping it up tight. Of all the possible times, you just had to ask me this question now. Aren’t you trying to push me to my death?

An idea suddenly sprouted in her head, and she said with a cough, “Er… I didn’t defeat him. The enemy was a Grade B Super, and I was almost killed by him. You also know that I do not specialize in battles. Thankfully, a sudden typhoon swept us up and separated us, thus saving my life.”

“You are truly lucky.” Sylvia lamented.

No one doubted her words. After all, they all accepted that their luck was not as good as hers.

“That’s right, you are truly lucky,” Han Xiao said as he slapped her heavily on her back, forcing her to cough incessantly as a ‘-1’ damage popped up above her head.

Feeling the pain in her back, Chen Xing suppressed her frustration and forced out a smile. Seeing that Han Xiao did not doubt her words, she heaved a sigh of relief. She was finally able to fool Black Star.

Han Xiao then called for Nagakin, who was by the side, and grabbed onto Chen Xing’s shoulder, not allowing her to escape.

Chen Xing squirmed around uncomfortably and said, “Can you let go of me?”

“Stop acting.” Han Xiao rolled his eyes. “You can’t fool me.”

Chen Xing burst out into cold sweat and tried to look for a loophole in her words. However, she just could not spot any.

She obviously did not make any mistakes!

“You are wrong; I am Feidin.” She tried to explain his doubts away with a smile.

Han Xiao raised an eyebrow and whispered by Chen Xing’s ear, “I’ve said before, if you truly escaped, you wouldn’t want to meet me.”

Chen Xing’s heart pounded.

At this moment, Nagakin walked over and Han Xiao patted Chen Xing on her shoulders with a smile. “Stop struggling. With a Grade A Super here, it’s impossible for you to escape. I don’t think you want to be beaten up by him, right?”

Chen Xing grit her teeth and stopped pretending. “How did you recognize me?”

Upon hearing that, Han Xiao had a face of helplessness. The interface had already exposed her identity, and it would be impossible for him to be fooled even if he wanted to. He could not possibly feign ignorance and play along with her, right? He was also in despair!

Chen Xing no longer had any tricks up her sleeves, and she could not think of a way to escape. Glaring at Han Xiao hatefully, she fantasized about a hundred different ways of how she could torture Han Xiao to death.

Since she had already been discovered, she might as well give up the control of the body. It was better than being forcefully suppressed by others.

Feidin’s consciousness returned, and after doing a couple of stretches, he shook his head with a smile. “I knew that you would be able to recognize me.”

“You are truly lucky. Even after she took control of the body, she did not destroy your consciousness,” Han Xiao said with a tinge of envy. The Luck Glow was truly overpowered.

Feidin chuckled in response. “It is actually pretty enjoyable to communicate with her. I understand her well, and she is also completely aware of my thoughts. We can also understand how the other party thinks…”

“I will have to congratulate you on finding a soul mate. Why don’t you marry her? Then my mission will be complete.”

Han Xiao shook his head and suddenly froze in place.

Wait a minute… it can’t be right? The perfect completion for Feidin’s mission can’t possibly be for him to allow her to attack himself!

Feidin pointed at his head and said helplessly, “I shall not convey how she is scolding you.”

Han Xiao laughed dryly and released his grip, distancing himself from Feidin. He then grabbed Sylvia’s hair to clean his hands. All of a sudden, he did not feel like being too close to Feidin.

While chatting casually, Han Xiao looked at the time, and it was about time for Ember to return. At that moment, Han Xiao noticed a serious problem. While the fight was over, the protective shield was still up and isolating the region. If he was not able to leave, he would not be able to surround Ember according to his plan.

This problem could only be solved by the Noriosse financial group. The protector was definitely watching nearby, and Han Xiao felt that it was necessary for him to have a good conversation with the protector.

Together with Nagakin, Han Xiao found the protector and displayed his intention for the protective shield to be opened. Without even thinking about it, the protector rejected Han Xiao’s request.

“There is still a member of DarkStar alive, and he is rushing back. If you do not open the protective shield, we won’t be able to deal with him,” Nagakin said.

“I know,” the protector replied indifferently. “Thus, I will not open the protective shield before the enemy leaves. All of you can stay here until I have confirmed that this battle is completely over.”

“Are you trying to protect someone from DarkStar‽” Nagakin flew into a rage.

“My responsibility is to protect Noriosse. Should I open up the protective shield so that all of you can continue to destroy the city? I don’t wish to see anyone making trouble on Noriosse. After this incident is over, our financial group will seek compensation from Godora.”

The protector’s eyes narrowed. Since he could not save Anur, he had no choice but to give up. However, that did not mean that he would be on the side of Godora. The protective shield must not be opened no matter what. This was the bottom line of the upper echelons in his financial group. His financial group did not wish to see any other superior fighters of DarkStar perish there.

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