The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 506

Chapter 506 Mass Production Design Onset Of The Disaster

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On Planet Golden Gate of the Garton Star System, the Black Star base was rapidly being constructed as Han Xiao had contracted a professional construction company. In the galaxy era, the efficiency of constructing buildings was extremely high and almost everything was automated. Building a foundation, mixing cement, laying the walls, laying the lines, and so on were all jobs that could be completed quickly. As long as the raw materials were present, the construction team would be able to construct a building identical to the blueprints in a short amount of time.

Ten or so days went by in a flash, and a metal base rose up from the ground. This base was enough to house seventy to eighty thousand people. Its size was sufficiently huge, and its geography was simple. According to the blueprints, the base was separated into a few different sectors. However, the facilities were not up yet, and the base was only an empty shell.

The funds that Han Xiao currently had on hand were pretty abundant, and he did not have to be so restricted. He needed to build a factory assembly line, equip his base with weapons, and build a main system to control the entire base. All of those facilities needed to be built by him, and the main expenditure would come from the resources.

Following which, he had to solve the problem of transportation. Buying a spaceship was far too costly, and he was prepared to strike a deal with some Galactic Travel Agencies. He wanted to rent their spaceships long term. After deducting those expenditures, he would still be left with about two to three million Enas.

The problem with transportation was not urgent, and he would only require it when the players returned. Han Xiao had to first forge an assembly line. The assembly line was a requirement for him to build up an army, and he needed the relevant Advanced Knowledge and High-End Knowledge. Han Xiao had learned the majority of the Advanced Knowledge, and his huge capital allowed him to purchase new High-End Knowledge.

He instantly used a few hundred thousand Enas to buy the High-End Knowledge of the Armed Branch, [Huge Duplex Machinery Technology]. This knowledge was one of the requirements for him to build battleships and other Super large machines. He then followed the knowledge groups in his memory and merged the relevant key blueprint, [Automated Mass Production Plan]. It was not only the blueprint for an assembly line, it was also the core of an army. As long as the raw materials available were sufficient, the assembly line would be able to automatically manufacture the weapons, and it would save Han Xiao both time and effort. The only thing it did not save was money.

The assembly line was a special type of blueprint that could not be constructed on its own. If it was a player who attempted to do so, the player would need to first activate the assembly line blueprint and leave it in the active state before using the blueprint of another machine. This was the process to create a machinery assembly line, and it was like a form of combined skill.

The construction process of every assembly line had some differences. For example, the construction of cavalry and black panthers required a different production process. Thus, the assembly line of every different machine would have to be constructed individually. The raw materials required for every machine were different, and the sheer cost of the raw materials from the assembly line was enough to make a player’s wallet fall into despair. If not, there would not be the saying that the Army Style was the most money burning strategy in the game.

Han Xiao’s current Army Style was merely second-rate with his main focus being low cost. He was truly some distance away from the true Army Style. The main reason was that he did not have too much money to burn in the past. With sufficient funds on hand, he could finally start with his plan to create an army.

After all, the strength of a Mechanic was directly related to their wealth.

The specialty of Han Xiao’s [Ordnance Engineer] subclass was [Military Machinery Enlightenment], and it lowered the cost of building an assembly line while raising the quality of the created product.

Apart from creating a large mechanic army, the other motive of an assembly line was to forge the equipment that players were willing to purchase in bulk. At that time, he would be able to sell that equipment in bulk and use the money earned to create more equipment…

He could then open up a few different outlets with one shop becoming two, two becoming four, four becoming eight, eight becoming a listed company, gathering funds from being a listed company, then selling his stocks, then letting his subsidiary company be listed, then from just collecting interest he could… Cough cough, this was roughly what he meant. Just thinking about it, the Great Mechanic Han felt his mood brighten up.

The higher a machine’s grade, the more complex its assembly line would be. Even with Han Xiao’s current assembly speed, he needed a few days to complete a single assembly line. Thus, it was important for him to carefully consider which assembly lines he should build. After a long period of consideration, Han Xiao decided to place his focus on low grade machines. His level was truly too far ahead of the players, and the low-grade machines to him were just right for the players who were around level 60.

As for the high-grade machines, there was no need to create an assembly line at the moment. Han Xiao was currently level 116, and because of the Noriosse incident, Han Xiao had not had the chance to have an all-round upgrade of his core machines. Building a base was a long-term project, and Han Xiao finally had the time to upgrade his equipment.

Because of the reward from killing Anur, the amount of experience that he had in the interface had increased to 300,000,000. He first upgraded his [Automated Mass Production Plan] to the maximum level to reduce its cost to the minimum. He then gambled to obtain a large variety of low-grade machines and chose a few suitable blueprints to form an assembly line. With his understanding of the Mechanic class and the players, he was certain that the machines produced would definitely be useful.

Constructing an assembly line was a huge project, so before that, he built a main system for the base and got Phillip to manage the base. The very first assembly line that he wanted to set up was an assistant type machine. Allowing an AI like Phillip to operate those assistant type machines would definitely be extremely effective.

Following the blueprint that he had left behind, Phillip began to command more and more assistant type machines to complete the different districts of the base such as new furniture, security doors, equipment, and instruments. Han Xiao no longer needed to personally supervise those tasks.

The preparation for Version 2.0 required everyone to stay in the base for a long period of time. Herlous did not care and trusted that Han Xiao had his plans. As for the others, they cared even less. The Volga brothers and Sylvia were okay with following Han Xiao for anything. Feidin would not leave before suppressing Chen Xing completely. Risda was extremely patient. After waiting for a long time, he was not bothered about this little delay. He also did not mind letting Han Xiao use his body.

Wilsander returned to Floating Dragon, and the only ones left operating on the outside of Floating Dragon were Han Xiao and his crew.

Han Xiao was very clear that Floating Dragon was definitely aware of him constructing a base on the outside. Since Ames had not said anything to him, Han Xiao understood that Ames was silently allowing him to expand the armed forces. This trust that Ames had in him truly made him feel grateful.

Because of the base, Han Xiao’s core members temporarily stopped accepting any new missions, and only the Sunil Division was still active. This piece of news spread through the galaxy very quickly, and the news of Han Xiao constructing a base made many organizations misunderstand something. They all felt that this was a signal.

Does the Dragon Emperor finally want to mimic the other three beyond Grade A Supers and strengthen her armed forces‽

All along, Han Xiao’s ‘Floating Dragon Field Team’ had only existed in name, and few organizations had paid any attention to them. However, this action of his made many organizations and powerhouses fearful as they paid close attention to Han Xiao.

The construction of the base proceeded slowly but steadily.

As time passed, all of the mutation sources that DarkStar had stealthily placed in the planets began to awaken.

“… it’s like this. In two days, there have been over 2,700 violent incidents globally, and over 100,000 people have been affected. This is only the information that we have managed to find out. The intel department has investigated the identities of all those who burst out in violence. They come from all different occupations and are spread all across the different cities. There wasn’t a single sign of violence before the incident took place, and there isn’t any pattern to the violence. Currently, the majority of those who broke out in violence are being detained by the enforcement agencies of the Six Nations and are undergoing investigation.”

A member of the intel department read the report. Bennett sat on the chair with his brows furrowed. He looked a little older than he had two years ago.

After Han Xiao’s departure, Planet Aquamarine had begun to stabilize socially. The Six Nations were resting and had stopped fighting wars with each other. The refugees also had a place to go.

But over the past few days, violence had broken out in many different regions, and the sheer number of these incidents had immediately drawn the attention of the Six Nations and Bennett.

“Sir, we have collated all of the information and noticed something in common…” the intel officer said with an obvious fear in his voice.

“Speak,” Bennett said with a deep voice.

“All of the incidents can be split into three groups with the time of the violence in each group happening within a ten second interval in a few hundred different locations around the world as though they had all come to an agreement beforehand. However, after checking the records, these people did not contact each other in private…”

A solemn look could be seen in Bennett’s eyes. This situation was too unusual!

The intel officer was sweating profusely. “Furthermore, the locations of the events also include a few of our Sanctuaries. Many refugees that we have taken in also broke out in violence.”

“How are the body conditions of these refugees?”

“Their bodies heated up when we detained them, and they are unconscious. The result of the doctor’s check was that their brain activity was far higher than usual, resulting in their organs being overly excited. According to the information from our informants, this is also the same as those who were detained by the Six Nations.”

“All of them fell unconscious?” Bennett said with a tinge of shock and fear. “Is this a kind of virus that can spread?”

“It doesn’t spread to everyone. A small portion of the refugees were awake when they were detained. They were able to clearly describe the entire situation, and their testimonies are shockingly identical. They all said that they felt a sudden outburst of anger and the urge to destroy some items to vent their anger. Our doctors have checked the bodies of these conscious individuals but did not find anything strange. The temperature of their bodies also went back to normal, and it was as though everything was normal. Thus, we have already quarantined these individuals, and they have not shown any signs of violence for the past eighteen hours.”

“Is quarantining them really useful? The groups of people in the three waves of violence are completely different, and the violence took place without any signs at all. If this is truly a virus that cannot be detected, I’m afraid that the number of infected individuals will be…”

Thinking about that, Bennett could not help but take in a breath of cold air with his expression ugly. He had a feeling that this matter was not that simple.

“The war is over, and peace has finally been restored to the world with great difficulty. Why would something like this…”

All of a sudden, he thought of Han Xiao and the prophecy of a calamity that he did not believe. However, the scenario before him was actually extremely similar to Han Xiao’s words!

Could it be that Black Phantom’s words were true‽


Bennett suddenly stood up, pushing his chair over. As he hurriedly put his coat on, he left the room.

“Prepare the plane, I am going to Black Phantom’s Sanctuary Three!”

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