The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 520

Chapter 520 Bell Of Death Island 2

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The dull thud of the headless corpse collapsing onto the ground was like a hammer on their hearts. All the prisoners present were in a state of complete shock!

This disfigured prisoner was a ferocious individual who had killed countless individuals before. He was extremely cruel, and his powerful strength made it such that all the other prisoners dared not provoke him along the way. He was a top expert on Planet Aquamarine. However, to think that he had actually been killed in the blink of an eye without even a chance to fight back!

All of them looked at Han Xiao with shock.

How could there be such a powerful person in the world‽

Upon witnessing this scene, Han Xiao frowned and said with disappointment, “That can’t be right. Do none of you baldies know my name?”

Your name… Black Phantom?

All of the prisoners stared at each other in silence. They had been locked up in prison for too long and truly had not heard of this name before. The prison guards definitely would not reveal any news about the outside to them, and only a small number of prisoners who had been locked up recently had experienced the destruction of the Germinal Organization.

Tyne came out from the crowd and said with a solemn tone, “Black Phantom, real name Han Xiao. A traitor of Germinal Organization and also the key reason behind the Germinal Organization’s destruction. You are the most famous individual who incited war in the past five years and also the person who created the situation of peace in the Six Nations. Furthermore, your strength is above that of all the famed warriors, and you are at the peak of Planet Aquamarine. Your strength is above the three traditional realms, and your strength represents the fourth realm!”

He knew about Han Xiao. However, his knowledge was limited to the news before Han Xiao left the planet.

“At least there is someone with eyes…” Han Xiao then turned around, but before he could say a word, a gasp of shock sounded.

“What‽ Germinal Organization has been destroyed‽”

Shijake had a look of disbelief.

He was an Executive Officer of the Germinal Organization who had been imprisoned for eleven years and one of the leader’s right-hand men. Before he was caught, Germinal Organization had still been at the peak of its strength, and he had always believed that the leader would lead Germinal Organization to completing their goal. However, he never could have imagined that after being locked up for over ten years and finally regaining his freedom, he would hear about the Germinal Organization being destroyed.

Not just him, there were a couple of other prisoners who were extremely shocked.

My goodness, just what happened while we were locked up‽

“Since someone knows me, I shall not bother wasting my breath.” Han Xiao was gratified. His gaze then swept past the prisoners before him, and he found many familiar faces.

In Han Xiao’s previous life, Shijake had returned to Germinal Organization after his escape, which had not been decimated by a nuclear bomb in that timeline. He had created a great deal of trouble during the Mutation Disaster, and in order to fight against Godora, which the Six Nations leaned toward, he had stood on the side of DarkStar.

With Germinal Organization being destroyed, it did not only affect the storyline of Version 1.0 but also affected Version 2.0. Originally, the players in the Germinal Organization had been granted a channel to enter the galaxy, but this path had been cut off by Han Xiao. There was no Germinal Organization camp anymore, and DarkStar had also lost the cannon fodder that they should have had.

Tyne was an important character in the Mutation Disaster of Version 2.0. He had been the first to find the Mutation Source in Han Xiao’s previous life and had been possessed by the mutation source. Because he shared the intense desire that the Mutation Source had for energy, he had not been able to control himself and sucked up energy from wherever he could. This had resulted in the Mutation Source growing rapidly and speeding up the progress of the Mutation Disaster. He had been a large enemy of the players and the main antagonist.

The Mutation Source had a great desire for energy, and while it could move around on its own, its movement speed was too slow. Thus, it would possess a human body to gain a tool to harvest energy. While the Mutation Source was capable of affecting an individual’s actions through hormones, it was not able to control the thoughts and actions of an infected individual. Thus, the Mutation Source was not able to make use of the infected individuals to transfer a large amount of energy over to it.

Apart from the two of them, the other prisoners had also set off storms in Planet Aquamarine and become new targets for the players exterminate.

Han Xiao had gone to Bell of Death Island early just so that he could get rid of this wildcard to ensure that his plans would not be affected. Hiring them was only something that he was doing in passing. The strength of Planet Aquamarine’s Supers could no longer keep up with him, and only a couple of prisoners who had some special traits were worth anything to him. Just like Emerald Grass.

According to his understanding of the prisoners in Bell of Death Island, they were an unruly and untamable bunch, so he did not plan to subdue them with reason. After arriving, Han Xiao had used a large life force radar to scan the place and noticed a large number of living beings moving underground. As such, he had decided to wait at the entrance and catch all the prisoners in one fell swoop. The anti-surveillance device of the Six Nations was full of loopholes and like a weak sheet of paper before his equipment.

“What are your motives?”

The prisoners displayed looks of wariness.

“Don’t talk so much cr*p. A calamity is sweeping over Planet Aquamarine, and every talent is extremely important. I found out the location of the prison from the Six Nations, and I am here to give all of you a chance to redeem yourselves and contribute to society.”

“Impossible! The Six Nations would never reveal the location of this secret prison!” someone cried out.

Han Xiao raised his brows and added, “Oh, the Six Nations are now under my command.”

Everyone was speechless.

How could the Six Nations listen to an individual’s commands? This fellow was definitely trying to scare them. Even if he wanted to brag, he should be more realistic in his bragging. Did he think that they were idiots?

“Who cares about you? This daddy here isn’t interested at all!”

“I am not requesting for aid.” Han Xiao stretched his arms and said emotionlessly, “Taking into account all of your destructive capabilities, in order to prevent the situation from becoming worse, I will not allow those who reject me to leave alive. Thus, you either submit or die.”

“Hehehe… what a braggart. What a frightening threat. However, I am not afraid of you.”

At this moment, a man with a spider tattoo walked out from the crowd without a trace on fear on his face. “Kill me if you have the ability.”

The eyes of the other prisoners lit up. This fellow was Black Spider, who was extremely famous for being difficult to deal with. He has a type of doppelganger Esper ability, and the moment he was killed, he would be revived in a doppelganger hidden somewhere else.

Black Spider had always felt that he had an undying body, so he was extremely arrogant and unafraid of danger.

“It’s you.” Han Xiao nodded. He had dealt with Black Spider before, and this fellow had been sent to Bell of Death Island because of him.

Without waiting for Black Spider to continue acting arrogantly, Han Xiao used his Hila Character Summon Card straight away and launched a mental attack without saying a word.

Black Spider’s body shook, and blood oozed out from his mouth and nose. Collapsing on the ground, he raised his head with great difficulty and said with a malevolent smile, “Hehe, I am an undying being. Just you wait. I will find you again one day, and I will be your eternal nightmare!”

The next moment, he took his last breath and passed away on the spot with a malevolent smile on his face.

Black Spider was not afraid of physical death as his living state was a ball of mental energy. As such, mental attacks were his Achilles heel. In Han Xiao’s previous life, he had died by Hila’s hand, and today, he died due to Hila’s abilities again.

Black Spider did not know that he was truly dead this time.

Even at the point of his death, he had thought that he would still wake up but did not know that his consciousness had already fallen into darkness. It was impossible for him to open his eyes again.

“This is the first time I’ve heard such a request. I destroyed his soul, so he won’t be able to revive again.” Han Xiao shrugged.


Before waiting for the prisoners to react, Han Xiao shot out a couple of compressed orbs, and they opened up into a large silver mechanical palm that was seven to eight meters big.

[G75-Type Claws], a blueprint of the Mechanic Class. A large mechanical arm like this was very commonly used, and it was controlled through the nerves, thus allowing the user to operate it as though it was his own limb. There were many different models, and they all had different configurations. Boosted by a Mechanic’s Mechanical Force, the stats and the might of the claw were not to be underestimated. Apart from being used as a combat ability, it could also be used as a large assistant tool. If a mechanic wanted to build a spaceship, his own two hands would be far too inefficient, and the aid of such machines would be extremely important.

In the past year, Han Xiao had been left with more than enough time to forge equipment and had prepared a large stock of equipment.

The bottom of the mechanical claw suddenly spewed out flames, and it flew out more than a hundred meters before slamming down on an empty plot of land like a palm descending from the heavens.


The earth trembled, and a thick layer of soil and dust was kicked up into the air. A crater in the shape of a palm could also be seen in the ground with cracks expanding out in all directions like a spider web.

The mechanical hand then grabbed a large handful of soil and threw it in front of the prisoners. Apart from the sound of the soil falling onto the ground, a large thud of a heavy object landing could be heard with the smell of blood assaulting their noses. While the prisoners could not see anything apart from the soil, all their faces blanched.

They knew that there was an invisible fellow in their group—the Invisible Demon!

“You can’t escape from my eyes even if you are invisible.” Han Xiao controlled the mechanical arm to float above his head. “Don’t even think about trying your luck.”

Han Xiao had already spotted the presence of the Invisible Demon, which he had not expected to find. The Invisible Demon had fought Han Xiao before and was extremely wary of Han Xiao. Thus, he had planned to make use of the opportunity when Han Xiao’s attention was fixed on the prisoners to discreetly leave. However, he had ended up being crushed by a mechanical palm instead.

With Han Xiao’s current strength, getting rid of the Invisible Demon was as easy as swatting a fly.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was able to wipe out the entire Planet Aquamarine with the strength of a single person!

Those powerful criminals in the eyes of ordinary folks were no more than third rate galactic wanderers in his eyes.

“Alright, alright. Hurry up and give me an answer. My time is very precious.”

Han Xiao snapped his fingers. The Floating Cannon Array instantly surrounded the prisoners, and the fingers on the mechanical claw turned into five large barrels, accumulating energy for an attack.

The prisoners had unreconciled looks on their faces. After finally managing to escape, they had actually met someone powerful enough to send them into despair. They had just come out from the wolf’s den but entered into the tiger’s cave the next moment. With Black Phantom’s strength, even if all of them attacked together, they would surely be wiped out.

The situation was not within their control, and the prisoners had no choice but to swallow their anger and submit. However, not a single one of them willingly submitted, and they were all planning their next move.

Pretend to submit to him and escape when we have the chance. Many prisoners had such a thought.

After doing a headcount, Han Xiao said, “The number of fatalities is fewer than I imagined. Looks like all of you know what the right decision to make is. Follow me back to the Sanctuary. Board the ship.”

Board the ship? What ship? Shouldn’t we be taking a plane?

The crowd was stunned.


The sky then began contorting, and a gigantic spaceship appeared in the clear sky. Han Xiao had arrived there on a spaceship, but it had been in stealth mode. The stealth mode had just been deactivated, and thus, the prisoners were only able to see the gigantic spaceship at that moment. It was akin to a castle floating in space!

The jaws of all the prisoners dropped, and they fell into a daze.

My goodness, the ship that you were referring to is a spaceship‽

While they knew that Han Xiao was extremely powerful, because of their lack of information and preconceived notions, they had thought that Han Xiao was still a member of Planet Aquamarine and had never considered the galaxy. At that moment, the appearance of this spaceship had shattered their world view and was completely out of their expectations!

They originally did not believe that the Six Nations would submit to Han Xiao, but upon witnessing the scene before them, that belief wavered.

All the prisoners no longer had any thoughts of escaping as they boarded the spaceship with bitter expressions. In front of Han Xiao, the ferocious criminals had become docile sheep.

When the final prisoner walked up to Han Xiao’s side, he suddenly stopped by the hatch of the spaceship and looked at Han Xiao with hesitation. “Do you remember me?”

Han Xiao paused for a moment and studied the prisoner before him carefully before gasping. “Hannes‽”

“That’s right.” Hannes laughed bitterly.

“What are you doing here? Bennett and I thought you went missing!” Han Xiao had a face full of shock. He had a hidden mission that had been issued by Hannes called [New Era—Origin], and his job was to dig out the secret behind Planet Aquamarine’s history.

Before Han Xiao left Planet Aquamarine, he had reached the third phase of the mission. However, because of Hannes’ sudden disappearance, there had been no subsequent clue. Since the mission had not failed, Han Xiao had a feeling that Hannes was still alive.

Hannes being locked up in the Bell of Death Island was completely out of Han Xiao’s expectations.

“It’s a long story.” Hannes shook his head helplessly. “I found a shocking secret, and this secret brought me into grave danger. The others are dead, and I am the only one alive.”

Han Xiao frowned and guessed, “Since you were locked up in the Bell of Death Island, is the culprit the Six Nations? You found a secret that they wanted to hide?”

“No.” Hannes shook his head. “While the Six Nations did catch me, I was on the verge of death at that time. They saved my life instead.”

“So, why are you locked up?”

Hannes laughed bitterly. “Perhaps it is because of a dead Godoran beside me.”

“What‽” Han Xiao was stunned. “Why would you meet a Godoran?”

“Sigh, let’s talk on the ship. You already have a spaceship now, and you are truly different from before. Perhaps only you will be able to make use of the clue that I found…”

Hannes clenched his fists with a suppressed fury in his voice.

“My guess is, there is indeed a mastermind behind the war riddled state of Planet Aquamarine, and Godora is the source of the war!”

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