The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 531

Chapter 531 Advancement Virtual Mechanic

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As for how they should deal with Kedan, both Bennett and Hannes still had no idea. Naturally, Han Xiao recognized that Kedan had value and felt that he should be exploited.

Kedan was a Godoran citizen, and the act of kidnapping him had some risks. Thankfully, Kedan was only a member of Colony Planet Gautin, which was in the periphery of society. Sky Ring had taken some effort to bring him over, but according to them, there had been two others present. Since the mission had not been carried out by Han Xiao personally, there would definitely be many loopholes.

There would be some risks in keeping Kedan. Even if he was a sloth who did not work, Godora would still protect their citizens. However, Han Xiao definitely would not let him go so easily. While Kedan’s actions had violated the Godoran law and he would be sentenced when he returned, Godora definitely would not compensate Planet Aquamarine.

However, in a galactic generation, the movement of people from planet to planet was far too rapid. Furthermore, many citizens would not stay in the colonies but take a spaceship to the other Star Systems. The gigantic and complicated distribution of the Godoran population meant that the Public Security Office was laxer in managing them. A member living in one of the periphery colonies being kidnapped was only a small matter, and the local Public Security Office would not have the manpower to give chase into the universe. They would definitely send the matter to their higher ups with the case being handled in an extremely inefficient manner.

As long as Godora could not find the person, this kidnapping incident would be over. After all, it was only an ordinary citizen going missing. It was impossible for Godora to invest a large amount of resources to search for him in the universe. If they were unable to find him after some time, the case would just be closed as an unresolved case. The Sky Ring mercenaries had turned on their anti-tracking devices after boarding the spaceship, and it would be difficult to track them after entering hyperdrive. Thankfully, they were not complete pig like teammates, so Han Xiao was extremely grateful.

“You made me think about my hometown.” Risda voice suddenly sounded in the control room.

“Both filled with desolation, right?” Han Xiao shook his head.

“At least there is still hope.” After saying that, Risda fell silent. He had always been in the BlackLight Stealth and controlling the spaceship but did not like to show himself.

Risda allowed Han Xiao to use his body as Han Xiao pleased and had always been very cooperative. Han Xiao did not let Phillip control the spaceship either. When comparing the ability of the two, Risda was naturally far superior to Phillip as he was an AI lifeform.

The BlackLight Stealth landed in the Sanctuary, and Han Xiao instructed Bennett not to kill Kedan temporarily.

Han Xiao first checked on the progress of the recruitment before checking on Sylvia’s homework. He then returned to his own living quarters to check the mission reward, which he received. He had received more than 8,000,000 experience points, a chance to draw a Random Reward that he did not plan on using yet, two Free Attribute Points, and one Potential Point. A high ranked mission would tend to reward him with attribute points.

The best reward was naturally the Medal of Honor, which provided him with a three percent increase to all attributes.


You have received [Medal of Honor – Seeker of History (A)].


This item was like a Character Summon Card and would immediately take effect on the interface. He still had the Medal of Honor from the Germinal Organization and Sanctuary’s mission. All three medals had the same effects, but the effects could not be stacked. Only when he gathered three Medal of Honors would he be able to exchange them for a special medal that could increase all his attributes by twelve percent. Since he had obtained the third Medal of Honor, Han Xiao immediately changed the medals into the special medal. This was akin to having a permanent buff.

After checking his reward, Han Xiao opened up his attribute interface. It was a good day, and he had finally completed the Energy Training Technique that Harmon had given to him. His Energy Level had broken the 9,000 points barrier, and he had finally entered the next level.


Energy Attribute: [Magnetic] – Increases Machinery Affinity.

Energy [Lv10]: +18 STR, +25 DEX, +28 END, +32 INT, +22 MYS, +3400 Stamina Limit, +25% Machinery Affinity


Just this level of attributes was enough to increase his total Energy Level by a third. The higher his Energy Level, the more significant the bonus.

The Promotion Mission [Energy Secret] had been completed, and the Class Advancement requirement was for him to choose a specialty between large sized machineries, nanotechnologies, or virtual technology. The method of doing so would be to raise the relevant High-End Knowledge to the maximum level.

Between the Armed, Energy, and Control Branch, Han Xiao had not bought [Super Nanometer Force]. However, Han Xiao was planning to choose the Virtual Technology branch, so that did not affect him.

The Virtual Technology branch focused on infiltration and defense. It was extremely powerful in a battle between Mechanics. Basically, it followed the philosophy of ‘what is yours is mine, and what is mine is still mine’. Even if he was not able to infiltrate the other party’s machines, he would be able to stop the other party from infiltrating his own machine.

Furthermore, Virtual Technology also supported the Army Style. The more powerful one’s abilities, the larger the army he could control. He was not the only person in the galaxy who would construct a Mechanic Army, and those who specialized in Virtual Technology would be able to restrict the Army Style to a certain extent.

Of course, Virtual Technology also had its own weaknesses. When facing those not of the Mechanic class, they did not have the strength of those who walked down the path of nanotechnology or large sized machinery. After all, the strengths of the two other paths was extremely obvious. Their combat strength was the priority, and their focus would be to increase the strength of their machines.

In his previous life, Han Xiao had also played the two different paths before. By creating more powerful machines, he only needed to send his machine out, sit back, and relax.

Of course, this was an exaggeration. The Mechanics from these two paths would still have to control the battle; ignoring the battle completely would be the action of a lazy player.

In his previous life, most of the players had chosen these two paths because the path of Virtual Technology was far too difficult to take.

Most importantly, even if the players did not choose the Army Style, those from the large sized machinery and nanotechnology route would have other powerful means. However, the most suitable strategy for those on the Virtual Technology would be the Army Style.

Most players enjoyed the most cost-efficient method of battle. After all, it was not easy for them to earn money, and the Army Style was not something that a poor peasant could play!

Through Han Xiao’s personal experience, the Virtual Technology path was the most useful one. While the strength of the Virtual Technology path was not that obvious, the Virtual Technology path was the most stable in actual battle. There was an advantage when fighting other Mechanics, and it was not too weak when dealing with opponents of other classes. After all, it was still of the Mechanic Class and had its foundations.

Han Xiao did not chase after the highest attribute a single machine could have. What he did not have in quality could be made up for in quantity. With the large market of the players, he was not afraid of the matter of costs. Compared to improving his strengths, Han Xiao preferred to make up for his weaknesses.

As long as he had sufficient experience, he could raise the levels of his blueprints and skills up to an extremely high level. As such, the quality of his machines would not lose out to those from the other two paths.

Besides, there was also a personal reason for him choosing the Virtual Technology path.

After determining his path, Han Xiao threw his Potential Points into the relevant Knowledge, and notifications began popping up on his interface.


You have completed LV 120 Promotion.

END Attribute Boost enhanced. 1 END = 65 Max Health = 75 Stamina


The advancement this time gave me a larger attribute boost to my health. At the very start, the increase was only 5 points. During my first Race Evolution, the increase was 10 points. Now, the increase is actually 15 points. The previous ratio of 1:50 had been increased to 1:65 now.

Han Xiao clenched his fists and took a deep breath. The familiar sense of pain appeared again, but compared to the pain that he had felt when he became a Void Prowler, this pain could only make him frown slightly.


[Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology] reached Lv.5 (max), Class Advancement Succeed!

You have received a new class [Virtual Mechanic Lv.1]. +150 Energy, +3 DEX, +3 END, +6 INT. You have received 6 Free Attribute Points and 1 Potential Point.

You have learned [Professional Machinery Affinity]!

You have learned [Strengthened Smart Defense]!

You have learned [Strengthened Smart Control]!

You have learned [Strengthened Hacking]!

You have learned [Optimized Resource Allocation]!

You have learned [Optimized Mass Production Configuration]!

You have learned [Virtual Technology Essence]!


All his new skills had basically strengthened the skills relating to Virtual Technology. Hacking and virtual defense were the core of this path.

[Strengthened Smart Control] was capable of increasing the attributes of an independent machine, and the skill introduction was: ‘An excellent smart system which increases the efficiency of a machine.’

Both [Optimized Resource Allocation] and [Optimized Mass Production Configuration] were able to increase the efficiency of his assembly line. The former would lower his costs, and the latter would increase his manufacturing speed. The Virtual Technology path would provide a large increase toward the overall productive capacity of an assembly line and was extremely suitable for the Army Style.

[Professional Machinery Affinity] was the core skill of a Mechanic, and it would provide an additional sixty percent Machinery Affinity when raised to the maximum level. [Virtual Technology Essence] gave an additional bonus to all Virtual Technology related skills based on one’s Intelligence and was similar to [Machinery Analytical Comprehension].

Because this was a Class Advancement that determined his class route, he had learned more skills than before. In fact, these skills were even more important than the increase in level. Without any hesitation, Han Xiao immediately raised all the skills up to their maximum levels and obtained the best result.

He had obtained more than 3,000,000,000 experience points from the players, and just raising those skills to their maximum level burnt away more than 1,000,000,000 experience points.

The investment was definitely worth it, and the result was obvious. His combat power had risen by a full 800 Ona, and the boost in combat power that leveling the skills gave him was more than the effect of leveling up.

He still had 2,200,000,000 experience points. At his current level, raising the level of his main class also required a large amount of experience. But similarly, the amount of experience that the players could gain from missions had also increased.

Only Han Xiao would be able to gather such a large amount of experience in such a short period of time.

All of his experience was placed into leveling up, and his main class leveled up four times. While his remaining experience was enough for him to level up once more, Han Xiao did not continue leveling his main class. Instead, he spent his experience points on his [Scholar] subclass, raising it from Lv.5 to its max level, Lv.10. After that, he was left with less than 100,000,000 experience points, which was not enough for him to level up again.

While the experience required to level up a subclass would increase with each level, the amount of experience required would still be less than leveling a main class. The attributes of the [Scholar] subclass were still pretty useful, and Han Xiao gained 50 more Intelligence and 5 more potential points.

His [Virtual Mechanic] class was increased to Lv.5 and gave him an additional 15 Dexterity, 15 Endurance, 30 Intelligence, 30 Free Attribute Points, and 5 Potential Points.

He threw all of his Free Attribute Points into Intelligence as usual.

His energy surged within him, and bearing with the discomfort, Han Xiao checked the change in his attributes.


Level: 130

Main Class: Mechanic

Race: Void Prowler (Human Form)

Attributes: 181 STR, 401 DEX, 361 END, 1110 INT, 124 MYS, 41 CHA, 1 LUK

Free Attribute Points: 0

Potential Points: 49

Health: 37,824

Stamina: 37,995

Energy: 9,770 [Lv.10]

[Lv.10 Energy bonus stats: +71 STR, +97 DEX, +108 END, +122 INT, +77 MYS, +10,920 Stamina Limit, +85% Machinery Affinity]

Power Level: 8,945 Ona

Grade: B+

Remark: You are a powerful galactic Mechanic and an elite among elites. The biggest difference between you and other Grade B Supers is that additional ‘+’.


Heh, this note is truly cheeky.

Level 130, and my power level is close to 9,000 Ona. This means that if I get to level 140 and complete my Promotion, I should be able to enter into the ranks of a Grade A Super and gain the destructive force of a calamity.

Han Xiao ran calculations on his stats in his heart. While his level increased quickly, he did not forget about leveling his skills. Furthermore, the skills that he had leveled up were mostly the skills of his main class. Thus, his advancement rate was about twenty to thirty levels ahead of the players, and his actual combat capability was above the average of his level. In fact, he would be able to sweep aside the majority of the Grade B Supers.

If he faced Ember right now, even if he did not make any preparations beforehand, he would be able to last in a battle against Ember.

Even if he could not win, he would be able to disgust the other party to death.

Especially the amount of Health that he had. Every time he saw this figure, Han Xiao could feel his forehead turn numb. When he was at this level in his previous life, the Health of a Mechanic had been less than 20,000 points. Even the main tanks of the same level would not have as much Health as him!

His [Intermediate Strengthened Life] Molding Talent was truly too ferocious. If he could raise the level of this Molding Talent again, everyone would probably puke blood from just seeing his Health.

Going up from level 130 to level 140 would require a few billion experience points, but the experience that he had harvested from the players was almost all spent. He would still be able to earn around one billion experience points from the players by selling his skills, and he would have to find a new way to harvest the players after that.

With the new version having been out for so many days, the experience points of the players had basically been spent. Han Xiao would have to wait for them to accumulate a new batch of experience points.

It seems like I will still need some time. Han Xiao was already extremely satisfied. At his level, he could not possibly hope to increase twenty levels in one go.

The discomfort that he felt had lasted for more than an hour before finally subsiding. Han Xiao let out a long breath as he felt the sensation of being filled with strength. He was feeling extremely hungry, and only after eating a few dozen energy bars was his hunger slightly sated.

He took off his sweat-drenched shirt and looked down at his well-toned muscles. Following which, he changed into a set of clean clothes before putting on all the compressed orbs again.

Beep beep!

At that moment, his communicator suddenly rang; Herlous was calling.

“If you are calling to show off your new arm, we can end the call here.” Han Xiao raised his brows.

“Nope, it’s something serious this time.” Herlous frowned. “Nagakin had issued a recruitment notice toward the Inhumans, and many Inhumans are crowding over to take a look…”

The way Herlous saw it, the players were all good helpers who could aid Sunil in their catastrophe. However, Godora had actually tried to take a slice of the cake, and Herlous was immediately incensed.

“Oh?” Han Xiao revealed an ‘I knew it’ smile and chuckled. “Hehe, since you are heartless, don’t blame me for being unscrupulous. I shall go and take a look.”

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