The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 532

Chapter 532 Openly Poaching

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At that moment, the Six Nations received a request from Bennett to open a video conference again. With the special status of the Sanctuary, the leaders of the Six Nations placed huge importance on the Sanctuary and took time out of their busy schedules to hold the meeting.

Once all the leaders had come online, they saw a silent, solemn Bennett, and the entire atmosphere immediately became serious. The leaders of the Six Nations were extremely curious about what Bennett wanted to talk to them about.

Not too long later, someone asked, “Bennett, what’s the matter?”

“Everyone, I am going to tell all of you about a lie that we have been living in for the past few decades,” Bennett said slowly, and all the leaders were puzzled. However, as Bennett began to narrate what he had just learned, the faces of all the leaders changed.

In order to verify what he had just said, Hannes brought Kedan over and interrogated him in front of the Six Nations’ leaders. Kedan naturally spilled out everything that he knew without missing a single detail. The leaders listened carefully, and all of their faces turned ashen. The poker faces that they had trained over the past few years were also shattered, and traces of rage could be seen on all of their faces.

“This is the truth of the matter, and the entire planet has been played like a fool. If not for Han Xiao, we would have been kept in the dark forever…” Bennett clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

Han Xiao did not know what was going on in the secret conference room, and Bennett was contacting the Six Nations behind his back. However, apart from keeping Kedan alive, Han Xiao did not have any other requests, so it could be said that he had approved tacitly.

“All of these years, we…” a hoarse voice murmured.

The gazes of the Six Nations were complicated. While this was the truth, they were the final victors of the warring era and did not regret anything that they had done. However, when they thought back to the miserable scene of corpses littering the earth accompanied by the sound of explosions, their hearts were filled with sorrow.

The victors are kings, and losers vilified. There was no point talking about winning or losing, but to think that there was such despicable scum at work behind the scenes. They could not help but feel a sense of desolation that ran deep within their bones. So what if they were the leaders of Planet Aquamarine? To the high-grade civilizations, they were no more than ants fighting each other. Regardless of how heroic they were on the battlefield and whether or not they were the victors, they were still ants.

Despite knowing the truth, they had no way to seek justice.

All of their feelings toward Godora completely changed at that moment. Their rationality was not affected, and they understood that Godora was still a civilization that they had to look up to and rely on to tide through the calamity. However, the thoughts in the depths of their hearts had been changed forever.

Bennett took in a deep breath and solemnly said, “When Black Star was negotiating with all of you the last time, I was standing behind him. In truth, I didn’t agree with his thoughts at that time. However, I finally understand his thoughts now. He has long understood the fact that we will only be toyed with by others if we remain weak. I do not know how sincere all of you were when submitting to him back then, but I feel that all of you should understand our reality right now…”

All the leaders fell silent, and they were suddenly reminded of a scene from not too long ago. After putting in a great deal of effort to put up a grand welcoming ceremony and confirming the landing coordinates with the Godoran disaster relief squad much earlier on, the other party had changed their landing coordinates at the very last moment and thrown them aside for Black Star.

In truth, this was only a small matter, and while the leaders of the Six Nations had been dissatisfied, it was only dissatisfaction. However, together with the truth that Bennett had told them, this ‘small matter’ had a completely different feeling.

We aren’t sufficiently respected after all.

“I will stand beside him forever,” Bennett said with a resolute tone. “If he is disappointed in all of you one day, I will take over your positions as the ruler of the planet. All of you are extremely clear that this has nothing to do with ambition.”

“We understand!”

The leaders of the Six Nations nodded slowly and were extremely clear on the weight of those words. Bennett was not chasing after his ambition but the hope of their civilization.

“Just as Black Star said, he is our only choice. He is the only one who can bring us the future.”

“Don’t worry, we know what to do.”

The leaders of the Six Nations all spoke with sincerity. This time, they truly did not have any other thoughts. With the future of their civilization at stake, they were willing to completely submit to Han Xiao.

It was not the slightest bit forced, and there were no feelings of discomfort in their hearts. The leaders of the Six Nations only felt thankful.

They were thankful that a legendary character like Black Star could appear on Planet Aquamarine, rewriting the history of an entire civilization with the strength of a single person.

The sun was blazing, and the Sanctuary was filled with commotion.

Han Xiao slowly walked toward Nagakin and did not know that Bennett had secretly provided him huge support without him knowing. Not too long ago, Herlous had given him a call and said that Godora was trying to snatch a slice of his cake. He was currently going to see how Nagakin intended to recruit the players.

They do not understand the nature of the players. To them, the players are only special aboriginals. If they use ordinary methods, the players probably won’t respond to them at all… Han Xiao shook his head and snickered. Godora did not understand the habits and thoughts of the players as well as he did.

The Sanctuary had demarcated a region for Godora’s disaster relief squad, and this region was now completely surrounded by the players. The recruitment notice that Godora had issued had attracted a large number of curious players.

“Planet Aquamarine, which all of you are on, belongs to Star Zone 9 of the Garton Star System. The Godoran Civilization is the ruler of the Garton Star System with experts as many as the clouds. We have superior magical technology in our grasp and can come and go in the universe freely…”

Some Godorans were currently explaining the situation of their civilization, aided by various different films. This was Nagakin’s plan. He decided to first let those aboriginals understand the situation of the galaxy and let the other party understand how powerful their Godoran Civilization was. Through displaying their strength, they would be able to paint those Planet Aquamarine Inhumans a clear picture of the galaxy so that they could attract them.

Nagakin observed the recruitment from the side. While his idea was good, and there was nothing wrong with it, the actual situation was completely out of his expectations.

The Inhumans were not the slightest bit curious about the situation of the galaxy and did not have any yearning toward Godora. Instead, they looked slightly bored.

“That’s not right. Why aren’t they interested?” Nagakin was slightly depressed.

The players watching by the side were completely unmoved. While Nagakin’s plan would have been extremely effective against ordinary aboriginals, it was completely useless toward the players.

At least eighty to ninety percent of those present had watched Bun-Hit-Dog’s footage before. Not to mention Godora, they probably understood the majority of the Shattered Star Ring. The information that the Godorans were sharing was no longer anything new to them.

Nagakin was completely puzzled and naturally did not know where the problem lay. After the Godoran spokesperson finished his introduction of their Godoran Civilization, he began describing the strength of their technology and various different magical and technological products. It was obviously with the intention of showing off their strength.

After the players watched for a while, they shook their heads, and the crowd began to disperse.

“So boring, let’s go.”

“What’s so special about all these things. Do you think that we are some country villagers?”

“Cheh. They truly haven’t seen the vastness of the world.”

Seeing this scene, Nagakin and the Godoran spokesperson were dumbfounded. They thought that the Inhumans were aboriginals from a backward planet who had not seen the world, but in the eyes of the players, it was instead these Godorans who had not seen the world.

Trying to fool us with these items. Do you really think we have never seen magic or technology‽

We have seen a floating continent in the universe, and Godora actually showed this to us‽

What a joke!

If Han Xiao was here, he would definitely have burst into laughter.

What’s the use of all these things? You might as well issue them a mission instead. If you don’t take out some benefits, why would the players bother with you?

However, that was only the thought of the majority, and there were still some players who were curious and thought of joining the Godora Faction. It was not because they were attracted by Godora but because they wanted to try and see if they could join two factions.

Nagakin’s recruitment process was different from that of the Black Star Mercenary Group. After all, Godora had their own procedures, and the recruitment process was more complicated.

There were already some players who had begun asking how they could join, but right at that moment, a loud commotion broke out not too far away, and the gazes of the players were immediately drawn to the commotion.

Upon seeing Han Xiao being surrounded by players, all of those players threw Godora aside and rushed over to Han Xiao.

In the eyes of the players, Han Xiao’s appearance was basically tied to the appearance of benefits. Every time he appeared, he would definitely create a commotion, and he had left a deep impression on the players. His popularity was also something that Godora would not be able to compare to.

The Godoran camp had already been quieting down, but it was now completely deserted. The faces of the Godorans all turned dark. Since when had they been treated in such a manner before? They had actually been ignored by a bunch of aboriginals, and many of them were fuming.

Nagakin’s face contorted slightly, and a depressed look could be seen on his face. The scene before him was completely different from what he had expected, and he truly felt the difference in popularity.

“That’s right. Black Star is from this planet, so he should be more popular.”

Nagakin would not give up like that. While the start had been exceptionally poor, he believed that there would be many who were willing to join Godora’s side. After all, Godora was a high-grade civilization, which was not something that an ordinary mercenary group could compare to.

He believed that as long as he continued to explain Godora’s situation to the Inhumans, many of them would make the right choice.

While he was trying to poach players from Black Star, Nagakin did not think that anything was wrong with his actions. After all, the Inhumans were all free to choose. Both of them had the right to recruit the Inhumans, and they were competing on equal grounds. He would not be dissatisfied with Black Star because of this and thus felt that Black Star would not be angry over the matter either.

Seeing Han Xiao appear, Nagakin walked forward with a smile.

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