The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 537

Chapter 537 Raid 2

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The attacks arrived abruptly!

The plasma shells of the ion guns mostly impacted on the golden shield of the Godoran frigate; however, a few of them slipped through the seams between each Godoran shield, falling toward Planet Aquamarine.

The beams got smaller in one’s field of view, some falling into the sea, causing small waves to rise up. Some landed on the ground, blasting out mini mushroom clouds. At least when in outer space, the view was considered small.

“Open the Weiss magic protection shield!” Barette screamed.

The Godoran frigate changed their formation, gathering in the direction of the attack. They shot out golden rays of light, which formed ten gold semi-circular shields in front of the frigate. The shields tightly sealed off any attacks from that direction into Planet Aquamarine.

The next round of ion rays from Nakapu’s fleet quickly arrived, slamming into the protective shields. The ion cannons fired constantly, and the rays appeared like a shower of light, causing the shields to continuously ripple.

“Increase the power output!” Barette’s huge hands were sending out command signals nonstop. “Don’t just be sitting ducks, retaliate! Retaliate! Retaliate!”

The Godoran fleet locked on to their target through their radars and began to launch their own over-the-horizon attacks. They launched beam after beam of golden lasers into the empty space of the universe.

While both sides were unable to see each other, the exchange of green and golden lasers never stopped, intensely firing. If not for the fact that they were warring in a vacuum, the people on Planet Aquamarine would have heard the sounds of battle, akin to the continuous rumble of thunder.

Barette quickly notified his superior and sent the intelligence to Nagakin.

On Planet Aquamarine, the Six Nations had already discovered the confrontation between the two parties through the Natural Satellite and were thoroughly panicking.

While they did not have a clear idea of what DarkStar was, they had learned from Nagakin that they were a strong enemy, even on an interstellar level, that could easily crush them. The Six Nations did not dare dally, immediately beginning the evacuation. The refugees all entered the underground bomb shelters.

In the first wave of attacks, a dozen ion bombs fell on the surface. Most of them landed in the wilderness, with the one landing in a suburb near the Six Nations’ territory. It resembled a bolt of green thunder falling from the sky.


A miniature mushroom shaped cloud shot toward the sky, as a huge crater appeared on the ground. The subsequent shockwave levelled an entire street, leaving only ruins in its wake as dust filled the air.

The evacuation also started to be rushed as the tense atmosphere gave way to panic. While the refugees were still unaware of what was happening, it did not stop them from thinking. With the tightly packed crowd, stampedes broke out. Due to the large number of people present, many of them had also not received the suppressant, and this resulted in the mutation virus triggering, spreading, and causing havoc.

The guards rushed in, but small-scale chaos was everywhere, and it was difficult to manage them at the same time. Bennett had a grave expression as he continuously issued commands, barely stabilizing the situation.

At this point, the players triggered an emergency mission. The mission introduction read, “Planet Aquamarine has encountered an attack from a fleet from outer space! Help is needed to ensure safe evacuation of the refugees!”

Almost every player looked up at that moment, and it was faintly clear that there were rays flashing about in the sky above them.

“Are there battleships outside of Planet Aquamarine attacking us?”

“A pity we can’t even see it properly, d*mn!”

Curiosity was akin to a feather tickling the hearts of all the players present, causing them to feel an itch in their chests. They clearly knew that there was a Super level battle happening in outer space, but the inability to participate or see it in person was just too torturous!

The suppression of the rioting refugees would be left to someone else; it was not within Han Xiao’s consideration. While he had also triggered the same emergency mission as the rest of the players, the experience reward was too small in his opinion. He had no interest in the task and instead opened his communicator, contacting Nagakin.

“How’s the situation?”

“The fleet is currently engaged with DarkStar, but we do not know when the reinforcements will come. I need to return to help them.” In the scene, Nagakin was boarding a spaceship hurriedly, his tone urgent.

“Then I’ll first restrain my troops and wait. Don’t switch off your communicator. We’ll keep in touch.” Han Xiao nodded. With Nagakin and the Godoran fleets in the battle, there was no need for him to join.

He was not surprised that DarkStar had suddenly launched a raid. In fact, he sighed in relief, with the emotion of someone who had been waiting for far too long. Looking at the soldiers beside him, he was not worried at all.

DarkStar would not destroy this planet—this was the crucial intel that Han Xiao had received. Based on the intel, the probability of the enemy landing was not high. Instead, they would choose to attack from space to reduce their losses.

Furthermore, Han Xiao had calculated that there should be a team of DarkStar agents lying in wait on Planet Aquamarine. The other party would definitely be aware of Nagakin’s and his presence. After all, DarkStar was well aware of the importance of information. They would definitely calculate every variable before deciding on the method of attack.

In his previous life, Han Xiao had also experienced such a matter. He was deeply aware that this was the key point and immediately ordered the mercenaries to board the spaceships and travel to the territory of the Six Nations. While the rented spaceships had basic capabilities, they had a shield that they could deploy to resist the falling cannon shells from the sky. The power of the battleship’s ion cannons was no joke. One shot on a human would cause around 2,000 damage even after factoring the damage reduction!

To the current players, a cannon shot would be able to destroy an entire team! Naturally, Han Xiao would not be such a fool to take the blow head on. In this sort of battle, only the pugilist class would dare to streak around unprotected, thanks to their thick skins.

As a result, this would not cause the [Mutation Disaster] mission to drop too much in the overall progress. However, to the players, each visit that the DarkStar made would be a cheat whereby large chunks of their progress bars would disappear for their mission.

DarkStar naturally would not just attack Planet Aquamarine. The rest of the calamity planets were attacked at the same time. While Han Xiao did not have the capacity to aid the other calamity planets, he could at least reduce the losses on Planet Aquamarine, putting a halt to DarkStar’s plan to destroy the disaster relief results. Otherwise, all their previous work would be wasted.

“The Godoran fleet is now resisting the enemies, and Nagakin has also gone up. There’s no one for me to ask about the situation.” Han Xiao rubbed his hands as he stared at the real time image of Nagakin that was being transmitted.

He hoped that Godora would be able to force DarkStar to retreat without him making a move. DarkStar was unaware of his current power, and the longer he hid this trump card of his, the better.

As Nagakin left the atmosphere, he immediately caught sight of the ten golden shields. The Godoran and DarkStar fleets were still exchanging shots over the horizon, and with his experience, he immediately saw that while this method looked intense, it could not restrict both parties.

The ion cannon shots were being forcibly blocked by the shields. Even if one shield was broken, due to the distance, the troops were able to quickly react and send another spaceship to swap and replace the shield. As such, the formation continued to hold steady.

Other than the conventional ship-borne ion guns, most of the other weapons did not have the range, and nuclear energy guided missiles would be blasted apart midway by the ion guns. The technology levels of the Godoran and DarkStar fleets were similar. Without any overwhelmingly powerful weapon, if both sides wanted to cause irreparable damage to the enemy, they had to draw closer.

Beep beep!

Barette linked to Nagakin’s comms channel.

“The shields can’t be maintained forever, and we cannot stay on the receiving side. If this goes on, there will not be any injuries on DarkStar’s side. I’ll draw closer, Nagakin; you will lead the assault and crush them!”

“Don’t take the risk!” Nagakin yelled. “Right now, the situation is to our benefit. As long as we continue this stalemate, DarkStar will eventually retreat.”

“Nonsense! DarkStar’s technological level is about the same as ours, but we have you, and your capabilities are enough to completely topple the enemy. This is the best chance to defeat DarkStar!” Barette shouted into the channel. He was considered a more radical officer, believing that rather than protecting the calamity planets, it would be better if he took the opportunity to attack the armed forces of DarkStar.

Just as Nagakin was about to reply, Barette screamed into the mic.

“Wait a minute… the radar indicates that the enemies are moving backward. DarkStar is retreating‽”

Nakapu’s eyes were narrowed into slits as he stared at the radar screen, his hands folded behind him. His fingers subconsciously rubbed the hem of his clothes as he shook his head. Finally, he opened his mouth to give the command. His tone remained passive throughout, without the slightest emotion.

“Attention, prepare for the transition.”

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