The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 539

Chapter 539 Virtual Intrusion 1

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Nagakin’s spaceship collided with a hundred-meter-long DarkStar spaceship. Violent vibrations shook both ships, and the door in front of Nagakin was slammed open, exposing his entire person into the cosmic environment. The Godoran combat uniform immediately reacted, providing a suitable environment for survival.

Shortly after, a raging golden flame ignited around Nagakin’s body and blasted off behind him, acting as a propeller. Nagakin resembled a golden meteor as he viciously slammed into the outer shell of the DarkStar battleship.

When comparing the size of a hundred-meter-long battleship to a human, it looked like an ant going against an elephant.

However, the strength revealed by this one fist actually left a deep depression right in the tough outer armor of the DarkStar battleship!

A continuous barrage of punches rained down, the shadows of the punches blurring into one. The next second, Nagakin had forcibly created an opening in the DarkStar battleship. A large number of metal fragments burst out, and Nagakin strode into the ship, clad in a golden flame.


The DarkStar ship began to continuously tremor as Nagakin ran rampant within, destroying the DarkStar battleship from the inside. None of the DarkStar warriors present were able to obstruct him, as though he was in an unmanned environment. All the equipment and devices were smashed into smithereens, and in a chain reaction, more and more parts were paralyzed.

Very quickly, Nagakin rushed out again, jumping into his spaceship to leave this battleship, seeking his next target.

Behind him, the battleship that was riddled with holes suddenly exploded, becoming a series of fireworks in the universe!

In such space warfare, the strongest Supers usually acted as the vanguard of their troops, initiating the battle through destroying the insides of the enemy’s battleships. Rarely did both sides collide head on with each other. After all, the danger of attempting to destroy each other’s battleships was too great, and the efficiency could not match that of destroying the battleships internally… Of course, the standard did not include those Beyond Grade A Supers.

The remaining Godoran troops responded to Barette’s commands to retreat and prepared to rejoin the main force. Nakapu was able to quickly perceive the general idea of Barette’s strategy and responded. He split up the strike force once again, with a large portion in pursuit of Barette’s retreating troops to prevent the incident of being pincered by the enemy.

Thus, there were only thirty assault ships left to attack Planet Aquamarine. While Black Star never made a move in the end, Nakapu still calculated his strength into the equation, leaving sufficient troops according to his judgement.

Without the protection of the Godoran fleet, Planet Aquamarine resembled a delicate and frail lady. The thirty DarkStar assault ships entered the atmosphere, spraying cannon fire toward the surface of the planet.


Cluster after cluster of green colored ion cannon rays fell like lightning, constantly bombarding the surface.

Those assault ships did not just fire randomly but rather aimed in the direction of the Six Nations and the Sanctuaries. Their objective was to destroy these sites, spoiling the disaster relief efforts.

Han Xiao had earlier allowed dozens of mercenaries to utilize their spaceships to protect those places. At this time, they opened up their shields, blocking the descending ion cannon rays.


Sounds of explosion rang among the clouds, with the shields of the spaceships being besieged to the point where they could not differentiate night from day. The shields continuously grew weaker.

Many of the refugee players were unable to see the spaceships that were situated at a high altitude, but they were able to see the green ion cannon rays flying over their sanctuaries. The rays streamed down continuously, akin to a deluge of lightning, and the roar from the cannons painted a sign as though an apocalypse was imminent.

This scene gave many players a huge surprise, causing them to burst out in discussion.

“Is this a fleet that’s attacking us‽”

“F*ck, the progress bar of our mission is decreasing. Is it because we’re being attacked!”

“If not for all these spaceships shielding us, I think we would all be blasted to death!”

As for the actual refugees in the Six Nations and the Sanctuaries, they did not possess the natural assurance of safety like the players. Every explosion caused by the ion cannon rays seemed to strike straight into their hearts, scaring them witless. Their faces were white as paper, and they only thought of rushing to escape. The scene was a complete mess.

Han Xiao had already entered his BlackLight Stealth, and the Mercenary Group had also gathered on the battleship. Everyone wore a solemn expression. Now that the Godoran troops had gone in pursuit of the enemy, the remaining enemy battleships had to be dealt with by them.

Having long known that the Godorans were not reliable, Han Xiao had not held many expectations toward them. As such, he did not feel disappointed and only shook his head in response.

“It’s hard to rely on anyone in this day and age. You can only rely on your two hands!” Sylvia observed, speaking hurriedly. “There are thirty small DarkStar assault ships attacking. Based on the current firepower, our shields can still hold for a few minutes. We have to get rid of the enemies in this time, or else the Sanctuaries will suffer huge damage.”

Han Xiao nodded in response. Only his BlackLight Stealth could allow him to go against the enemies, so if he wished to end the battle quickly, he would need to enter their battleships, wreaking havoc from within. However, the firepower of the assault ships was fierce, and to get close, even with his BlackLight Stealth, there was still a certain amount of danger.

Thankfully, I did the Class Advancement for the Virtual Technology route. If the hardware is insufficient, then I shall make it up through the software!

“Ginette, take control of the spaceship. Sylvia, assist as the deputy.”

In order to maintain the combat capability of the mercenaries, Han Xiao decided to let others control the spaceship.

Han Xiao turned and opened an operation panel next to him. A 3D virtual model was generated in front of his eyes, and his fingers danced as he quickly inputted a flood of data. The data flowed like a waterfall, invading the intelligence network of the enemy’s spacecraft through their virtual network. Because of his class [Virtual Mechanic], he was proficient in this aspect of technology since it gave him high skill bonuses.

All Virtual Mechanics possessed a data transmitter that did not require any hardware connections to be able to connect to the intelligence of a spaceship. They could be directly connected to any target system as long as they were within range of the transmitter.

As Han Xiao manipulated the data, he commanded, “Risda, help me crack the firewall!”

Although this should be Phillip’s task, Risda’s processing efficiency was higher than Phillip’s, and the help that he could offer would be greater.

As Han Xiao proceeded with the data invasion, the BlackLight Stealth launched. Due to its powerful engine, the spaceship quickly reached the sky, circling around the thirty DarkStar assault ships as it rained down gunfire.

Boom boom boom!

Numerous lasers hit the shields of the enemy ships but were unable to pierce through.

The assault ships also fired a few potshots in the direction of the BlackLight Stealth, but they were helpless against the high specs of the BlackLight Stealth. The commander saw that there was only one spaceship, and since it could not break through their shields, they allowed it to remain like a fly buzzing around their heads as they concentrated their fire on the ground below.

Through the satellites, the top brass of the Six Nations watched the battle unfold in the sky with bated breath.

Because Godora was not reliable, the last line of defense on Planet Aquamarine was Black Star. However, it looked like he was unable to stop the advance of the enemy. In the underground fortress where the top brass of the Six Nations hid, a sense of despair slowly suffused.

At this point, a shield on one of the assault ships suddenly flickered and vanished. The next moment, the laser of the BlackLight Stealth accurately hit the hull of the ship, piercing through the armor and causing it to explode.


Flames roared toward the sky, and black smoke billowed as the assault ship suddenly lost control. Its tail swayed, ramming into its companion. The DarkStar members in both ships tumbled till they could not differentiate the ground from the sky.

“It hit!”

The top brass of the Six Nations suddenly felt their spirits being renewed!

On the BlackLight Stealth, the virtual interface in front of Han Xiao had changed to a projection of the DarkStar assault ship. This was the one that they had succeeded in destroying.

Han Xiao was controlling the projection, which would feed the response directly back to the assault ship’s main body. He was the one who had turned off the shield generator of the assault ship.


The corners of Han Xiao’s mouth curved up, and he took a look at the interface as messages flowed out repeatedly.


You have used [Virtual Intrusion] on number D065 of the DarkStar assault ship…

Beginning to crack the firewall (Level 3)…

Undergoing first level of authentication…

Authentication passed!


Undergoing second level of authentication….

Authentication passed!


Undergoing third level of authentication….

Authentication passed!


Intrusion successful! You have succeeded in gaining control of the D065 DarkStar assault ship!


Privilege Level: Medium

Data has been sampled!

Backup generation complete!

The next time an intrusion is done to a similar smart machine: +10% Success Rate, +25% Speed.

Your authority has been blocked by the other party’s Virtual Intelligence. Undergoing authentication… Authentication successful!

You have successfully retained your privileges!

Time until next authentication: 16 seconds

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