The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 551

Chapter 551 Ames Curiosity

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After handing the goods over to Haier, Han Xiao said goodbye to the three of them. Leaving the dock, he entered the city district and went straight to the Dragon Emperor’s palace.

For Ames to request a meeting, there are two possible reasons. First would be Aesop and second the expansion of my mercenary group. Er, perhaps it may be because she hasn’t seen me for so long and misses me greatly. Maybe she just wants to take a look at this handsome face of mine.

Along the way, Han Xiao pondered. Ames had never been bothered about any responsibilities and rarely summoned her subordinates. Thus, the chances of it being a serious conversation was slim.

Han Xiao’s eyes suddenly lit up. Right, it’s difficult for me to meet her, so it would be great if I could get another Dragon Emperor Character Summon Card.

The mission of digging out Planet Aquamarine’s history had given him another Random Reward chance. He was not that confident in his luck and had been prepared to save it up to roll several in a single go. However, his plan could not keep up with the changes, and it would be best if he could draw an empty Character Summon Card now.

The previous summoning of the Dragon Emperor had helped him get rid of a Calamity Grade Super, and he would never complain about having too many such trump cards.

Opening the interface, Han Xiao immediately started to roll the random reward.


Randomizing… draw complete.

You received the Random Reward Type: [Talent].


Eh, my luck is pretty good. Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled.

While it was not a Character Summon Card or tool reward, gaining a talent could only be something good for him. Regardless of how trashy a talent was, it would definitely have some use.


Randomizing…. Randomization completed.

Please choose one option from the following:

Tough Spirit Barrier: +20% Willpower Resistance

Flexible Weapon Usage: When using any type of weapon (including but not limited to cold weapons, firearms, mechanical weapons, magical weapons, rare treasures, etc.), +12% base weapon damage.

Haste: Movement Speed and Dodge Rate increase. Effect dependent on DEX attribute and increase no more than 30%.


After looking through the options, he quickly made his choice. He already had [Advanced Mental Toughness], and the effect of it was +35% Psychological Resistance and 30% reduction in negative status from psychological attacks. Furthermore, it was able to lower the Psychological Resistance needed to be immune from negative status. [Tough Spirit Barrier] had an overlapping effect, so its value was less.

[Haste] was not a bad talent. However, only an agility type Super would be able to fully maximize the talent. His own battle style did not rely too much on speed. With [Void Travel], he did not need to worry about dodging, and his mechanical suit was able to give him greater mobility. The majority of the time, he relied on positioning and use cannon towers or protectors.

As a Mechanic, he needed to use his machinery to fully display his strength. Thus, [Flexible Weapon Usage] was the most suitable for him. While a twelve percent bonus was not high, it was not useless either. Damage was just like a man’s height. A single point of it was welcomed, and even a centimeter more was something great.

Most importantly, this talent was different from Machinery Affinity. Only weapons that used Mechanical Force were able to enjoy the buff of Machinery Affinity, and it consumed energy. While the energy consumed was very little, when using the Army Tactic, it was difficult for him to use his own Mechanical Force to sustain all the machines. On the other hand, this talent was able to boost all different weapons.

Han Xiao immediately chose [Flexible Weapon Usage] with a face full of satisfaction.

After all, the talents in Random Reward were more common; it was rare for an uncommon talent to appear and impossible for a Molding Ability to appear. Such an effect was already pretty good.

Talking about Molding Abilities, both of his Molding Abilities, [Intermediate Strengthened Life] and [Steel Body], had been obtained completely by luck. Players were not able to obtain Molding Abilities, and there had been no information on them in his previous life either. However, with regards to Molding Abilities, Han Xiao had some vague ideas.

The easiest way to level up would naturally be [Intermediate Strengthened Life]; that could be achieved by injecting himself with powerful genes. However, there would be risks of his genes mutating, so he did not take such a risk.

Currently, [Intermediate Strengthened Life] gave him additional HP from his Endurance stat at a ratio of 1:30. This was also the reason for his tankiness. If he could upgrade this talent again, his HP would probably be even higher than the bosses at his level. He would probably be able to kill his enemy by drowning them in his blood.

Ames’ Palace was truly majestic. When the guards saw Han Xiao, respect could be seen on their faces, and they all gave way to allow Han Xiao into the hall.

In the large hall, a black throne was floating in midair. Looking around, Han Xiao could not see Ames’ figure at all.


All of a sudden, a light green Force Field gushed forth. It was like a large cluster of transparent green crystals, with the width of the force field being ten meters wide.


The atmosphere in the surroundings was compressed, and explosions could be heard.

Han Xiao’s eyes narrowed. Placing his palms together, six large mechanical hands stretched out and formed a mini protective shield around him. The thrusters on the wrists of these mechanical hands spewed out blue flames, and he blocked the might of the force field!


Both forces collided, and a muffled sound could be heard.

The force field and mechanical hands were equally matched. The mechanical hands then slowly gained the advantage, pressuring the force field to the point it changed shape. The energy of the force field began leaking out and created green waves on the surface of the ground.


The next moment, the force field exploded, and a larger wave shot out in all directions. Like a stone being thrown into a lake, the dust on the ground rippled outward and formed a dust cloud that could reach one’s thighs.

Han Xiao’s hair was blown into a mess, and with a gust of wind blowing in his face, he could not help but squint.

Ames then appeared from a small door by the side of the throne and sat on the throne. She was once again dressed in a long, purple dress with her hair cascading down like a waterfall. Her delicate beauty was like a face that was frozen in time, and not the slightest wrinkles could be seen. Holding her chin with her hand, her sleeves slid down her forearm and revealed her snow-white wrist as she looked at Han Xiao with a smile that did not seem like a smile.

“The first time I saw you, you were almost crushed by my force field. I used the exact same strength previously, and you are now able to block it easily. It has only been two years; the speed of your growth has truly shocked me.”

Ames laughed, and her lazy voice sounded with the unique hoarseness of a lady.

The moment the force field appeared, Han Xiao knew that this was Ames testing him. If it was before he entered the universe, it would have been extremely difficult for him to block such an attack. However, he was able to do so now without any pressure.

Ames’ charisma was too stunning, and Han Xiao could not help but be astounded by her beauty every time he saw her. However, he was extremely experienced and quickly took a look at Ames’ washboard figure. His heart immediately calmed down, and he nodded.

“Lord Dragon Emperor, what did you wish to see me for?”

“Didn’t I say before? You can call me Ames.” Ames’ lips twitched. “Actually, it isn’t much. Recently, Jenny has been protesting against you expanding the Field Team. Let me ask you, what are your thoughts?”

Of the four beyond Grade A Supers in the Shattered Star Ring, Floating Dragon Island was the weakest. With Han Xiao expanding his forces, there were many organizations in Shattered Star Ring that misunderstood his intentions. They felt that the Dragon Emperor wanted to mimic the other three beyond Grade A Supers and expand her own forces to make them an untouchable existence. Ames was not too bothered by their thoughts, and she was not interested in the other organizations.

Originally, she did not care about Han Xiao expanding his mercenary group and silently consented to Han Xiao using her name. Furthermore, she had always given him a great deal of trust.

However, Jenny always complained about this matter, and the reason for her rejection made Ames dumbfounded. Jenny said that Han Xiao’s expansion had resulted in a chain effect, and all the other organizations are trying to show their goodwill and work out their intentions. As a result, her workload was many times greater than before. With the pressure of work being unbearable, she was losing hair every day and felt as though she was aging rapidly. Thus, she strongly opposed Han Xiao’s actions. She even added that if Ames did not want to hire another manager, Ames should not allow Black Star to expand his forces any further.

Thus, Ames wanted to know Han Xiao’s thoughts. She personally did not care about the outcome. If Han Xiao had a reasonable plan, Ames would not mind supporting him. In any case, Aesop, who had been caught by Han Xiao, was currently spending his retirement on Floating Dragon Island, and he would be the best choice to share the workload with Jenny.

Hearing that, Han Xiao was moved.

“Do you remember Aroshia?”

Ames thought for a while. “She is an undying Space Wonder. I saw her on the island before, and even I couldn’t kill her. You were the one who took her away, right?”

“I found millions of Space Wonders with the same special physique as her. Furthermore, they are all full of potential, and it is possible to communicate with them like normal beings.”

“Millions‽” Ames was stunned, and a curious gaze could be seen in her eyes.

“They are from my hometown and appeared a couple of years ago. I have a feeling that they will become a force in the universe that cannot be underestimated. Thus, I want to recruit them early.” Han Xiao did not lie. He understood the players’ potential, and his tone was filled with confidence.

“There is actually something so fun!” Ames said joyfully. “I have to take a look personally.”

Han Xiao’s mouth cramped up, and he immediately felt a headache coming on.

He had dug a hole for himself this time. While bringing Ames with him would be a form of insurance, his return this time was to find an excuse to bring out the mutation source. If Nagakin ended up asking Ames about this, would he not be exposed?

Coughing, Han Xiao tried to persuade her otherwise. “Ames, DarkStar and Godora are fighting again, and the situation in the Garton Star System is pretty complicated. My hometown is part of this mess as well. Why don’t you come after this mess is over?”

“DarkStar again? What’s there to be afraid of?” Ames said with dissatisfaction. “I hate waiting. I will return with your spaceship. If DarkStar dares appear, I will smash them to bits.”

Han Xiao slapped his forehead and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

It seems like DarkStar is in for a ride again.

He truly did not intend to call Ames over this time!

Jenny returned to her office. Taking off her spectacles, she rubbed the bridge of her nose and let out a sigh.

“Dragon Emperor requested a meeting with Black Star, and she is definitely talking to him about the problem of the Field Team. Black Star has her trust, and Ames probably won’t stop his actions. Jeez…”

Thinking about Han Xiao, Jenny could not help but be filled with pent up rage. After her dissatisfaction over the loan the last time, she was filled with enmity toward Han Xiao. After that, despite trying many different methods, she had not been able to reduce Ames’ trust in him.

Now, regardless of how dissatisfied Jenny was, she could only accept the presence of this colleague.

Putting on her spectacles again, Jenny browsed through the many documents before her. Suddenly thinking of something, Jenny took out a document with regards to the Garton Star System.

The Garton Star System hasn’t been calm in recent times, and there are many organizations paying attention to this. According to news on the black market, even organizations more infamous than DarkStar are placing their attention on this matter. This is the hottest topic in recent times.

Black Star is also operating in that region and has been dragged into this incident. As of now, he is standing on Godora’s side. Humph, at least he knows not to enter the fray in the name of Floating Dragon. If not, I wouldn’t let him off!

Jenny snorted coldly.

Since Floating Dragon wanted to maintain neutrality, it would be best for them to stay far away from such a sensitive affair. While she did not like Han Xiao, she did not have the ability to order him around. On the surface, both of them were at the same level and were managing different departments.

Godora and DarkStar are in a chaotic war, and who knows when it will end? In any case, this mess has nothing to do with Floating Dragon and won’t give me any trouble, Jenny thought to herself.

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