The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 559

Chapter 559 Storm. Lock On.

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The following day at dawn, a thunderstorm was raging in the wilderness of the Western Continent.

Dark clouds covered the skies, and rain poured down madly. The sky was beginning to turn bright and darkness was being chased away by the light. The vision of anyone there would be blocked by the thick layer of fog and the merciless pouring rain.

Looking down from the skies, one would be able to see countless beasts roaming around the wilderness in stupefying numbers. There were many different species of beasts, and there were some beasts that were more than ten meters in size. Occasionally, the beasts would tangle with each other, rolling around in the mud as they fought. At the same time, skeletons of beast remains could be seen littered all over the place.

Near the periphery of the group of beasts, a player was currently prone on the peak of the mountain, stealthily overlooking the huge herd of beasts.

His ID was ‘Nine Tail Fox’, and he was a core member of Drizzling Rivers. After accepting the [Mutation Source] mission, he had coincidentally found this herd of beasts.

The herd of beasts stretched across more than ten kilometers, and it was truly a sight to behold. The detector was not able to detect the situation within the basin, so Nine Tail Fox was currently thinking of a plan. It was not realistic for him to even attempt sneaking into the herd of beasts. However, he was a Mechanic and had a small, remote-controlled unmanned drone that he had bought from the Six Nations.

“If the target is within the herd of beasts, it’ll be a huge waste if I miss it. Isn’t it just a remote-controlled drone? So what if I lose it! I shall gamble!”

Nine Tail Fox took out a small remote-controlled drone and tied the detector onto the body of the drone. The drone then flew up thirty meters and entered the herd of beasts.

The rain was a natural concealment, and the beasts on the outer rim did not notice the drone flying over their heads.

The drone slowly infiltrated the herd of beasts, and after flying for a while, a gluey, black substance struck the drone like a cannon. The drone was instantly knocked out of the sky and fell into a puddle of muddy water.


The next moment, the black substance tangled up the drone and rapidly contracted, crushing the drone into smithereens. The detector, which was not able to complete its lock on, was also crushed together.

The black Mutation Source walked out from the herd of beasts, and the beasts around this black figure did not seem to see it. At the same time, the drone was absorbed into the thigh of the black figure as it walked past the drone.

“It was destroyed by something?”

Doubt plastered Nine Tail Fox’s face. His control panel displayed a black screen. When the drone was knocked out of the sky, the image from the drone had been cut off. Just when he was pondering over what had happened, the disorganized beasts suddenly stood up in unison and looked in the direction of Nine Tail Fox.

Their growls sounded like thunder!

“My goodness! I’ve been found!”

Nine Tail Fox was momentarily startled before immediately turning around to run. A black bolt of lightning flashed past and blocked his way.

“What is this? Why is it so fast?” Nine Tail Fox was shocked. The black figure in front of him had a human-like physique and a well-built figure. His entire body was completely black like ink, with his skin being slightly reflective, and not a single strand of hair could be seen on it. At first glance, Nine Tail Fox thought that this was a wax figurine of some important character.

I am at level 62, but I actually can’t even see this monster’s movements clearly? Nine Tail Fox was shocked and immediately threw out a Detect.


Mutation Source: Half Mature (Red Name)

Level: ?

Type: ?

Danger scale: Fatally Dangerous

Note: Target is the source of the [Mutation Disaster] Main Storyline.


Found it!

Nine Tail Fox’s eyes lit up.

However, before he could even react, the Mutation Source shot out a black substance from his arm as though his entire arm was detached. The black substance wrapped around his waist and contracted rapidly the next moment, crushing everything below his waist and dealing more than ten digits of damage to him. His health was instantly reduced by half, and the negative status of being crippled also appeared.

Thankfully, the bodies of the players were special, and they blocked all sense of pain. If not, Nine Tail Fox would have had to join the eunuchs already.

In this life and death moment, Nine Tail Fox did not bother about the Mutation Source’s attacks and threw out a spare detector.

One would be able to carry out the mission by buying a single detector, but Han Xiao did not limit the number of detectors that the players could buy. The detector could be damaged, and a small portion of players had bought more than one detector. Coincidentally, Nine Tail Fox was one of those players!

The next moment, his health was depleted, and Nine Tail Fox let out a crazed burst of laughter before he turned into a ball of white light.

“Hahaha, this daddy here got the top prize!”

As long as he completed the mission, so what if he died once?

The Mutation Source retracted his arm and seemed to be puzzled about why there was no corpse. The Mutation Source then stood where Nine Tail Fox had disappeared and fell into a daze. As for the detector that was buried in the mud, it was completely ignored by him.

In the mud, the numbers on the detector shot up, and they finally broke the limit. This electromagnetic current was then sent out wirelessly.

At the same time, all the players on Planet Aquamarine received a notification on their interface.


[Mutation Source] has ended.

Mission completed by Nine Tail Fox.


All around the world, many players were dumbfounded.

“This… it has only been a day, but the mission is over‽”

“Who is Nine Tail Fox?”

“I know him. He’s a core member of Drizzling Rivers.”

The players broke out in fervent discussion. The end of the mission was truly too abrupt, and the others did not even get a consolation prize. The speed at which their dreams had shattered was too frightening.

However, they had only paid a small price, so the players were not too disappointed. They were only extremely envious of Nine Tail Fox.

Drizzling Rivers immediately questioned Nine Tail Fox and issued a guild notice of the Mutation Source’s coordinates. With the mission being over, the coordinates were not important anymore. To a guild, announcing this piece of unimportant information to everyone was the best way to earn goodwill.

All the players began to flock toward the basin. While they had failed the mission, according to the mission introduction, there would definitely be a part two to the quest. None of them were willing to miss out on this.

The players on the other continents were extremely helpless. It was not possible for them to cross over the ocean in such a short amount of time. However, those on the Western Continent could seize the advantage.

All the players took out their mobility equipment or sprinted toward the basin. Very quickly, a few hundred players were gathered around the basin, and they all kept their distance from the herd of beasts.

Among the spectating players, there were quite a few players who were from guilds. The guild leader of Guild of Gods, Jupiter, was also present.

“Guild Leader, what should we do next? Should we attack the herd of beasts?” a member of the Guild of Gods asked.

“After finding the Mutation Source,” Jupiter replied, “a battle will definitely follow. We should have the chance to participate in the storyline as well and will probably gain progress on the Main Storyline Mission.”

Looking at the players in the surrounding, Jupiter decided to organize them into groups and shouted for their attention.

“Everyone, this is probably the Boss of the Mutation Disaster Storyline. All of you have seen that the number of enemies is immense, and a single guild won’t be enough. It would be best for us to work together and not rashly provoke the herd of beasts. We should wait for more people to join us…”

There was nothing wrong with those words. In the face of the endless number of beasts before them, the numbers that they had were far from sufficient. All the players understood this and nodded in agreement upon hearing those words.

At that moment, before Jupiter could even finish his proposal, a loud swooshing sound was heard from the sky.


The few hundred players by the basin subconsciously looked up and saw the BlackLight Stealth slice through the sky and hover above the basin.

“That’s… that’s Black Star!”

The few hundred players were shocked.

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