The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 560

Chapter 560 Boss Mission

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The hatch of the BlackLight Stealth opened, and Han Xiao, clad in a black windbreaker, appeared in front of everyone. Due to the distance, he appeared like a little black dot, not unlike an ant.

Han Xiao’s body flashed, and the players only saw a black dot fly right into the middle of the beast horde.


The next instant, the center of the beast horde exploded outward in a shock wave, raising a wave of muddy black soil. The rain around turned into mist.

The dozens of beasts clustered at his landing point were blown away, tossed hundreds of meters outward, slamming into other beasts.

Boom boom boom!

The beasts fell to the ground one after another, rolling about on the earth, sporting bedraggled looks.

The four giant mechanical hands interlocked with each other, fingers opened and palms facing down. From afar, it looked like a golden lotus, and Han Xiao was standing on top of said golden lotus.

The ground was blasted full of craters, and Han Xiao’s surroundings turned into a no-man’s land.

The surrounding beasts immediately snarled toward Han Xiao, the breath released by their noses appearing like smoke in the cold rainy weather. Their claws and hooves struck the ground repeatedly, but none of them dared pounce forward. They could only express their dissatisfaction to this unwelcome guest.

“It’s only been a few minutes. He came really fast!”

“There’s indeed a sequel to this Storyline. Black Star is personally going into battle!”

The players received a boost to their morale. Ever since Black Star returned, the number of times that he had actually stepped up personally was too small—just how strong had he become? This was the greatest suspicion in the hearts of the players. Many of them immediately opened up their video recording function, wanting to broadcast it to the forums for the benefit of the masses.

The thousands of players who were unable to personally be there on scene observed through the forums. Countless eyes were concentrated on Han Xiao, anxious and expectantly looking at his every move.

“I’ve finally found you. To think that you had assembled a body… huh, why do you look so familiar?”

Han Xiao’s gaze extended past all the beasts, locking onto the physical body of the Mutation Source. His face displayed some shock, as he found that the appearance of the mutation source was a little familiar, as though he had seen it before.

His thoughts spun. Those facial expressions, those eyebrows, that physique… why did they looked like the screwed up Germinal Organization Leader? He was probably imagining things.

“I know you…” The Mutation Source opened its mouth, speaking slowly. Its tone was strange, very foreign sounding.

Being able to manipulate the infected was the instinct and nature of the Mutation Source, similar to how a normal person could move their limbs. Having matured to this point, the Mutation Source could gather the infected with a purpose, and all the beasts surrounding it were its ‘army’.

The Mutation Source had its own independent thoughts and was able to perceive the surroundings through the sensory organs of every infected. With most of the refugees of the shelter often coming across Han Xiao, it was not surprising that the Mutation Source could recognize him.

“Woah, you can even talk!” Han Xiao was overjoyed.

“A part of my senses… they are dulled… was it done by you? Why… why do you wish to hurt me?”

The talking of the Mutation Source was intermittent. With the suppression device from Godora in effect, a large portion of the infected in the area were unable to be controlled, nullifying its ability. This was akin to the paralysis of one’s limbs, making it less ‘flexible’ than before. As such, it had become dull and harder to manipulate.

In its thoughts, those who robbed it of its sensory organs were all its enemies, but it felt a little wronged. It was merely moving in accordance to how nature dictated it to behave and did not understand why there were people trying to hurt it.

Han Xiao flashed forward, quick as lightning, and slammed his fist into the head of the Mutation Source. He was not interested in answering its questions. The Mutation Source had to be eradicated, and thus, there was no need for pleasantries with it.

At the point of contact, mechanical components unfolded along his arm. His fist turned into an alloyed fist that was more than a meter large, bursting with blue electric sparks.

The fist connected with the target, and at the nexus, a ring of water was blasted outward.


The features of the Mutation Source were smashed flat, and akin to a baseball being hit during the home run, it flew far outward.


The next moment, the Mutation Source decisively infused every beast with the feeling of anger, and the eyes of every beast present turned bloodshot as they went on a rampage!

Taking advantage of this short period of respite, Han Xiao took a glance on interface that provided the enemy’s data. His eyes narrowed.

The Mutation Source is only half-mature and is poles apart from its final form. Its attributes have been completely crushed by me. This is good news, but that guy is considered a special lifeform, and in addition, it possesses a Boss template.

Even though its level is only at 75, its HP has reached 12,000! Furthermore, it still has the similar talents as the storyline in my previous life. This makes it harder to kill….


[Super Cell Proliferation Control]: Able to use energy to increase its cells and recover from damage.

Energy values can be converted into HP with a ratio of 1:10

Recovery rate capped at 50% of total HP/second 1 .


[Efficient Energy Absorption]: When subject to any physical, energy, magical, or other attacks, a portion of the damage offset by the resistance will be converted into energy value.


[Ability—Special Substance Lifeform]: Damage received is reduced by 75%


Those three abilities were the talents of the Mutation Source. They were all Molding Abilities 1 , which gave the Mutation Source extremely tenacious vitality.

The damage done to it previously by the punch was recovered in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, the first talent made its recovery ability frighteningly strong. With enough energy, it could technically recover 6,000 HP in a second!

As for the other two talents, they were meant to provide it with sufficient energy. In theory, if an attack dealt 100 damage, the Mutation Source would only receive 25 damage, and the 75 damage nullified would be added to it as energy. This energy value was fundamentally the lifeline of the Mutation Source.

Converted to HP, the Mutation Source would suffer from 25 damage but would be able to heal 750 HP!

Without the Destruction Serum invented by the Godorans, unless one could deal more than 6,000 damage in a second or kill it in one blow, the Mutation Source was practically unkillable.

Nagakin had mentioned that the serum would be able to insta-kill the Mutation Source, but that was the ideal theoretical outcome of the research. In reality, the Mutation Source would not die just by jabbing it once.

In his previous life, Han Xiao recalled that one injection of the serum would reduce the upper limit of the Mutation Source’s HP by 25%, and the three Molding Abilities would also be weakened by half. This was also equivalent to weakening the Mutation Source.

Taking the previous theoretical 100 damage, the Mutation Source would now receive 62.5 points of damage and have the ability to recover 187.5 points of HP, as well as only up to 25% of its total health per second.

If the serum was injected once more, the Mutation Source would be further weakened, and only during the third injection would the Mutation Source collapse. Han Xiao had always felt that it was a problem with the dosage, but with only one opportunity for the decisive battle, there was no chance for trial and error.

In the future, the Mutation Disaster would become a dungeon released by Godora. However, the serum used would still be a necessary item, with its dosage already fixed. The players were unable to transform it privately.

The dose in Han Xiao’s hand had already been fixed, and it would not be an easy job to change its components.

The moment the Mutation Source was sent flying by Han Xiao, the spectating players also received a Grade B Mission—[Destroy the Source]!

This was the Boss Mission that came with the Main Storyline of the Mutation Disaster. This was the decisive mission and had appeared a whole year earlier compared to Han Xiao’s previous lifetime.

Similarly, it was Han Xiao who had triggered his mission.

The base reward of the mission [Destroy the Source] would be 800,000 experience. The mission requirements were simple—to deal with the Mutation Source and its beast horde. The more beasts that were killed, the higher the evaluation, and thus the chance of obtaining an extra reward.

As for the character that killed the Mutation Source, they would receive the highest rating. The mission introduction mentioned this point but did not state the corresponding reward.

However, Han Xiao was aware that, because only one person could achieve this, the reward was extremely generous. One of the rewards was actually the chance to obtain two of the skills or talents of the Mutation Source.

In his previous lifetime, the various guilds had fought against each other openly and secretly, all aiming for the final hit. Finally, it was Dynasty’s King Admiral who had taken its head.

However, Han Xiao could only apologize in advance to King Admiral.

The last hit reward was something that he had to get!

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