The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 567

Chapter 567 The Endless Potential Of Selling Intelligence

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Han Xiao received from his communicator that Risda had successfully infiltrated the AI system of a DarkStar mothership. By making use of the authority that he had obtained, he was currently breaking into DarkStar’s database. With Risda’s abilities, as long as he could infiltrate the AI system, breaking into the database was a certainty.

As long as Risda could infiltrate the bottommost layer of the database, Risda would be able to replace the AI system of the mothership. When the other motherships exchanged information with this particular mothership, all of their coordinates would be exposed. Currently, only the coordinates of this particular mothership were exposed.

The extremely concealed DarkStar truly made one feel helpless. They hid in the dark while stirring up trouble with their mothership base moving around. Han Xiao was not aware of their exact location, and before Risda’s appearance, Han Xiao did not have many ideas.

This was an idea that he had thought of after working together with Risda to deal with the sudden ambush on Planet Aquamarine previously. It was a feasible plan, and after some estimates, Han Xiao had arrived at a conclusion that excited him. This might be a way for him to take care of DarkStar for good and was extremely enticing.

Because he had set himself against DarkStar time and time again, DarkStar’s enmity toward him would only continue to deepen, and it was a matter of time before they dealt with him.

Han Xiao would not have been afraid if he was alone. After all, during his previous life, it was an extremely common thing for him to be chased all around. While he would be perfectly safe, his comrades would be in danger. His foundations were still weak, and it would be extremely easy for DarkStar to destroy them.

With such a dangerous enemy, Han Xiao definitely would not let go of a chance to eradicate them. Even if he would not be able to activate a future mission, he would get rid of DarkStar at the first opportunity. Missions were endless in the galaxy, and it was more important for him to get rid of his enemies.

He needed Godora’s help for this, and Godora would not let go of such a chance either.

With that thought in mind, Han Xiao left the room and went to the Godoran camp to find Nagakin.

“Black Star, you’re here.”

In the Godoran camp, the Godoran troops were currently packing up their items and moving them all onto the spaceship. The entire camp was bustling with activity, and Nagakin was supervising them from the side. Seeing Han Xiao arrive, Nagakin walked forward with a smile. It was obvious that he was in a good mood.

“Are you guys preparing to leave?” Han Xiao looked around.

Nagakin nodded with a face full of smiles and slapped Han Xiao on the back. “Yes, with the problem on Planet Aquamarine having been resolved, our mission is over. Our fleet and disaster relief squad will leave today.

“I still have to thank you. The higher ups are very satisfied with my efficiency and hinted that they will promote me after everything is over. This is all due to you.”

His current Favorability with Han Xiao was over sixty points, and he had also hopped on a free ride with Han Xiao’s contributions.

Han Xiao looked around before bringing Nagakin to a more concealed spot and saying softly, “I have some new intelligence. You will definitely be extremely interested in this. Help me contact the upper echelons of the War Bureau.”

More benefits‽ Nagakin’s eyes lit up.

“Drop me some hints so that I can describe it to the higher ups.” Nagakin also suppressed his voice but had an expectant look on his face. Black Star was like a treasure trove to him. As long as he worked together with Black Star, he would definitely be able to gain benefits.

Looking at the way that Nagakin was acting, Han Xiao’s face twitched slightly. Nagakin would not reveal his prestige and might when he was in front of Han Xiao. With the level of Favorability increasing, Nagakin would reveal his true character when they were in private. While being committed to his mission, he did not conceal his desire to go up the ranks. The image of a Calamity Grade expert in his mind collapsed completely.

Grade B formed the middle rung in the galaxy, and the Calamity Grade belonged to the upper rung. The War Bureau naturally attached great importance to Nagakin. However, the population of Godora was far too big, and there were still more than ten Calamity Grade experts. All of them were like imperial experts and the royal guard. Thus, Nagakin still had to face some competition.

“My intelligence this time is about DarkStar,” Han Xiao said with a mysterious tone.

“What about them?”

“Their location,” Han Xiao said briefly.

Nagakin’s eyes widened in shock, and his breathing became heavy. He naturally understood the significance of those words.

“I need to ask you solemnly. You aren’t lying to me, right?”

“I would lie to anyone but you.” Han Xiao rolled his eyes.

“Follow me. I will inform the upper echelons immediately.”

The both of them then walked into a secret meeting room and locked the door. Without saying another word, Nagakin took out his communicator to contact the higher ups.

The call went through, and the secretary of the War Bureau head appeared.

“Nagakin, the director-general is currently in a meeting. This is a meeting that the highest leader called. Wait until after the meeting if you have something.”

The battle on Planet Golden Gate had just ended, and the upper echelons of Godora were discussing their follow up plans.

“I have something urgent!” Nagakin said.

“Then tell me first. I will pass the message to the director-general after the meeting.”

“Tell him to forget about the meeting. It is a really big intelligence!” Nagakin’s voice was filled with agitation. “Black Star has DarkStar’s location!”

The expression of the secretary changed drastically, and he yelped, “Don’t hang up!” before running toward the conference room. The conference room was filled with many people, with some being present physically and others just projections. They all turned to look at the secretary with doubtful expressions.

The secretary hurried over to the director-general of the War Bureau and explained the situation briefly. The eyes of the War Bureau’s director-general widened, and he abruptly stood up. Picking his communicator up, he walked over to the highest leader and explained the situation.

The expression of the highest leader changed slightly, and he immediately bellowed in a deep voice, “The meeting is paused. Those who aren’t called, please go out and rest.”

Those present were all startled. Anyone capable of sitting at that conference table was a leader of an integral departments. Even the lowest ranked officer there was part of a core department that had access to the strategic plans of Godora. If Godora was an empire, this room would consist of the organs of the empire.

Just what would cause the highest leader to stop the meeting and even want some of the upper echelons to leave the room? Just what kind of intelligence was it that even they could not have access to it‽

The majority of the upper echelons left the room, and only the core group of the upper echelons remained. This matter was far too important, and the highest leader only kept his closest aides behind.

“Black Star, I am the highest leader of Godora, Serbia the Fifth.”

Godora was a magical civilization, and their governance structure had the style of a magical planet. They did not rule over the civilization with a federation, and there was no need to talk about having a democratic election.

The highest leader was chosen by the traditions of an ancient monarchy. The superiority that purebloods felt was also because of this tradition. However, Godora did make some changes in this Galactic Civilization era to ensure that the governance structure could keep up with their productive capacity and technological standards. Their highest leader was no longer a lifelong title, and his authority was restricted. Much of his authority had been split up.

The noble families and royal bloodline were not as precious and sacred as in ancient times. The royalty had the majority of their special rights taken away from them, and only their status and honor were left behind. This was something that the Godoran citizens who had seen the many different ruling systems of the galaxy could barely accept. As a Galactic Civilization, the intelligence of their citizens was directly correlated to the progression of their civilization. Even if they had to go against their traditions, they had to continuously improve.

The moment their progression fell behind, it would be very likely for a change in governance to come about.

In fact, there were many civilizations that were more advanced in technology than ruling system. For example, Harmon’s hometown was a boorish civilization that heavily emphasized combat prowess and did not use much of their brains. However, such a civilization was actually able to construct spaceships!

In the Galactic Civilization era, there were many different kinds of skills and technology. As such, the ruling system of a civilization was no longer as important to the productive capacity of the civilization. Thus, despite the three great civilizations of the galaxy having different ruling systems, their strength was equal.

Facing the highest leader of Godora, Nagakin bowed solemnly. On the other hand, Han Xiao only nodded casually as a greeting. This was the best part about being a mercenary—there was no need to perform any formal salutations.

“This is the third time that we’ve negotiated.” Han Xiao smiled.

The first time was the Mutation Source sample, second about revealing DarkStar’s plan and forming a bridge to the mercenaries. This was the third.

The previous two times, the ones negotiating with him had been the upper echelons of Godora. This time, it was the highest leader talking to him directly.

Without beating about the bush, they went straight to the point. Han Xiao proved that his intelligence was reliable, and Risda’s ability was one that could not be replicated. To Godora, this intelligence was a hundred times more valuable than the Mutation Source. DarkStar was like a parasite to the entire civilization, and Godora yearned for the opportunity to get rid of DarkStar every single day.

Both parties had been fighting for many years, and if they could get rid of DarkStar thoroughly, they would be able to erase one of their biggest enemies. Be it in terms of the conflict between the pure and mixed bloods or their status and security, there would be many benefits.

“This is the third time that our Godora has made a transaction with you. Your intelligence is extremely important. Are you completing this transaction as an individual, or are you representing Floating Dragon?” Serbia The Fifth asked.

“Representing Floating Dragon, I guess,” Han Xiao said. This meant that he was using his status as an assurance, and it was extremely official.

“What do you want?”

Godora would definitely want to obtain the intelligence that he had, and Han Xiao was not planning on holding back his demands.

Narrowing his eyes, Han Xiao slowly said, “Fifty middle sized battleships and one large sized mothership. I don’t want Godora’s models and want pure technological products. Second, I want to gain access to your knowledge bank and allow me to make a copy of a portion of the knowledge. Third, after the matter is over, reveal my contribution to the galaxy. Fourth, I want 20,000,000 Enas.”

Those conditions of his were more than ten times harsher than the previous transaction with the Mutation Source. Every department had a limited budget, and this amount was not at all small. Not too long ago, they had just hired the many mercenary groups, and they were truly burning money too quickly. Serbia the Fifth frowned for a moment and fell silent.

“Okay, we will first pay you 5,000,000 Enas. The rest of the payment and the battleships will be paid after everything is over. At that time, we can allow you to make a copy of five different knowledges. As for announcing your merits, you want to raise your reputation, right? Alright, as long as we are successful, we can make an official announcement.”

Woah, he accepted it without even bothering to bargaining. I should have raised my price. Han Xiao coughed dryly and hesitantly said, “Is it too late to change the price?”

“It’s too late,” Serbia the Fifth said with a darkened expression.

Han Xiao shook his head. This was the largest transaction that he had made to date. While this intelligence was valuable, Godora would have to mobilize their own forces at the end of the day, and it would not be too good for him to extort them. Even if it was an extremely important piece of intelligence, Godora would definitely try and suppress the price and not casually agree to his exorbitant price.

Han Xiao was about to bring the players into the galaxy, and he needed a lot of money for the early stages of his plan. With this new injection, his capital should be enough to last him a long time. If he only considered the cost price of a spaceship, 20,000,000 Enas would be sufficient to purchase a fleet of almost a hundred spaceships.

“Let’s have a pleasant time working together,” Han Xiao said.

“Hmm, we will await the good news. Nagakin, stay behind on Planet Aquamarine for now; you will be in charge of communication.”

“Yes.” Nagakin nodded.

A few days after the assault on Planet Golden Gate, in some corner of the Garton Star System, a fleet of DarkStar battleships was moving at high speed.

This fleet was currently on their way to Planet Aquamarine, and Degulish was the commander of the fleet. Ember was also part of the squad together with a high ranked officer named Terry. There was a total of three Calamity Grade Supers present in the squad. In order to get rid of Black Star, Degulish had sent out more than half of their high-end combat force.

With their ambush on Planet Golden Gate failing, the leader of DarkStar was only slightly surprised and did not have much of a reaction. He only got Degulish to follow their plan and attack Planet Aquamarine. Currently, DarkStar’s plan had gone completely off-track, and they could only seize every opportunity they had to create losses for Godora. At this moment, their aggro toward Han Xiao was extremely stable.

Taking into account the fact that Black Star had the BlackLight Stealth, which was best at escaping, they knew that they had to force Black Star into a battle if they wanted to kill him. Thus, they had chosen to ambush Black Star’s home planet so that Black Star would stay behind and fight.

“We shall wait for Godora’s fleet to leave before attacking Planet Aquamarine. Make use of the space disruptor to cover the atmosphere of Planet Aquamarine. While it won’t be useful in dealing with the BlackLight Stealth, we will be able to prolong the time needed to open up a space channel to Planet Aquamarine and prevent reinforcements from the other calamity planets. I have already checked. Ames left the Garton Star System a few days ago, and Black Star’s backer isn’t around.

“Ember will lead a portion of our forces as the spear head, and the rest of us will hide. We will only make our appearance after Ember ties Black Star down. We cannot reveal all of our strength, or we will scare Black Star away.”

Degulish had a solemn expression.

Terry did not voice any disagreements.

“I will not make the same mistake that I did in Noriosse,” Ember said coldly. “My ability is capable of massacring the commoners. As long as he cares, I will be able to force him to fight me. You’d all better appear quickly. If not, I may end up massacring the whole of Planet Aquamarine.”

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