The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 569

Chapter 569 Army Appear

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Han Xiao immediately activated Void Travel, and his figure appeared before Ember. He did not have enough time to put on his mechanical suit but sent a kick toward Ember’s crotch.


How despicable! Ember’s face turned ashen. His little brother was almost kicked, but he quickly blocked the attack. Han Xiao was not able to cause much damage without his mechanical suit, but he managed to cut off Ember’s Esper ability.

Only then did Han Xiao have time to put on his mechanical suit. Turning around to take a look, he realized that Hila had lost her leg, and Aurora had lost an arm.

A brilliant golden light then burst forth from Aurora’s palms and swallowed Hila up. Hila’s leg then grew back out rapidly. Only after doing so did Aurora regrow her own arm.

Hila immediately grabbed Aurora and continued to escape. The previous attack had allowed her to understand the difference in strength. She knew that she would only be a burden to Han Xiao if she stayed behind.

What a frightening ability. To think that he has always been dealing with such dangerous enemies…

A look of anxiousness could be seen on her face.

With both the sisters being safe, Han Xiao heaved a sigh of relief.

Thankfully, Aurora is able to regrow broken limbs. It seems like her strength has grown.

Hila and Aurora’s abilities complemented each other. While they were currently weak, it was not so easy to get rid of them. Back when they were trying to break out of the Germinal Organization’s encirclement, a hole had opened up in Hila’s stomach, but she had still managed to survive with her talent. With Aurora by her side now, it was like carrying a gigantic HP potion.

“Will you be able to block me?”

Ember did not bother chasing the sisters but diverted his attention to Han Xiao. The civilians were only his bait; he had only attacked the others to force Black Star to fight him.

Ten or so black snakes then shot toward Han Xiao like speeding arrows. This was not the first time that he had fought Han Xiao, and he knew that it was not so easy to deal with Han Xiao. Thus, he immediately went all out.

The compressed orbs that Han Xiao always carried with him burst into action, and the Halo Array covered Han Xiao in a protective shield. The black snakes smashed into the shield ferociously, and sparks burst forth from the friction of the collision. The shield glowed brightly and expended a great amount of energy. Han Xiao was forced back by the powerful impact, and two ditches were made from his feet being dragged along the ground.

An open terrain in advantageous to him. He is of a higher grade than me and has better attributes. I will only be able to tie him down. Han Xiao’s face was solemn.

The situation was extremely bad. Ember was only the advance party, and there were still two Calamity Grade Supers and a mothership behind him. This was a force capable of destroying Planet Aquamarine.

The only choice he had was to wait for reinforcements to arrive. If Godora wanted his intelligence, they would certainly show up.

Right at that moment, he activated a mission.


You have triggered an Urgent Mission [Planet Aquamarine’s Crisis]!

Mission Hint: DarkStar has launched a sudden attack on Planet Aquamarine. This planet needs your protection, and you must try to block the enemies.

Mission Requirements: Block the DarkStar forces and protect Planet Aquamarine until the reinforcements appear.

Current destruction: 167/3,000

Failure Condition: Full destruction meter

Mission Reward: 620,000 Experience, +2 Garton Star System Renown, +1,500 Six Nations Favorability


An unexpected event would usually trigger an Urgent Mission. Not just Han Xiao, but all the players on Planet Aquamarine had triggered this Urgent Mission. In the Sanctuary, all the players stopped what they were doing and looked up at the sky with shock. The DarkStar battleships were cutting through the clouds and firing upon the planet.

The protective shield of the second base opened up and the rail guns also revealed themselves. At the same time, the spaceships of the mercenaries also took off into the sky and launched their counterattack.

Why would there be a sudden attack on the planet? The players couldn’t understand why and were extremely puzzled. However, it was more important for them to deal with the enemy and they all got to work quickly.

All of them activated the [Planet Aquamarine’s Crisis] mission but Han Xiao activated another special mission.


You have triggered an Urgent Mission [Assassination Target]!

Mission Hint: Your actions have caused great losses for DarkStar, and the hatred has been accumulating. Finally, DarkStar has found a chance. They sent out three Grade A Officers and decided to kill you.

Mission Requirements: You will be surrounded by three Grade A Supers. Hang in there until reinforcements arrive.

Failure Conditions: Death or escaping from Planet Aquamarine

Mission Reward: 12,100,000 Experience, +30 Garton Star System Renown, +1,000 Godora Favorability, +1 Legendary Point


“Their spaceship is already right at my doorstep, and this is still called an assassination‽” Han Xiao had a strange look on his face.

The mission hint had confirmed Risda’s intelligence.

Through the radar, Han Xiao could clearly observe the situation of the battlefield in the Sanctuary. Everyone was currently working together to fight off the enemies, so there was no need for him to get distracted.

Han Xiao focused all his attention on Ember.

Han Xiao could only rely on the others to deal with the other enemies. He had to block Ember personally; if not, the casualties would be immense.

Dong! Dong!

The black sand continued to smash against his golden shield, and Han Xiao was almost forced into the ground. Han Xiao immediately opened his interface, and without even looking, he put all his accumulated experience into leveling up.

In the past month, he did not push out any new skills or knowledge to the players, and the experience that he had earned was not enough to push him up to level 140. However, in the face of a powerful enemy, every little bit of strength counted. It would be extremely difficult for him to deal with a single Calamity Grade Super, not to mention the fact that there were two more on the way. He had no choice but to convert all his resources into combat capability.

His experience points were used up rapidly.


[Virtual Mechanic] was raised to Lv.11.

+150 Energy, +3 END, +6 INT.

You have received 6 Free Attribute Points and 1 Potential Point.


His accumulated experience was sufficient for him to go up by six levels, and his total level was now 136!

This time, he did not throw his Free Attribute Points into Intelligence. His Intelligence was already more than 1,100 points and was remarkably high already. Ordinarily, he would have added it all to Intelligence for sure. However, he was currently facing the biggest crisis ever, and it was not appropriate for him to increase his Intelligence further.

Han Xiao threw all his points into Endurance to ensure his survival. He was extremely clear that even if he made use of his Mechanic Army, it would be difficult for him to defeat a Calamity Grade Super head on. Furthermore, the other party had three Calamity Grade Supers. All he could do was tank the damage with his body.

The Aurora Character Summon Card in his hands still had a few usages left. Furthermore, the two new Molding Abilities that he had gained from the Mutation Source would serve a great purpose. Under such circumstances, the higher his HP, the more obvious the effect of those trump cards.

After adding all his points into Endurance, Han Xiao’s health increased by 5,643 points!

His total HP had broken the 40,000 mark!

The higher his level, the bigger the difference. The increase in HP from his six levels was more than the overall HP of a level 60 player.

A warm surge of energy spread out from within his body. Han Xiao felt his mind freshen up, and he placed his palms together.


Eight large mechanical arms appeared together and transformed into drills to retaliate.

Han Xiao bent his knees slightly, and the thrusters under his feet spewed out flames at maximum capacity to block off the incoming black tide. He then threw out a large number of compressed orbs, which formed various floating artillery towers. Ember was immediately showered with an endless stream of bullets.

The street was completely flattened by their battle, and Han Xiao did not have the extra energy to be concerned about the exterior region of the Sanctuary. Han Xiao then threw out another two compressed orbs, and the two Oathkeepers that he always carried with him, Warrior and Blaster, appeared beside him.

Boom boom boom!

The two of them were locked in a stalemate.

Ember wanted to control the carbon particles to destroy the interior of the machines. Han Xiao had fallen for this trick before and was prepared to deal with this technique. He let out a large number of Hovering Shield Shuttles and covered his machines with a simple energy shield to block the carbon particles from flowing in.

The two of them were engaged in an intense battle, and it was as though a gigantic black snake was fighting a metal army. Their battlefield shifted around the outer region of the Sanctuary, and destruction followed them wherever they went.

Right at that moment, a golden shooting star like figure shot over from afar and crashed into the black snake beneath Ember’s feet.

Ember’s eyes narrowed, and he hurriedly avoided the incoming golden fist.

Nagakin, who was wreathed in golden flames, landed beside Han Xiao and glared at Ember angrily.

Nagakin’s entrance had temporarily broke the two up.

“Black Star, are you alright?”

“Don’t worry, he won’t be able to harm me. Are the reinforcements here yet?”

Nagakin shook his head with a solemn expression. “I have already informed the War Bureau, and the fleets stationed at the other calamity planets are already rushing over. Originally, they would only take three minutes or so to arrive, but because DarkStar set up a space disrupter outside the atmosphere of the planet, our reinforcements will take more time to get here.”

If the fleet protecting Planet Aquamarine had not been pulled back, they would definitely have been able to survive this short period. However, the War Bureau had placed all their attention on wiping out DarkStar for good. Upon seeing that the calamity on Planet Aquamarine had been resolved, they had followed their original plan and pulled back their forces.

Furthermore, they had thought that the huge victory at Planet Golden Gate would slow DarkStar down slightly; never had they expected DarkStar’s next move to be so swift.

“Thankfully, there is only a single Calamity Grade Super. He is Ember, who massacred millions in Long Arc. I will work together with you and get rid of him quickly.”

Nagakin glared at Ember and was eager to battle.

Ember’s expression turned into one of wariness and anger. The two before him were the ones who had gotten rid of Anur, and this was still fresh in his mind.

With the protective fleet being pulled back, why would Godora leave one of their experts behind?

Ember began to frown. His mission was to tie down Black Star, and he was confident in doing so. However, with Nagakin in the picture, his arms would be tied up.

We will only be able to have some chance of victory when Degulish and Terry arrive. Thankfully, they aren’t aware that we have another two lying in ambush. Perhaps we will be able to get rid of a Godoran powerhouse.

Ember glared at the two coldly with confidence.

Right at this moment, Han Xiao grabbed Nagakin’s arm and said, “Don’t, let me tie him down. You should deal with the assault forces in space. Tell Herlous to take some Inhumans to reinforce the Six Nations. The Sanctuary has the both of us, protective shields, and surface to air weapons. However, the Six Nations are in grave danger and require immediate reinforcements!”

Nagakin was taken aback and frowned. “What do you mean by that? With the two of us joining hands, we will be able to take care of him quickly. Just like we did back in Noriosse.”

“It wouldn’t be so simple.” Han Xiao waved his hands.

He had used the Dragon Emperor Character Summon Card previously to create the opportunity for Nagakin to go all out. This time, he no longer had the Character Summon Card, and they would not be able to get rid of Ember quickly.

Since that was the case, it would be better for him to tie Ember down and get Nagakin to protect the base to minimize losses. In just a short while, the destruction meter had gone up by more than 400 points. They had to immediately stop the assault fleet.

Furthermore, there would be another two Calamity Grade Supers ambushing him later. He would be able to pull open the battlefield and tie down three of the opponent’s experts single-handedly. With Aurora’s Character Summon Card and his Molding Abilities, it would be extremely difficult for the other party to kill him.

However, things would be different if Nagakin was beside him. If the three from DarkStar chose to suddenly surround Nagakin, he would definitely be in danger. Despite Nagakin being a Grade A Pugilist, his skin was not as thick as Han Xiao’s.

“Alright, I shall leave him to you!” Nagakin gritted his teeth and nodded. Since Han Xiao insisted, he could only choose to trust his comrade. He looked at Ember before sprinting toward the base.

Upon seeing that, Ember looked at Han Xiao with a look of mockery.

Mission accomplished! Black Star was baited!

To think that you would actually reject Nagakin’s help and face me alone. You are truly asking for trouble!

When Degulish and Terry arrive, you won’t be able to escape even if you want to!

In his eyes, Han Xiao did not know that there was an ambush.

Ember was secretly delighted. He truly wanted to see what Black Star’s expression would be like when the ambushing troops appeared!

Currently, the Sanctuary was consumed by flames and was in a complete mess. The sound of cannon fire, anxious shrieks, and miserable groans could be heard all around. DarkStar had brought a more direct calamity to the planet. Stopping the Mutation Disaster had resulted in revenge from DarkStar.

Han Xiao took a deep breath and suppressed the frustration in his heart. He ignored the chaos happening in the outside world. He threw everything to do with destruction, casualties, and death out of his head.

Ember stepped on the black current and floated in midair. Looking down on Han Xiao from above, killing intent emanated from his face.

If Black Star was alone, he would not be wary.

“You aren’t at the Calamity Grade yet, right? Without the traps that you set up last time, how will you deal with me?”

Upon hearing that, Han Xiao’s voice sounded from the helmet. “It’s been more than a year since we last fought, but your strength hasn’t increased much. However, I am different from you. Phillip, release all the armies!”

“Roger, hum…”


Since Risda was not around, Phillip was now in charge of piloting the BlackLight Stealth. The BlackLight Stealth weaved through the battlefield between the assault spaceships and mercenaries and appeared above Han Xiao. A few boxes were then ejected from the belly of the spaceship, and the boxes flew toward Han Xiao with the use of thrusters.

Han Xiao’s eyes lit up with a bolt of electricity, and he pointed his right palm toward the sky. Overflowing Mechanical Force burst forward and formed countless lightning whips to connect to all the Army Boxes.

“Army appear!”

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