The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 571

Chapter 571 Is This Guy A Cockroach

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At the same time, the Six Nations were also attacked by the DarkStar spaceships. Without the protection of Han Xiao, the cities were ravaged by the projectiles, with charred corpses lying everywhere in the streets.

The tanks fired toward the spaceships in the sky, the artillery shells bursting out into black smoke as they bombarded the energy shields of the spaceship. However, even an armor-piercing round could not penetrate the shield made from interstellar technology and would only cause a few ripples. The DarkStar spaceships remained unaffected, only leaving behind a cloud of smoke in the area of impact before they turned to fire directly at the tanks.

The laser cannons effortlessly punched through the armor of the tanks, blowing them up from the inside. The tanks were quickly annihilated.

The civilization tiers of both parties were too far apart; the Six Nations had no way to resist.

However, the fighter planes continued to bombard the DarkStar spaceships. Even at the cost of being destroyed, none of the planes chose to retreat. They were akin to moths flying toward the flame in this one-sided battle.

Even though they knew it was impossible to break the defense of the spaceship, the planes still stubbornly launched their suicidal attacks.

The aliens wished to destroy the whole planet, so escaping would not be of any use. There was no path of retreat for them, and this disaster seemed to have awakened the tenacity of the Planet Aquamarine people. The Six Nations swore to guard their homeland till their very last breath.

Even if they knew that this was like a mantis trying to stop a cart, they would still put in all their strength to resist, despite being weak!

As the upper echelons of the Six Nations watched DarkStar ravage the city and the soaring levels of casualties, they felt a sadness within.

The Old Era had been a turbulent time, and because they had experienced countless wars, everyone had long become accustomed to it. However, they had to continuously consume the lives of their soldiers now, letting them die without any means of damaging the enemy. This was the first time that resistance had been futile.

The upper echelons of the Six Nations all had expressions that were as calm as a lake, but their fists were clenched so tight that their knuckles had turned white. In the past few months, they had continuously felt the sorrow of being a backward civilization. It was akin to being a child that continuously got trampled by the adults around it.

At this moment, the reinforcements from the Sanctuary arrived. Many of the players had also been brought over. While the enemies’ spaceships outnumbered the reinforcements, a portion was successfully restrained, allowing the Six Nations to somewhat negate the threat of annihilation.

“Black Star’s men have arrived.” The clenched fists of the upper echelons loosened slightly.

Thank goodness… on this weak, backwater planet like ours, we still have someone like Black Star.

Only through him do we have some form of retaliatory strength.

Above the Sanctuary, there were vastly more DarkStar spaceships. They rained concentrated fire on the protective shield of the Sanctuary. Tremors and rumbling could constantly be felt. With Nagakin’s troops continuously harassing the spaceships, they were unable to focus on breaking the protective shield.

This was especially so for Nagakin, who did not need other means to deal with the spaceships in the atmosphere. Blasts of flames from his body would be able to shatter a spaceship’s energy shield, and a few punches would be enough to decimate the whole ship!

He had a worried expression on the whole time, constantly glancing at the battlefield where Han Xiao was. He had noticed the appearance of Degulish and company, and only then did he realise that their target was Black Star.

Nagakin wanted to turn around and provide assistance to Han Xiao, but the latter had informed him through his communicator that there was no need for assistance. Black Star himself would handle the three Calamity Grade Supers, whilst Nagakin would be in charge of attacking the spaceships.

The guy was mad!

Nagakin did not wish to imagine how Han Xiao was going to entangle with three Calamity Supers. If it was him, it would be equivalent to a death sentence!

Only after Han Xiao told him that he would definitely call upon him if he could not handle it any longer did Nagakin throw away his thoughts of reinforcing him. He had viewed Black Star’s interactions with the upper echelons a few times and knew that this mercenary was extremely practical.

He would never sacrifice himself for a noble cause and would definitely have some assurance before he carried out his plan. Thus, he could only restrain his anxiety even though he did not know how Han Xiao was going to deal with the three of them.

Inside the protective shield, countless residents gazed with expressions of fear at the shield above their heads, which looked like it would shatter at any moment. This was their last line of defense. Everyone was so afraid that they were shaking and praying nonstop.

A portion of the DarkStar spaceships suddenly opened to release ground troops, which bypassed the protective shield to land on the ground. The tens of thousands of players immediately rushed forward to get a kill, and the inserted troops were drowned in the sea of players like pebbles, hardly even making a ripple.

With tens of thousands of Supers, all of whom were immortal, this sort of combat capability scared DarkStar into no longer carrying out a ground attack. The ground combatants of DarkStar all hugged on the doors of the spaceships, refusing to get off.

D*mn, how good it is to be in the air. I’m not going to send myself to my grave!

The DarkStar troops also could not be bothered to deal with those immortals, only focused on laying siege to the city. Because only a few of the players had the privilege of entering spaceships to fight in the aerial battle, the majority could only helplessly crane their necks up to look at the scene. A couple of people who had gotten bored out of their minds had already begun using their recording functions.

However, those people quickly found something else to do and all turned their heads to observe the earth shaking battlefield that Han Xiao was a part of.


Degulish sent a fist through one of the tower shields of the G-1 Steel Army Corps warriors. The pugilist force radiated outward, and the surrounding mechanical warriors were also caught in the impact and blasted off.

Meanwhile, Terry rotated like a gyro, with a killing range of more than a hundred meters in diameter. The mechanical soldiers caught within his range were all cut into pieces.

With another two companions to suppress the firepower, Ember’s black current could finally showcase its killing potential. The black current swept across like a tsunami, swallowing everything in its path. He alone destroyed over two thousand machines on his own.

The attack of three Calamity Grade Supers contained a terrifying destructive power. The number of machines in the mechanical army was reduced by a third in a short period of time. The losses were serious.

To use my current mechanical army to go against three Calamity Grades seems to be a little forced. Han Xiao had a solemn expression.

Those losses, however, were still within his expectations. A Calamity Grade was not that easy to deal with. With his current machines’ performance, he had to sacrifice tens of thousands of cannon fodder before he could grind the energy of a Calamity Grade to zero. He also had to see what sort of ability the opponents had. If it was someone with an AOE skill such as Anur, then the difficulty would rise.

Thankfully, Ember’s ability was better suited to go against carbon-based lifeforms. While it afforded both offense and defense, the consumption of energy was huge. Degulish was a pugilist, and while his single target offense was insanely high, he lacked an AOE skill. As a Mechanical Pugilist, Terry was the same. Thus, the mechanical army had some sort of effect on them, dragging out more time before the three of them could reach him.

However, Han Xiao only managed to dodge for a while before being pounced upon. At close range, he still fell into a passive state.

Degulish and Terry were both good at melee battles, so their offense was like a storm. Han Xiao could only defend. His energy shield was constantly being broken, and the Hovering Shield Shuttle had also been sliced in two. His giant mechanical hands had been blasted into smithereens, and he was only relying on the hardness of his Mechanical suit, with his HP slowly dwindling.

Whenever he commanded his mechanic army to rain fire, Ember would control his black current to withstand the gunfire and allow his teammates to focus on attacking Han Xiao.

The black current separated the mechanical army from Han Xiao, with the army outside and Han Xiao on the inside. While the mechanical army wished to rush inside to aid Han Xiao, they were all repelled by Ember. Because their numbers had dwindled, the pressure on Ember was a lot weaker as well, and he now had the energy to occasionally fire a shot at Han Xiao.

Only the eight Oathkeepers constantly guarded Han Xiao’s side. They assisted in his battle but were broken one by one. The Oathkeepers were elite machines, and under the mechanical bonus given by Han Xiao, they had the ability to fight against a Grade B Super alone. However, this time, the opponent was Calamity Grade, and there were even three of them!


The last Oathkeeper was viciously kicked by Degulish, and its mechanical parts spilled out like intestines. This was closely followed by Degulish grabbing its head and yanking it off, splashing its surroundings with motor oil. There were still a few sparking wires on its neck

“Whatever else you still have, call it all out.” Degulish threw away the Oathkeeper’s head, speaking arrogantly.

The eight Oathkeepers had all collapsed, and Han Xiao was half kneeling on the ground, coughing nonstop. His mechanical suit was quite damaged and was spraying sparks.

In his surroundings was the black current, blocking all his mechanical army through the control of Ember.

Han Xiao took a breath as he checked his status. His HP was still at eighty-two percent, his energy having just returned to full. However, his mechanical suit had sustained quite a bit of damage and was already at eight percent durability, activating its skill [Indestructible Toughness]. This gave him some immunity, but he needed to receive damage to his body to activate [Energy Absorption].

The Void Dragon Mechanical suit was decent equipment, and he had used it for a long time, with it being able to keep up with his promotion in Grades. Han Xiao did not wish to lose this Mechanical suit, and seeing its durability hit rock-bottom, he quickly stowed the suit away, exposing his body to the three Calamity Grades.

Only then did the three of them finally see his face.

“Finally, you are willing to come out from your turtle shell.” The corners of Ember’s mouth curled up.

Once a Mechanic abandoned his mechanical suit and revealed his true body, it meant that he had been forced down the path of no return.

“Stop talking nonsense. Hurry up and kill him.” Terry looked impatient as he shook the metal pieces, turning them into a blade brimming with energy.

At this juncture, Han Xiao suddenly stood up straight. His expression did not have much nervousness, and his composure caused the trio from DarkStar to frown in response.

“Don’t rejoice too early. The battle has only just begun!”

As he spoke, Han Xiao stomped using his foot.


Endless Mechanical Force spread from his feet into his surroundings, akin to a large spider web. It easily bypassed the black current, covering the entire battlefield.

The scraps and broken parts lying around all connected to each other, buzzing with a loud noise.

The next instant, countless metal scraps floated up into the air, and the deformed scraps recovered their original shapes through the Mechanical Force. They were speedily re-constructed into the original mechanical warriors. The destroyed portion of the mechanic army returned.

Within the black current, the eight sets of Oathkeepers stood up once again, and one of them retrieved its head that had been thrown away, reinstalling it on its head with a click.

[Waste Modification]!

The destroyed machines were all repaired once more!

Looking at the eight sets of reformed Oathkeepers, Degulish and the others’ expressions dropped.

“This guy has a lot of tricks!” Terry snorted.

“It’s futile. Without his mechanical suit, he’s dead meat,” Degulish retorted in anger.

Ember coldly glowered. The current strength of the mechanical army had been restored, and the pressure on him sharply increased. He could not afford to attack Han Xiao any longer and could only concentrate on resisting the mechanical army.

Han Xiao’s face had blanched. Using [Waste Modification] on such a large scale was extremely taxing on his energy levels. His filled energy bar had already gone down by half in just a few moments!

The consumption of this skill depended on both the area of coverage and the number of machines. At the same time, it measured through a coefficient of 0.x, where x was a variable. After multiplying everything, that would be equivalent to his energy consumption. The higher the level, the smaller this coefficient would become. Thus, as a Mechanic’s level increased, the cost of [Waste Modification] would naturally become cheaper.


The next second, Degulish and Terry threw themselves forward once again and attacked with the force of a storm, reigniting the battle!

A fist harshly landed on Han Xiao’s body, and the metal alloy blade slashed out wound after wound on his flesh.

Without his mechanical suit bonus, Han Xiao became more passive. He was continuously hit with heavy blows, spilling out mouthfuls of blood. It looked as though he was at his wits’ end. The Calamity Grade Supers’ attacks were powerful, and when landing on his body, they caused thousands of damage per second to him.

However, after beating him up for long period of time, Degulish finally discovered that something was amiss.

Wait a minute!

This guy has spat out so many liters of blood. How is he still so active‽

If Degulish could see Han Xiao’s interface, he would see that his health and energy bars were constantly moving up and down. When the red rose, the blue fell, and when the red fell, the blue rose. While it looked scary, the total amount of HP never dropped less than half.

While Han Xiao looked bedraggled and terribly wounded, in actuality, he was as stable as an old dog without any sense of panic!

Every second he took several thousand points of damage, and with the crazy damage done, his energy bar likewise shot up crazily. While Degulish and Terry had great killing power, it could not keep up with the pace of Han Xiao’s thought commands!

Han Xiao secretly relaxed. After this personal experiment, he finally discovered the tenacity of his vitality. Even the Aurora Character Summon Card that he had prepared in advance did not need to be used any longer!

[Middle Grade Cell Proliferation Control].

[Energy Absorption].

Those two Molding Abilities were just too OP!

Long live ol’ buddy Feidin 1 !

While he was not in mortal danger, he still felt the pain from being beaten up. However, compared to the pain he felt when undergoing his Race Evolution, this was like scratching an itch, almost a sort of massage.

Degulish had beat him up for half a day, his expressions constantly changing from viciousness to surprise, surprise to shock, and finally from shock to dumbfoundedness.

No matter how much strength they put into it, causing Black Star to vomit blood, there was no sign of serious injuries from the other party. He could still run, jump, and open his mouth to trash talk.

Not just Degulish, but even Terry was also stunned.

What the f*ck? This guy is too f*cked up!

Is he a cockroach‽ Why won’t he just die‽


Another blow came, causing Han Xiao to fly back and slam heavily into the ground, creating a crater. Degulish and Terry, however, did not continue attacking. Instead, they stood back, suspicious as to whether they were actually fighting Han Xiao.

“Ah? Why are we not fighting anymore?”

Wiping the blood off the corners of his mouth, Han Xiao stood up once more. His clothes were covered in bloodstains, and after wiping off the dust off his body, he suddenly flashed a smile, as though he was full of energy.

“Are you done? I’m not comfortable enough yet. Put more effort into this. Did you guys not drink your milk?”

Ember’s pupils shrank, and he had an expression of disbelief. He remembered the past when he had first fought with Han Xiao back on Floating Dragon Island. Han Xiao had showcased his incredible healing ability, eventually forcing him to retreat.

At that time, Ember had thought that Han Xiao’s ability definitely had a limit; as long as the lethality was sufficient, it would be enough to wipe him out. At least, he had thought so until then.

However, Han Xiao had merely used his fleshy body to withstand the attacks of two Calamity Grade Supers, and even the earth had been levelled, yet he was still hale and hearty!

At this moment, Ember started to sway.

Could it be… that he was wrong from the start and that this guy’s recovery ability had no limits‽

Then, was he… not an immortal freak that could not be killed‽

Just as the trio stared in shock, from afar came the rumbling of footsteps, as though tens of thousands of troops were marching. Even the ground started to tremor.

They only saw the tens of thousands of players rushing toward Han Xiao with great momentum. Since they could not reach the spaceships in the air, they had decided to join the fun.

While they were all low-grade Supers, with more than 10,000 of them, many of whom had broken past the level 60 mark and achieved their first Race Evolution, they could be considered a group of dancing devils.

“Seeking death. I’ll deal with this group; you think of an idea to get rid of Black Star.”

Ember restrained the fear and shock in his heart, his eyes flashing with a cold glow. He prepared to use his ability to decimate this entire group.

Idea? What ideas could they have?

Degulish gritted his teeth, finally opening his communicator and sending an order up to the mothership.

“Activate the mothership’s main ray cannon!”

“Your Excellency, where should we aim?”

“Hit that d*mned Black Star!”

Not far away, Han Xiao’s Cheshire grin suddenly froze on his face.

He had hit the motherload this time!

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