The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 578

Chapter 578 Stepping Into The Calamity Grade

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The difference between a Grade B and Grade A lay in the level of their lifeform. After entering Grade A, one’s genes would be optimized to become even more perfect. The body would become more adapted to the release of energy, and the energy loss would also be greatly reduced. At the same time, even the energy output would also be transformed. In layman’s terms, endurance and attack power would increase. Thus, Grade A was known as the Calamity Grade.

As its name suggested, as long as they released power, a Grade A Super would definitely be able to wreak havoc akin to a natural disaster on a planet in a short time frame. Before the emergence of Beyond Grade A Supers, Grade A was the strongest level in the Galaxy.

Even then, Grade A remained a significant milestone.

In his previous life, the level of the players had at most reached Grade A, so Han Xiao was acutely aware that once someone passed through the threshold of Grade A, their strength would immediately experience a great improvement!

This was a new phase!

Currently, he was at Level 136, and his main class was at Level 11. With excitement, he began to pump in his experience.


[Virtual Mechanic] has been upgraded to Lv.15.

+150 Energy, +3 END, +6 INT.

You have received 6 Free Attribute Points and 1 Potential Point.

Your total level has reached 140. Complete the promotion mission to continue leveling up.


At this level, there would not be able sort of easy missions given. Han Xiao glanced at it, and immediately knew that he would not be able to complete it in a short amount of time. He unhesitatingly used up the last Mission Completion Card, and the Promotion Mission turned from the uncompleted gray color to the bright gold color symbolizing completion.

This was the fastest time taken for the Great Mechanic Han to have completed a Promotion Mission.

Just one word. Soothing!


Level 140 Promotion Mission has been completed! END has been increased!

1 END = 80 HP = 90 Stamina


The last time I advanced at Level 120, my Endurance increased by fifteen, reaching a ratio of 1:65, whereas prior advancements only increased it by ten. Now that I’ve promoted to Level 140, it has increased by fifteen again to reach 1:80. After my Race Evolution, my next Promotion should increase my Endurance by twenty.

Han Xiao slowly recalled his past experience.

From Level 60 onward, every forty levels would result in a Race Evolution. Level 140 would be the third Race Evolution for Han Xiao!

At that moment, the interface popped up with many words like a waterfall.


After a long time of existing with energy, your genes have been optimized once again. You can now go further on the route of evolution. You have been awarded with a sublimation of life level.

Detecting Race… [Void Prowler (Human Form)].

Randomly drawing seven matching evolutionary directions…

Drawing complete.

Please choose one of the following seven options for your Race Evolution. Warning! The evolution process is irreversible, so please choose carefully!

[V-type Galaxy Human Race]: 74% Compatibility

[Void Symbiote (Human Form)]: 88% Compatibility

[Void Corruptor (Human Form)]: 75% Compatibility

[Void Hunter (Human Form)]: 77% Compatibility

[Chaos Observer (Human Form)]: 72% Compatibility

[Eye of the Void]: 42% Compatibility

[High Energy Entity (Soul-based Creature Type)]: 35% Compatibility


Out of the seven options, five of them belonged to the Void evolution system.

The Void System was a rare evolutionary chain that was difficult to obtain. A normal Race Evolution would only have a small chance of drawing the chance to evolve in the direction of the Void System. Because Han Xiao had injected himself with the bone marrow of the Void Dragon and managed to obtain a portion of the Void Genes fragment, he had been able to draw the [Void Prowler] race in his previous evolution.

After becoming a [Void Prowler], his evolutionary chain had shifted from being part of the human race to being a branch of the Void System while retaining some of the characteristics of the human race. The Void System was a variant evolution and had a high degree of integration of many different species. Therefore, he was offered many evolution options, marked with the characteristics of ‘human form’.

Of course, he still had options that did not retain his human form, such as [Eye of the Void]. If he selected that, he would become a large eyeball with a tentacle attached to it. It would have an innate ability of Void Gaze, which could inflict Fear onto anyone.

[High Energy Entity] was another state of an energy life, where they existed as soul-based creatures, similar to that of a Lich. As long as their soul core was not damaged, the energy body could be repaired at any time even if it was destroyed. This was a species suitable for those who were Mages.

Han Xiao naturally wanted to retain the potential evolutionary direction of his Void System. However, he also needed a human form to complete mechanical manufacturing. Some of his expertise could only be activated in human form, so only four of the Void Evolution options that preserved his human form would meet the requirements.

I have a high level of tankiness, so I don’t need to worry about HP. What I lack now is attack power. I’m also a mechanic, so the higher my Intelligence, the higher my bonuses…

After pondering for a moment, Han Xiao made his decision and solemnly confirmed his evolutionary route.


Selection complete. Undergoing Race Evolution… Evolution complete.

Your race has been changed to: [Chaos Observer (Human Form)]. Molecular structure is improved, organ structure strengthened, metabolism changed, and adaptability enhanced… Your potential aptitude has been improved!

You have received attributes in the following: +0 STR, +40 DEX, +94 INT, +72 MYS, +56 CHA, +840 Energy.

Energy Level bonus attributes have been changed!


An avalanche of pain exploded from deep within his body. Han Xiao had long prepared for it and gritted his teeth as he endured the pain that would make an ordinary person faint as he tried to feel the changes in his cells and genes.

His body uncontrollably phased in and out of its Void form, and his Void Vision flickered and disappeared constantly, as though looking through dozens of frames per second. This time, the pain in his brain was the strongest, and it was as though thousands of needles had stabbed into his head, giving him some sort of brain acupuncture.

The [Chaos Observer]’s attributes were biased toward Intelligence, which was one of his reasons for picking that route. The second reason was that Han Xiao recalled that this route would have a chance of evolving into a high-level Void Entity in the future, with more potential than the other three.

Luckily, the pain this time was not as severe compared to when he had evolved into the [Void Prowler]. Han Xiao was already considered a Void creature, and the reaction to changes in the genes was not so drastic.

“Huu, huu…”

After a long period of time, the pain gradually faded. Han Xiao took ragged breaths, covered in sweat as though he had just been dragged out from a lake. The world in his eyes was much clearer, and the thoughts in his brain spun much faster, like bubbles in boiling water.

After appreciating it for a few seconds, Han Xiao looked at the interface to access his new race talents.


Your Race Specialty has been altered!

You have received the Race Specialty [Advanced Void Travel]!

You have received the Race Specialty [Void Vision – Observer]!

You have received the Race Specialty [Observer’s Mark]!

You have received the Race Specialty [Chaos Entity – Release]!


“Four talents!” Han Xiao’s face lit up. This was one more than Void Prowler provided.

After trying them all once, he got a rough idea of them.

The one that he was most familiar with was the [Advanced Void Travel]. It was just an upgraded version of the original [Void Travel], lasting up to three minutes. The phasing was also increased, meaning that he could now phase longer distances and complete more things during that time. However, the cooldown remained at five minutes.

The other three talents were the special talents of the [Chaos Observer], of which [Chaos Entity – Release] was the core. The other two required [Chaos Entity – Release] to be activated before they could be used.

The moment Han Xiao’s thoughts moved, his entire person suddenly dispersed, turning into a gray fog. This was a weird field of energy, where light was swallowed up by it, but it retained its gray color instead of being displayed as black.

It was as though space was used as the canvas, with a touch of gray paint applied on it.

In addition, his sensory organs also morphed along with his appearance. He no longer needed ‘eyes’ to see things, no longer needed ‘ears’ to hear things. The chaos fog provided him with sight, hearing, touch, smell, and more. In fact, its acuteness was increased many folds, and even his movements were no longer consistent with human actions. The chaos fog served as the core, drifting around, and could even shift into many shapes, akin to a cloud moving by itself. Its speed was quite fast and even had the ability to phase through walls.

Not only that, but the new sensory organs were hard to describe. Simply miraculous.

This is a chaos body? Han Xiao thought to himself before realizing that he did not have a brain anymore, so how could he think? After pondering for a while, he suddenly came to the realization that after forming a ‘chaos body’, he had technically changed from a physical lifeform into an energy field. Inside this field, the chaos fog constituted his organs and body parts at a microscopic level. It was precisely all these molecular and atomic structures that formed a circuit of thinking, conducted through bioelectricity.

Since he could create Artificial Intelligence, it was not surprising to have an alternative path of thinking.

He then tried out the other two talents. [Void Vision – Observer] utilized his chaos body that could phase between the void dimension and the physical world. This was unlike [Void Travel], where time was almost static. When he utilized this ability, time flowed as per normal, but he could hide within the gap to observe changes in the outside world and with a larger field of vision.

He could also place [Observer’s Mark], which was related to his new sense organs. As long as the markers were set around a certain person, place, or spatial coordinate, they could be observed across space synchronously, akin to a split screen mode with a maximum of five markers at any one time. The markers could also be replaced.

Wait a minute… this observation, this is simply akin to voyeurism!

Han Xiao was rendered speechless.

Could it be that I’ve become a sentry ward‽

This is getting more and more ‘perverted’… I like it!

After turning into a chaos body, his interface was also refreshed accordingly, displaying the status of his ‘transformation’, which included a ninety-five percent immunity to damage. The energy possessed in his human form would turn into the HP level of the chaos body, meaning that energy was required to maintain this state. Most skills and abilities were frozen, but [Advanced Void Travel] would be greatly enhanced, and the cooldown reduced from five minutes to 15 seconds.

If the HP of the chaos body was fully depleted, it would force the human form to take shape once again. However, his energy would be completely depleted, and there would be a negative status of [Severe Injury]. At the same time, [Chaos Entity – Release] would enter a forty-eight-hour cooldown period.

This also means that the chaos body does not have much combat capability and is mainly used for its observation and scouting. It’s an auxiliary function.

Deactivating the [Chaos Entity – Release] skill, the fog rolled and shrank toward the center, condensing back into a human body. The color of his skin regained its original human-like color as Han Xiao returned to his normal shape.

Taking out a mirror, Han Xiao took a look. This time, it was not his wishful thinking, but he seemed to have grown more handsome. In addition, he had grown taller. His eyes in particular were breathtaking, giving people a mysterious urge to dig them out.

Those were the changes brought about by the Race Evolution. In his interface were more notifications.


Your combat capability has broken through 10,000 Ona!

You have been promoted to Grade A!

You have received a special rank bonus!


A special rank bonus was a privilege one could only obtain when they arrived at Grade A. With the baseline of 10,000 Ona for their energy level as a gauge, for every 10,000 Ona increased, they would receive a new rank bonus. However, the distance from Grade A to Beyond Grade A was still too far apart.

Within the Grade A range, it was also divided based on strength. The easiest way was just to compare one’s combat capability or to distinguish the difference in level, attributes, skills, and expertise. A Grade A+ Super could easily deal with a newly promoted Calamity Grade Super, probably even steamroll them.


Your END has been increased by 10. Currently, 1 END = 90 HP = 100 Stamina

+8% all resistances!

+10% highest stat(s), +5% other stats

You have received an additional 30 Free Attribute Points.

You have received an additional 5 Potential Points

You have awakened the skill [Mechanical Force Field]!

You have awakened Rank Talent [Superhuman]!


These were the two exclusive talents that would only be awakened when one reached Grade A. Of which, the skill [Superhuman] was fixed, and the other skill would suit one’s profession. Han Xiao had played a few different professions previously, so he was quite clear on this.


[Mechanical Force Field]: When you apply a Mechanical Force bonus, a machine will be used as the center point, forming a force field around it. Machinery within this range will randomly have a 40 – 80% bonus effect (non-stackable), which only consumes the strength of one machine. The range of said force field is dependent on one’s INT attribute.


This was an ability limited to Mechanics, which would serve as one of the core skills of the Army Style. Just by adding another machine, without a change in consumption, the surrounding machines would be able to enjoy a bonus effect, enhancing their longevity on the battlefield. Using the language of players, it was called a ‘splash effect’.


[Superhuman]: You have awakened the ways on how to perfectly control your own abilities and how to increase your strength (including but not limited to various types of weapons and equipment, mechanical creations, summoned entities, and other means of combat that you possess). The bonus effect depends on the character’s total Level.

From Level 1 – 100: +2% Attack Power every 10 Levels

From Level 100 – 160: +3% Attack Power every 10 Levels

Above Level 160: +4% Attack Power every 10 Levels


Thus, his current ability strength increase was thirty-two percent.

If the previous ability was meant to increase one’s stamina and endurance on the battlefield, [Superhuman] was the main reason for the great increase in damage dealt by Calamity Grade Supers. The ability strength was basically equivalent to one’s attack power.

This bonus was independent of all talents and skills. No matter how high one’s attack power was, it would take that as the base and increase in percentage based on that.

The stronger one’s attack, the greater the increase.

The higher one’s level, the greater the bonuses.

This explained the terrifying attack power that Ames had displayed the other time. Of course, the main reason was also because Floating Dragon was durable enough.

With all the notifications having come to an end, Han Xiao used his remaining experience to improve his [Mechanical Force Field] skill, raising it another two levels, before allocating all his free attribute points to Intelligence.

Having reached Level 140, the experience consumption was even greater. Just rising two levels required nearly two billion experience. If Han Xiao only used the mission rewards given at Version 2.0 as the standard experience gain, then God only knew when he would next be able to level up.

The players’ mission rewards naturally rose with the versions. At that level, experience reward would start from tens of million at the very least.

I’ve finally stepped into Calamity Grade!

Filling his body full of a surging strength, Han Xiao revealed an expression of excitement as he clenched his fists. He felt as though he could now destroy Harmon with just one punch.

Looking at his interface, he observed the overall changes that had occurred.


Level: 142

Main Class: Mechanic

Race: Chaos Observer (Human Form)

Attributes: 201 STR, 518 DEX, 485 END, 1500 INT, 200 MYS, 102 CHA, 1 LUK

Free Attribute Points: 0

Potential Points: 62

Health: 64,020

Stamina: 64,250

Energy: 12,410 [Lv.10]

Lv.10 Energy bonus stat: +81 STR, +113 DEX, +122 END, +144 INT, +91 MYS, +16,020 Stamina Limit, +97% Machinery Affinity

Power Level: 11,237 Ona

Grade: A

Grade A Ranked Bonus: +10 END, +8% All Resistances, +10% Highest Stat(s), +5% Other Stats, +30 Free Attribute Points, +5 Potential Points

You have entered the Calamity Grade, becoming a top rate combat power in the Galaxy. From now on, you will always have a spot in any Star Field!

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