The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 589

Chapter 589 Recorded In History

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How come Black Star is able to obtain the Golden Gal Badge

At this moment, countless galactic residents were shocked, their faces full of doubts.

The intelligence that Han Xiao had provided had not been disclosed yet. Furthermore, many people still remembered Han Xiaos identity as well as his deeds. If the medal was issued to an unknown character, most people would only have felt that the person was mysterious and be curious about them. However, giving the medal to someone who had already formed an impression in their hearts instead resulted in a great amount of shock for the community!

Pairs of dumbfounded eyes stared at Han Xiao, only to see him walk to stand side by side with the leader of Godora, Serbia the Fifth.

Serbia the Fifth changed to a solemn tone as he proclaimed, Black Star is the key person who provided the coordinates of the DarkStar motherships. He is the biggest contributor to the elimination of DarkStar! His boldness and caution allowed him to infiltrate and crack the stealth system of DarkStar, foiling their survival efforts and allowing us to monitor their movements. Without him, we would not have been able to obtain victory!

Black Star was the linchpin that provided the intelligence

Hearing this news, everyone present came to their senses.

The skepticism in the Godorans eyes was immediately replaced by surprise, admiration, gratitude, and even reverence.

The various Army Commanders suddenly burst out into conversation. It was no wonder Black Star was favored by Godora. Everything could be explained now.

It turned out, this war employment of theirs was actually a deal facilitated by Black Star himself! Their armies were just the party enjoying the benefits!

Justin blushed, feeling that he had become a laughingstock.

That time, he had asked Black Star if he was worthy. Most likely, he would be mocked till he could not show his face.

On the other side, the various reporters froze for a moment, realizing the key issue here.

DarkStar was ephemeral, coming and going like ghosts, but Black Star was actually able to track their coordinates. In truth, he was the root cause of DarkStars demise!

He single-handedly supported the war! He rewrote the power structure of the Garton Star System!

Rather than saying that Godora had borrowed the intelligence of Black Star to defeat DarkStar, it could even be seen as Black Star borrowing the knife that was Godora to kill the villains who destroyed his hometown, DarkStar!

Such a character how scary!

Many of them were struck by inspiration. The reporters were in a frenzy, burying their heads and scribbling hastily.

Han Xiao accepted the stares as he stood on the stage. The camera broadcast his handsome face onto the virtual screens of every Godoran family.

The impact caused by this news further propelled the reaction that the residents had toward Han Xiao repelling the DarkStar elites a while ago. The effect could only be described as sensational. Han Xiaos appearance and deeds had been imprinted on the hearts of the countless viewers, and they could not forget him even if they wanted to.

It was a pity that the award ceremony did not arrange for him to give a speech, or else he would have been able to utilize his skills. Right now, he could only be a mascot to receive praise on stage.

The ceremony of awarding the title had a grand and formal process. After going through the ceremony, Serbia the Fifth received a golden medal from the attendant beside him. The medal had an image of God Gal carved on it.

He personally awarded the medal, pinning it solemnly on Han Xiaos chest.

I represent Godora in thanking you for your contribution.

Han Xiao suddenly had the impression that he was an Olympic champion being bestowed the gold medal. He reached out to touch the Golden Gal Badge and had an urge to bring it up to bite on it, to check if it was real gold.

After receiving the highest honor of Godora, he could not just remain passive. In theory, it was time for him to state a phrase of thanks to Godora. However, Han Xiao thought about it before stretching out his hand and giving a firm handshake to Serbia the Fifth before putting on a sincere smile on his face.

It was a great cooperation. Our Black Star Army will accept all legal employment, and we operate with integrity. Please, do not hesitate to choose the Black Star Army, and you can rest assured oh, and I hope that the friendship between us will continue.

In Han Xiaos mind, the bigger the occasion, the more suitable it was to advertise. Since they were not subordinates of Godora, just giving out pleasantries of thanking each other would be too boring for the viewers. As the saying goes, as long as one has the guts, even wheat can have a yield of 18,000 kilograms per acre ofland1!

Besides, could Godora still take back the medal in front of everyone watching?

F*ck me, at such a grand and formal occasion, you actually came out with an advertisementThe smile on Serbia the Fifths face instantly froze, the phraseMMP1 almost coming out from his throat. He forcefully swallowed it and maintained his slight smile with difficulty.

I am the leader of the Godorans. I cannot be seen uttering any profanities


The various Army Commanders facepalmed on the spot.Were all colleagues, but to dare use such a venue to make an advertisement, your courage surpasses all of us here.

Truly my teacher, even his shameless mannerisms are still so handsome! Sylvia was staring with sparkling eyes.

Hila suddenly had a sense of relief. This guy indeed had not changed and still had that nasty streak within him!


Countless cameras captured the moment of the duo shaking hands, as though carving this memory into the river of time.

In the eyes of the players, this scene seemed to have a significance on par with an epic tale. Looking at Han Xiao, who had mentioned the Black Star Army, many players suddenly felt inexplicable excitement and pride, as though it was their honor.

Galaxy Calendar, Year 692, the 25th day of the 5th Month.

Godora had launched a comprehensive counterattack on DarkStar, annihilating them. Black Star was revealed as their key source of intelligence, and his actions had practically rewritten the power structure of the Garton Star System. The Black Star Army had also participated in the counterattack, codenamed [Operation Hodellas].

In the 6th Month of the same year, Black Star was awarded the Golden Gal Badge by Godoras Supreme Leader, Serbia the Fifth. He became the first non-Godoran to have received this honor in history.

Time seemed to stand still as all the events were written into history.

The Shattered Star Ring was thrown into chaos!

After the formal ceremony was a celebration for the civilization. The people applauded and cheered for the destruction of DarkStar.

At the end of the ceremony, Han Xiao, under the aggrieved stare of Serbia the Fifth, took the official hovercraft for the reception and returned to the guest house with the other Army Commanders.

On the way, Gureja, Underworld Feather, and the other Army Commanders were all cozying up to Han Xiao.

After the award presentation, everyone knew in their hearts that the Black Star Army was the one that had benefitted the most and had successfully made a name for themselves. They would obtain a continuous flow of tasks in the future, so Han Xiaos position in their hearts had gone up a few notches. The moment they had the opportunity, they would try to connect more with him.

When the hovercraft stopped at the guest house, Han Xiao, who was already frustrated from all the talking, hurriedly pried himself away from everyone, returning to his room.

Once he closed the door, Han Xiao drank some water and caught his breath. Only then did he take out the Golden Gal Badge, holding it in front of his eyes to analyze.

An introduction popped out on his interface.


Golden Gal Badge: Highest level of honor awarded by GodoraYour relationship with the Godoran Civilization is fixed at [Reverence]. If Faction Favorability falls to a negative level, the relationship will change. The favorability of all citizens toward you is at [Respect], and the relationship with all of Godoras allies will reach [Friendly].

Remark: When a small piece of metal that costs less than 1 Ena has the meaning of honor attached to it, its perceived value rises tens of thousands of times in the eyes of some people.


Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

This medal has changed my Favorability levels so much, probably saving me at least four or five years of time.

The improvement of his relationships meant that people would show him more respect, and the Black Star Army would receive more employment, allowing them to expand their business.

The default model of his Black Star Army would require a lot of resources, and the thing that he needed most would be NPC provided resources. With the increase in faction favorability provided by the medal, it would help him to save a lot of energy.

Looking at the interface, in addition to the effects provided by the medal, there were more notifications. With the official announcement of DarkStar being annihilated being broadcast, the interface had also sent out a popup showing that the mission [Godoras Ally] had been completed.


Mission [Godoras Ally] has ended. The objectives completed consist of: [Deputy Chief Degulish], [Wind Demon Anur], [Captured Mothership], [Assault Ship Destroyer]

Mission rating: Unbelievable

You have been awarded 75,000,000 experience, 3000 Godora Favorability, 2 Potential Points, 4 Free Attribute Points, 1 Random Reward, and 4 Special Items.


This was a Grade A main storyline, and one of the four special items was a Medal of Honor. However, Han Xiao had already obtained three and combined them to obtain the special medal that would give a twelve-percent bonus to all Attributes. This item was a one-of-a-kind, so there was no need for his newly obtained Medal of Honor. He gazed at the other three special items instead.


Character Summon CardDarkStar Leader: [Heart MaledictionCollapse] Causes the effect of [Mind Collapse] on a single target. If successful, the target will lose control of their body and will not be able to perform any actions. Effect and Duration will be determined based on the MYS attribute.

Number of times used: 0/2

Character Summon CardEmber: [Carbon DeconstructionIntermediate Damage] Inflicts a large amount of True Damage to all enemy targets within 400m. Specific damage value is based on the difference in Level between the targets and user. The larger the value, the higher the damage, and the higher the probability of inflicting serious injuries, disabilities, internal bleeding, and other negative statuses.

Number of times used: 0/3

Character Summon CardNagakin: [Secret SkillMuscle Is Truth] +250 STR, +40% Damage to Melee Attacks. Lasts 3 minutes.

Number of times used: 0/7


Muscle is truth? What a weird skill name.Han Xiaos mouth twitched.What sort of philosophical ideology is this? You might as well have put Whoever has the strongest fist dictates the truth.

He left his random reward untouched. Without reaching a certain amount, he did not wish to draw them. Moreover, he did not have any problems that required the testing of his luck.

Following which, Han Xiao scrolled down the interface. By completing the Mission Rating with a high Mission Rating, he had produced a new Dungeon Crystal.

[Godora vs. DarkStar]!

The new Dungeon Crystal was the same as the previous [Six Nations and Germinal Organization]. It comprised all the main storyline battle episodes and condensed them to form the dungeon crystal. It would basically just be parts of the mission of [Godoras Ally], sending out enemies to challenge the players. Weakened copies of Anur, Degulish, and a fixed number of DarkStar warriors and elite warriors would appear, along with the assault ships.

The number of copies present would almost be equivalent to the number of enemies in DarkStar that he had defeated.

However, the players now would only be abused if they used the dungeon crystal, so they would not be able to utilize it.

His gains this time were still good.

After sorting out his rewards, Han Xiao then looked toward his other notification prompts.

Unsurprisingly, this sensational ceremony had awarded him with new Legendary Points.

Not one, but two points!


Galactic Legendary Point (Garton Star System): Destroyer of DarkStarDarkStar was the nemesis of Godora, a terrorist organization that did whatever they liked. The two have clashed for many years, but you have managed to bring about an opportunity, rewriting the power structure. Because of your help, Godora managed to annihilate DarkStar. DarkStar has become part of history, and your legends will exclaim and astound everyone. The world will respect you, and those who are against you will fear you.

Galactic Legendary Point (Garton Star System): Godoras AllyYou have made a huge contribution to Godora and have been conferred the highest honor, the Golden Gal Badge. Your achievements will be recorded in the history of Godora, remembered by all its people!


What an unexpected surprise. Han Xiao rubbed his hands in glee.

Legendary Points were hard to obtain. He initially only had one point. To think that he got two points in one go, which, if converted, would give him a bonus of twenty-four percent when receiving rewards. The improvement was considerable, and this showed the potential benefit of obtaining Legendary Points.

Destroyer of DarkStar title naturally came from annihilating DarkStar, and Godoras Ally was obtained because of the Golden Gal Badge and the [Godoras Ally] mission. They were divided into separate titles.

After another few days of fermentation in the media, my renown will skyrocket. The Black Star Army will see its reputation rise to a scarily high level. People will flock toward me, be it employers with or without money.

Han Xiao was quite satisfied.

He had obtained explosive fame in the Garton Star System and could probably roam unhindered through this part of the galaxy.

His next goal would be to consolidate his reputation while expanding his mercenary group, allowing the players to officially start their mercenary careers.

Since the ceremony has already ended, theres no need to stay on the Godora mother star any longer. After a nights rest, Ill receive the fifty-one spaceships and take the players over to Planet Golden Gate, our first base.

Han Xiao set down the plans in his mind.

At the edge of the Shattered Star Ring, on an unmanned, desolate planet, a spaceship was suspended in the air, collecting gaseous fuel from the planet. There were only two people on board, the DarkStar leader and Ember.

At that moment, in the cockpit where they were seated, the virtual screen in front of them had just finished broadcasting the celebration of Godora. Han Xiaos award ceremony had also been taken in by the eyes of them both.

There was a deathly silence.

The expressions of the DarkStar leader and Ember were stiff as they finally understood why they had lost so miserably.

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