The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 590

Chapter 590 Influence

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I did not lose to Godora; I lost to him The DarkStar leader had a complicated expression on his face.

Back when Black Star first entered his sights, he had still been a small-time mercenary. After Black Star killed Anur, only then did he take him seriously. He had never expected Black Star to rise like a rocket, making three Calamity Grade officers swallow a shameful failure. In the end, DarkStar had become a stepping stone for Black Star.

Terrifying person The DarkStar leader did not feel angry but helpless.

Why did we mess with this guy at the start?

Ember was sulking.

A few years ago, when he first fought Black Star, he would never have thought Black Star would become the one to destroy DarkStar.

Black Star had almost become his nightmare.

Although he had taken Black Stars potential much more seriously than his colleagues, it was too late. The DarkStar leader was about to take him away from Shattered Star Ring to find someone to rely on in another Star Field.

Ember believed in the leaders judgment. Hence, even at this time, despite knowing that Black Star was the mastermind behind everything, they were not going to turn around and deal with him. Furthermore, troops that were after them were everywhere in the Garton Star System, so going back was basically giving themselves up.

Nonetheless, Ember was frustrated.

The DarkStar leader glanced at him and said indifferently, Dont think too much. A loss is a loss. Before we recover our forces, we have no ability to get revenge.

I know. The matter of the utmost importance now is to look for the person you said we could rely on. Ember nodded solemnly and suppressed his anger and frustration deep within his heart. He knew that before they had the ability to, revenge was just an empty dream. He paused and asked, Who is this person youre talking about?

A Beyond Grade A, you will know by then.

Joy appeared on Embers face. You managed to find a Beyond Grade A? Thats amazing. This way, we wont have to hold back because of Floating Dragon.

The DarkStar leader glanced at Ember and suddenly asked, Ember, what do you think the best future for hybrids is?

Best future? Overthrowing the reign of the purebloods and becoming the new Godora, of course, Ember replied without hesitation.

The DarkStar leader expressed neither approval nor denial. And what does it mean to have overthrown the reign of the pureblood? All the government officials becoming hybrids? Killing all purebloods? If we successfully control the government, the fixed bloodline society levels cant be changed overnight. Even if the government is overthrown, the remaining Godora purebloods will request help from the ally civilizations. By then, there will both be exterior and interior problems. Even if we overthrow the reign of the purebloods, it might not last for long. Furthermore, the Colton Star Clusters Star Cluster Civilization will not approve of our legal position.

Ember frowned. Despite the obstacles, there will be a chance.

What if theres a better way? Where the hybrids leave Godora, get away from the rule of the purebloods. We build a home belonging to the hybrids in another Star System, where everyone is a hybrid. There will not be the problem of bloodline anymore; we will rule ourselves, free of Godoras label, becoming a new civilization, a new race.

Thinking of that image, longing appeared in Embers eyes. He then shook his headhe had thought of this before.

If we openly split from Godora, we will have nowhere to hide. Godora will attack us immediately. Furthermore, in order to create a new civilization, there are way too many difficulties: territory, diplomacy, manpower, production, population, and many more. Plus, the obstacle in the political aspect is too strong. The other Star System civilizations or even Star Cluster civilizations will not sit and watch us create a civilization without doing anything. We will have almost no support at all.

Yes, no civilization will support us, unless a higher power interferes. The DarkStar leader stopped this conversation and changed the topic. You pilot the spaceship; I have something important to deal with.

The DarkStar leader then left the communicator, took out the hidden communicator, and sent a communication request.

The blurry image appeared once again.

We will be able to leave Shattered Star Ring very soon. Everything is prepared.

Alright, we have introduced you to that person already. Hes very interested in your offering and is waiting for you.

The DarkStar leader nodded and said, One more thing, about Black Star hes an obstacle.

You dont have to worry about Black Star. If needed, we will find someone to provide him with a mission at a price he cannot refuse. The blurry shadow faintly smiled. After all, hes a mercenary. Being killed on a mission is the most common way for mercenaries to die.

After a few more words, the DarkStar leader hung up the communication and returned to the cockpit.

The spaceship continued on its journey after harvesting fuel, heading toward outside of Shattered Star Ring, turning into a stream of light, and disappearing into the universe.

On Floating Dragon Island

Black Star is probably Floating Dragons strongest officer.

Ames really found a treasure.

Did you guys know that I once fought Black Star on Floating Dragon Island?

You were the one being beaten up, right?

The Godoran ceremony had been broadcasted there too. The numerous scavengers and galactic pirates chatted at the dock.

At this time, a small gray metal spaceship slowly landed. On its body was a special markcrossed arms on top of a cross, surrounded by a ring made up of different shapes.

Upon noticing this spaceship, the volume of these galactic pirates suddenly softened. Their faces turned horrified.

This mark represented another Beyond Grade A force in Shattered Star RingBloodshed Land.

Tyrant Heber, a person who had achieved Beyond Grade A on the path of the Pugilist. He was known as The Walking Fixed Star, The One Who Stepped into the Forbidden Zone of Life.

Unlike Ames who was neutral, he was a VIP of a Star Cluster Civilization. The Bloodshed Land under his command was an enormous organization that ruled an area. Compared to the size of Floating Dragon, it was like the difference between an adult and an infant.

A group of people disembarked from the spaceship, led by a tall, muscular man wearing heavy plate armor without a helmet, showing his face with the features of the Demon race.

His skin was red. A pair of curved horns extended from his forehead, and half of one was missing. His pupils were white, and two dark black lines slashed across his face from his forehead all the way down to his jaw, giving off a strong feeling of hostility.

With every step he took, he left a shallow footstep on the ground behind him, showing the tremendous weight he carried with him.

Thats one of the Bloodshed Lands Eight Frontiersmen, a core officer, Broken Horn Malekith.

Bloodshed Lands men coming to Floating Dragon? Could these two Beyond Grade A Supers have some plan?

The people on the dock held their breath and whispered. Malekith from Bloodshed Land told his subordinates to standby and ran toward the palace in the middle of Floating Dragon alone, disappearing from everyones sight.

Not long after, a stream of light suddenly rose from the palace, drawing a parabola in the sky over the entire city area extremely fast, and fell right near the dock.


Like a meteor, a deep crater formed on the ground.

The galactic pirates around were startled and hastily looked over.

In between the dust created by the impact, Malekith climbed up from the deep crater and dusted off the soil from his body.

The Dragon Emperor had always been hostile toward Bloodshed Lands people. When he met Ames, he was thrown out by her Force Field before he could say much. However, Malekith was unhurt despite what had happened.

The invitation letter has been delivered, lets go.

With an indifferent face, Malekith ordered his subordinates to board the spaceship. The spaceship took off and disappeared into space.

On Planet Aquamarine, in the middle of the reconstruction after the disaster, the Sanctuary and the Six Nations were visited by uninvited guests.

Spaceship fleets landed on Planet Aquamarine one after another, these people were all from the financial groups operating in the Garton Star System.

After Bennett discussed with the Six Nations leader, they decided to use the base that Black Star had left on Planet Aquamarine as a landing spot to meet all visitors from space.

The personnel of the various financial groups gathered and conversed with Bennett and the Six Nations leader together.

Why are all of you here?

With the instructions that Han Xiao had left behind to communicate with visitors from outer space, Bennett and the Six Nations superiors were much calmer.

Hi, government authorities of Planet Aquamarine, Im the senior director of Lauren Financial Group

Im Shine Financial Groups manager

The financial group personnel introduced themselves one after another, followed by their purpose.

We hope to sign commercial partnership treaties with you, to invest in Planet Aquamarine. Simply put, we will pay the money to modify Planet Aquamarine for you in exchange for business licenses and permission to build businesses here.

With the background of Floating Dragon in addition to the sensational Golden Gal Badge event recently, Planet Aquamarine became a hot target for many galactic financial groups. Not only were there commercial opportunities, but there was also a chance to get on the good side of Floating Dragon. The return was very valuable.

Hence, many financial groups decided to invest in Planet Aquamarines development.

Usually, advanced civilizations were not allowed to interfere with the developments of lower civilization. However, what would be considered interference was very blurry. The investments from galactic financial groups hardly had anything to do with advanced civilizations. Furthermore, whether or not any advanced civilizations were behind this was even more difficult to clarify.

Also, this was Shattered Star Ring, the edge of the known universe, far from the authorities.

Bennett and the Six Nations superiors were overjoyed. What they dreamt of was indeed to become a galactic civilization from a surface civilization. Although the path they took was not exactly the same, it was an effective path.

All of this was brought about by Black Star. Having someone on the same planet doing so exceptionally well in the universe was a blessing for Planet Aquamarine.

Relying on Han Xiao was indeed proven to be better than relying on Godora.

After agreeing on the idea, the authorities of Planet Aquamarine discussed the partnership with the galactic financial groups for the very first time in history.

This planet was gradually taking steps toward the universe.

Planet Aquamarines galactic era had begun.

The day after the award ceremony, Han Xiao bade farewell to the Godoran superiors and the army commanders. He received fifty Violent Falcon battleships and a Fortress Grade flagship. The improved fleet carried all the members of the Black Star Army and left the Godora Mother Planet.

This was a remarkably profitable trip. With the size of their fleet, it was more than enough to even fight a small-scale galactic war.

After many days, Planet Golden Gate finally appeared in their sights.

Finally, weve reached the headquarters.

Inside the BlackLight Stealth cockpit, Han Xiao looked at the outline of Planet Golden Gate and smiled.

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