The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 592

Chapter 592 The Investment From Noriosse

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On the forums, many of the players were sharing their own views. The Planet Aquamarine sector became the most happening region, and many players from the other novice planets also came over to take a look from time to time.

Some players posted about the different strange looking species of the universe and others the magnificent scenery. There were even some who posted their selfies with the various NPCs mainly Aroshia, Feidin, and Sylvia.

Since Han Xiao made a promise to Risda, he sent the scenes of Aroshias memories to all the players and gave them a new mission. It would naturally be more efficient to mobilize all the players to search together.

Bun-Hit-Dog and Galaxy Times closely followed the trend and released a new series. The content of the series was the first beginner planet entering the galaxy. The series introduced the Black Star Army, the various facilities of Base No.1, and the award ceremony of Black Star.

Han Xiao, who was already a famous NPC among the players, once again had his fame boosted.

There was another hot thread at the moment, which was about Planet Aquamarines changes.

There were still tens of thousands of players trying to pass the test in Base No. 2, and they personally witnessed how the galactic financial groups aided Planet Aquamarine in its development, opening up many new opportunities in the process.

Han Xiao found out from the thread that Planet Aquamarine experienced a huge breakthrough in technology through the aid of the galactic financial groups with many new buildings shooting up from the ground. Planet Aquamarine was rapidly stepping into the galactic era.

Han Xiao was not too surprised by this outcome. When he invited the reporters to Planet Aquamarine back then, he had already expected such an occurrence.

However, the way the players felt about this phenomenon could be described with a single phrase.

A single person receiving enlightenment, the chickens and dogs rise to the heavens!

The players worked together to piece together Planet Aquamarines history, and the change that they were witnessing before their eyes could be said to be a result of Han Xiaos actions alone.

Planet Aquamarine was able to develop so rapidly only because of Black Stars influence in the galaxy.

Bringing benefits to the billions of inhabitants on Planet Aquamarine, this alone would make Black Star the hero of the planet.

Han Xiaos charisma formed a strange sense of attraction between the players of Planet Aquamarine.

A few days later

The players could be split into four general groups.

First, the ones who stayed in base and familiarize themselves with the new Main City. Finally, they would accept missions from the Black Star mercenaries.

Second, the indecisive ones who did not know what to do. They would end up remaining on the prosperous Planet Golden Gate, digging up missions from the planet.

Third, those who accept the various missions. They would follow Phillips instructions to go on a special Black Star Army galactic tour. They would go to the various Star Zones of the Garton Star System and sightsee while completing missions.

The last group would be the 200,000 players who accepted the Sunil rescue mission. They followed the Sunil Division led by Herlous and made their majestic appearance on Planet Sunil.

Because it was the first time that they had entered the galaxy, the majority of the players chose to act with caution.

Because they were not familiar with the galaxy, it was extremely likely for them to violate different laws. Thus, the missions that Han Xiao released were limited to the Garton Star System, and Phillip would design a program such that they would be reminded of the local laws from time to time to decrease the chances of the players violating the laws.

However, there would definitely be some players who just wanted to do as they wished. After all, the players did not like to be restricted, and some of their brains were like black holes.

Han Xiao understood the players creativity too much and so was not too optimistic.

Han Xiao had already drafted an emergency procedure for the worst-case scenario. He was not obsessed with controlling the players, but punishment was a must.

Of course, he was still in the honeymoon phase, and everything was still going smoothly.

The majority of players were filled with curiosity and excitement. The moment they left Base No.1, they set off on their various missions and explored the different Star Zones.

A few months after the Mutation Disaster and DarkStar incident, the Black Star Army officially began their operations.

Han Xiao gave Phillips child program the function to purchase equipment. Players who were away from the base could view the products in the faction store and compare prices immediately. They could even make a pre-payment and collect the goods when they returned to the base.

On top of that, the players could also choose to pay an additional fee for the goods to be delivered to them with the price being calculated by distance. The goods would be accumulated before being sent in a large batch. Of course, one could spend even more money to purchase a personal delivery service, and the goods would be sent immediately.

This was another way for Han Xiao to make money. However, the players were still poor, and this service was still in the testing phase with the details being ironed out. Because of the vastness of the universe, the distribution business was extremely prosperous. With Han Xiaos current reputation, it would not be difficult for him to find a couple of distribution companies to cooperate with. In fact, he could even build up his own distribution channel.

Building up a large mercenary group was like building a large corporation. Transport, delivery, reputation, manpower, assets, treatment, and many more other factors needed to be considered. The players were like a trump card for a cooperation that held great benefits within them, capable of being harvested over and over again for a never-ending stream of benefits. Thus, Han Xiaos current job was to design the mercenary group around the players to ensure that he would be able to reap the largest benefits.

Herlous led the troops over to Sunil, and as a precautionary measure, Han Xiao placed an [Observers Mark] on Herlous. This was his third mark.

A while ago, Han Xiao had experimented with the talents of the Chaos Observer race. His vision could ignore physical distance with his vision locked within a certain range of his mark. He could see Aroshia stuffing herself without a concern in the world and Serbia the Fifth working hard. Furthermore, the individual being watched would not notice a thing, and this was truly a divine ability to spy on others.

Base No.1 had immediately become much more spacious. Apart from the players who stayed behind, the only officers left behind were Aroshia and Sylvia. The other officers had taken the mercenaries out to complete some missions of middle to high difficulty.

Han Xiao also stayed behind in the base.

With over 30,000,000 Enas in his account, Han Xiao began buying large amounts of raw materials without any hesitation.

Money was the main combat force of the Army Style. Now that Han Xiao was in the Calamity Grade, he could forge more powerful machines, and he was prepared to evolve the current machines that he had. Apart from restoring the previously damaged machines, he wanted to add some new troops.

Han Xiao was prepared to go into seclusion to build up his army. Since he had plenty of motivated troops under his charge, he would have more time to do other things.

Since Ames did not rush him, he was not in a hurry to send Aurora and Hila to Floating Dragon Island.

I still owe Noriosse 4,000,000 Enas. It has been less than two years since I borrowed the money from them, and the interest rate is only at ten percent. The interest rate will go up again at the two-year mark.

Han Xiao still remembered this debt. Now that his funds were ample, Han Xiao decided to repay the debt while the interest was not too high.

He then contacted the leader of Noriosse, and the other partys projection appeared before him.

Black Star? Haha, it has been a long time since you last contacted me. Your fame has truly skyrocketed in recent times, Rockfess said with an amiable smile and warm tone.

Compared to his attitude when Han Xiao wanted to borrow money, his current attitude was much better.

I actually prefer to remain low profile. Han Xiao coughed dryly before continuing. I am contacting you to repay the 4,000,000 Enas I owe together with the interest for a total of 4,400,000.

The law governing debts was extremely strict, and Han Xiao would definitely have to pay up eventually.

Rockfess suddenly changed topics and asked, I wonder, are you willing to accept a sponsorship?

Han Xiao had just transferred the money over, and his heart was bleeding inside. Upon hearing those words, Han Xiaos brows shot up, and a playful look could be seen in his eyes.

A year ago, when he asked Rockfess for a sponsorship, Rockfess had rejected him and only promised him a loan. This time, Rockfess had actually taken the initiative to offer a sponsorship?

It seemed like his recent accomplishment had made Rockfess think that he was a worthy investment. Thus, Rockfess changed his mind and offered the sponsorship.

While Rockfess was an individual only motivated by benefits, Han Xiao did not think that it was anything strange and did not intend to be sarcastic. Everyone in the world only worked for benefits. He would only be able to draw investments if he displayed sufficient potential or strength. This was the ironclad law.

Of course, I am extremely interested in this proposal. Han Xiao smiled.

Rockfess eyes lit up.

He originally had not been too sure if Han Xiao would agree. He had worried that with Black Star already developed, he would not need any external funds. However, he would find it a waste if he lost an investment channel with huge potential.

Since Black Star was willing to accept his sponsorship, it meant that his initial investment was reaping returns.

Rockfess pondered for a while before saying, Sir Black Star, I have decided to sponsor the Black Star Army with another 5,200,000 Enas.

Han Xiao stroked his chin and asked, What do you want in return?

Haha, this is only an initial investment, and I hope to form a long-term cooperation with the Black Star Army. Our Noriosse financial group will come up with funds to support the development of the Black Star Army, including but not limited to the welfare of mercenaries, transportation, expansion of operations, and the construction of bases. We can also borrow the name of the Black Star Army to start businesses in the Garton Star System or other Star Systems as well. When we require violence to solve our problems, we hope to receive the aid of the Black Star Army at the first possible moment

The conditions that Rockfess gave were common ones between financial groups and armed organizations.

Under normal circumstances, the Black Star Army was the Field Team of Floating Dragon, and it would be a better option to invest in Floating Dragon Island directly. However, Black Star himself had some influence and thus became another target for investment.

Han Xiao listened to the conditions patiently and concluded that the Noriosse financial group wanted to manage the backend logistics of the Black Star Army.

The reputation of the Noriosse financial group was extremely good, and they had plenty of different businesses all around.

This was the phase where Han Xiao needed to take care of the backend logistics of the Black Star Army, and it would save him a great deal of trouble with the aid of Noriosse. Most importantly, it would save him a lot of money. The amount of money needed to develop an armed organization was truly terrifying.

What a fat sheepHan Xiao lamented in his heart

Sounds good. Mister Rockfess, I am willing to sign an investment agreement.

Alright, I will get someone to prepare it and send it to you later.

Rockfess was in a brilliant mood, and a bright smile could be seen on his face.

If the scale of the Black Star Army grows in the future, our Noriosse financial group can even help you to operate a financial market and establish a Black Star brand to launch a credit voucher and public bond.

We can talk about this in the future

Han Xiaos mouth contorted slightly.

The so-called credit voucher was basically stocks. With the development of the economy, something like a credit voucher was not too surprising. Since a very long time ago, stocks and bonds had begun appearing in the universe, and many of the large financial groups had begun issuing credit vouchers. Because of the sheer size of the universe, different regions of the universe would have their own stock markets. Usually, each Star System would form a unit, and the Garton Star System had its own financial market.

Players could also purchase these credit vouchers. In his previous life, there had been some players who had made big money from the financial market and also others who had lost big time. With the environment of the galaxy, the ferocity of the financial market could easily be imagined.

Han Xiao was extremely skilled in making money through credit vouchers. In his previous life, he had plenty of experience with buying low and selling high. As for how to suppress the price of another partys credit vouchers Hehe, he would never walk the orthodox path. Since he had already done plenty of bad deeds, another one would not hurt him.

Of course, the consequences of those actions were severe. Now that he had to take care of an organization, he naturally would not be taking the same path.

As for Rockfess suggestion of listing a mercenary group on the stock market, it was extremely rare. After all, the operations of a mercenary group were extremely unstable with deaths and injuries being extremely common.

After signing the contract, a ding sound could be heard on the communicator, and the figure on his bank account shot up by 5,200,000 Enas.

The road ahead is very long. I hope we have a pleasant cooperation. Rockfess stretched his arm out with a bright smile.

Han Xiao also stretched his arm out to shake Rockfess holographic hand.

I hope we have a pleasant cooperation.

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