The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 594

Chapter 594 Malekiths Ambush 1

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The exchange location was an uninhabited planet, and both parties would not meet each other. After putting Befuli down, Han Xiao left the planet. The space pirates would then fetch Befuli before releasing the mercenaries that they had caught. They would then contact Han Xiao to pick up the mercenaries.

Sykes had done so to be on the safe side. While honesty was not his strongest point as a space pirate and he frequently went back on his word, he was truly sincere this time. He only wished to get Befuli back and did not wish to provoke Black Star completely.

As long as he could get Befuli back, he would immediately pull back his forces in the Garton Star System and not provoke the Black Star Army again.

However, this was not what Han Xiao felt. It was truly wishful thinking if the other party thought that he would just forget about this matter.

Not too far away from the planet, the BlackLight Stealth was floating in space silently.

Through the window of the spaceship, Han Xiao monitored the planet silently.

He did not bring anyone along with him and moved out alone this time. Furthermore, he also brought the BlackLight Stealth out, which specialized in speed. His objective today was not only to exchange hostages.

Befuli had an [Observers Mark] placed on him and was no different from Han Xiaos surveillance device. Han Xiao was planning to make use of his Chaos Observer innate talent to tail these space pirates and find Sykess nest.

He had never juiced a Calamity Grade Super before.

He needed to exchange hostages in order to make Sykes let his guard down. While the players were not afraid of threats, Han Xiao did not wish for anyone to ruin the first mission for the players.

Its about time

Han Xiao piloted his spaceship into the atmosphere of the planet and flew to the designated location.

As he approached the surface of the planet, Han Xiao was taken aback. The space pirates spaceship was still at the designated spot.

Didnt we agree not to meet? Why are they waiting for me here? Could it be that they want a face to face exchange instead?

The doubt flashed past his mind, and Han Xiao parked his spaceship slightly further away. He then picked up the weak Befuli before disembarking from the spaceship.

Ta, ta

Han Xiao stepped onto the brown sandy surface and kicked up a cloud of dust. The spaceship of the pirates was a few thousand meters away, and a couple of pirates were waving at him.

Han Xiao frowned.

This feels strange. Risda, dont turn the engine off. Take off immediately if anything happens.

Alright. Risda took over the command of the spaceship.

Han Xiao took Befuli and approached the pirates spaceship. When he was near the spaceship, he looked at the few pirates and said in a deep voice, I have brought the person you want. Where are my mercenaries?

Since he was close enough to the pirates, Han Xiao immediately noticed something strange about all the pirates. They all seemed to be extremely afraid of something!

Before he could even make a move, something immediately went wrong!


A large hole was suddenly made in the pirates spaceship, and a black figure shot out like a meteor. This figure appeared in front of Han Xiao the next instant, and his fists that were wrapped in a thick layer of metal smashed heavily on Han Xiaos chest.

His frightening strength exploded forth from his fists.


Han Xiaos body flew back like a cannonball and smashed into a stone mountain more than a thousand meters away. His entire body became covered in the rubble of shattered rocks with a huge dust cloud being formed.

The individual who had ambushed Han Xiao was standing in Han Xiaos original location. He was clad in heavy metal armor and looked as though he was from the Demon Race. Of the two horns on his head, one had broken in half. He was one of the eight Vanguard Officials of the Bloodshed Land, broken horn Malekith.

The force generated from his attack had sent the space pirates flying as well.

A couple of weaker space pirates had fractured their bones and were currently groaning in pain. They hurriedly scurried away to avoid the battlefield.


The pile of rubble shook slightly, and Han Xiao burst out of the rocks.

This damage Grade A Super? Is Sykes here personally to kill me?He then looked at the notification on his interface and was surprised.It isnt Sykes but Malekith? Who is this fellow? He doesnt seem like a subordinate of Sykes, and this name seems a little familiar.

How strange. Why would someone who I have never seen before want to deal with me? Is he an assassin sent by someone to deal with me? Thats not right. A single person wouldnt be enough to kill me

Han Xiao looked at Malekith with his brows locked in deep thought.

Both of them looked at each other from afar without saying a single word.

I can feel that my previous attack didnt do much damage at all. The Undying Black Star truly lives up to his name.

Malekith was the first to speak.

Undying? Is this my new nickname?Han Xiao then narrowed his eyes and asked, Who are you? Why did you attack me?

You will know when we are done fighting. Malekith did not say another word, and his body burned with black Pugilist flames. He then took large strides forward and rammed into Han Xiao like a shooting star. The heavy armor on his body then sprang into action, and its structure suddenly seemed even more complicated as though it had entered combat mode.

Han Xiao cursed under his breath and activated his mechanical suit. The black Berserk Ape was equipped, and he received Malekiths punch.

Han Xiao immediately felt a huge surge for force pushing him back. Han Xiaos weight and strength could not be compared to Malekiths, and he was immediately pushed back with his feet forming two long ditches on the ground.


Right at that moment, the figure of a Godoran appeared behind Han Xiao.

He activated the Nagakin Character Summon Card.

Muscle Is Truth!

Han Xiao could clearly feel the muscles in his body expanding and his entire body being filled with a never-ending supply of strength! His Strength attribute also shot up rapidly!

The instant Han Xiao stopped getting pushed back, he slammed his feet into the ground. The Berserk Ape mechanical suit suddenly revved up, and his waist and arms got into a throwing position. Both his hands grabbed Malekiths fists, and by making use of the other partys force, he did an overhead throw and threw Malekith in the opposite direction!

The instant Han Xiao released his grip, a loud sonic boom could be heard, and Malekith shot toward the sky at an extremely high speed. In just an instant, Malekith had already became a small little dot on the horizon, crashing into a mountain not too far away.

This was a skill that came along with the mechanical suit: Berserk Throw!

Han Xiao glanced at the other partys information only to be greeted with a bunch of question marks.

This meant that Malekiths level far exceeded his.

Han Xiao was still clueless about why the other party would be at the meeting point to ambush him. However, since Malekith did not want to give an explanation, he could only fight Malekith first.

Han Xiao threw out all the useless thoughts in his head and entered a battle focus mode. He then threw out a dozen compressed orbs, and his fully repaired Oathkeepers appeared beside him. The Hovering Shield Shuttle floated behind him, and they glowed with a golden light.

Because this incident was an unexpected one, Han Xiao did not have enough time to completely repair his Mechanic Army. He also did not have the time to improve his current machines and was still using old equipment from the past. The only exception was this Berserk Ape suit.

However, this suit alone should be enough to deal with the battle.

The other party was a Calamity Grade Pugilist and did not seem to have any killing intent. Thus, Han Xiao could not be bothered to take out anymore machines as he would feel the heartache if they got destroyed.

Malekith wore a set of heavy armor, and his defense was extremely high. Furthermore, he had the bloodline of the Demon Race, and his recovery strength was extremely powerful.

In just a few short breaths, his injuries were recovered.

Malekith then dusted away the rocks and dust on him indifferently before charging forward again!

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