The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 603

Chapter 603 Machinery Innovation

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Chapter 603: Machinery Innovation!
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In the room, a strong metallic stench lingered. There were even heat waves in the air caused by the high temperature of melting steel.

Han Xiao had long become accustomed to such a smell. He hurriedly took out the last machine from the rapid cooling box, transforming it into a compressed orb, before placing it on the desk.

The table in front of him was lined with compressed orbs, all of which were new-generation machines.

This new generation of machinery was crafted with his Grade A Mechanic skills. Be it technical content, attributes, functions, and power, it had completely surpassed the older generation of machinery created when he was at Grade B. Thus, the machines replaced all his old equipment to become his new primary weapons.

His previous generation of equipment was unable to keep up with the battles at the Calamity Grade and was relegated to backup equipment.

This time, Han Xiaos comprehensive equipment outfitting could be said to be the largest scale he had done so far.

The original combat style had not changed; it was still his continuous stream of soldiers with the Army Style. Han Xiao had only strengthened these current styles.


With a flash of Mechanical Force, a portion of the compressed orbs were activated. Following the clanking sounds of machinery whirring to life, thirty-six new generation Hovering Shield Shuttles floated up, revolving around Han Xiao.

The new generation Hovering Shield Shuttle, codenamed [DT-03 Nano Transformed Floating Guard]. The whole set was labelled Watcher Instrument.

Compared to the Halo Array of the previous generation, many aspects of the Watcher Instrument showed a definite change. The first was the shape of the Hovering Shield Shuttles, which had turned into a diamond shape. They had more edges and corners, and the color had also changed from white to a deep red. The connecting lines gleamed brilliant gold from the Kyle Alloy used.

In terms of function, the most significant change was the energy. Each floating shuttle was equipped with an ultra-micronized plasma arc reactor. It adopted the process of cold nuclear fission to generate sufficient energy with extremely low radioactivity, giving them high power outputs. The power output could also be adjusted at will. This equipment set was immensely strong, a dark purple Grade.

With the addition of two more High-End Knowledges, [High Class Energy Control] and [High Energy Weapon Control], Han Xiao had utilized them to create this new generation of machinery. He had even raised the blueprints of his machinery to the highest level, obtaining some potential points to cover his original reserves. It took a total of twenty-one potential points to upgrade both high-end knowledges to level five and four respectively.

Thus, just in terms of looking at his energy portfolio, he had already obtained good technological skills for it.

This time, he focused on strengthening his equipment. Reforming the energy cores was one of the main objectives, and the majority of his machinery had basically been swapped out to now contain controlled nuclear fusion technology.

The blueprints of the nuclear fusion reactors also had different drawings. Of which, the Plasma Arc Reactors were the best grade of blueprints that Han Xiao had obtained. The technology could be summarized as internally energized to form a magnetic field, which would heat the plasma and promote the fusion reaction. Not only was it efficient, it was also clean and controllable.

Above this High-End Knowledge would be Cutting-Edge Knowledge, which was about the study of stronger yet more unstable energy sources, such as antimatter and psionic energies. Generally speaking, only the Star Cluster Civilizations would possess Cutting-Edge Knowledge, so Han Xiao had to be satisfied with High-End Knowledge for now.

In the short term, Han Xiao had no intention of getting any Cutting-Edge Knowledge. Because he specialized in the Virtual Mechanic profession, the Cutting-Edge Knowledge in the Energy and Armed Branches would now cost three times their initial potential points. He only had two extra potential points left.

With a flicker of his Mechanical Force, Han Xiao began to operate the Watcher Instrument, testing out various functions.

The first was the most basic artillery power. He had Phillip open the weapon test module of the machinery modification room, and an alloy wall rose from the ground.


The golden lines of the Hovering Shield Shuttle started to glow with a blue light, and the edges and corners at the tip of the shuttle suddenly unfolded, turning into a circular caliber gun. A blue laser beam blasted out, easily penetrating the alloy wall, leaving a smoking hole that could be seen from both sides.

The penetrative power is indeed strong Han Xiao nodded. While the interface had described the weapons attack power, he had a habit of testing it himself. He followed up by switching the weapon forms, testing the blasting type, assassination type, the subduing type, and the full blast type.

Because the energy output was controllable, it possessed multiple attack settings.

Han Xiao also tested the Watcher Instruments shield durability. Unlike the Halo Array, a single floating shuttle of the Watcher Instrument could form a shield, with a high durability attached to it.

The most convenient feature of the Watcher Instrument was its Nano-Transforming ability. They could be combined with each other to become a larger caliber floating cannon or shield, and they could also be turned into a hand-held cannon. The Watcher Instrument could even transform into battle mode, turning into a Berserk Ape mechanical suit. Each of the miniature plasma arc reactors would continuously supply the mechanical suit for a wide range of uses.

It is indeed worthy of being a Grade A mechanics weapon.

Without any additional machinery, Han Xiao believed that Herlous could be beaten with just this Watcher Instrument.

Satisfied with the floating shuttle, he activated another pile of compressed orbs.

This time, the machinery that unfolded was the Giant Mechanical Hand. After replacing its energy core, the various functions had been significantly improved.

The Giant Mechanical Hand had always been a multifunctional equipment. It belonged to the Prosthetic category of machinery, where it could be used to slap, and the fingertips and palms could release ion cannons. It could also be turned into a compressed orb to hide in ones hands and feet to begin the series of chain attacks.

The machine could also be turned into an electromagnetic lock, used to suppress a target, or it could be changed into various tools to alter the terrain. It was quite versatile.

Han Xiao had also added new functions to the Giant Mechanical Hands. They could now merge with each other and become a single entity over hundreds of meters tall, akin to the Buddhas Palm of legends.

They could also be combined into an aircraft vehicle. Although the Berserk Ape mechanical suit was capable of interstellar navigation, it was only for a single passenger. The combination of the Giant Mechanical Hands could carry a small squad.

Talking about aircraft vehicles, Han Xiao had also developed an important piece of machinery.

[Short-Range Hyperdrive Engine]!

This blueprint came as a result of combining [Basic Spatial Technology], [Advanced Radar technology], [Interstellar Navigation Technology], and [Advanced Applications for Quantum Entanglement].

Unlike the large hyperdrive engines of the interstellar spaceships, this short-range hyperdrive engine was mainly used by individual soldiers or small aircrafts.

Of course, even though it had short range in the name, that was only compared to the normal hyperdrives in spaceships.

The Short-Range Hyperdrive Engine also had a limitit needed a long period of time to locate the coordinates. The short-range hyperdrive engine had a charging time of twelve seconds, where the user could not move or break the connection, or else they would experience coordinate deviation, which could be fatal.

And its minimum cooling time was two minutes.

The BlackLight Stealths microsecond hyperdrive was made by the Federation of Light, which was currently too complicated for Han Xiao to replicate.

Even though that was the case, his current device was still quite useful, allowing one to shift their troops strategically in a battlefield or to rush to a destination.

Han Xiao had already installed one of them in the Berserk Ape as well as some of the aircrafts. The effect was great, equivalent to a mechanical version of Hexflash [1. Hexflash is the shortened name for Hextech Flashtraption, a rune/skill seen in League of Legends (LoL).].

As for the burden shouldered by the single target while in hyperdrive, it was nonexistent to Han Xiao.

As a void species, his resistance to space was naturally extremely high.

Other than the enhancement to individual equipment, the Mechanical Army had also undergone significant innovations.

The first task was to fully restore the original four legions: Number 001, [Mechanical Beast Guards Army]; 002, [Strike Artillery Regiment]; 003, [G-1 Steel Army Corps]; and the Elite Troops Number 101, [Oathkeepers]. At the same time, Han Xiao had also slightly increased the size of the legions.

Building on these, Han Xiao had added another two legions.

Number 004, [G-2 Heavy Armor Riders]!

This unit consisted of 600 heavy-loaded mechanical soldiers. They resembled huge men riding on high-speed propulsion vehicles. Their way of attacking was charging forward as the vanguard, with a strong impact to cut through the formation of the enemy. These heavily armored riders were mainly melee, equipped with weapons such as high-temperature blades, high-speed drills, and spiral wheel saws. All the weapons could easily set off a bloody storm.

Number 005, [Mini Cube Troops]!

This was a special unit consisting of 1,500 micro-mechanical warfare soldiers. Such a mechanical soldier was dubbed the magic cube robot. It measured only the size of a normal human palm, but even if something was small it could still contain the essentials. They possessed a high level of combat quality, and their size could work to their advantage on some occasions. This was why Han Xiao had created this army.

This unit also possessed an auxiliary function. The drawings of the magic cube robot was derived from the knowledge [Super Nanometer Force], which would allow them to combine with each other to form a larger mechanical soldier. Each individual cube could be understood as parts of a larger mechanical soldier, and these parts could move freely and reshape at any given time.

At present, the scale of his Mechanical Army had reached 20,000. The number was still rising, as new mechanical soldiers were still being produced every day in the workshop.

The extra manufactured mechanical soldiers would either be directly merged into the various legions or used as backups.

In addition, the weapons of all mechanical soldiers had been upgraded, such as adding shock converters to the melee weapons, high pressure blades, and so on.

Plasma cannons, heat ray cannons, and radiation guns had been added to the slew of ranged weapons. The enhancement was also reflected in the turret structure, as Han Xiao had created a new type of turret.

Ammunition and detonation bombs had also undergone a reformation, having new devices such as vacuum oxygen detonation bombs, space warping bombs, thermonuclear mines, miniature nuclear grenades, and the new orbital sniper bombs.

Other than the original combat mods, Han Xiao had created two more battle tactics.

The first was the Restrain and Control Style.

Han Xiao had obtained a blueprint of an electromagnetic superconductor particle, about the size of a grain of rice. He had manufactured a lot of them, and placing them in a pile made them resemble some sort of black sand.

Superconductor particles contained strong magnetism, which could be manipulated through mechanical force.

This set was also known as Electromagnetic Adsorption Marsh. When activated, the superconductor particles would resemble a black wave, carrying with them a strong electromagnetic force. Once they reached the target, the particles would entangle the target, releasing the adsorption force and binding the target.

The longer the controlling time, the wider the coverage of the superconductor particles, and subsequently, more difficult for the target to break free. Through mechanical force, the adsorption and its shape could be varied, which allowed this equipment to actively capture the target.

This was a strong crowd control device that lacked lethality. Han Xiaos inspiration for this came from Embers fighting style, and Han Xiaos electromagnetic adsorption marsh also controlled particles, which resembled Embers ability.

His second combat mode could be called the Dirt Cheap Style.

In his previous life, players had named this style as the Tactical Support Style.

A few months ago, when DarkStar attacked Planet Aquamarine, they had used the main cannon to strike at himself from outer space. That was called Tactical Support.

The essence of this mode was to summon missiles to scrub the ground, summon space-based weapons to strike down, summon fleet salvos it was essentially an upgraded version of the Multi-Turret Firepower Coverage Style.

Also referred to as being gangster!

The Army Style would crush most mechanic styles. Only two schools of thought were the most troublesome opponents of the Army Style.

The first was the Virtual Intrusion Stylethat was the Virtual Mechanic profession that Han Xiao specialized in.

The other was this Tactical Support Style.

Han Xiao dropped all his compressed orbs and looked toward the other side of the modification workshop.

Over there sat a giant machine.

It was actually an impact railgun!



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